Dolores spotted by fans in the social networks. Recap!

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Here is a little recap of the pictures/selfies with Dolores made by fans in the past months. Those pictures are usually reTweeted/reFacebooked on the Cranberries World’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and do not appear all the time on the website at the very minute. This post is here to repair the fault as some of you don’t follow CW on social networks while others may simply have missed a picture.

As you probably all know, news about Dolores (and The Cranberries) always been quite rare so thanks to all those bloody social networks, now fans from all around the world can have a better idea about the recent locations and activities of their favorite rockstars more easily than in the past. And most important a big thank you to all the people/fans who shared their precious moments to the world.
As usual click on picture to see it larger!


O'Riordan and Rourke, Cork and Fork2014.10.xx – Dolores and Andy, Cork and Fork, New York City. With an employee from a tapas & wine bar


2014.10.15 The Fourth NYC

2014.10.15 – Dolores and Andy, The Fourth, New York City
Credit: helloBOSCO on Twitter


2014.10.17 dolores2014.10.17 – Dolores, Chamber St, New York City. Possibly partying for Halloween (in advance!)
Credit: huydtruong on Instagram


2014.10.27 dolores NY

2014.10.27 – Dolores, New York City
Credit: dolphin1414 on Instagram


2014.11.21 Bunratty Castle Ireland

2014.11.21 – Dolores and Olé Koretsky, Medieval Banquet, Bunratty Castle Co. Clare, Ireland
Credit: 1ufdaKind on Twitter


2014.12.15 international bar dublin 1

2014.12.15 international bar dublin 2

2014.12.15 international bar dublin 3

2014.12.15 – Dolores and Andy, The International Bar, Dublin
Credit: Phil_McAndrew on Twitter


Dolores NYC Xmas
2014.12.xx flexinsession

2014.12.24?/25? – Dolores, New York City, Xmas
Credit: thevixes on Instagram + flexinsession on Instagram


2014.12.30 Little Italy NYC

2014.12.30 – Dolores, MSC Customs bike shop, Little Italy, New York City
Credit: msccustoms_nyc on Instagram

2015.01.07 – Dolores and Andy, New York City
Credit: JetlagNYC on Twitter


2015.01.14 elevate restaurant and lounge at wyndham garden chinatown NYC

2015.01.14 elevate restaurant and lounge at wyndham garden chinatown NYC 12015.01.14 elevate restaurant and lounge at wyndham garden chinatown NYC 2

2015.01.14 elevate restaurant and lounge at wyndham garden chinatown NYC 3

2015.01.14 – Dolores, Elevate Restaurant & Lounge, Wyndham Garden Chinatown, New York City
Credit: Elevate Restaurant & Lounge at Wyndham Garden Chinatown on Facebook


2015.01.23 chicago eastroom

2015.01.23 – Dolores and Andy, Chicago Eastroom


2015.02.03 venice beach 1

2015.02.03 venice beach 2

2015.02.03 – Dolores, Venice Beach, Los Angeles
Credit: slammingdabs on Instagram


2015.04.03 Trader Vic's London

2015.04.03 – Dolores, Trader Vic’s, London
Credit: Simone Ottantatre on Facebook


2015.05.07 Treyvaud's restaurant2015.05.07 – Dolores, Treyvaud’s, Killarney, Ireland
Credit: Treyvaud’s on Facebook


2015.05.14 limerick

2015.05.14 – Dolores, Limerick, Ireland
Credit: fragaleviviana on Instagram

A few credits are missing so if you know them let us know, it will sure be added.

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