Cranberries Clarify Works-in-Progress

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When in doubt, just make something up! That’s apparently the general rule of thumb used by journalists time and time again when it comes to The Cranberries. Fortunately, we have the Official Site to continuously and diligently keep the record straight. With an official update yesterday, The Cranberries laid to rest a plethora of rumors that have suggested so much as a band “crisis”: everything from Dolores ditching The Cranberries for a “solo” career (this one’s gotten really old) to the notion that Dolores is co-writing Brain Johnson’s (AC/DC) on-stage musical rendition of “Helen of Troy”. So, to clear the air and state the facts, here are the meat and potatoes of what The Cranberries want fans to know, according to yesterday’s official update:

Everyone’s all smiles! Right now, The Cranberries are on vacation. The band and their families are spending time now in Canada, Ireland, Spain, and Italy. Everyone in the band remains optimistic; and the opportunities are pouring in. For one thing, alternative rock’s Moby has supplied The Cranberries with several songs to use at their discretion. For now, however, The Cranberries have decided that Moby’s material isn’t right for the band; but Dolores is keeping the door open to the idea, and hopes to be able to use the material in some form or another sometime in the future. And in addition to attention from the likes of Moby, members of The Cranberries have had lots of invitations to take part in films, television, soundtracks, collaborations with other artists, and more.

Though most of these projects haven’t been confirmed as of yet, it has been confirmed that Dolores has completed her recording of “Puro Amore” with Italy’s Zucchero. Contrary to assumptions from a recent LA7 interview with Dolores, the Official Site notes that Dolores did not record the song entirely in the Italian language. Instead, she worked alongside another lyricist to adapt portions of the song for English translation, although she does indeed sing some parts in Italian.

Speaking of false suggestions, the granddaddy of all rumors has surfaced once again. After Hot Press published snippets of Dolores’s interview with Hot Press staff writer Stuart Clarke for an upcoming Ritz Magazine Yesterday (Irish newspaper) article, “The Star” distorted the facts of the interview to suggest, yet again, that Dolores is striking out on her own to form an exclusive solo career. But The Cranberries Official Site seeks to clear out that tired notion once again to reveal that Dolores is indeed always interested in individual projects while simultaneously working alongside Noel and other members of The Cranberries to create Cranberries-related material. Over the coming years, Dolores and other members of the band will be involved with side projects such as their opportunities noted in the arenas of film, television, soundtracks, etc. The Cranberries reaffirm, however, that these side projects are not intended to abolish The Cranberries’ union. They’re merely future opportunities, with no known time frame of completion.

As to Dolores’s proposed solo work with Brian Johnson (AC/DC vocalist) on his play “Helen of Troy”, the Official Site states that Dolores is not co-writing any of the material. She is simply listening to Brian’s work, and being considered, as are other artists, for inclusion in the project. As Zombieguidereported earlier, “Helen of Troy” has been Brian Johnson’s project for a number of years. After his meeting with Dolores during The Cranberries tour with The Rolling Stones, he and Dolores spoke about a future collaboration. Naturally, Johnson brought up his pet project, “Helen of Troy”. Dolores’s final involvement in the play remains yet to be determined.

And finally, there’s Dolores’s autobiography. The Official Site reports that author and record producer Paul Russell, has already completed eight chapters, and the finalized project is expected to be released some time in 2004.

So, when they’re not busy dispelling rumors, it looks like The Cranberries are continuing to work in the same fashion that’s brought them to 2003: writing, recording, touring, vacationing, and keeping their options open for new projects that come their way. Doesn’t sound too complicated to understand… yet as long as there are tabloids, there’ll be rumors. Here at Zombieguide, we’ll keep you up to date. For now, you can check out the unabridged facts straight from the source at

Source: The Cranberries Official Web Site

Crans’ Music in Australian Daffodil Day TV Ads

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The Australian Cancer Council has designated August 22nd as the national Daffodil Day for 2003. The council, who run national public service announcements throughout the year, are dedicated to rasing funds and awareness to the various types of cancer that afflict Australians.

This year, the council has chosen two Cranberries songs to accompany the national TV announcements. The titles chosen are “Dreaming My Dreams,” and, of course, “Daffodil Lament.” Both songs run for approximately 15 seconds each in the background of the current 30 second TV spots. Another TV announcement features the song “Ode to My Family.” The campaign encourages Australians to purchase a paper daffodil for $5.00 AU, which will be used to fund research. The TV spots will run for approximately one month. Last year, the Council used Coldplay’s sublime “Yellow” as the background music.

