Former O’Riordan Nanny: “Life has never been better for me”

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Joy Fahy says she is putting the pieces of her life back together, one year after losing an expensive lawsuit against Dolores O’Riordan and Don Burton in the Irish High Court.

Ireland’s The Sunday Independent caught up with her this past week at London Heathrow Airport. Fahy is flying off to Manhattan, where she will continue to serve as nanny for U2’s Larry Mullen and his partner Anne Acheson while U2 tours the States.

“Larry and Anne have always been very supportive of me, as have Elle and the Rothschilds. Larry and Anne are great people,” she said. Acheson accompanied Fahy to the courts during every day of the trial last year.

The paper now dubs Fahy “Ireland’s most famous nanny” for the lawsuit that captured the covers of Irish tabloids one year ago. Fahy originally planned to appeal the verdict, although there have not been any developments since the suit closed last April.

Fahy told The Sunday Independent that her disastrous loss against O’Riordan has not affected her relationships with her other clients. Her previous clients have in fact all remained firm friends — she had lunch with Elle Macpherson, one of her most high profile clients, just days ago.

Despite being stuck with a legal bill topping €200,000 (approx. $250,000), Fahy says things are starting to brighten up.

“Life has never been better for me. I’m looking forward to America.”

Source: The Sunday Independent

Washington Symphony to Perform Cranberries Orchestral Arrangement on Sunday

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The Everett Symphony, based out of Everett, WA, will be giving Irish rock artists the orchestral treatment this coming Sunday in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day. Arranger Peter Brennan has produced several orchestral versions of classic Irish rock pieces to be performed live.

Performing together with the rock band Jeans n’ Classics, the Everett Orchestra will be performing tributes to The Cranberries, U2, Kate Bush, Sinead O’Connor, The Corrs, and Enya.

The orchestrations will be arranged by Peter Brennan, who has over 1000 rock arrangements in his repertoire, including pieces for Elton John, among others. Brennan says he is tweaking his arrangements with a Celtic tinge for the upcoming concert.

The Everett Symphony’s “St. Patrick’s Celebration of Irish Rock” will take place on Sunday, March 13, at the Everett Civic Auditorium in Everett, WA.

Source: HeraldNet

Cranberries Music Launched with Bell Canada’s Caller Ring Tunes Service

March 3, 2005  |  Comments Off on Cranberries Music Launched with Bell Canada’s Caller Ring Tunes Service  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Bell Canada announced Monday that The Cranberries will be among the first 150 songs introduced for their Caller Ring Tunes Service. The service will play a song for people who call Bell Mobility customers while they wait for the call to be answered rather than hear the traditional ringing sound.

The new service, introduced to Canada for the first time, is the result of a partnership with Universal Music Canada. Other artists available in the initial batch of songs include 3 Doors Down, Toby Keith, Mary J. Blige, Bon Jovi, Sam Roberts, Jann Arden, Supertramp, Kiss, Steppenwolf, and The Mamas & The Papas.

“The ability to download real music clips and have actual songs played on phones changes the way our customers, and the wireless market in general, will view music on a mobile phone,” said David Inns, VP of Wireless Marketing.

For more info, go to

Source: Press Release

Review: Angelo Badalamenti and Dolores O’Riordan’s “Evilenko” Soundtrack

February 22, 2005  |  Comments Off on Review: Angelo Badalamenti and Dolores O’Riordan’s “Evilenko” Soundtrack  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  Dolores O'Riordan

“It’s completely different to the Cranberries – very experimental and out there. A couple of tracks have a David Lynch movie soundtrack feel, but they’re fully developed songs,” Dolores told Hot Press magazine in 2003. “Evilenko” is the fruition of those solo pieces.

In fact, Angelo Badalamenti is a long-time collaborator with David Lynch; and together, the team masterfully created the soundtracks to films such as Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive.

“Angels Go to Heaven,” the opening track to the “Evilenko” soundtrack, sets the ominous tone for the rest of Angelo Badalamenti’s haunting 11-track soundtrack to the film. As the synth notes begin to play, Dolores O’Riordan’s airy aahs drop in, rivaling the resonance of the trembling vibrato of the synthetic organ pipes. Immediately, there is a contrast to the cold, eerie synth as the humane element in Dolores’s voice is introduced — a contrast of indifference versus compassion that will last throughout the song, if not the entire soundtrack.

But make no mistake, “Angels Go to Heaven” is by no means the warm, sweet Dolores O’Riordan that we have heard in familiar ballads such as “Dreaming My Dreams.” This is O’Riordan sounding more tortured and troubled than she has ever before comitted to tape. “Adiuva me, Sanctus Spiritus,” (“Help me, Holy Spirit,”) she meanders in a melody that is more Gregorian than modern. Indeed, there are a number of parallels that can be heard here with her last film project, singing Schubert’s “Ave Maria” for the Songs Inspired by the Passion of the Christ soundtrack. But this composition is Badalamenti and O’Riordan’s; and it is every bit as chill-inducing as as Shubert’s.

The song is almost too appropriate for a suspense film about the Ukranian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo, who targeted at least 53 people, mostly children, over the span of 12 years. “No way out, no comfort for those who lost love… no way out, this is eternal pain,” she pleads in a slow, calculated pace until it erupts into the operatic “Adiuva me, Sanctus Spiritus,” where O’Riordan shows her vocal prowess unlike ever before.

Some of the tracks on the album consist only of slow, unwavering synth with English dialogue as a blanket. Granted not every track in a film score can be a highlight; and here, it is only the presence of the intense dialogue that makes some of these tracks worth a listen.

“Vadmin’s Neverending Quest,” track four, is a departure from the foreboding synth, with a guitar interlude and more orchestra synth. This track provides a glimmer into what is otherwise a dark soundscape.

Track 5, “The Woodstrip/There’s No Way Out,” is O’Riordan’s second appearance on the soundtrack. This time, her voice is mixed with a grim reading of the names and dates of Evilenko’s victims. Phrases like “11 years old” and “the fourth of April” puncture the surface, piercing through O’Riordan’s vocals for a dramatic effect.

The “Theme from Evilenko” is an instrumental version of “Angels Go to Heaven.” It is a lighter, orchestral take on O’Riordan’s vocal melody. It begins with a flute and broadens as large, cinematic strings steal the focus.

Though she is not credited on the song’s tracklisting, O’Riordan also appears on track 10, “The End of a Madman.” The main melody here serves as a compliment to “Angels Go to Heaven” without being a reprise. Dolores’s “adiuva me” resonates faintly in the background. To correspond with the film’s drama, there is a sense of comforting finality to this track as the mood revolves around the cinematic emotion of Evilenko being caught and punished.

As a final treat, the soundtrack ends with “Angels Go to Heaven (Full Mix),” a beefed up orchestral mix of the title track. The electric bass and shimmering cymbal are a few of the welcome additions that make this a suitable end for the soundtrack. Perhaps the most telling moment, however, is when O’Riordan exhausts her final, low “oooh“. Here, a scintillating cymbal rises up; and “Evilenko” comes to a close.

The full tracklisting is:

1. Angels Go to Heaven (Featuring Dolores O’Riordan)
2. Evilenko’s Dark Fairy Tale
3. Inside The Lion’s Mouth
4. Vadim’s Neverending Quest
5. The Woodstrip/There’s No Way Out (Featuring Dolores O’Riordan)
6. Holocaust of the Children
7. Theme from Evilenko (“Angels Go to Heaven” instrumental version)
8. Please Don’t Look Into His Eyes
9. Russian Folk Prayer
10. The End of a Madman (Featuring Dolores O’Riordan, not credited on tracklisting)
11. Angels Go to Heaven (Full Mix) (Featuring Dolores O’Riordan)

The “Evilenko” soundtrack is available now in Italy on the Minus Habens Soundtrack Collection label. We also have an extra copy of the soundtrack available on eBay if anyone is interested.

MusicActu Reviews “Live” DVD

February 6, 2005  |  Comments Off on MusicActu Reviews “Live” DVD  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

French music site MusicActu has put up a review of The Cranberries’ newly released “Live” on DVD. “Live” will release on DVD in the United States on February 8. Here’s a translation of the review:

The Cranberries · Live (27/01/2005)

While waiting for a possible and much-hoped for new album, The Cranberries offer “Live” for us to spend the winter. Not completely new, this DVD plunges us back into the environment of the mid-Nineties. It is true that the rock’n’roll so characteristic of the Cranberries evokes a crowd of unforgettable memories in us, particularly with the listening of the traditional track “Zombie”, which was incontestably the most significant hit of the group in the middle of the 90s. Ten years later, Dolores and her comrades returns to the DVD shelves this winter with a disc simply entitled “Live”, composed of a series of titles recorded during a concert given at the London Astoria II, a famous room belonging to the same house which in particular saw ravelling on its scene U2, David Bowie and Oasis.

“Live” is quite simply a beautiful scenic experiment undertaken by the Irish group, certainly one of best given during their career. The quartet is shown there in form, in sometimes powerful environments, sometimes calmer, in airy rock’n’roll roles. It is a true happiness to view the performances of “Linger”, “Zombie” and the poignant piece “So Cold In Ireland”. We regret simply the absence of some interesting bonus extras, which would have been welcome, but the live performance of the Cranberries largely makes up for it. Undoubtedly, this DVD is to be added to the beautiful collection of the group, which already counts, among others, the superb Live in Bercy [Beneath the Skin].

by Emily Warner

Source: MusicActu

“Live” DVD Released in France

January 22, 2005  |  Comments Off on “Live” DVD Released in France  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Retail stores in France and Germany are selling the DVD re-release of “Live” two days early. The Fnac store in Toulouse is confirmed to be selling the DVD. Other Fnac chain stores are likely stocking the DVD. Because of delays in Mexico, France is the first region to have the DVD in stores.

The bonus “photo gallery” only carries screenshots from the DVD and the jukebox only allows you to play audio from the concert.

According a post by Thomas on the Zombieguide Forums, the DVD video is not remastered: “They didn’t remaster it. The quality is the same as the 3 tracks we already had as bonuses for the Stars DVD.” Packaging is also minimal: “There isn’t any booklet. Just the DVD case.”

Check below for scans of the packaging and menu screen captures. Thanks to Thomas for the news and scans.

Dolores on “I Love the 90s Part Deux”

January 22, 2005  |  Comments Off on Dolores on “I Love the 90s Part Deux”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Dolores O’Riordan appeared this week in several episodes of VH1’s “I Love the 90s Part Deux.” She appears in the 1990 episode talking about the Rugrats cartoon and in the 1991 episode talking about MTV Unplugged, among others.

VH1 cuts up celebrity interview clips and distributes them throughout every episode in the series, so we’ll see more of Dolores in the upcoming episodes, which debut every night this week. We will update this news page with her other appearences in the series, stay tuned…..

Don’t forget that there will be a special segment on The Cranberries’ “Zombie” in the 1994 episode which premieres Wednesday night at 10 PM EST. For the rest of the episodes, check the VH1 Schedule.

Click here to download a compilation of all of Dolores’s appearances of “I Love the 90s Part Deux” (DivX 5.2.1, 37mb)

1990 Episode
Other celebrities comment on how ugly the Rugrats babies are. Dolores pipes in that they have “massive heads, completely… BLAH!” When she says “BLAH,” VH1 uses an effect to stretch Dolores’s head to double its normal size.

