MCA opens new Cranberries site

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MCA Records has opened a gorgeous new “official” site to promote the release of “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” (not to be confused with the band’s “main” official page, located at Content is thin at the moment — a few old and new photographs as well as a FAQ, and a good deal of content copied from the official page. There are definitely some great items up: Dolores is on the cover of LA-based “Venice Magazine” (of which there’s a photo) and two radio events are listed for the coming months. According to the top, the site will eventually be found at, but that address is invalid at the moment — it’s currently under a longer address. Ready?
It’s here: MCA Records Cranberries Site (Link no longer available)

Source: MCA Records Cranberries Site

UK sampler w/ “Linger” remix, new art released

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MCA/Universal has released yet another new sampler in the UK in promotion of “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”. The CD contains 9 tracks from the album, as well as a new “Linger” remix, which will likely appear on a single at a later date, or even more probably as a bonus track on the UK version of the album. This is only speculation at this point. The actual title for the remix is currently not known. Even better news to some, there is brand new art on the cover that may be the actual cover art, instead of the recently- surfaced piece that received much negative feedback among fans.

The track listing is:

1. Analyse
2. Time Is Ticking Out
3. This Is The Day
4. Wake up A Smell The Coffee
5. Analyse
6. I Really Hope
7. Every Morning
8. Do You Know
9. Analyse (Remix)
10. Linger (Remix)

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“Wake Up” panoramic cover?

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After careful “Analysis” of both recently-surfaced “cover” images, Zombieguide has been able to determine that they are not two separate images, but rather a broken up version of one large panoramic image. The double-paneled art could feasibly be wrapped around the liner notes, on the front and back. If this is the case, then the right side with the man and horse would in fact be on the cover. And it looks like the spiraling circle motif is here to stay. Take a look at our rough mock-up image :

(Image no longer available) 

(Thanks to The pretty Cranberries for the image on the right)

And of course there’s also the possibility that there are even more panels to this image — possibly the liner notes open up to reveal other parts, as was the case in “To the Faithful Departed”. Another possibility is that the left image would go on the back of the CD case. And our last (and best) possibility would be that the left image goes on the front, and the right image on the back. Also one last point of speculation : Is that black figure on the front the walking man from the “Analyse” video?

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European Tour cut due to US tragedy

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In light of yesterday’s horrendous events here in the United States, The Cranberries have suspended their European promo tour and returned home to their families, according to the official page.

In case you are wondering, “What does terrorism in the US have to do with the band?” you must also take in a practical standpoint. As the media covers much more pressing issues, the priority for an interview with a music band dwindles. However, we in the US are trying to continue our lives as normally as possible, to show that we are not living in fear of terrorism and that no group or state can destroy the freedom of democracy. Zombieguide sends out our most earnest prayers and wishes to all of those affected by yesterday’s events.

Source: Official Cranberries Webpage

Tribe magazine interview

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Prepare to be spoiled as more and more new interviews surface. This new interview is from the September issue of the Italian magazine “Tribe”, which has 4 pages on the band, as well as photos.
Thanks to our Italian reader Daria for the translation!
Music and scent of coffee. The Cranberries issue their new album “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”. Ready for the great return of Dolores’ voice and the touch of a band who knows to play well.

The second time you visit a place you see many more things. In the Cranberries’ case, their ranch near Limerick (or rather Dolores’ ranch, she lives near there) seems bigger. The Cranberries are going to issue a new album, “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”. Since the last time, many things have changed, Dolores and Noel have little girls. New is their relation with the press too — they don’t fear it anymore.

“”Bury the Hatchet” referred to our relationship, but there was an allusion to the press. The CD cover with the eye watching from above was an allegory of those persons who criticized us for many years.”