One such “Daffodil Day” TV public announcement
For more on the Cancer Council Australia, go here, or click here for the Official Australian Daffodil Day website. (LINKS NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

In 2001, The Cranberries lent their support to the Irish Daffodil Day bydonating an autographed lithograph for auction. However, that auction was organized by The Irish Cancer Society, not The Cancer Council Australia.

Thanks to Bruce Miller for the news.

Partial Source: Cancer Council Australia

40 Principales: Dolores 1 of Sexiest Singers of All Time

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Massive Spanish radio network Los 40 Principales has constructed a poll of the Top 40 Sexiest Arists of all time — and Dolores O’Riordan is currently at a staggering position of #2. Dolores is among a huge variety of female singers ranging from the trashy chic of Courtney Love to the vintage appeal of Donna Summer.

However, only a handfull of votes have been accumulated at the moment, so that position is likely to change. Voting can only be done by Spanish residents via cellphone. Visit Dolores O’Riordan’s page here and check out the current poll results by clicking “Encuesta” under “13.” (Note that the singers here are listed by their first names alphabetically, not by rank.)

Currently leading the pack at #1 is Cher. Apparently Sonny Bono has access to the internet and a Spanish cellphone in heaven.

Sources: Los 40

Dolores Speaks about “Solo Album”

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Yesterday, Zombieguide relayed that Hot Press has reported on a confirmedDolores and Brian Johnson collaboration and also renewed its claim of a forthcoming Dolores O’Riordan solo album.

Dolores’s quotes in the article certainly seem to justify that claim — the lads “are cool with it” — despite previous denials from the Official Site that any solo projects were in the works.

“I’ve started working with this English programmer called Matt Vaughan,” she tells Hot Press. “When I joined the Cranberries I used to write everything on piano – I didn’t play guitar properly at all. So, 14 years on, I’ve come up with these piano-driven songs that I’m recording using Pro-Tools and all that other computer-y stuff.

“It’s completely different to the Cranberries – very experimental and out there. A couple of tracks have a David Lynch movie soundtrack feel, but they’re fully developed songs. I’m going to Toronto for an extended holiday, so Matt’s going to fly out for a week and do some mixes with me in the Metalworks studio.”

Dolores reveals that she’s recorded several rough versions at home in her own kitchen, and that some will consist of more than just piano and vocals. “I’m going to put real guitar on some of them, and redo the vocals which at the moment are rough ones that I did in the kitchen in my little gate lodge. The staff in the farm here thought I was bonkers roaring away on my own!”

Unfortunately, Hot Press doesn’t give any real specifics about her collaboration with Brian Johnson on “Helen of Troy.” Dolores does comment that she’s taken a liking to him — “It’s always fun working with other artists, especially when they’re operating in a totally different area to you. He’s such a darling, not in the least bit arrogant or full of himself. I ran into him last month when we were both supporting the Rolling Stones. Don (Burton, Dolores’s husband) had to tell me who he was ‘cause I didn’t recognize him!” Don beware!

After all this, we shouldn’t forget a certain little something that is still a big part of Dolores’s life — The Cranberries. She hasn’t forgotten either, as she relates to Hot Press once again, they’re still the biggest part of her musical career. “Very much so,” she resumes. “They’ve heard a couple of the piano songs I’m doing and are cool with it. Everybody needs a bit of space because we’re at that different place in life. We’re not a bunch of kids just starting.”

Additionally, she reveals that the band has finished a four-track demo of new songs for their next release. Earlier, the Official Site noted that this demo would be used to secure a new distribution contract for their next album. “As well as opening for the Stones and playing Killarney last week with Counting Crows, we’ve recorded four demo songs for the next Cranberries album. We’ve got another three really beautiful ones in the pipeline, so it’s shaping up well.”

Things are shaping up well, indeed. Hot Press states that the Dolores O’Riordan solo album is due to be released sometime in 2004.

Thanks again to Jessica van Kessel for fetching us the info! Zombieguide will have more developments as they happen!

Sources: Hot Press

Dolores and AC/DC Collaboration Revealed!