1991 Episode
Dolores appears twice in the MTV Unplugged segment. At first, she says, “It’s great because it just makes you think about the music and not the style or the image.” A minute later, she says in a second clip, “The one that stuck out to me was the Nirvana one.”

1993 Episode
Dolores sings a line of Radiohead’s “Creep”: “I don’t belong here.” She then adds, “But we’re all creeps really, aren’t we?” Later, she announces the title of the movie Leprichaun and narrates that the leprichauns are are all “obsessed with money, money, money, money… uwaa!” while making her scariest possible face.

1994 Episode
The Cranberries get their own 3-minute spotlight. Several celebrities express their love (or hate) of the band. Comedianne Rachel Harris admits, “The Cranberries were an interesting band. I have to be honest, the reason that I found them interesting was the name Cranberries was weird. Cranberries: happy, red, juicy cranberries! They should have been called The Olives because that’s a little more robust and subtle.”

“I kind of was a little bit of a fan when they came out. She was kind of cute,” says Lit’s guitarist Jeremy Popoff.

“There’s something about those Irish female singers that just…. I’m going to say ‘raises my cockles,’ but I think you know what I’m saying when I say ‘cockles,'” jokes comedian Michael Ian Black.

Michael Colton proclaims, “Any band that names a song ‘Zombie’ automatically gets my vote!” (“Tanks/bombs/guns” jokes follow.)

Asked if he can imitate Dolores O’Riordan’s trademark yodel, Jamie Cullum responds, “I can’t really imitate it. I’d need someone to grab hold of my testicles to make it happen properly.”

But Dolores gets a chance to defend her yodel: “I didn’t think it was cool, but I just knew it was kind of different.”

Then several commentators try to sing the chorus of “Zombie,” with everyone except early 90s act Nelson falling flat on their face. (Though Nelson does an admirable job, in my opinion.)

1998 Episode
Dolores sings a line of Alanis Morisette’s “Thank You”: “Thank you silence.” In a segment about rave music, VH1 samples Dolores saying “boom” and makes a quick all-vocal dance beat (eerily similar to Björk’s new single “Triumph of a Heart.”). She then says, “I think you have to take something to get this music” with a knowing grin.

Thanks to several ZG’ers for the tip!

Source: Excusive

Elkland to Release “Salvation” Cover on Debut Single

January 21, 2005  |  Comments Off on Elkland to Release “Salvation” Cover on Debut Single  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

New York-based synthpop band Elkland is gearing up to release their first single, “Apart,” on February 1 on Columbia Records. The single contains a cover of The Cranberries’ “Salvation” as a B-side, though we can probably expect something more electronic than punk.

Elkland count Joy Division, The Smiths, New Order, and Björk among their biggest influences. In fact, the band recently got praise from the UK’s Record of the Day, who said “….no one else has recalled New Order quite so recently or so enjoyably.”

You can listen to their debut single “Apart” from Elkland’s website, with a video to come soon. “Apart” comes from their forthcoming 12-track album “Golden.”

Source: Press Release

The Cranberries “Live” DVD Released Today in Mexico

January 11, 2005  |  Comments Off on The Cranberries “Live” DVD Released Today in Mexico  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Universal released The Cranberries’ “Live” on DVD today in Mexico. Mexico is the first region in the world to get the DVD.

Online Mexico-based retailer Mixup has the DVD available to purchase on their website for $189.00 pesos MX (~$16.85 US).

Sigma of the This Is the Day Cran Fan Club tells us that he preordered his DVD from Mixup and that they shipped his order today: “My online order is already done and accepted! I also asked about how long it will take to arrive at my home and they told me around 2 or 3 days, so… I’ll have it before Friday. Also, the pre-sale was until today so no more orders will be taken [for the pre-sale price].”

Update: A Universal representative told Sigma from the Zombieguide Forums that the DVD has experienced a delay and that it should be distributed within the next few days. Addiitonally, an email sent from MixUp to customers states:

Unfortunately UNIVERSAL MUSIC MEXICO had an important delay in the distribution of this edition. With all and the compromise that they had with is for this DVD’s delivery, this one will be after the date told, by the moment we still don’t have the new distribution date but in the moment we have more news we will tell you. That’s why we apoligize with you, because the delay in distribution is out of MixUp’s control.

Zombieguide will have a full report on the contents of the final DVD once some fans get their hands on it! “Live” will release on January 24 in Europe, February 2 in Japan, February 8 in the US, and February 9 in Canada.

Source: Exclusive

Cranberries to Feature in VH1’s “I Love the 90s Part Deux” 1994 Episode

January 11, 2005  |  Comments Off on Cranberries to Feature in VH1’s “I Love the 90s Part Deux” 1994 Episode  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

We’re not sure how they missed them the first time around, but VH1 is including The Cranberries in the 1994 installment of the new series “I Love the 90s Part Deux.”

Running with the theme that 1994 was “the most frightening year of the 90’s,” VH1’s summary page says, “Dolores O’Riordan was yodeling about zombies, Beck was singing in Spanish, and the Benedictine monks were chanting about. Only god knows what – literally.”

As has become the standard with VH1’s “I Love the…” series, we can expect other artists and celebrities to chime in with their memories of the song and any special stories they have about it — and probably some making fun of Dolores’s characteristic vocal tics as well.

You can catch the 1994 episode of “I Love the 90s Part Deux” when it debuts on Wednesday, January 19, at 9:00 PM EST in the US. It will also repeat several times, so check the schedule for more dates.

If you miss it, Zombieguide will cover it as soon as it airs, including a video capture.

Thanks to imnotblind for the tip!

Source: VH1

Rumor: Cranberries Could Play Tsunami Relief Irish Mega Gig

January 2, 2005  |  Comments Off on Rumor: Cranberries Could Play Tsunami Relief Irish Mega Gig  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Today’s Sunday Mirror published an exclusive scoop that organizers in Ireland are putting together two massive concerts to benefit Asian tsunami victims, and that members of The Cranberries may be asked to perform.

While most of the details are still not finalized, the massive benefit concert will be split between a Republic-sponsored Dublin concert and a UK- sponsored Belfast concert. Organizers would ideally like to see U2 headline the benefit concert. A host of other A-list artists to be invited to perform include Westlife, Brian Kennedy, Girls Aloud, The Corrs, Enya, Van Morrison, Daniel O’Donnell, The Undertones, Ash, Samantha Mumba, The Thrills, Christie Moore, Ronan Keating, and The Cranberries. Also invited are Irish- rooted acts Lisa Stansfield, Joe Elliott and Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones.

The article states that only a few artists have been contacted thus far, but that the interest has been “very, very positive.” If the Cranberries accept, they will play in Dublin. No date has been announced, but this would be pivitol, as Dolores is due to give birth in March.

The Irish government has already pledged 10 million Euro while the UK has pledged £50 million to sponsor such a gig, though the proceeds raised are expected to be much greater.

The concert will also be simultaneously broadcasted by the BBC and RTE. Pop star Dana, who came up the idea for the concerts, tells the Sunday Mirror: “I spoke on the phone to RTE Director General Cathal Goan and Mike Edgar at the BBC in Belfast last Friday and they were both very receptive to the idea. What we have in mind here is staging two concerts, one in Dublin, the other in Belfast in a hands-across-the-border co-operation style with both shows being broadcast on BBC and RTE simultaneously.”

Further details on concert venues are expected to be decided by next week.

Source: Sunday Mirror (Ireland)

“Live” DVD Cover Art, Extras Announced, Retail Sales Sheet

December 18, 2004  |  Comments Off on “Live” DVD Cover Art, Extras Announced, Retail Sales Sheet  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

With the Cranberries “Live” DVD release pegged for a January 24 release in Europe and Feburary 8 in the US, Universal is prepping retailers with promo media for the upcoming release.

French online vendor Alapage has the DVD listed with the cover and extras. According to Alapage, the only (rather disappointing) extras on the DVD will be a “photo gallery” and “jukebox.” (Thanks to Pavel for the tip.)

Meanwhile, in the US, Universal Music Distribution yesterday posted its retail sales sheet for the DVD, which Zombieguide has exclusively here in PDF format. (LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Source: Alapage, Exclusive

Q&A with Kevin Fox, String Arrangement for Dolores Solo

December 17, 2004  |  Comments Off on Q&A with Kevin Fox, String Arrangement for Dolores Solo  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Not too long ago, Zombieguide reported that Canadian singer-songwriter Kevin Fox has been working with Dolores O’Riordan on string arrangements for yet unspecified solo material.

This week, Zombieguide caught up with Kevin to ask him about his current projects with Dolores in Toronto and here’s what he had to say…

ZG: What was your involvement with the new songs?

KF: I composed string arrangements for 4 songs she was in the process of recording.

ZG: How did you get approached to do these songs?

KF: The studio in which she was working was familiar with my work and got us in touch.

ZG: How long ago did you work on these songs?

KF: In the last 13 to 14 months I was approached twice, each time to arrange for two songs.

ZG: How did you go about doing the string
arrangements? Did you have alot of interaction with
Dolores? Did you have alot of freedom or did Dolores have a set plan for what she wanted?

KF: Freedom was definitely offered in the process of writing the arrangements. It was just me working with what conceptual ideas she had expressed on the phone. In the studio we collaborated to exercise what specific or responsive ideas she had. She has a wonderful sense of melody.

ZG: Can you maybe give us any song titles?

KF: I’d prefer not to reveal anything too specific that she may want to remain private.

ZG: Any idea what the songs will be used for? Her solo album or maybe soundtrack contributions?

KF: She simply expressed to me a desire to explore new musical paths. No specific plans.

Zombieguide would like to thank Kevin Fox for his time in answering these questions.

Source: Exclusive

Update: Dolores Wins Capri Film Festival Award, Expected to Appear

December 14, 2004  |  Comments Off on Update: Dolores Wins Capri Film Festival Award, Expected to Appear  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

A news report released yesterday by ANSA’s English news service indicates that Dolores O’Riordan has already been named the winner of the 2004 Capri Music Award for her rendition of “Ave Maria” for Mel Gibson’s “Songs Inspired by The Passion of the Christ” soundtrack

According to ANSA, she is expected to appear in person to accept her award at the Capri, Hollywood Awards ceremony on December 27.

The “Capri, Hollywood” panel also selected “The Passion of the Christ” to receive two other awards, Best Film of 2004 and Best Costumes.

Dolores O’Riordan may soon be adding another award win to her resume. She has been nominated for an award presented by The Capri Film Festival, held during the month of December on the island of Capri, most famous of Italy’s Mediterranean islands. Nominated for her recording of Ave Maria for Mel Gibson’s blockbuster smash, The Passion of The Christ, Dolores could take home a shiny new note of recognition at the end of this month. Her nomination was no doubt aided by a stunning live performance of “Ave Maria” as the grand finale to Italy’s Sanremo Festivalearlier this year.

No word yet if Dolores will actually attend the festival, which begins on December 27.

Source: The Official Cranberries Site, ANSA

“Live in London” DVD Gets US, Canadian Release Dates

December 11, 2004  |  Comments Off on “Live in London” DVD Gets US, Canadian Release Dates  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Universal Music Distribution confirmed this week that they will release the DVD re-release of The Cranberries “Live in London” in the United States onFebruary 8, 2005.

Additionally, Universal Music Canada’s websiteconfirms that our hockey-loving northern neighbors will receive the DVD a week later on February 15.