“We decided to not care about what they write about us. The last album sold 5,000,000 copies in the world even if it has been criticized. But these are not important things, they don’t change our life, so we are not worried”


“Even the title “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” has something to do with this. We understood that many persons don’t live in the present and everything he/she does is to moan for the past, something so wonderful you can’t recreate. So they all live in the future, worrying of what they will do and saving away for the dark times thet will come. Acting like this you don’t appreciate the present, the moment in which you live. Yes, time is a recurrent theme in this album. We say to people to open their eyes, to look around and appreciate the nice things that life gives you. We look to the future, but we are not obsessed.”


“Yes, naturally.”

“Some years ago the band was our life. Everything concerning to it was really important, all the negative things were big problems and difficult to resolve. We spent much time in touring for seven years to promote our music. You get married, you have babies and you guess there are many things more important. There isn’t just the band in our thoughts. Coming back home is a thing we appreciate. In the darkest moment we didn’t fight ourselves. We were exhausted and we got angry with the rest of the world. We often thought it was not our band anymore, because there were so many persons who managed it for us. The record company and the manager said we had to go touring for another year and we just said yes, we didn’t moan, but the only thing we wanted to do was to stop and get rest.”


“No, it was the way we did it, not the number. This time we had some breaks and we never played two days running. It has been more expansive because it has been longer and the technician spent days doing nothing, but it has been a necessary choice to keep our mind sane and to get the right breaks and to come back and see our families. In Europe I took private planes to go from a concert to another, or to come back home during the breaks. The crew was intolerant to this. They got bored and and they went often to the pub. It happened more than one time to come back in tour and find the technicians totally drunk, after drinking for two days. For “To the Faithful Departed” we played without breaks, for “Bury the hatchet” we did the opposite. We acted like spoiled rock stars. We’d do the same even if we didn’t have much money right to play and sing together. I guess this time we will find a middle solution.”


“No, I went on till the doctor said to me it could be stressing, with bad consequences for my baby. At the end we had to cancel 3 concerts. I was pregnant for 14 weeks, I was running a risk. Especially when we do a festival, there are more stressing things because situations change every time, with different problems during your tour where after a while you act automatically. I had particular necessities for my condition, and not everyone is well- disposed do give you something just to put yourself at ease.”

“It would be nice to go to a place like Brazil, where a tour would be really expansive, but to go to a festival is less expensive. Something like Rock in Rio to satisfy all those fans who always ask us in chat when will we play in their country. These are embarrassing questions, we never know what to answer…”



“We never record live, everybody in the same room. The last song of the album, “Chocolate brown”, was recorded in this way. We studied our positions in the room. We around the room 4 trying to find the best sound. We had those microphones that pick up every little murmor. It was the first time. It’s been really interesting and we saved a lot time. We did it again with “In the Ghetto” (* see editor’s note below), a B-side, an Elvis Prestley cover — It has got a nice feeling. Those microphones are unbelievable, luckly I can sing very well, so they don’t accentuate any deficiency that I don’t have. Often you like a band for what it does on the disc, but when you go to a concert it’s disgusting because they’re not able to sing. My voice is so that there aren’t effects. That’s why many people come to our concerts. We know we give the best in the concerts. Unfortunately there aren’t top models in this band: We are not beautiful, but we are great.”


“There are places in wich we haven’t gone yet, the Brazil for example. We have many fans in Mexico and Puerto Rico and we never went there before the last tour.”


“Many persons asked it…There is a disagreement, the managment and the record company. We think that a greatest hits is worthless. It would be too soon, it’s something like to close a door, but we aren’t closing anything, so it has no sense. Anyway I don’t think we’ll have a greatest hits. At the end we will impose our will. With all the changes we had in the last years it’s not easy to have a constructive conversation. It’s all new people and we never worked with them before, so we are building a relation. Contrary to what other think not all the hatchets have been buried……”

* Editor’s Note: The actual article says the Elvis song is titled “Indicator”. However, The Herald can find no existance of such an Elvis song, so it’s very likely that the author misheard the title, which is actually the well-known previously-announced “In the Ghetto”.

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“Live From The Lounge” audio clips

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Zombieguide has obtained more exclusive media from the recent American promo tour. Today, The Herald serves up interviews and a performance clip from the LA appearance at “Live From The Lounge”.