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Dolores O’Riordan’s biographer Paul Russell reported weeks ago that he had spotted “Dolores singing a song from a musical with Brian Johnson of AC/DC” in a restaurant. Foreshadowing comes from the strangest places.

Although a less ambiguous instance was when Fergal Lawler noted last month that Dolores and Brian were considering the idea of working together.

Irish magazine Hot Press reported Thursday that Dolores is collaborating with AC/DC singer Brian Johnson on a project related to “Helen of Troy,” a musical that Johnson has been working on for nearly seven years.

“Helen of Troy” is a humorous “‘Les Miserables’-style musical with rousing anthems, tender ballads and minimal dialogue.” The project has been Johnson’s dream for several years, finally deciding to put the songs together with British composer Brian Healy. Johnson was inspired to create the musical after seeing “Cats” several years ago. “I couldn’t wait to leave,” he said. “It was puerile drivel. That’s when I started thinking I may as well try to write a show. Then I went to see ‘Grease’ in New York, and it was friggin’ drivel, too. That spurred me on more.”

The $1.2 million dollar production was originally to debut in March 2003 at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall in Sarasota, Florida. However, the show has been pushed back to a November 2003 debut. If all goes well, the musical may tour nationally. For much more on “Helen of Troy,” check out the page dedicated to it at the excellent AC/DC fansite Crabsody in Blue.

But the headline to Hot Press’s news story is this: “Dolores Readies Solo Album.” All we can say is, let’s hope they’re right this time: Hot Press stirred up some nasty rumors late last year when Dolores expressed that she wasconsidering doing a side project apart from the band. We now know that she recorded several songs this past spring by herself. Additonally, Matthew Vaugahn’s section of The Smoothside Organization’s website refers to Dolores as a “solo artiste.” All of this would certainly support Hot Press’s headline.

We should know exactly what is up with the purported “solo album” and the nature of Dolores’s Brian Johnson collaboration as soon as we can get our hands on the full Hot Press article — which will be very soon. Keep it tuned here!

Sources: Hot Press, Crabsody in Blue

“Zombie” Gets Punked Out (Again)

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British punk outfit “Dogshit Sandwich” (delightful name..) have just put out a 4-track EP entitled “Royal Sponger.” The 7″ vinyl includes three original songs by the band and one cover, which happens to be of The Cranberries’ “Zombie.” All four songs were newly-recorded for the EP. The tracklist is as follows:

1. Royal Sponger
2. Fuck the Law
3. R Ya Makin’ the Tea
4. Zombie

The vinyl EP can be ordered from indie label Weird Records.

The rather vile cover art, which inbues the not-so-subtle political criticism of Queen Elizabeth gone topless, can be seen here, if you are so brave to click. You’ve been warned.

Sources: Nihilism on the Prowl, Weird Records

LA7 Interview: Cranberries “Very Selective” about Album 6 Tracklist

July 12, 2003  |  Comments Off on LA7 Interview: Cranberries “Very Selective” about Album 6 Tracklist  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Cranberries World has posted a full transcript of this past Tuesday’s interview of Dolores O’Riordan, broadcasted on “Access All Areas” on Italian channel LA7. Cranberries World has also made more video captures (seen below), plus an animated gif from the interview (here). Very interestingly, she reveals that the band is being very selective about what songs will go onto their next album. As an example, she suggests that more than half of the songs they are currently putting together may not end up on the final disc. Here’s a translation of Dolores’s (separate) monologue sequences from the show:

“We were on tour for more than a year [when] we all have small children, and at this moment of our lives we prefer to take it slowly — we don’t want to lose our children’s best years of childhood. When they start to turn about ten, you can start to go on tour longer because it becomes easier, but for this year we have 7 support slots for the Rolling Stones and 3 alone.

“I didn’t grow up with the Rolling Stones, because I’m only 31, but I think that it’s an experience that we can learn a lot from. It’s a source of inspiration see them still going on. It’s been very nice, the Stones came into our dressing rooms to greet us at the first gig, and it was almost surreal to meet them in person, because we’ve gotten used to seeing them on TV, so much so that you almost don’t believe it. It was great!

