Cranberries World videos of Lyon: Show Me + Still Can’t

November 21, 2012  |  4 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Back from Lyon where we attended a more intimate show than expected. Only 5000 in a 15 000 people venue. The stage was moved closer to the seated area so that we couldn’t perceive any empty space at all. Good point. Excellent band & crowd on that night, we really enjoyed the great atmosphere. As Dolores said “Lyon totally rocks”. Watch her “oleee oleeee oleeee oleeee”!

As we were not able to film properly the night before in Clermont-Ferrand (sorry about that) we decided to film 2 songs in Lyon, so here they are: Show Me & Still Can’t… ENJOY !

Show Me – Lyon 2012.11.20

Still Can’t… – Lyon 2012.11.20

Last but not least, for those who wish we had filmed a song in Clermont-Ferrand, here’s below a nice video of Dreams filmed by socalo03. Many thanks to this person.

Dreams Clermont-Ferrand 2012.11.19

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4 Responses to Cranberries World videos of Lyon: Show Me + Still Can’t

  1. Moon

    Divine concerts! Bravo !

  2. Kriss

    What Dolly says at the begining of a song “Show me”?

  3. Jury

    Totally great videos, thanks for sharing! Noel is so cool in Still Can’t video!

  4. Moon
    The Cranberries-No need to argue-Brest,Nov22nd,2012-Penfeld

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