Dolores talks about the day she wrote “Never Grow Old” (MP3, 175K) (Link no longer available)
“Dreams” Live In-Studio (MP3, 410K) (Link no longer available)
Dolores on the absence of political messages in “Wake Up” (MP3, 410K) (Link no longer available)

Huge thanks to Lionel Vasquez for providing this material!

Source: Exclusive

Dolores discusses “Analyse” music video

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During a recent interview in Montreal, Dolores got the chance to talk about the new “Analyse” video, which she and the band just got to see for the first time.

“We just actually received this clip just a few minutes ago, it just arrived,” she explained. “I think [it’s] really nice.” When asked about the director for it, she answered, “Kier McFarlane. And I received alot of showings, but I loved his, it was really nice. He’s a very cool guy, he likes to do his own kind of thing. He likes ‘treatment’… it’s kind of, um, you’ll see!”

In related news, the video has begun showing across the globe, as it premeired earlier this week on MTV Latinamerica. A showing on the US MTV may be soon, so stay tuned.

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“Wake Up” cover art revealed

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Although The pretty Cranberries are experiencing server troubles, they have managed to acquire a low-resolution scan of what appears to be the cover to “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”. The authenticity cannot be questioned, as the same giant red balls are seen in the lower left hand corner as on the “Analyse” cover. Overall, the desert landscape bears an uncanny resemblance to the infamous cover to “Bury the Hatchet”. Replacing the naked man is what looks to be a horse and rider (?). The emblem in the top left also appears out of place, however, that may not appear on the actual cover. Complaints and compliments alike can be sent Storm Thorgerson, who has provided art for most of the band’s releases for the last two years.

Source: The pretty Cranberries

MusiquePlus interview clips

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Concluding their North American tour late last month, Dolores, Fergal, and Mike appeared on French-Canadian channel MusiquePlus to discuss “Wake Up” and several other subjects. Here are some exclusive MP3s from that interview… (Links no longer available)

“Yeah, you know, ‘cos like, when you think about it over the years from the first album is like, you’re young and you’re going out there, it’s all new, being in a band, and fresh,” said Dolores, explaining the context of each album. “The second album, No Need to Argue, is kinda like sorting out your little personal, your relationships, blah blah blah. The third album was kind of at the point whereupon we were becoming tired of touring and whatnot, and [there’s] alot of sad songs there on To the Faithful Departed. Bury the Hatchet was kind of egging back into it and into the band after taking a big break, and I think this one [Wake Up and Smell the Coffee] has come full- circle and it’s just fun again and it’s like starting again because, you know, we’re all at that new beginning in our lives.” (MP3, 271K) (Link no longer available)

“Well, it does feel like a new beginning, I was going to get to that, obviously with the new material,” reiterated the show’s host. “As I was saying lyric- wise, I’m assuming the fact of having two children now — it sounds as if you’re rejuvenating yourself.”

“Yeah,” responded Dolores, “it’s like… you really just relax and your priorities really get straight again and I guess we’re not so, like, worried about the career and stuff like that, so you don’t analyse things as much, and that’s kinda like the new single, it’s saying if you scrutinize and analyse and worry, you miss out on beautiful things. Sometimes it’s the simple little things right there that are beautiful. You just have to sit down, breathe, and think, and see this beauty right there in front of you, and not worry really.” (MP3, 299K) (Link no longer available)

“And let things happen as they’re supposed to, I guess,” added the host.

“I think Mike is having a child soon?”

“That’s right, yeah,” he confirmed. “First week in October”

“And first child it’ll be?” inquired the host.

Mike responded, “First child, yep”.

“So have you been getting some coaching the other people in the band?”

“Yeah, they’re telling me all stories and… scaring me more than anything, really! I’m looking forward to it so…”

“The sleepless nights, and you know,” teased Dolores.

“I’m trying to enjoy myself as much as I can when I’m out here now,” admitted Mike, knowing his time of childless freedom is getting shorter, “which they’re telling me to anyway.”