“We’re concentrating on writing right now, taking our time to do a really beautiful album. Even if we write 4 songs, we’ll throw 3 of them away and we’ll choose 1 (to keep). We’ve got to be very selective to be sure that the next album is really good, because it doesn’t make sense to make an album otherwise, so we prefer to take our time, to enjoy the period of writing, and time spent at home. Then we can go out with a really great disc and a good tour.

“Looking back at myself, I think that success isn’t the thing that matters most in life. It matters more instead to have friends and to enjoy every small thing because you will never be able to come back to that precise moment.

“I think that people are too stressed and are too worried about tomorrow. Women are very engrossed in their careers and are afraid to start a family, but perhaps thinking only about your career is not enough — for me it’s a matter of knowing how to balance things. I’m 31 and I think I’m in the best period of my life. It’s my favorite time in my life. I’m living better now than when I was 20.

“Artists are always forced, particularly from the media, to analyze everything they do, but if you start to analyse everything, you get mental block, like when you’re too deep in studying — (you’re) singing and have a problem with a single word, and if you repeat it continuously, surely you’ll continue to screw it up, because you’re thinking too much. It’s the same thing with music, writing, life — it’s better not to plan anything, just enjoy what you’re making without thinking too much. Thinking too much is bad, really!

“I sang a song for the new Zucchero album. I memorized the verse in Italian, but he didn’t want me to sing in your language cause we, English-speakers, when we sing in Italian we sound so foolish. It’s also true that Italians sound foolish when they sing in English.”


Source: Cranberries World

New Storm Thorgerson Merchandise

July 10, 2003  |  Comments Off on New Storm Thorgerson Merchandise  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

An update to the “shopping” section of the Official Storm Thorgerson Website makes a new item available for purchase: A set of 16 Thorgerson art postcards, two of which were designed for the covers of Cranberries releases. The two Cranberries-related pieces in the set are the covers to the “You and Me” single (2000) and the “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” international album cover (2001). The cards come housed in a custom hardback case. If you’re interested, the set will set you back £10.00, or about $16 US, not including shipping.

Set of 16 Thorgerson postcards

If postcards that you’ll likely never actually use don’t suit your fancy, there are other previously-available Cranberries-related items in the shop. One item is a 2002 silkscreen reprint of the “Bury the Hatchet” cover art, part of “The Bodies Series.” (The BTH artwork had also been issued as a lithograph in 1999, limited to 800 copies.) According to the site:


Set of six fine art limited edition silkscreen (serigraph) prints. Printed on 410gsm Somerset Tub Sized paper. Print size 33″ x 25.5″, image size approximately 19″ x 19″. Edition of 125 only. Printed by Brad Faine at Coriander from original artwork. Signed, titled and numbered by Storm Thorgerson.

The BTH print will set you back a measly £300.00, or about $490 US, not including shipping of course.

Lastly is Thorgerson’s 1999 book entited “The Eye of the Storm.” The book includes four pages dedicated to The Cranberries, and luckily enough, the sample picture shows the double-page spread for “Bury the Hatchet.” The books are autographed and are priced at £20.00, or $33 US each.

“The Eye of the Storm” book, featuring 4 pages on The Crans

The Official Storm Thorgerson Website itself has lots of interesting production notes on his work with The Cranberries, which alone makes the site worth a visit. Just choose “Sort by Artist” and then scroll to “T” for “The Cranberries.” (A librarian would have a fit for indexing by a demonstrative article, but hey, this is art, its supposed to break the rules.)

Happy artful shopping!

Source: Official Storm Thorgerson Website

LA7 Dolores Interview Screencaptures

July 10, 2003  |  Comments Off on LA7 Dolores Interview Screencaptures  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Yesterday we told you that Italian television station LA7 had aired a brandnew interview with Dolores O’Riordan, recorded after last month’s Milan gig with The Rolling Stones. She told the station that, for the first time in her career, she will be singing in Italian with Zucchero on the upcoming “Duets” CD.

Lorenzo has captured some screenshots from the interview and sent them to us, below. Thanks Lorenzo!


Source: Exclusive!

Dolores Contributes to Upcoming Irish Music Charity Book

July 3, 2003  |  Comments Off on Dolores Contributes to Upcoming Irish Music Charity Book  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

RTE Radio Presenter Alan Swan is putting the last touches on his first book,“From the Cradle to the Stage: A Complete History of Irish Music,” a chronicle that promises to cover every genre of Irish music. Several artists are directly contributing to the book, of which proceeds go to charity, including The Dubliners’ Ronnie Drew, U2’s Larry Mullen, Christy Moore, and The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan. The book is due to be published by Christmas 2003. (Editor’s note 8/29/03: Author Alan Swan tells us that it will be Fergal, not Dolores, who appears in the book.)