Details on DVD bonuses are still forthcoming, although Zombieguide can confirm that the main concert will carry the same 15-song tracklist as the original VHS release. (Two songs, “Put Me Down” and “Sunday,” were performed at the Astoria, but for unknown reasons, were removed from the VHS release.)

Source: UMG Distribution, Universal Music Canada

Word Magazine: “IJSJL” Has “Worst Lyrics of All Time”

December 11, 2004  |  Comments Off on Word Magazine: “IJSJL” Has “Worst Lyrics of All Time”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Britain’s Word Magazine has published a list of their picks for the worst song lyrics of all time in their new January issue. Their top (or bottom?) pick for the worst lyrics of all time? The Cranberries’ “I Just Shot John Lennon.” 

However, on Thursday (Dec. 9), the British newspaper The Independent published a short rebuttal to Word’s article. While The Independent editorial agreed that IJSJL’s lyrics are “tosh,” the paper doesn’t think The Cranberries deserve the dishonorable mention, retorting, “Is it any worse than Des’ree’s famous lines from ‘Life’: ‘I don’t wanna see a ghost/ It’s the sight that I fear most/I’d rather have a piece of toast/ And watch the evening news?’ Wordsworth, thou shouldst be living at this hour, and all that… “

Source: Exclusive

Cranberries Trivia Special on MTV Brazil Tomorrow

November 14, 2004  |  Comments Off on Cranberries Trivia Special on MTV Brazil Tomorrow  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Tomorrow, November 15th at 5:30 PM, MTV Brazil will be highlighting The Cranberries on the “Cliperama” program. On the show, two Cranberries fans — Kelly from the Official Cranberries Brazilian Fanclub (from Sao Paulo, Brazil) and Iuri (Ceara, Brazil) — will be competing for a prize by answering Cranberries trivia questions. The show will repeat again on November 16th at 10:30 AM.

Thanks to cranspecktrum for the tip!

Hot Press Shortlists “Everybody Else” for Top 100 Irish Albums of All Time

November 11, 2004  |  Comments Off on Hot Press Shortlists “Everybody Else” for Top 100 Irish Albums of All Time  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Hot Press, Ireland’s largest entertainment magazine, is compiling votes to determine the Top 100 Greatest Irish Albums of all time. They have selected “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We” in their shortlist, and also give voters the option of including write-in votes.

Click here to go directly to the voting page. You will need to register a free Hot Press voting account to access the poll. There are write-in blanks at the end of the voting page, where you can add The Cranberries’ other four albums as options. (Because you wouldn’t dare consider voting for Sinead or U2, would you?) Voters may select up to 5 albums.

Once you make your selections, voters are asked to rank their top 5 in order and then write a 400-word-max opinion on why they picked their selection for #1 album.

Source: Hot Press

Rufus Wainwright Says “Linger” Doesn’t Get Enough Credit

October 26, 2004  |  Comments Off on Rufus Wainwright Says “Linger” Doesn’t Get Enough Credit  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Popular New York-born indie singer Rufus Wainwright — of whom Sting, Diana Krall, Tori Amos and Erikah Badu count themselves as fans — recently told Mexican newspaper “Reforma” that The Cranberries’ “Linger” is one of his favorite songs and that he thinks that too many people don’t give the song enough credit. In the October 16th issue, an interviewer for the paper asked him whether there were any songs that have a particularly deep message for him:

What pop songs do you think have a deep or worthy message of reflection?

There is a lot. “Linger,” by The Cranberries, which some people might think to be a little old these days, has a story about fierce love, if you think about it, and few people truly understand it. “Boys of Summer”, by Don Henley, has a very beautiful background, and it’s only pop. When the New Radicals released “You Get What You Give,” it had a fantatstic melody with interesting lyrics and not many people got the true sense of it.

Source: Reforma (Mexico)

Thorgerson Exhibit to Travel Worldwide in 2005, Opening Night Photos

October 25, 2004  |  Comments Off on Thorgerson Exhibit to Travel Worldwide in 2005, Opening Night Photos  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Media Contemporary Arts this week informed Zombieguide that the recently-held exhibit Taken By Storm: Art of Storm Thorgerson will be globe-hopping come 2005. Robin Headlee of Media Bitch tells us, “We will be taking the exhibition travelling in 2005. Our plans are for USA, Asia, Continental Europe, and then UK. I’ll keep you posted as the plans develop.”

An exhibit for Chicago is tenatively scheduled for April 8, 2005, with a date for New York to follow shortly thereafter (Gallery TBC). Several cross- continental dates in the USA and then to Asia, Continental Europe, and the UK will follow.

Although the London exhibit is now closed, you can still purchase signed and numbered prints from the John Martin Galleries London website or schedule an appointment at John Martin Chelsea in London by calling +44 (0)20 7351 4818.

Also, don’t forget to enter our contest to win an unsigned “Wake Up” proof, which will end on or about November 9th.

Below you can also find some photos from the opening night of the exhibition in London on September 21st. Headlee tells us, “It was a huge success with quite a few of the band members that Storm has worked with in attendance.” Guests included members of Muse, author Finlay Cowan, and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, to name but a few.

Source: Exclusive!

Official Site Redesign Launches

October 22, 2004  |  Comments Off on Official Site Redesign Launches  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries Official Site updated today with its long-promised slick redesign. The site now boasts a number of new features, including a search function and an events calendar. The new redesign links heavily to outside sites for content like reviews, interviews, and guitar tabs.

While most of the content is essentially the same, the Frequently Asked Questions section now includes two new questions, one of which surprisingly states: “No, Dolores has no plans to record a solo album.” This comes as a shocking contrast to numerous reports over the past 2 years of her intentions to do so — even from Noel himself. At the moment, Zombieguide is trying to get a confirmation from Lindsey Holmes Publicity regarding this change.

Update 10/23/04: Thomas points out that the FAQ response regarding a solo for Dolores was posted in March 2003 and is not a new update, and therefore may not be current information.

The other question is:

“Are you splitting up? Now , or after the next album? A: No! Not at all. The band last toured in 2003 and released a collection of the hits from years past. Keep an eye on the What’s New section for more updates as the [sic] become available.”

The “Talk” section also now contains a Discussion Board page which links toCranberries fan forums across the net.

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Audio: Angelo Badalamenti Wants to Make “Another Kind of Dolores”

October 9, 2004  |  Comments Off on Audio: Angelo Badalamenti Wants to Make “Another Kind of Dolores”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  Dolores O'Riordan

On Wednesday, Italy saw the release of Evilenko on double DVD, with the second DVD consisting of bonus features and production interviews

The second DVD features an interview with composer Angelo Badalamenti who co-wrote the theme song “Angels Go to Heaven” with Dolores O’Riordan. Badalamenti takes time during the interview to discuss how Dolores got involved with the project. Surprisingly, it was Dolores who contacted him first and not vice versa. Even more, Badalamenti discusses the possibility of several more collaborations with Dolores, time permitting.

The interview appears to have been recorded early on while the “Angels Go to Heaven” collaboration was still in the works and not yet recorded.

“I was telling David (Grieco, director) the other day that I received a call from the girl from The Cranberries, Dolores O’Riordan. She’s really very interested in getting together with me, with us collaborating on doing another kind of Dolores O’Riordan, not in the style of The Cranberries necessarily, but more of a wider world thing. So it’s just a matter maybe of schedule, of her schedule, my schedule, depending on projects. But I’d be interested in working with her, she’s got a thing [with her voice]… I remember David telling me that he was especially fond of a certain grittiness in her voice that was attractive. Maybe together with my kind of music with her we can create something di erent. When you’re constantly working on films and scores, there’s so little time for that. Every now and then, there’s an opportunity to write a song. We composers, we come in at the last minute and we gotta get the score done. If things are done well in advance, there might be time to write specific songs.”

Click here to Download MP3 of Angelo Badalamenti talking about his collaboration with Dolores O’Riordan (in English) (MP3, 1.7 MB) [LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

The interview also includes footage of Badalamenti recording the synth music for “Angels Go to Heaven,” although Dolores herself is not featured on the DVD.

Many thanks to Tipsy for the audio and news.

Noel on Unreleased Songs, Upcoming “Live” DVD

October 2, 2004  |  Comments Off on Noel on Unreleased Songs, Upcoming “Live” DVD  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Speaking to Zombieguide via email on Thursday, The Cranberries’ Noel Hogan cleared up a few recent rumors and miscellaneous reports.

Noel tells us that despite a BMI catalog registration for a song titled “When I’m 21”, there is no such song with that title. He says, “I only remember one track with “TWENTY-ONE” in the title. That being the track that we all know. “When I’m twenty-one” could have been an earlier version of the track. Or sometimes when one of the crew is printing out a set list for a gig, they put down the wrong name of a song. Then it gets registered by someone in the office for performing rights.”

We then asked Noel whether fans will ever be able to hear unreleased songs like “Seven Years” and “Yesterday’s Gone.” To that, he replies, “Other songs like “Seven Years” & “Yesterdays gone”… We sometimes write songs, do them once & in time forget about them. We may not like them or just forget in time. There have been many tracks over the years that have been recorded like this. Sometimes @ a radio session or TV thing. We may start playing with something in the studio, put some of it down & mean to go back to it but run out of time and then forget about it. There are lots of bits out there, but it would take a long time to find them all. Maybe someday we might have the time.”

Lastly, Noel tells us that despite the band having left Universal Music in January of last year, the label has asked the band to get involved with the upcoming DVD re-release of “Live.” Universal has asked the band to locate video footage from the 1994 era to use as bonus features for the DVD. Noel explains, “Universal have been in touch once so far about the new DVD. They are looking for any extra footage we may have from around the time. We are trying to locate anything we might have @ the moment.”

That’s it for now, more to come…

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Noel Reveals 4-track Demo Tracklist

September 28, 2004  |  Comments Off on Noel Reveals 4-track Demo Tracklist  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

If you’ve been conscious and reading Zombieguide often, you’ll know that last year, The Cranberries went into the studio to record a demo of four songs with longtime producing veteran Stephen Street. The band plans to use these songs sometime in the indefinite future as a basis for their sixth album, which has been put on hold.

Noel Hogan, speaking to Zombieguide in July about the demo, told us “They’re recorded, but they haven’t been mixed, so we have rough mixes of them. They’re in the bag and ready there to go. So I guess when we’re ready to go, we’ll have those four titles to fall back on.”

Earlier today, Noel emailed us the titles of the four songs: “Sorry for taking so long to get back to you with the names of the tracks we recorded with Stephen. The tracks are…”

1. Astral Projection
2. Someday
3. Raining in My Heart
4. The Fall

The band first played “Astral Projection” at the beginning of last year’s summer tour (which included dates with The Rolling Stones). Surprisingly, the other new song, “In It Together” is not part of the demo.

Longtime fans may recall an old rumor of an unreleased song from the No Need to Argue period called “The Fall.” We do not know if there is any relation between the old rumor and the new song, but we will see if Noel can perhaps shed some light on that particular point of interest.

Noel also told us today, “I have most of the track names for my own album now. If you like, I can also send them on.” He promises to send updates along as they happen, so stay with Zombieguide for the latest Cranberries buzz…

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Burtons Buy New Home in Howth

September 27, 2004  |  Comments Off on Burtons Buy New Home in Howth  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Yesterday’s “Sunday Times” (London) published the first details about Dolores and Don Burton’s new home in Howth, Co Dublin, Ireland. The article says that the relatively new 5-bedroom home is far from the lavishness of Riversfeild Stud — no recording studio, pool, or even a garage.

