The Pigtown Fling officially launched and going well !!

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Last tuesday, september 02, was the official launch of The Pigtown Fling, a major musical project to develop a sustainable music industry in Limerick.
To celebrate this, a special event was organized at The Blind Pig bar restaurant located on Thomas Street in Limerick. For obvious reason this could not happen anywhere else !

2014.09.02 TPF launch 1

An invitation was posted a few days before the event on the official facebook account of The Pigtown Fling and everyone reading was invited and welcome for a lunchtime gathering between 01:00 and 02:30pm. Some of the artists were there and things were quite simple : there was food, drinks, a mic on its stand and a promotional poster for background. Noel Hogan (producer) as well as John Greenwood (creator and director) and Eoin Devereux spoke to the guests to explain what the concept of this album was all about. Rest of the time seemed like a long and pleasant meet and greet. You can see some of the pictures below and something like 25 more on their facebook. Some of you will discover the new (well… not so new) beard look of Noel. Isn’t he cool !

2014.09.02 TPF launch 2 2014.09.02 TPF launch 32014.09.02 TPF launch 42014.09.02 TPF launch 52014.09.02 TPF launch 62014.09.02 TPF launch 7
About the music itself, to this day we can discover 4 songs on a total of 17 that will appear on the coming CD. During august, 2 songs have officially surfaced : “In My House” and “Hide & Creep“. Those 2 tunes airplayed on a few Irish radio (ClareFM, TippFM, 8 Radio…) and have been posted on the internet as well. The reaction so far has been positive. Since then a 3rd song called “Peppermint Love” and a 4th song called “February 13th” were posted last week and yesterday (respectively) on the internet . All these 4 samples are also gathered on a promo CD whose Noel posted a picture on his Tumblr account the same day as the official launch.

2014.09.02 TPF promo cd

Media coverage seems quite good too even if still local for now. You can find 2 different articles in the Limerick Leader, one published on august 30 called “Sounds of The Pigtown Fling” a story according to Noel and the other published today called “Musical legacy project brings together 47 great performers” a report about the launch event at The Blind Pig bar.

2014.08.30 Limerick Leader2014.09.05 Limerick Leader






Dont’ forget this over a year of workshops project will culminate in a showcase gig at The Crescent Hall in Limerick on september 20. Just for this show CD is given free when purchasing a ticket.

Sources: Noel Hogan Tumblr, The Pigtown Fling facebook, Darren Ryan Photography

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