The book is being comissioned by Fighting Blindness, the only Irish charity dedicated to finding cures for blindness by funding Irish-based research. The organization is receiving all proceeds from the book.

A press release for the upcoming book states, “This chronicle allows Irish artists, from every genre, to share memories of what helped to shape their success. Alan Swan and all the musicians who have co-operated in the production of this volume did so in a way that will be of extraordinary help to the only Irish charity committed for finding cures for blindness, through Irish research.” The release also states that the musicians involved have been “generously giving their time to help Fighting Blindness.”

Author Alan Swan, 24 years old, is clearly “moving up” quickly. He was formerly presenter and producer for the regional station CKR FM’s Breakfast Show, but has recently been hired by Ireland’s national RTE Radio. “From the Cradle to the Stage” will be his first book, but according to, he has several others “in the pipeline.”

Source: Fighting Blindness, Radiowaves

Grab Original Cran Bootlegs for $6.99 Each

July 2, 2003  |  Comments Off on Grab Original Cran Bootlegs for $6.99 Each  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Fans can usually expect to pay a minimum of $15-$20 for a factory-pressed live CD, but for a very limited time, you can pick one up for less than $7 each.

Asian-based importer SOLcd is currently offering two different versions of two different bootlegs (4 total) for the ridiculously low price of $6.99 US each. It appears SOLcd is clearing the titles out of their catalog, so once they’re sold at this price, they’re gone.

The two offered titles are “Live in Concert” (MTV Unplugged 1995) and“One’s Better Self” (Hamburg, Germany, 1999). There are two variations of each, however, the tracklisting is the same on each variation — the only difference is the art. Having owned both of these titles for awhile, I can tell you that they are of excellent quality, both in sound and artwork.

At this price, they’re a complete steal, and won’t last long, so snatch them up quickly if you’re interested.

Source: SOLcd

“Dreams” in Trailer for “Mona Lisa Smile”

July 2, 2003  |  Comments Off on “Dreams” in Trailer for “Mona Lisa Smile”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The classic Cranberries track “Dreams,” a soundtrack favorite, is being used yet again in the movie trailer for the upcoming film “Mona Lisa Smile.” The movie stars Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst, and Julia Stiles, among others, a lineup that alone is sure to make the movie a major hit with the female demographic.

The trailer and a plot synopsis can be viewed at the Coming Soon Film Database in Windows Media, Quicktime, and Real Player flavors.

The film hits theaters on December 19th, 2003. No word yet on whether “Dreams” will be used in the actual movie or on the soundtrack, but Zombieguide will stay on this story until we find out.

Thanks to Uriel for the tip!

Source: Exclusive

Paul Russell: Cranberries Meet Rolling Stones, AC/DC

July 2, 2003  |  Comments Off on Paul Russell: Cranberries Meet Rolling Stones, AC/DC  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Weeks ago, The Cranberries Official Website relayed that Dolores has been collaborating with RTE producer Paul Russell on an upcoming autobiography. Due to some ambiguous wording, we weren’t sure what to make of it, but we now know definitively: Paul Russell is writing Dolores O’Riordan’s official biography.

Russell has been travelling with The Cranberries throughout their summer tour and took some time to check in with Irish music mag, Hot Press. In an article published two weeks ago, he describes how touring mates The Rolling Stones and AC/DC have been getting along with The Cranberries — with some humorous anecdotes.

The Rolling Stones stopped into The Cranberries’ dressing room on opening night, June 4th, and Russell was lucky enough to witness the exchange.

“Mick [Jagger], needless to say, made an immediate beeline for Dolores while the others talked to the lads,” Russell writes. “Charlie Watts was a bit quiet, but everybody else was in flying form. Needless to say, the Cranberries floated on stage to play their set which lasted 45 minutes and got a good percentage of the 17,000-crowd up on their feet.”

As well as the Crans hit it off with the Stones, it seems to be not nearly as well as they got along with AC/DC, as Fergal wrote days ago.