Thanks to Nigel Bernstein for sending it in. Read the full article below:

Changing her tune
Why has Dolores O’Riordan bought an unprepossesing house in the Dublin suburbs, wonders Colin Coyle

Dolores O’Riordan has bought a new home in Howth, Co Dublin, and it’s . . . . well, not very rock ’n’ roll. The house, on the edge of the unassuming Thormanby Woods development in the upmarket suburb, doesn’t have a swimming pool, gym, recording studio or even a garage. The only suggestion of exclusivity is its sale price: the Cranberries’ lead singer is believed to have paid about €2m for the five-bedroom, 5,800-sq-ft property.

O’Riordan’s no-frills new home is in stark contrast to her last Irish base, Riversfield Stud in Kilmallock, Co Limerick, which she sold earlier this year.

The 150-acre estate, which fetched close to €4.5m, included all the rock- star trappings and then some: a swimming pool, gym, tennis court, bar, wine cellar, sauna, stables, enough garaging for a fleet of cars and a mini- pizzeria. A stained-glass window in the reception hall was even engraved with the lyrics to Zombie, the Cranberries’ biggest-selling hit.

The switch to Howth is largely down to its proximity to Dublin airport. O’Riordan and her husband Don Burton, who was born in Toronto, are frequent visitors to Canada and own a log cabin on Big Bald Lake in eastern Ontario.

It’s not clear whether the couple and their two children will use the Howth property as their main residence or whether they’re planning to spend more time in Burton’s native Canada. The house’s selling agent, HOK Residential, refused to comment on the sale or the couple’s plans, although the neighbourhood is already abuzz with talk of the new arrivals.

Built in the past five years, the couple’s new home is just off Thormanby Road, on the edge of a development of roomy but restrained executive-style family homes. The last house to sell in the 1980s-built scheme, a four- bedroom dormer bungalow, went for close to €1m at auction late last year.

The diminutive superstar is the latest in a growing list of celebrities to favour Howth over its mirror image on the south side, the twin peaks of Dalkey and Killiney.

O’Riordan joins Moya Doherty and John McColgan, the Riverdance duo, Larry Mullen of U2, Gay Byrne, the television presenter, and Feargal Quinn, the supermarket mogul, in the pretty fishing village.

David O’Leary, the Aston Villa manager, also recently invested in an apartment in the Howth Lodge development, while Michael O’Leary of Ryanair is building a mansion on Howth Head.

O’Riordan’s decision to swap a gated estate for a house where passers-by can sneak a peek in the window is all the more surprising given that she sold her first Irish home to escape prying eyes. Following the initial success of the Cranberries, the feisty rock star built a hill-top mansion, with a slated round tower at its centre, in Dun Chaoin in west Kerry.

Set on 16 acres and with four bedrooms, a bar, wine cellar, gallery, office, recording studio and guest apartment, it seemed the perfect retreat for O’Riordan and Burton. Dubbed Dolly’s Folly by locals, the multi-millionairess decided to sell the property in 1997, complaining that she was “plagued” by sightseers. Apparently, tour buses headed for the Ring of Kerry would stop for a photo opportunity outside the contemporary cut-stone construction.

While O’Riordan hasn’t lingered longer than a few years in any of her homes, all her property investments have yielded a profit. While it’s not clear how much she paid for the 16-acre site and the construction of her Kerry mansion, she is likely to have made a profit from its €1.3m sale in 1997. She is likely to have made even more on the sale of her Co Limerick stud farm. Bought for €2.5m, it recently sold for close to its €4.5m asking price.

No stranger to moving house, the 33-year-old’s childhood home in Patrickswell in Limerick burnt to the ground when she was seven. By the time she was 14, she had lived in three different houses in Limerick.

The Cranberries have been on a two-year break since the release of a best- of compilation in 2002.

The singer spent the early part of this year locked in a bitter legal battle with her former nanny, Joy Fahy. In April, the High Court dismissed Fahy’s claims that she and her husband had falsely imprisoned her and broken the terms of her contract.

Her latest home, unsurprisingly, has no separate accommodation for a nanny.

Source: Sunday Times

“Live” DVD is Now “Live in London”

September 27, 2004  |  Comments Off on “Live” DVD is Now “Live in London”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Scandinavian online retailer has begun listing the upcoming “Live” DVD re-release with a slightly modified title: “Live in London”. The change suggests that Universal will release the DVD under the new title to avoid confusion.

Additionally, the site lists a catalog number, UNI-982335 -7, and a preliminary price of €20.80. The release date is still set at November 29th.


“No Need to Argue” Cited in Australian Lawsuit Against KaZaA

September 21, 2004  |  Comments Off on “No Need to Argue” Cited in Australian Lawsuit Against KaZaA  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Universal Music Australia yesterday revealed its list of 100 top songs that it will pursue in a lawsuit against Sharman Networks, makers of the peer-to- peer file sharing software KaZaA. Universal’s laywer, John Nicolas, presented the list yesterday, which includes songs from the Universal catalog that seem to have been picked for their ironic titles — among them, The Cranberries’ “No Need to Argue” and Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me.” The prosecution will focus on these 100 songs as the primary evidence during the trial.

The Universal parties were forced to compile the relatively select list of 100 songs after the prosecution was asked earlier this year to reduce the scope of their proceedings. Even still, this case will mark one of the largest music copyright infringement cases that Australia has ever witnessed.

One of the case’s main goals is to uncover the identity of the owner and corporate structure of Sharman Networks, which remains a well-guarded secret, despite legal scrutiny. In a preliminary hearing, Nicolas asked the judge, “So we will at some time have to make an application, your Honour, for an order that those documents (relating to the identity of Sharman’s owner) be produced. They are not going to be volunteered and despite the best will in the world as between my learned friend and myself, that’s not going to bring them out.”

More hearings on the case will occur before November 29, the date when the main part of the trial, regarding the 100 key songs from Universal’s catalog, will begin.

Thanks to Cold Winter for the tip.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Evilenko Soundtrack to Release October 5th in Italy

September 20, 2004  |  Comments Off on Evilenko Soundtrack to Release October 5th in Italy  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  Dolores O'Riordan

Record label Minus Habens emailed Zombieguide today to state that the CD soundtrack for Evilenko will release in Italy on October 5th, just one day before the film’s double DVD release. Assuming that there are no changes in the tracklist, the soundtrack should contain two versions of Dolores O’Riordan’s “Angels Go to Heaven”: a synth mix and a full band mix.

Zombieguide will soon receive the o cial release sheet for the CD’s release and will have more details when it arrives.

Source: Exclusive

Evilenko, Zu & Co. Live at Royal Albert Hall DVDs Get Release Dates

September 19, 2004  |  Comments Off on Evilenko, Zu & Co. Live at Royal Albert Hall DVDs Get Release Dates  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  Dolores O'Riordan

Online retailer is now listing the DVD of Evilenko to release on October 6th in Italy. The movie’s theme song is Angelo Badalamenti and Dolores O’Riordan’s “Angels Go to Heaven.” The 2 DVD set is priced at €17.99, no word yet on what extras are contained on the second DVD. Is it too much to hope for a making-of bit for the soundtrack?

The release status of the Evilenko soundtrack is still unknown. Italian independent label Minus Habens, who picked up the rights to the soundtrack’s distribution, has been quiet about any release, even after emails from Zombieguide. Since this is the case, the release of the DVD will be the first time the full song will be available to the public, as a full version of “Angels Go to Heaven” has yet to surface. Thanks to Berryman for the tip.

Another of Dolores’s side projects is getting released on DVD next month. As we told you earlier, Zucchero moved up the DVD release of his Royal Albert Hall multi-artist extravaganza to an October release. It’s now o cial, according to Universal Music Finland’s website, Zu & Co Live at the Albert Hall (as it is now o cially titled), will release on October 18th for much of Europe. No word yet on extras, but you can be sure to expect lots of behind-the-scenes footage.

Source:, Un Po’ di Zucchero

Sunday Independent: “Lots of Solo Projects in the Pipeline” for Dolores

September 12, 2004  |  Comments Off on Sunday Independent: “Lots of Solo Projects in the Pipeline” for Dolores  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  Dolores O'Riordan

In today’s issue of Ireland’s “The Sunday Independent,” Dolores tells a reporter for the paper that she does indeed have “lots of solo projects in the pipeline,” though no specifics are mentioned in the article.

The Sunday Independent reporter relates that Dolores spent her 33rd birthday with an intimate dinner at an unnamed “Limerick five-star country house hotel with a chosen few friends and husband Don.”

Most importantly, Dolores mentioned that she and “her family are ready to move back to Ireland” full-time after spending the past year in Toronto.

Source: The Sunday Independent

Tripomatic Fairytales 3003 Gets Australian Release Date

September 12, 2004  |  Comments Off on Tripomatic Fairytales 3003 Gets Australian Release Date  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  Dolores O'Riordan

Several Australian online CD retailers, including and, are listing Jam & Spoon’s “Tripomatic Fairytales 3003” for an October 4th release in Australia. The CD was originally released in June in Jam & Spoon’s native Germany, but until now has not seen any international releases. As you should well know, the CD includes a collaboration with Dolores O’Riordan on the song “Mirror Lover.”

Zombieguide will keep you updated if other international release dates are announced!

Source: and

Universal to Re-Release The Cranberries’ “Live” on DVD!

September 10, 2004  |  Comments Off on Universal to Re-Release The Cranberries’ “Live” on DVD!  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

According to the latest promotional materials sent out by Universal Music in Europe, Universal will be re-releasing The Cranberries first video release, “Live,” on DVD later this year. The latest issue of “Universal News” highlights releases for the upcoming autumn-Christmas season and lists “Live” for a possible November 29th release in Spain. Other details are still “TBC.”

No word yet on any bonus features, or on any other international release dates. You can expect Zombieguide to have the very latest when we know it.

Thanks to supervago for the news!

Source: Exclusive

The Western People Interviews Dolores’s Father

September 8, 2004  |  Comments Off on The Western People Interviews Dolores’s Father  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

A news story posted today on the website for the Irish newspaper The Western People includes some quotes from Dolores O’Riordan’s father, Terry O’Riordan, on the subject of the 125th anniversary of an apparation of the Virgin Mary at Knock Church in east Mayo.

On August 21, 1879, fifteen people witnessed an apparition of Mary, Joseph, and John the Baptist at the Knock Church. Since then, the church has become the largest attraction in Ireland, drawing in nearly 1.5 million visitors each year. From August 14th to the 22nd of this year, it is estimated that nearly 100,000 pilgrims visited the shine, including Terry O’Riordan, Dolores’s father.

O’Riordan, who had a debilitating motorcycle accident earlier in his life, believes that the miracle at Knock has blessed his recovery: “I’ve had a few bad crashes and if it weren’t for Knock, I wouldn’t be here today.” According to reporter Marian Harrison, O’Riordan also said that he thanked God for his daughter’s success.

Source: The Western People

Cranberries Spokesperson Confirms 40 Million in Worldwide Sales

September 8, 2004  |  Comments Off on Cranberries Spokesperson Confirms 40 Million in Worldwide Sales  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Speaking to Zombieguide today, Cranberries spokesperson Lindsey Holmes confirmed an earlier unconfirmed report The Cranberries’ album sales have topped over 40 million copies to date. In a message this morning, Holmes stated, “To the best of my knowledge total sales have surpassed 40 million.”