“Have you been practicing changing some diapers?” “Yeah, I have a doll back at the hotel…”

Dolores giggled and added, “A little Cindy doll! He’s gettin’ a bit senile in his old age, really!”

“Oh yeah, totally !” (MP3, 304K) (Link no longer available)

Source: Exclusive

“La Press” interview

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French Canadian newspaper “La Press” has published a new interview with The Cranberries, taken from when the band was in New York. It contains some very interesting content, especially near the bottom. Many thanks to Jesús Castillo for the English translation. (Webmasters: If you use this English article, please be sure to credit both Zombieguide and Cranberries Tape Trader)

The rock Irish band “The Cranberries” celebrates a more hedonistic approach to life with their album “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”.

The title of the band ́s fifth album, an expression which encourages us to take advantage of a given situation when it takes place, reflects the new spirit of the four from Limerick (west Ireland); after a decade of work, they have decided to enjoy this life a little bit more.

“You realize you have let pass many things and, suddenly, you say to yourself: ́Jesus, it ́s time to start to enjoy yourself, and so let ́s start having fun ́”, declared Dolores O ́Riordan, the singer whose voice gives that unique touch to the band, to the AFP.

“We have never been so happy,” she added making reference to her second child ́s birth – little Molly – also to Noel Hogan ́s second child, the band ́s guitarist, and to the imminent birth of the first baby of his brother, the bassist Mike Hogan.

Fergal Lawler, the drummer, emphasizes: “You realize you just can ́t worry about everything all the time. It ́s necessary to let life get its own course and have fun. There is no more than one life to live… just imagine that tomorrow we may be hit by a truck”.

The new album presents, as the previous one did, a mixture of songs really close to the ballad and others closer to what we call rock. Besides, “this work doesn ́t have any resemblance to what we have made up to this point; these are very different songs”, underlines Dolores, comfortably positioned on a sofa in New York.

“There is always room to expect everything of Dolores ́ floating voice; it floats above everything”, says Fergal to describe the particular style of sound of the new CD. The quartet has decided to return to their lovely first steps in the world of music, since they work with Stephen Street, who had produced their two first albums (“Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can ́t We” and “No Need To Argue”) and made of the band a global phenomenon.

“It ́s different, because we all have changed; but, at the same time, there is also familiarity because, after having known each other for years, everything is OK”, says Fergal.

“Analyse”, the first single of the album, illustrated their great sense of happiness towards life.

“We shouldn ́t analyse things too much”, stated Dolores when she presented this song in a concert in New York on Wednesday evening, in the presence of a small group of fans and journalists.

“Time Is Ticking Out”, another song performed by the band during the mini- concert in New York, talks about ecological subjects, something new for the “Canneberges” (French name for the “peat bog bay” that has given to the band its name). However, they don ́t intend to be activists in the ecological movement.

“It ́s just that everything is done in deeper conscience when you have children”. “I suppose that you become more aware of what is going to happen in the future”, confesses Dolores. Fergal himself rejects the idea of taking advantage of the popularity of the band, “I ́m only a normal person, as are the rest of the people; I am worried about the same things that trouble other people, especially when having children”.

Dolores has said she has already started to write new songs, but she has refused to talk about it. The group wants to release a sixth album very quickly; they are working on it before – and they will also work during – the world tour they expect to begin in February.

Partial Source: Cranberries Tape Trader

“Analyse – Oceanic Remix” announced for single

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The Cranberries Official Website today revealed one of the tracks due on the “Analyse” 4-track maxi single next month. The “Analyse – Oceanic Remix” was done by Marius DeVries, whose resume includes a long list of excellent credentials. DeVries remixed tracks on Björk’s most excellent all-remix budged-priced album “Telegram”, including the “Possibly Maybe – LFO Mix” and “Isobel – Dedato Mix”. Needless to say, the album is an absolute favorite of The Herald. Other artists DeVries has worked with include U2, Madonna, and David Gray.