Russell reports, “I was in the Thai restaurant where Liam Gallagher had his teeth kicked in, and saw Dolores singing a song from a musical with Brian Johnson of AC/DC, who then told some of the rudest stories I’ve ever heard! They’re also on the bill for three of the Stones’ German shows, so it was a good getting-to-know-you session.”

Paul Russell and Dolores O’Riordan’s co-written autobiography is due to be published sometime next year. We can expect to hear more from Russell over the next few months.

Thanks to Jessica van Kessel for fetching us the info!

Source: Hot Press

More Dolores @ Bruce Springsteen Concert

June 30, 2003  |  Comments Off on More Dolores @ Bruce Springsteen Concert  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Days ago, an article published by relayed that Dolores O’Riordan and husband Don Burton spent some time at a Bruce Springsteen concert in Dublin on May 31st. As it ends up, Dolores and hubby were among a long list of Irish entertainment personalities present, reports Eircom.

Says the article, “Then the classic ‘Thunder Road’ had the audience lost in the music and the man as the 53-year-old New Jersey icon had Dublin eating out of the palm of his hand. They even cheered his beautiful back up singer and wife Patti Scialsa. Equally beautiful on the night was Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries in a denim mini skirt alongside the stunning Morah Ryan, Marina Egan, Elizabeth Mangan and Rita Fox. Gerry Ryan wore a Hawaiian shirt. Harry Crosbie was all in black as was Lillie’s Bordello owner Dave Egan with his wife Mairead. The Irish football team were there with manager Brian Kerr. It was great to have the E Street Band back. The gang was all here.

“‘This was one of the greatest shows that we’ve ever put onin Ireland in over 40 years,’ said promoter Peter Aiken. Jumping up and down to Born to Run, beside him, Dolores O’Riordan and Marina Egan seemed to agree. “

Peter Aiken is president of Aiken Promotions, who promoted The Cranberries’ gig at Belfast’s Ulster Hall, only two days prior to the Springsteen concert.

Source: Eircom

Fergal Puts a Cap on Summer Tour

June 27, 2003  |  Comments Off on Fergal Puts a Cap on Summer Tour  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

An update on The Cranberries’ Official Site yesterday included a letter from Fergal, reflecting on the band’s tour with The Rolling Stones. With an entourage the size of a small town, The Rolling Stones’ backstage and production crew left Fergal feeling “awe inspired.”

“We have never been on a tour the size of the ‘Stones one and it was seriously exciting and at times, awe inspiring even! The stage and the behind-the-scenes production were an incredible sight to behold,'” Fergal stated.

And excited to mention his personal meeting with the ‘Stones and AC/DC, Fergal commented that despite his “star-struck” feeling in the presence of the legendary rockers, everyone treated The Cranberries “really well”. Fergal notes that Dolores and AC/DC singer, Brian Johnson, got along especially well… perhaps even well enough to work together in the future.

According to Fergal, The Cranberries are now preparing for their upcoming outdoor festival in Killarney that includes the Counting Crows. Fergal mentions high expectations for a laid-back experience, since the band has toured with Counting Crows in the past. With shows on their home-soil of Ireland, The Cranberries are preparing to perform among family and friends, and for the familial festivities sure to follow.

Though The Cranberries stint with The Rolling Stones has come to an end, Fergal reveals that excitement amongst the band is still raging on. Since the Killarney show will be the last live show of the year for The Cranberries, the band is eager to make the most of their time on stage.

Following the band’s holiday in July, Fergal’s letter states that The Cranberries will be returning to the studio to continue work on the sixth album for the remainder of 2003.

To read all about it, in Fergal’s own words, visit The Cranberries Official Web Site to check out yesterday’s update, including more fan reviews of the live European shows.

Source: Official Site

Reporter Spends 48 Hours with The Cranberries

June 27, 2003  |  Comments Off on Reporter Spends 48 Hours with The Cranberries  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Most fans are content just to share a few minutes with their favorite artists — for a handshake, photo, autograph, or some combination of the three. But could you imagine spending 48 hours with Dolores and the rest of The Cranberries? That’s what one reporter for the Irish-based Unison news network did late last year in Milan (likely at the same time as the author of the lengthy Sunday Independent article). The author, who is not credited by name, has published a short article about the experience in conjunction with the ongoing Killarney Summerfest, where The Cranberries performed tonight.