The last official total of the band’s album sales put them at 38 million in November 2002, with nearly 2 million of those sales comprising of special and limited editions. (Sales were at 28 million just before the release of Bury the Hatchet, and 33 million before the release of “Wake Up.”) Note that these figures do not include singles such as “Linger” and “Zombie,” which have sold millions on their own.

Source: Exclusive

Major Storm Thorgerson Expo to Premiere in September

August 31, 2004  |  Comments Off on Major Storm Thorgerson Expo to Premiere in September  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

London’s John Martin Gallery and Media Contemporary Arts are jointly preparing for a major exhibition of Storm Thorgerson’s art to open next month. This will mark Thorgerson’s first public exhibition since he suffered a stroke last October.

Thorgerson’s surrealistic album covers are some of the most easily recognized in rock ‘n’ roll history. His credits include Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” “Wish You Were Here,” “The Division Bell,” Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of the Holy,” and Audioslave’s self-titled CD. Of course, Cranberries fans will recognize him most for his work on the art for “Bury the Hatchet,” “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee,” “Beneath the Skin: Live in Paris,” and design elements of theCranberries Official Website.

The exhibition will be held from September 21th until October 9th at the John Martin Gallery in in Chelsea at 6 Burnsall Street, Off Kings Road, London SW3 3ST. The exhibition will be free to enter.

Robin Headlee, Director of Media Contemporary Arts, confirmed to Zombieguide that Thorgerson’s work for The Cranberries will be a definite inclusion at the exhibition. “We will definitely have Bury the Hatchet and we [will] do a special large edition of [Wake Up and] Smell the Coffee.”

Headlee told Zombieguide last Saturday, “We will definitely be doing a special exhibition print of Wake Up. It will be larger than the other prints with an image size of 30 inches square and a 5-6 inch border. It will be signed and archivable… I’m hoping to get the first proof done by the end of next week. No doubt it will take a few proofs until it is accepted; Storm is incredibly fussy – which is good – about his work.”

Beginning on September 1st, the John Martin Gallery Website will have prints all of the exhibition’s featured work available for viewing and purchase. Headlee confirmed to Zombieguide that the massive special edition “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” print will also be available for purchase online, although it may not ship immediately due to its late production: “We will though start taking orders from the website from 1st September, there just may be a slight delay (1-2 weeks) on printing until Storm is happy with the quality.” Headlee adds, “Although not limited, it is a special edition only for sale in conjunction with our exhibition … so limited in that only for sale from September 1st until December 31st at John Martin Chelsea or on They are all archivable and signed by Storm Thorgerson. The price is £175 plus VAT (but anyone outside the EU doesn’t have to pay VAT). That is approximately $315… Larger than others but less expensive than others, as it’s not limited in number just limited in time on sale.”

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee cover, high-resolution, .JPG format, 109k, courtesy of Storm Thorgerson (LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

The normal-sized “Bury the Hatchet” is already available for purchase A 19″x19″ design is silkscreened onto a 33″x25.5″ paper by Coriander Studios. The “Body Series” print is limited to an edition of 125. Cost for the “Bury the Hatchet” print is £300.00 + VAT (UK only), or about $540.

A press kit for the exhibition describes now now-classic Cranberries cover: “The Cranberries cosmos is reflected beautifully with the diptych images used for ‘Bury the Hatchet’. Two themes are represented in this picture: that someone may always be watching (eg big brother, surveillance, terrorist measures) and the internal eye of guilt and paranoid (one’s conscious). In this particular image, the ‘dreaded eye of paranoia’ is hovering over the naked and vulnerable figure. Afraid and pressing down on him with nowhere to escape, the figure covers his head to hide but the eye is still watching. The second image (not shown) illustrates the same figure standing facing the eye, screaming in retaliation and fighting back. We may not be able to escape the all-seeing eye, but we can tell it to fu*k off when we want to!”

Bury the Hatchet cover, high-resolution, .TIF format, 4mb, courtesy of Storm Thorgerson (LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

In his 1999 book, “Eye of the Storm,” Thorgerson narrated the snags that his crew went through in photographing the cover for “Bury the Hatchet”: “When we arrived in Flagstaff [Arizona] it actually snowed. Couldn’t believe it. Miraculously the weather cleared further north, providing two glorious days of perfect winter light. On location on the first morning our truck broke down in the middle of nowhere. We got the Navajo heebie jeebies about working on what might be the sacred land, and with what exactly? An evil eye and a naked man! Should be easy to explain (especially to a Navajo). And then we were caught speeding twice.”

Source: Exclusive

Aslan: Dolores a “Pale Imitation” of Sinead

August 25, 2004  |  Comments Off on Aslan: Dolores a “Pale Imitation” of Sinead  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Irish rock group Aslan recently went on record for a bit of mud-slinging at fellow Irish artists The Cranberries and The Corrs, claiming the two are only “pale imitations” of fiery songstress Sinead O’Connor. In an interview with month with the Galway Advertiser, Aslan guitarist Billy McGuinness had this to say:

“We just got a call last week about Sinead. EMI are releasing an album of duets Sinead O’Connor did throughout her career and we’re hoping they’ll include one of the two tracks she sang on our album. She sang on the single ‘She’s So Beautiful’ and sang a duet with Christy called ‘Up In Arms’. Sinead retiring is a major loss because when she came in to sing on our album the hairs were standing up on the back of our necks – her singing in that session was just so beautiful. Sinead is without doubt the best female singer Ireland has ever produced. Dolores O’Riordan or The Corrs or any of them are just pale imitations.”

Source: Galway Advertiser

Burtons Sell Riversfield Stud

August 25, 2004  |  Comments Off on Burtons Sell Riversfield Stud  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  Dolores O'Riordan

After nearly four months on the market, Dolores O’Riordan and Don Burton have found a buyer for their Kilmallock home, Riversfield Stud.

While the details to the sale are still private, the August 22nd issue of London’s Sunday Times reports that the Burtons agreed to an amount that is “close to its asking price of €4.5 million.”

When the couple put their home up for sale in April, it originally had an asking price of €3 million. After the home attracted substantial interest, Dolores and Don decided to briefly take it o the market to readjust the price. Weeks ago, they bumped up the price by 50% to the final price of €4.5 million.

The home contains a long list of lavish features including a swimming pool, gym, tennis court, bar, wine cellar, mini-pizzeria, pool table covered with pink felt, childrens’ bathroom with a mini-jacuzzi, and a stained glass window with the lyrics of “Zombie.”

Source: Sunday Times (London)

“Dreams” in New Payless Commercial

August 20, 2004  |  Comments Off on “Dreams” in New Payless Commercial  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

A new TV comercial for Payless Shoes airing in North America features The Cranberries’ “Dreams” as the backing track. The TV spot shows women plucking clouds out of the sky and then sticking them on their Airwalk fleece boots. The ad is currently airing on several major stations in both the US and Canada.

Thanks to several readers for the tip!

Source: Exclusive

Zucchero Expects Royal Albert Hall DVD “in October”

August 17, 2004  |  Comments Off on Zucchero Expects Royal Albert Hall DVD “in October”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  Dolores O'Riordan

In a recent interview with Italian newspaper Il Giornale, Zucchero told the newspaper that he expects the DVD release of his extravagant Royal Albert Hall concert to be released in October. A DVD video of the concert has been planned since it took place in May, where Zucchero performed with a number of artists from “Zu & Co.,” including Mousse T, Dolores O’Riordan, Solomon Burke, Tina Arena, Brian May, Luciano Pavarotti and Eric Clapton. This news moves up the previously-scheduled date of a December release.

In the same interview, the reporter asked Zucchero to describe each of his collaborators with one word and then explain. When asked up sum up Dolores O’Riordan in one word, he replied, “Heart. Her voice goes down to the bottom of your soul.”

Thanks to Boris of Un Po’ di Zucchero for the tip.

Source: Zucchero O cial Site

Westlife Explain How Dolores Saved “Little Drummer Boy”

August 9, 2004  |  Comments Off on Westlife Explain How Dolores Saved “Little Drummer Boy”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  Dolores O'Riordan

In a new interview entitled “It’s a Drum Do for Pope, Idols Westlife” from the July 30th issue of Plymouth, UK’s “Evening Herald,” Irish boyband Westlife explain how Dolores O’Riordan rescued their performance of “Little Drummer Boy” at the 9th Vatican Christmas Concert. Nicky Byrne explains in the interview:

“But the single biggest plus for me was being invited over to the Vatican to perform in person for the Pope, even though the experience didn’t go quite as planned.

“We had to perform two songs, live on TV as part of the deal, one of which had to be a carol. We chose Little Drummer Boy, but unfortunately they pitched it in a key that was too high.

“We tried to do it in rehearsal and couldn’t pull it o . The music director didn’t speak English and we had an hour before we were due to perform live for the Pope in a packed arena of 10,000 for a show going out live on TV.

“Fortunately the day was saved when we managed to recruit the lead singer with the Cranberries, who were also there to perform [sic], to help us out.”

Source: Evening Herald

Dolores Raises Price of Riversfield Stud

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Anyone who was hoping to grab Dolores O’Riordan’s Kilmallock home, Riversfeild Stud, at the bargain price of €3 million has now lost their chance; according to the August 1st issue of London’s The Sunday Times, Dolores and Don have raised the price of their Kilmallock home and stable to €4.5 million.

Several newspapers and tabloids have taken a gander at the home, which includes everything from tennis courts to a stained glass window displaying the lyrics of “Zombie,” since it went up for sale in April. According to the latest Sunday Times article, the new price is a “correction,” and more accurately reflects the true value of the estate. The article states that the home has generated lots of interested parties, but has yet to find a committed buyer. The Burtons are looking to settle into a home closer to Dublin in order to make it easier to travel to Canada.

If you’d like to see more of the former O’Riordan home, there is an “online brochure” available over at

Source: The Sunday Times

“Zu & Co.” on the Charts and on CNN

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Thanks to steady high chart positions across continental Europe, Zucchero’s duets CD “Zu & Co” (featuring Dolores O’Riordan on “Pure Love”) has now sold over 1 million copies worldwide. To date, “Zu & Co.” has achieved multi-platinum status in Italy, platinum in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, gold in France and is very nearly gold in the Netherlands and Belgium. The CD still has Top 10 status on the charts in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, and Switzerland. There are still no plans to release it here in the USA.

In other Zucchero news, both Zucchero and Dolores were featured briefly in this past week’s edition of CNN International’s “The Music Room” show. The segment was on Italy’s Fesitivalbar in May. The show aired a short interview with Zucchero, then played a clip of Dolores and Zucchero performing “Pure Love” at Festivalbar, then aired a short interview clip with Dolores. Dolores told CNN that after doing the Cranberries for 13 years it’s now fun to work with other people.

Source: Un Po’ di Zucchero

Noel Hogan in the Zombieguide Interview

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Cranberries guitarist Noel Hogan admits that it’s been over a year since his last proper interview. News on the band has tighted to a trickle since they announced last September that they plan to take a break to pursue solo projects over the next coming year. On Wednesday, Noel talked with Zombieguide’s Alex Kraus over the phone about his first solo album, the challenges behind it, and the future of The Cranberries.