The remix will also be sent to radio stations this week for airplay, which probably means we should be seeing a promo CD for it very soon. The new track can be sampled for free in streaming format from a mailing list-only page at the official site (here). Analyse will release next month in selected regions in both 2-track and 4-track format. A 3-inch CD for the 2-track version is likely, as we’ve reported to you previously. Other tracks have not yet been announced, but we do have the cover art, below.

Source: The Cranberries Official Website

MCA official band bio released

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The Cranberries Official Website has put up the newest official biography of The Cranberries, which is being sent out in press kits, etc… in promotion for the new album. The bio contains lots of new quotes from the band, which definitely makes it worth the read. And in case you can’t get enough biography action, please don’t forget to read Alex Kraus’s The Cranberries Ultimate Bio here at Zombieguide. (Link no longer available)



Noel Hogan – guitars
Mike Hogan – bass
Fergal Lawler – drums and percussion
Dolores O’Riordan – vocals, guitar, keyboards


Have you got a moment? That simple query lies at the heart of The Cranberries’ WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, the Irish band’s sublime MCA Records debut and first new album in two years. Over the past decade, the Cranberries have sold millions of records and won fans around the world thanks to their tight arrangements, inerrant melodic instincts, probing songs and, especially, the crystalline vocals of Dolores O’Riordan. Now celebrating their 10th anniversary, the Cranberries have got it down, and with their new album they make an earnest, tuneful plea to seize the day while cherishing every moment of life.


In some ways, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE is a homecoming. The album was produced in Dublin by Stephen Street (The Smiths, Morrissey, Blur), producer of the band’s first two albums. Says Dolores, “There’s a sense of stability Stephen brings to this band. He used to be so paternal when he first worked with us, and he’d talk to me like I was one of his kids. This time, our relationship is more mutual.” Adds drummer Fergal Lawler, “It was great to be with him again. Stephen really understands us and gets the best from every one of us.” Indeed, the new album radiates a deep contentment the band members feel in their lives today, both personally and professionally. “This is the calmest we’ve ever been,” says Dolores. “We’ve proven ourselves by now, so we’re really relaxed and really enjoyed ourselves in the studio, totally going with the flow.”


Songs like the muted “Never Grow Old” and the premiere single “Analyse” capture the struggle between head and heart, while appreciating life’s simpler joys. “There was a point in the last year or so when I finally saw the beauty I had been blind to for so long,” notes Dolores. “These songs say ‘don’t stress worrying about tomorrow, next week, next year, when there’s so much beauty around.'” The haiku-like “Pretty Eyes” has a winsome 60’s feel, while “Time is Ticking Out” shows that the Cranberries still retain all the turbulent political fury of albums past. The languid “Dying Inside,” which describes the steady corruption of a soul, contrasts sharply with unabashed love songs like “The Concept” and “I Really Hope.” The slow waltz “Carry On” and “Do You Know” both celebrate the lifeforce, while the harder-rocking title track throws new light on an old saying. The album closes with the hauntingly personal “Chocolate Brown,” cut live with one microphone. “A few songs on the album have different vibes from anything we’ve done before,” notes Mike. “It’s nice to do different things, though it’s not something we plan. It just happens naturally.”


Taking that organic approach has been a hallmark of the Cranberries since first forming in their hometown of Limerick, Ireland. The 80’s had produced a bumper crop of Irish stars, including U2, Clannad, Enya, Hot House Flowers, and Sinead O’Connor. In 1989, the Hogan brothers, along with friends Fergal Lawler and singer Niall Quinn, sought to emulate their countrymen/heroes. Initially calling themselves the Cranberry Saw Us, the rowdy band ultimately coalesced when Dolores replaced Quinn sometime after the band had played a few gigs. Early demos drew the attention of Island Records’ Chris Blackwell and top producer Denny Cordell (Leon Russell, Tom Petty), which led to their first major record deal.