The author writes, “Dolores’s vehement denunciations of the world in press interviews circa 1996 that revealed a core of self-loathing have long gone. I hung out with her and Don and the rest of the Cranberries for 48 hours in Milan six months ago and we had an absolute six-bottles-of-red-wine howl. But more important than the vino, the Cranberries on stage earlier that night were mesmeric.”

And as if the two-day-long hang-out session weren’t enough to make you fume with jealousy, the reporter bumped into Dolores again only a little over a week ago at a Bruce Springsteen concert. The writer recounts, “Dolores has no self-censorship and will tell you the first thing that comes into her mind. This is very endearing: most superstars talk in soundbites without saying very much. Once you get Dolores going, she can’t be shut up. I met her at the Bruce Springsteen concert the other week and she talked all the way through the Boss’s three-hour set on everything from supporting the Rolling Stones to Limerick, from her daughter to God, and back again. It was a memorable experience. (And Bruce wasn’t bad either – from the bits I heard.)”

Although the article only contains one short interview bit, there are lots of interesting details to be read — including some more bits about the soldier- kissing that inspired “Linger.” For those without access to, the full article is below:

Cranberries take the rough rock ‘n’ roll with the smooth pop

Sunday June 22nd 2003

POP is about an ephemeral impulse – usually teenage longing. The songs are conceived to be quickly consumed, not analysed like a philosophical tract by Socrates or Goethe.

Occasionally, however, a truly perfect pop song emerges that transcends time and place and imprints itself indelibly on our consciousness. Though hardly representative of the band’s music at all, Linger by the Cranberries is one such song for me. Written by Dolores O’Riordan and Mike Hogan, it is one of the greatest – and most melancholic – Irish pop songs ever set to vinyl.

From the Limerick group’s debut album Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? in 1993, Linger features floating strings over a gorgeous orchestration married to Dolores’s funeral-soul dynamics:

“If you, if you could return,” sings Dolores, “don’t let it burn, don’t let it fade. I’m sure I’m not being rude, but’s just your attitude. It’s tearing me apart – it’s ruining everything.” The song was allegedly inspired by Dolores’s first boyfriend, a 17-year-old Irish soldier who wrote her tender love letters from Lebanon after they broke up.

Sadly, there was a lot more pain involved when Dolores wrote Zombie, in response to the IRA bomb in Warrington. She can vividly remember seeing one of the devastated mothers of the boys who were killed on television.

Dolores felt sad for her that she’d carried him for nine months and then some “prick, some airhead who thought he was making a point, did that”. Like Sinead before her, you have to admire Dolores’s outspoken character.

Still, the Dolores I know is also a gentle, sweet, intuitive, neo-spiritual person with a sense of otherness about her (and a particularly filthy sense of humour).

In 2000, Dolores was walking through the trees near where she lives in Kilmallock, pushing her newborn daughter Molly in her pram. She can recall having an epiphany that literally rushed out of her. She felt like she was the one in the pram and her own mother was standing over her. She raced back to the house with the song that had just entered her head. Within an hour, she had created Perfect Day on the piano.

Dolores has no self-censorship and will tell you the first thing that comes into her mind. This is very endearing: most superstars talk in soundbites without saying very much. Once you get Dolores going, she can’t be shut up. I met her at the Bruce Springsteen concert the other week and she talked all the way through the Boss’s three-hour set on everything from supporting the Rolling Stones to Limerick, from her daughter to God, and back again. It was a memorable experience. (And Bruce wasn’t bad either – from the bits I heard.)

Dolores is a happy camper – the polar opposite of the outdated media image of her as Ms Sulky Knickers. Marriage (to Don Burton) and motherhood (Molly and Taylor) clearly suits her. The erstwhile Mouth of the Shannon is a changed woman now, embracing life and its infinite possibilities.

Dolores’s vehement denunciations of the world in press interviews circa 1996 that revealed a core of self-loathing have long gone. I hung out with her and Don and the rest of the Cranberries for 48 hours in Milan six months ago and we had an absolute six-bottles-of-red-wine howl. But more important than the vino, the Cranberries on stage earlier that night were mesmeric.