Noel has been no slouch over that period, as he tells Zombieguide in this exclusive first interview for his upcoming solo album. He’s been working with artists like Eagle Eye Cherry and Alexandra Hamnede, programmer Matthew Vaughan, and producers Marius de Vries and Stephen Street on an album he best describes as “diverse” and able to take the listener “through different feelings. You know, there are some hard-hitting moments, some happy moments, there’s quite sad moments.” Working on his own is no easy task, as he admits, the prospect of creating an album on his own has been an incredible challenge. Next year, he plans to take his solo material on the road with a showcase tour that will take him across Europe and the USA.

Noel gives us the unadulterated scoop on his solo album, Dolores, and the future of The Cranberries…

Alex Kraus’s Phone Interview with Noel Hogan (MP3, 85mb, 35mins)

(Note that the first minute of the interview and a few seconds of audio throughout were cut from the recording.) (Link fixed 10/22/04)

Zombieguide: I suppose this is officially the first interview in promotion of your solo album?

Noel: Yeah, I suppose so, I haven’t done anything yet before this, so this is the first. I’m doing this now cos the album is almost finished.

Zombieguide: I guess it’s been awhile since the last interview you did?

Noel Hogan: Yeah, it has been. I guess the last one was sometime last year right after we were touring with the Rolling Stones. After that we did a once- off gig in Ireland, in August, was it? No, it was July. Anyway, we did an interview that night and that was the last one.

Zombieguide: Well, we have lots of questions here for you from Zombieguide visitors, so we’ll get to those in a minute. But right now, I have to ask you, first of all, straight from the horse’s mouth, what’s the status of The Cranberries?

Noel Hogan: Well right now, we’re just doing what we said we were going to do, which is to kinda go our separate ways and experiment for awhile. We were going to record our sixth album, but then Dolores’s mother-in-law got ill and she couldn’t concentrate. Unfortunately, she died a few months ago… so we said, look, take as much time as you need. There are alot more things that are more important than the band all the time. So Dolores went there [Toronto] and she couldn’t give us a date that she could come back to us. We’ve talked about this for so long about everybody doing their own thing that maybe now is the right time to do that. And then when we feel that the time is right for the band to get back together, then we’ll do that. As it stands right now, everyone’s doing this, their own little bits and pieces. But in a year or so maybe. I talked to Dolores maybe a month or so ago and we were talking about when to get back together again. It will happen, we just don’t have a set date yet. We know that Dolores has recorded stuff as well and she wants to do her own thing as well. You know, we’ve done The Cranberries for 13 years and we’ve never had a chance to get outside it. So it kind of makes it more exciting for us and hopefully the things we’ve learned from doing our own thing, we can bring back and make the next album a really good one.

Zombieguide: Alright. Last summer you guys recorded a 4-track demo that you were using to shop around to different distributors. Did anything come out of that?

Noel Hogan: Yeah, we’ve four tracks and we played 2 of them live. We’ve done one live called “Astral Projection” …

Zombieguide: …and “In It Together”?

Noel Hogan: Yeah, that’s right, so they’re recorded, but they haven’t been mixed, so we have rough mixes of them. They’re in the bag and ready there to go. So I guess when we’re ready to go, we’ll have those four titles to fall back on.

Zombieguide: Can you gives us the other two titles, by any chance?

Noel Hogan: There was “Raining in My Heart” [edited]… and I’m trying to think, I can’t remember to be honest, I can check that and can get Rainer to email that to you, cos I have the demo at home. It’s just been so long since I listened to it that I forget the names. But those three are definite because we’ve had those for awhile.

Zombieguide: You guys said you wanted to go off on an experimental side with the sixth album and the demos you did for that. What were your influences for that? Did you guys have any influences that influenced…

Noel Hogan: Well, you’re always going to be influenced by everything that’s going on. You know, music has changed so much since when we began. There was a time I swore that I’d never ever go near a computer to do anything with music. But then I started to hear what other people had done. Especially — not the hardcore dance stuff, no — but more stuff like even, say, Moby, that style of music, I got interested in. I thought, there are some interesting sounds here. I didn’t want the band to go off into dance rythms or anything like that, but I just thought, in the background, you can get some interesting sounds that you can only get in a computer. You could try to mix what we do with this together and see what results you get. So that was kind of the plan. That’s how initially I came in touch with that programmer I ended up working with, Matt Vaughan. I had written a few songs and I wanted to see how they would sound with different samples and things. I kinda started to get into like that.

Zombieguide: So there is a possibility of The Cranberries going on tour at some point in the future.

Noel Hogan: Oh yeah, yeah, obviously it would be after the album would be recorded, but it’s something that we all want to do. This is the longest we’ve gone without doing something or other. We were just saying how exciting it will be to get back again and do stuff.

Zombieguide: Well, I just have to nag you on behalf of your fans in South America, they’re dying for you to come visit them.

Noel Hogan: Yeah, well, hopefully. This album that I’m doing and this album that Dolores is doing, we’ll have a year of that. By the time we start the next album and record it, you’re looking at two years before the unit will be together as The Cranberries, touring. It will happen at some point.

Zombieguide: This could be a mistranslation, Dolores was at a press conference in Sanremo, Italy, in March, Dolores said that it was her call to go on this break and that you three guys were a bit disappointed. Is that true?

Noel Hogan: Um, no, because she rang about it. It was me she rang and the two boys were on holidays at the time. We were meant to go back into the studio, I think it would have been September-October. When the boys came back, I told them, look, Dolores has this stuff to deal with, so I don’t think we’re going to be recording in the near future. So I guess they were disappointed initially. I didn’t bother ringing them while they were on holidays because I wanted them to enjoy themselves during that. So, I’m sure that’s what she was referring to when she said that. But a couple of weeks later, everybody was fine, we all got used to the idea and planning what everybody was gonna do with themselves.

Zombieguide: OK, someone asked after you and Dolores finish promoting your solo works, will there still be a lots of material left over for The Cranberries and the sixth album? (Asked by Irishset)

Noel Hogan: Yeah, I’m sure because we’re lucky in that we write constantly. Like I have far more songs finished than what I need and Dolores is the same. So it’s never been a problem for us to write. You get a bit picky I guess and you want to try to get the best songs that you can. You can write in an eight or nine month period, you can write and write eight or nine songs. But sometimes you think, well, five of these songs are kinda crap, and four are worth doing and you follow those. But that’s what takes most of the time is weeding out the ones that you think aren’t as strong as the strong ones.

Zombieguide: Dolores said in an interview last year that you guys were really trying to do that now with the newer stuff, that you’d write a lot but only pick a little bit out.

Noel Hogan: Yeah, exactly. You know, like sometimes I could send Dolores a tape or CD with four rough ideas in it and sometimes she might pick none or sometimes she might pick one. We would kind of chop through them like that. The thing is, the ones that you don’t think are as strong, you end up chopping those up and putting two bits together and they make a better song later on. It’s not like you ever forget them, most of them I do keep records of and when I’m trying to get a chorus or something for the song, I think, oh, remember that, I had whatever months ago. You dig it out and use it again, and it worked great this time.

Zombieguide: This is the last Cranberries-related question. In August 2002, while you guys were in Hong Kong you filmed a new documentary , but it wasn’t finished in time to release with “Stars.” Do you think we’ll ever get to see it?

Noel Hogan: Um, you know, I’m not sure really. We did alot of stuff like that, there’s a lot of unfinished stuff there. Maybe someday that could all be put together. I think it’d be great to do a proper full-length documentary, it’s something we’ve always been interested in.

Zombieguide: Now, you made some news earlier this year because you have invited fans to submit names for your solo album. So the question is, do you have a winner? (Phil, N. Ireland)

Noel Hogan: No, not yet. I’ve got it down to about 50 actually. It’s really hard. I tried myself first for ages and I just couldn’t come up with anything. The ones I did come up with had been taken already or even things like companies had them. You got to be careful about that. We got a great response when we put it on the ‘net. There were so many that we just sat there and go through them all. We have a shortlist now and I’d say, because I’m running out of time, in the next six to eight weeks, I’ll have a winner.

Zombieguide: What made you decide to hold a contest, other than not being able to come up with a title?

Noel Hogan: That was the main reason. I was sitting here in the office and I couldn’t think of it. One of the guys who’s been with us for years, it was Sett, I don’t know if you know him, he’s been the tour manager with us. He said to me, you know, maybe you should think about this. I went home and thought about it and thought, you know, that’s a great idea. And it gets the fans involved as well, which is something we’ve always tried to do. So that’s what we did. I met some guys who — there’s a huge art college here in Limerick — so I met up with them. We sat down and kinda thrashed out the idea for a website. It was great, and it turned out great.

Zombieguide: What were you going for in a title? Fans had a really hard time coming up with ideas, since we had NO idea what your solo stuff sounds like.

Noel Hogan: I guess, without anyone hearing it, I was trying to get something that would sum up the music. Now I know that’s really hard without hearing it. But I kinda figured that somebody would stumble onto something for me.

Zombieguide: Were you looking for something, funny, serious, witty…?

Noel Hogan: Yeah, witty enough, but I guess it’d have to be a little bit serious.

Zombieguide: Alright. Celticyodels from Syria asks, how far back does your solo material go? Is there any that you wrote with The Cranberries but then decided that somebody other than Dolores should sing on it?

Noel Hogan: I guess the first few I had written when we were recording those 4 songs we spoke about earlier. Like I said, I keep writing all the time. There were 2 I had written that I had kept, that I was thinking, now these two songs I could take them somewhere else. I hadn’t really thought about the vocals or anything at that point. As I said to you, we had intended to do another album, so I was still writing for The Cranberries still at that point. So that’s when… I guess it would have been February or March of last year that I first got in touch with Matt [Vaughan]. I brought the songs very raw, basically just the guitar part, into the room that he works out of and started working on them. Because it was a new way of writing for me, it took a few months for me to get a point where I was happy with them. Then at that point, we decided that we weren’t going to do another album. That’s when I started thinking OK… that’s what gave me the initial idea of “Well I have these songs started. Maybe it might be interesting to see what it would sound like with other people singing on them.” That sparked the idea really then, so that’s what became now this album.

Zombieguide: We know the name of two of your collaborators, Alexandra Hamnede and Richard Walters, who I think is going to record with you next month. Cranlady1981 asks, with whom else are you going to work and there are you going to work and are there going to be any big surprises? (Cranlady1981, Greece)

Noel Hogan: Well, there are a few. The most well known one is Eagle Eye Cherry, is doing one track. There’s a girl called Kate Havnevik, she’s a Norwegian girl. She’s got a bit of a buzz over here at the moment. She’s on two other tracks. There’s a guy from a French band called Overhead. His name is Nicolas and I can’t even pronounce his second name so I won’t even attempt it. [Editor’s note: Overhead is fronted by Nicolas Leroux] He’s a singer with them. He’s got an amazing voice, he sounds kind of like Jeff Buckley. So he’s done another track and he’s actually working on a second one at the moment.

Zombieguide: I was reading some reviews for Richard Walters and someone else compared him to Jeff Buckley…

Noel Hogan: Yeah, he’s kinda got that vibe as well. I’m in with him not next Tuesday but the following Tuesday. I’m booked in with him. The last guy I can think of offhand, he’s in an Irish band called Woodstar and he sings with them. He’s done two tracks, these were the first 2 tracks I did because I know him pretty well.

Zombieguide: They’ve opened for you, right?