In 1992, the Cranberries released their multi-platinum debut Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? The 1993 single “Linger” reached the American Top 10, with the album selling over a million copies in North America and, following a re-release, debuting at #1 on the U.K. charts (after failing to climb above #75 initially). Their second album No Need To Argue (1994) sold 12 million copies in its first year of release, propelled by the hit single “Zombie,” while their 1996 third album To The Faithful Departed, produced by Bruce Fairbairn (Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, AC/DC) reaped additional gold and platinum for the band. More than anything, fans and critics were charmed by the Cranberries’ no-frills style. “We learned early on that less is more,” says Noel. “If you fill up all the empty space, then there’s no room for the music to breathe, especially given the kind of singer Dolores is.”


The Cranberries’ self-produced 1999 fourth album Bury The Hatchet topped the charts in 17 countries and set the stage for their biggest tour ever (6 continents, 110 concerts, over a million fans). After that, they took a well- deserved break, reconvening to write and record the new album. The first sessions for WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE took place in summer 2000 at Dublin’s Windmill Lane Studios, prior to the birth of Dolores’ second child. Dolores and Noel each became parents for the second time with the birth of Molly and Sophie, respectively, in January and March 2001. “Having children helps you stop worrying about stupid things,” Fergal notes. “And they brought us closer as a band too. We’re always asking things like, ‘How’s the teething coming along?’ “


Soon, they’ll be packing up the teething rings for an extensive world tour. The Cranberries have always been one of the hardest working, hardest touring bands, and family obligations notwithstanding, they’re anxious to get back on the road. “We really enjoyed the last tour,” says Mike. “To go out and enjoy each night the way we’d always dreamed about was fantastic. Fans anywhere can feel our vibe even if they don’t understand the lyrics.”


Globetrotters they may be, but for all four, there’s still no place like home. Says Fergal, “A lot of people told us we should move to Dublin or London. But we never saw the point. Limerick is where we live, where our families and friends are. Besides, if you’re away from Ireland too long, your heart grows heavy. You’ve gotta get back and get your fix, even if it’s just for a week or two. It’s a magical place.”


There are those that might say The Cranberries themselves have been responsible for some of that magic. Today, after ten years and 33 million albums sold, the band is in their best condition ever, both musically and personally. “We’re really happy as a band and as individuals,” notes Fergal, “and we think this album captured that.” With WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, the Cranberries have attained a new artistic benchmark. Drink up.


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Source: The Cranberries Official Website

The Cranberries kick off European promo tour

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Following August’s radio and interview tour around the US, The Cranberries began their European venture today in Edinburgh, Scotland. Interviews on todays agenda included ScotFM / Forth FM and Clyde Radio. Tomorrow, the band heads to Manchester, England for interviews for Key 103, Century Radio, and Big AM (Stockton).

The Cranberries Official Website has posted the entire tentative schedule for the band’s European tour, which is set to end on October 6th in London. As with the US tour, the site is giving away tickets in a 30-word essay contest. Winners will receive tickets for the September 25th Amsterdam, Holland intimate gig.

Source: The Cranberries Official Website

Photo: 95.5 WPLJ appearance

September 2, 2001  |  Comments Off on Photo: 95.5 WPLJ appearance  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Below is another new photo of the band, from their visit to New York last month. This one is from WPLJ’s studios — the guy standing on the right is host Race Taylor.

Source: WPLJ moves

September 1, 2001  |  Comments Off on moves  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

If you were an average Internet surfer and suddenly needed info on The Cranberries, where would you go? of course. Since 1996, the site has been online, owned hosted by Island Records. However, unfortunately for those in need of good content, the site was only updated when new material was released by the band. The last update to the page was in March 2001 for the US release of The Complete Sessions.

However, now the hyperlink takes you to something else — The Cranberries Official International Homepage, the Ireland-based page that was previously (and still is) found at The international page has always been much more personal and far less “corporate” than Island. With Island owning the domain previously, it’s unknown if the band had to strike a deal to receive the domain for their personal site. So update your links!

Source: The Cranberries Official Website

The Cranberries Press