Noel Hogan: That’s right, they did some gigs here with us. They’re doing their second album at the moment, so I got him in between albums to work on two tracks with me. He’s got quite an interesting voice, very high voice he has. He’d actually done stuff — their first album was produced with Stephen as well, so I got to meet him through a bunch of different people. And there’s some instrumentals on there as well. There was one I did where I had a sitar player brought in because it had a very Middle Eastern type of vibe to it and I thought this would be good. Then I worked with Marius de Vries on that track and he brought in this Turkish girl. She’s not singing lyrics as such, more like wails over it, and it’s completely different to anything I’ve done before. So it’s quite varied, some of it’s quite rocky, some of it’s very laid-back. It is electronic sounding, some of it, because the majority of it was done on computers.

Zombieguide: Let’s see, Kerrie from Spain asks… now we know Mike and his wife just had a baby and Ferg’s studying programming at home. Do you know if they have any projects lined up for their time off?

Noel Hogan: Well, I know that Ferg has started writing stuff. I heard a few bits of it and I know that he’s working with a few people here, locals guys in Limerick. He’s definitely… I’m not sure how many songs he’s got done yet. I know because he’s played on two tracks for me, I got him to play drums on. But he’s working away, he’s definitely working with different people. He’s really gotten into the whole programming side of things.

Zombieguide: What kind of promo are you anticipating to do for your solo CD? Maybe a promo tour or…?

Noel Hogan: Yeah, the plan is… I’ve got a couple more vocals to finish. I’ve got half the stuff mixed. I just have to mix the rest of it. By September, I should be finished the bones of the recording. And then the plan is to start rehearsing with a band. I’ve already approached different people that I know, they’re just friends of mine that have played for years. [We have to] start learning the parts and working through it. And then to do some showcase gigs across Europe and then over to the States. I’m talking about January to start doing that. I’ll probably start doing other promo towards the end of the year, press and that sort of thing. I’d like to get one song out somehow or other before Christmas just as a sampler for people to hear, and then come January, start touring proper.

Zombieguide: Mouna asks, what sort of message are you hoping to convey with your album or what do you hope people will get out of it? (Mouna, Toronto)

Noel Hogan: Um, well, like I said earlier, it varies a lot, so there’s alot of different moods in it. Some of it is very very atmospheric. Most of the people that I’ve played it to or have worked with, I’m giving them bits of the instrumental part, more or less finished, to do the vocal part over. A lot of people has said it’s very cinematic, the vibe that they got off of it. [That’s what] they thought without even a vocal in there, what you would hear in a movie in the background. Obviously not the more rocky ones… hopefully, when people listen to it, it takes them through different feelings. You know, there are some hard-hitting moments, some happy moments, there’s quite sad moments, I guess.

Zombieguide: That’s interesting you mention “cinematic.” Someone asked if you’re considering doing any movie music. (Chloe, France)

Noel Hogan: Well, it’s something that the publisher I’m with at the moment has approached me with. There’s a girl there who does what they call “synch,” which is basically movie, TV, and cinema. When she heard the stuff, she approached me and asked me if I’d be interested in doing stuff solely for movies, which is something myself and Dolores have always talked about, it’s something that we’ve always been interested in. I said to her, look, let me finish this and we’ll see what happens after that. I don’t wanna commit to anything else right now, just get this done. I’ll probably do the band after that. It’s just [a matter of] trying to fit it all in to get the time. I would imagine that takes up a lot of time as well.

Zombieguide: Sigma from Mexico City points out that in earlier Cranberries works, we can hear pretty simple guitar arrangements, but in later works like New New York, Stars, and WUASTC, we can hear that your guitar playing has become a little more complicated. Do you think we’ll be able to hear more of that in your new solo work?

Noel Hogan: Yeah, I think so. What I started doing is, I did it first on that track, “In It Together”… I’ve always used the regular tuning on the guitar. I met a guy, he was one of the guitar techs on tour, and he said to me, have you ever tried alternative tuning? So I’d heard of it, but I’d never really tried it. He gave me a bunch of tunings and basically this whole album was written around these six or seven tunings that I’ve been using. It’s like learning guitar all over again, it’s really opened it up completely for me, it’s been incredible. Sometimes you feel like you’re running out of ideas if you just use the regular tuning, since you’ve used it for so long.

Zombieguide: Actually, someone asked a question about that, if you’re going to use alternate tunings or open tunings? (Nigel)

Noel Hogan: Yeah, basically every song is a completely different tuning, which is fine in the studio and when I’m writing, but I haven’t even thought of how I’m going to approach it live yet. Obviously you can’t have whatever, 12 or 13 guitars, it’d be crazy.

Zombieguide: Especially after you give one away in the contest!

Noel Hogan: Yeah, exactly, so I’ll have to work that out. Because of doing this, it’s opened it up completely and it’s given me a lot more freedom playing live and a lot more confidence.

Zombieguide: Alright. Mummbz wants to know, do any of the band members plan to start a record label now that you’ve left Universal?

Noel Hogan: It’s something we have dabbled with. We’ve definitely talked about it over the years. I think we would feel better if we did it as the four of us instead of individuals, ‘cos financially, it’s a lot to pump into something. If you have the comfort of the other 3, you wouldn’t worry so much. So it’s not something I would completely throw my back on, but at some point it’s something we might dabble in.

Zombieguide: A related question, someone askes, are you disillusioned with the whole music businiess machine, especially in regards to the lack of support you received from you last record label? How will things change in the future as to how The Cranberries are promoted and how you are promoted? What lessons have you learned? (Sundaygirl, Manchester)

Noel Hogan: It is. There are moments when you are made a lot of promises and obviously these things don’t happen. You do get seriously pissed off then. And you kind of wonder why you bother half the time because you’re doing it and no one’s getting to hear it. It does annoy you a lot but then when you sit back and relax, you realize this is the way it’s gone on for years. We were very lucky because in the beginning we were successful and we had them at our beck and call. But as time goes by, they get used to you and they get acts that are more successful, so they go to them. Once you realize that, that that’s the way the game is played, you don’t get as upset about it as you probably should sometimes. I think at the moment, it’s no secret that the record companies are all in a lot of trouble with downloading. Every week you pick up a newspaper or one of those interview papers and another company is about to fire another 20 people or whatever. They’re struggling, but I think their problem is that they haven’t embraced the whole Internet thing yet.

Zombieguide: That’s what I was going to ask you next, the Official Site said you were considering making your new album available through downloads. Are you still considering doing this?

Noel Hogan: Yeah. It’s the way it’s going, you can’t turn your back on it. It’s like saying when CDs came out, “I’m sticking to vinyl. I’m ignoring it. I don’t wanna release it.” It’s the same thing. It’s just the way it’s going and you just have to go with it. You can’t be living [in the past,] 10 years ago. I personally find that I love going into a record shop and wandering around for an hour or two, looking at covers and that type of thing. But that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t download something or other?

Zombieguide: Aiencran from Italy, who runs the great site CranPortal, an Italian site, says we’ve heard that a song called “Brighty Sky” might be used as a singe?

Noel Hogan: Yeah, that’s the one with a sitar on it, the one I’ve done with Marius de Vries. It’s the most, I guess, the most different song I’ve done compared to The Cranberries’ stuff. And that’s why I was thinking for an initial track to come out to have something completely different so that people hear straight off the bat that it isn’t the same thing exactly. We haven’t made any decision yet. There’s about 3 tracks that we’re throwing around as the first single. I’m at the moment in the process of getting another remix of it done as it’s very much an upbeat type of song. I was trying to get a remix done of it to put on the B-side as well, for clubs and that type of thing. I’m just going through different remixes at the moment to see what we’re going to do with that. The other option we were thinking about was not to release it as an official single but maybe doing it as a white label 12″, maybe print up 2000 copies and give them to people…

Zombieguide: …send them to clubs, that sort of thing…

Noel Hogan: …or even over the ‘net. It might become available as a download or something like that.

Zombieguide: Now we know that you’ve been working with Marius de Vries and also Stephen Street now on this album, is that right?

Noel Hogan: Yeah.

Zombieguide: What has each of their roles been?

Noel Hogan: Stephen has done a lot of the vocal parts. I’d be fine on my own to do the music, because it’d be just me in a room, or me with Matt and we got used to each other so I felt confident enough to deal with that, learning how to play different parts: keyboards and bass. But when it came to the vocal, because I was bringing in outside people that I wouldn’t have known that well [whom] I maybe would have talked to two or three times before. I was just worried that I’d get them in and… you know, I’ve never recorded a vocal in my life. What if I’d get them in and I’d make a [?], so I got in touch with Stephen. We stay in touch all the time anyway. He was interested in what I was doing anyway. So I asked him as a favor, would he mind? He has a small studio in London now, that he uses, Olympic. I knew he had this room that he does a lot of vocals in. So I asked him, as a favor to me, would he mind if I just show up with this track and will you produce the vocal part for me? So he was delighted to do that. So I’ve done, I guess, it must be 6 or 7 tracks with him doing the vocal part at this point. I might get him to mix 2 of them at the moment. They’re more guitar-oriented ones. I’ve always liked the guitar songs that he’s done for me. We haven’t done that at the moment, it’s still kind of up in the air. That’s what I’ve done with Stephen so far. With Marius, it was just one track that I had, the Brighter Skies track. I had it finished, there was just something I felt it needed, I just wasn’t sure. I’d done as much as I thought I could. Marius has done a couple of bits before and I liked the sound that he had gotten. So we approached him with it, and he said send him the track, he was really busy, if he liked it, he said he’d work with it, which he did. I’ve actually never met him, only spoken with him on the phone.

Zombieguide: So Stephen’s handled a lot of the vocal parts, you say. Supervago from Spain wants to know who’s been responsible for the lyrics.

Noel Hogan: It’s been each individual singer. They’ve all gone to Matt and said, look, is there anything you don’t want, anything you do want? And I said, look, if I knew that, then I’d write them myself, you know? So just do what you think is right and send it to me. I make the decision then. I have worked with some people where it didn’t work out. Not many, now, only 2 or 3. I just thought, no offense, but it’s just not what I’ve been looking for for that song and they’ve been fine.

Zombieguide: And I believe this is the last question, Adam from California wants to know what kind of pedals do you use and what’s the name of the pedal you use in the Daffodil Lament?

Noel Hogan: It’s actually not a pedal, it’s a little thing called an ebow. It’s basically a magnet that goes over the strings and it vibrates the strings and then you play the notes. You can get them in any good guitar shop basically. It takes awhile to get used to because it makes the guitar very loud. There’s a lot of positioning to be done. It takes about a month and you’ll be able to perfect it pretty well. For the pedals, there’s hundreds, I could be here all day, to be honest. They’re your regular kind of Boss pedals that you can buy anywhere. What I’ve done is I’ve put it all into a big rack unit that’s controlled by one big pedal. That’s called a Bradshaw unit, it’s a guy in California that makes these. You basicially give him everything you want and he gives you back one little pedal board which is what you have in front of you then and its [the unit] backstage.

Zombieguide: Alright. Lots of people wanted to say hi, I don’t have time to mention them all…

Noel Hogan: No problem.

Zombieguide: Thank you SO much for doing this for us.

Noel Hogan: Honestly, thank you, the reason I [?] is because I check out the site every week. Sometimes I don’t talk to the guys and I mightn’t see Dolores for a few weeks or Ferg or Mike, so sometimes I check out to see if you’ve any news about them that you would know that I wouldn’t, so… it’s a great site, you do a really good job.

Zombieguide: Thank you very much. I try to keep it all accurate, that’s the hardest thing.

Noel Hogan: Yep, it’s amazingly up-to-date which is what impressed me as well.

Zombieguide: It’s very hard to get accurate news these days with you guys on break…

Noel Hogan: Yeah, hopefully over the next few months, there will be more stuff coming out with me doing this and Dolores’s is quite near the end of her thing as well. Between the both of us, hopefully, we’ll keep you busy.

Zombieguide: Really? Any idea when Dolores’s might be out?

Noel Hogan: I’m not sure yet, I know that she was in LA earlier this week or late last week having different meetings with different people as well. I would imagine, to be honest, that it’s so late in the year now that it wouldn’t be until January or February as well. To get something out now before the Christmas rush is impossible. I had hoped myself to have mine out by this time, but there’s so many unforseen things that you have to add on months.

Zombieguide: It’s always harder than it looks, isn’t it?

Noel Hogan: Yeah, it’s hard, especially when you’re doing it on your own because you’ve had the comfort of 3 people to bounce things off of for so many years. You do get there, as I’m discovering finally.

Zombieguide: Well, I wish you luck with it and we can’t wait to hear it… Noel Hogan: I hope to see you soon.
Zombieguide: We hope so too. Come to the States!

Noel Hogan: Definitely. I just got back actually, I just got back actually. I was on holiday in LA, I just got back this day [Tuesday] last week. I did thephotos for the album cover there. They’re done, it’s just a matter of picking the ones that I don’t look too bad in.

Zombieguide: Maybe Rainer could send us a sneak peek of those?

Noel Hogan: Yeah, I’m sure he could, as soon as we get them. The guy did like 600 shots and I picked out 20 earlier in the week. He said by the end of this week, he’d doctor them up and whatever they do for the final finished versions. Hopefully by the end of the week, he’ll have some, and I’ll get Rainer to send one or two over to you.

Zombieguide: Alright, that would be awesome! Thanks again! Cheers!

Noel Hogan: Cheers, thanks, bye!

Zombieguide would like to thank Noel Hogan for his time and also thank his management at The Artist Group for arranging the interview for us!

Source: Exclusive!!

Ask Noel a Question!

July 19, 2004  |  Comments Off on Ask Noel a Question!  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

It’s been an unspoken longtime goal of ours to do a proper interview with one of The Cranberries, and now, we’re stoked to say, it’s going to happen.

Noel has specifically chosen Zombieguide to conduct the first interview in promotion of his upcoming solo project. Your humble webmaster, Alex, will be interviewing him either tomorrow or sometime next week, depending on what works for Noel’s schedule.

So until then, you can submit your own questions and we will ask Noel himself during the interview. Just click here to go to the proper thread in the Zombieguide Forums and submit your question as a reply! If you’re not already registered in the forums, you’ll need to do so, it’s quick and easy.

We’re utterly thrilled to have this opportunity to talk with Noel one-on-one, and we hope you all will be just as happy to participate.

Sources: Exclusive!

Official Site Confirms Dolores Offered Helen of Troy Role

July 16, 2004  |  Comments Off on Official Site Confirms Dolores Offered Helen of Troy Role  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  Dolores O'Riordan

After 10 and a half months of speculation, The Cranberries’ official Site has finally confirmed the rumor that AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has offered Dolores O’Riordan the lead role of Helen in his long-incubating musical comedy, “Helen of Troy.” Malcolm McDowell (who also stars in EvilEnko) has been long confirmed for to take the role of narrator.

In related news, Brian Johnson has recently been on a trip to Greece to research the the ancient myth at the root of his play. His trip was filmed by a camera crew and will be made into a TV documentary called Goddess Odyssey and will air in the US sometime this fall. This is the second TV documentary produced for Brian Johnson’s “Helen of Troy”; the first, “Highway to Helen,” aired in the UK last November.

Sources: Cranberries Offcial Website, Crabsody In Blue

Tribute Band Organizing Fan Meet in Italy

July 9, 2004  |  Comments Off on Tribute Band Organizing Fan Meet in Italy  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

An Italian Cranberries tribute band by the name of “Salvation” is organizing a Cranberries fan meet in Civitella d’Agliano, Italy, to take place on July 24th.

Salvation will be setting up space at the venue where fans can display their collectionn of Cranberries CDs, T-shirts, autographs, etc. to share with other fans. Of course, the meet will include a performance by Salvation as well. Lead singer and guitarist Anna d’Aloisio says, “It’s imporant that we know how many people are interested, especially for having enough time to organize everything, so we must get word from you by July 15th.” Therefore, all interested fans are encouraged to respond by that date.

For more information, check out the news page at Cranberries Italia for all the details in a .PDF file.

Source: Cranberries Italia

“Analyse” on “Best of Woman” Compilation

July 3, 2004  |  Comments Off on “Analyse” on “Best of Woman” Compilation  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The “Woman” compilation, which compiles rock and pop songs from female artists, has now had 5 incarnations and the series has sold over 200,000 copies worldwide — not bad for a compilation. With 5 entries now in the series, a “Best of Woman” compilation is now on the way, and The Cranberries’ “Analyse” is the last track in the 2CD set.

The Cranberries were previously included in the series with “Just My Imagination” on the first “Woman” comp and “Analyse” on “Woman 3.”

The tracklist for the new two-disc “best of” set is as follows:

Nelly Furtado / Turn Off The Light
Beyoncé (feat. Jay Z) / Crazy In Love
Destiny’s Child / Survivor
Swing Out Sister / Am I The Same Girl
Ashanti / Rock With You
Macy Gray / I Try
Sophie Ellis Bextor / Murder On The Dancefloor
India Arie / Video
Alison Moyet / Love Resurrection
Kelly Rowland / Stole
Texas / In Demands
Mya / My Love is Like …Wo
Martika / Toy Soldier
Sade / Hang On To Your Love
The Cardigans / Erase & Rewind
Sheryl Crow / If It Makes You Happy
Anastacia / Love Is Alive
Vanessa Carlton / A Thousand Miles
Shania Twain / That Don’t Impress Me Much
Diana Krall / Cry Me A River
Tori Amos / A Shorta Fairlytale
Des’ree / You Gotta Be
Sheryl Crow / The First Cut Is The Deepest
The Cardigans / Lovefool
Jill Scott / Gettin’ In The way
Solange Knowles Feelin’ You
Paulina / Don ́t Say Goodbye
Suzanne Vega / Marlene On The Wall
Lara Fabian / I Will Love Again
The Cranberries / Analyse

No word yet on when the compilation will be in stores, although past “Woman” compilations have received a worldwide release.

Thanks to Sigma for the tip.

Source: Sanborns Radio

Rumors: Unreleased Song Discovered and 40 Million Worldwide Sales?

June 30, 2004  |  Comments Off on Rumors: Unreleased Song Discovered and 40 Million Worldwide Sales?  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Zombieguide has discovered the title of what could possibly be an unreleased Cranberries song titled “When I’m 21”.

The song was officially registered by The Cranberries through the Irish Music Rights Organisation and is listed in The Cranberries’ repertoire of written songs in BMI’s database.

The title is completely authentic, although what could possibly make it “not a song” is if it is an alternate title for the No Need to Argue track “Twenty One.” However, “Twenty One” has its own listing and the only other alternate title for the unknown song is “When I’m Twenty One” (with the numerals spelled out in letters). The song was co-written by Dolores and Noel, as was No Need to Argue’s “Twenty One.”

The BMI registration number for “When I’m 21” is 5509119, which chronologically puts it around the time that songs for “Bury the Hatchet” were registered (“Desperate Andy” is 5700000). However, registrations for older songs like “Still Can’t” were also renewed at the same time.

The registry includes several obscure listings for long-forgotten Cranberries songs (“Like You Used To,” “False,” and “Yesterday’s Gone”), and also credits for songs used in TV show backgrounds for MTV’s “Fanatic” and “Undressed.”

The registry also provides another piece of the puzzle for the Gaelic song played at the London Underworld in 1991, commonly known among fans as “Iosa” (Gaelic for “Jesus.”) The official registered name for the song is “Atosa”. With this information in mind, Zombieguide will from now on refer to the song as its official title, “Atosa.” (If someone can give us the Gaelic translation for that, we’d appreciate it). “Atosa” was registered alongside many songs recorded for “No Need to Argue.”

Those interested in songwriting credits might be interested in the tidbits that “False” and “Yesterday’s Gone” were co-written by Dolores and Noel, while “Atosa” was written by Dolores alone.

Other songs are curiously missing from the database: the early song “The Same Old Story” and the unreleased “Wake Up” B-side “Seven Years” are nowhere to be found.

In other rumored news, the blog Dolores – para Iniciantes e Iniciados claims that The Cranberries surpassed 40 million in worldwide album sales in April of this year, but does not cite a source. We couldn’t contact the webmaster for confirmation, so if he/she is reading this, please send us an email.

We tried to contact Lindsey Holmes Publicity last week to confirm this news, but we got no reply. For the past year, Zombieguide has had no official contacts, and thus we cannot independently confirm many of the rumors popping up. If someone “in the know” is reading this and could help us in this regard, please contact me, as we’d very much appreciate it.

Sources: BMI’s database, Dolores – para Iniciantes e Iniciados

Dolores @ Rock in Rio: Exclusive Photos & Info

June 26, 2004  |  Comments Off on Dolores @ Rock in Rio: Exclusive Photos & Info  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  Dolores O'Riordan

João Faria, who worked at last month’s Rock in Rio in Lisbon, has sent in some exclusive photos of Dolores’s surprise appearance there on May 28th. João was General Coordinator of the Better World Forum, where Dolores made her appearance in support of Amnesty International and performed with 1 Giant Leap.

João filled us in on more details about the event, and so we’ve updated our previews news story with his additions (corrections are in italics).

The photos are below. The people pictured onstage with Dolores at the roundtable disccusion at the Better World Forum are Michael Havas, Ivo Meirelles, Bill Shipsey and Margarida Pinto Correia. Photos 7, 8, and 9 are from Dolores’s soundcheck with One Giant Leap before the conference.

Thanks João! And if anyone else has more media from Dolores’s appearance at Rock in Rio Lisbon (or any of her other recent appearances), please email it to us to put up!

Source: Exclusive

EvilEnko Soundtrack to Release in Late Summer

June 24, 2004  |  Comments Off on EvilEnko Soundtrack to Release in Late Summer  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  Dolores O'Riordan

Zombieguide Forums member cranberry_india took the intiative recently to inquire about the status of the EvilEnko soundtrack, which was supposed to be released in Italy in April, but was delayed.

The response he got was from Phil Mann of Wide Black Sky. Mann spent last fall in Italy working with Angelo Badalamenti on the score for “EvilEnko.”

Mann tells us, “About the Evilenko soundtrack… There’s some good news: it’s going to be released by an Italian record label. I believe that the label is called ‘Minus Habens’ and it should be out later this summer.” He also mentioned that the question was passed onto Badalmenti himself: “Thanks for asking! I’m glad you liked it and I mentioned your post to Angelo, who loves to hear from his audience.”

The EvilEnko soundtrack will contain two versions of Dolores O’Riordan’s “Angels Go to Heaven”: the original “synth mix” from the film version and a “full band mix.” If you can’t stand the wait until the end of summer, you can download preview clips over at the special section at CranberriesItalia.

Of course, thanks to cranberry_india for the news. Zombieguide will have more on Dolores’s solo projects very soon, so keep it tuned here.

Source: Exclusive


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