I had never seen them before live and I had my suspicions about their music. All of that fell away after about the second song in. Dolores has such power on stage. Her voice is a potent and evocative instrument: imagine a Caucasian Nina Simone on LSD. Add to this the fantastic musicianship of the rest of the band who played out of their skins for that night. Onstage in front of 20,000 screaming Italians, the Cranberries were truly an exercise in how to play almost Metallica-heavy rock one minute and the most tender pop the next.

The Cranberries play Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, Co Kerry on Friday 27 June as part of the Killarney Summer Fest 2003


More Hot Press Private Gig Photos

June 19, 2003  |  Comments Off on More Hot Press Private Gig Photos  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

You’ll recall that this past March, The Cranberries played at a secretunannounced concert for the launch of the Hot Press Yearbook, an industry- centric publication of who’s who in the Irish music biz.

The website for The Sugar Club, the intimate Dublin venue where the event took place has published two more photos of the band in addition to the one that was previously available from the band’s official site. Check them out below.

More news on Zombieguide soon.


Source: The Sugar Club

Irish Newspaper Reviews Cranberries Official Website

June 19, 2003  |  Comments Off on Irish Newspaper Reviews Cranberries Official Website  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Reviews of CDs or live gigs are common, online or in print. But last Thursday (June 12th), the Irish newspaper The Tuam Herald published a full review ofThe Cranberries Official Website, and since it’s something we rarely see reviewed, we’re bringing it to you.

One of the first things that the newspaper pointed out was that the variety of content which should please both the hardcore fan and the casual web surfer. The Tuam Herald compliments the weekly news updates, which are better-than-average for a large portion of bands’ official sites.

The “Back” button, a biology-textbook-like graphic of a cell, was one facet that annoyed the reviewer. “Maybe I’m just not reading the image right but the ‘back’ button resembles an overhead view of a hole on a golf course, which I’ve seen more times on TV coverage of the PGA tour than on a band’s site, somehow I’m sure that wasn’t the intention of its designer.”

The reviewer also confessed that he wasn’t overly fond of some official pages because they are set up with the primary intention of selling merchandise. Although The Cranberries’ site does indeed include an online store, the reviewer praised the fact that it is not the site’s main focus.

Other positively-rated aspects included the complete lyrics section, varying layout designs from section to section, and the photogallery. Negative drawbacks were the lack of a completely updated biography (the current one ends at 2001) and the reviewer’s inability to load the plug-in required for the online game.

In summary, the reviewer noted, “The official website is definitely one of their (The Cranberries’) better productions and seems to give and offer something to the real hard-line fan and those who like the music but are really only passing through on the web.” The site was given a final score of 8 out of 10, not bad indeed!

Source: The Tuam Herald

Vaughan Also Working on Dolores Solo Tracks

June 18, 2003  |  Comments Off on Vaughan Also Working on Dolores Solo Tracks  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Zombieguide reported a month ago that British Music Programmer Matthew Vaughan has been programming new material for The Cranberries since the beginning of the year.

Now another update on the website for the Smoothside Organisation shows that not only has Vaughan been working on the band’s new songs, but on Dolores O’Riordan’s solo songs as well.

Dolores recorded the songs in London in April. According to drummer Fergal Lawler, “She feels [the songs] would be more suited to using as movie soundtrack material rather than Cranberries material. She said it’s very moody / atmospheric stuff with mostly piano and vocal so I’m looking forward to hearing it. It’s healthy to do things like that outside of the band as it eliminates the feeling of being ‘trapped.'” The Cranberries Official Website has been careful to explicitly state that Dolores is not recording a solo album.

Will Vaughan’s programming involvement relate to that “moody atmospheric” vibe that Fergal was referring to? Looks like we’ll have to wait to find out.

Source: Smoothside Organisation

Full-Length MP3s of “Astral Projection” and “In It Together”

June 16, 2003  |  Comments Off on Full-Length MP3s of “Astral Projection” and “In It Together”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Because not all of us will have the chance to catch one of The Cranberries’ coveted live shows this summer, the site Pretty Eyes has posted full-length .mp3s of the new songs, “Astral Projection” and “In It Together”, performed live at The Cranberries show in Bolzano, Italy on June 8th. Though the files are quite large, and the audio quality is less than perfect, these full-length .mp3s are definitely worth your time.

The Pretty Eyes web site is published in French; however locating the links to the files is easy for viewers of any language. Just look for “Astral Projection” and “In It Together” on the site’s main page. Each file is about 3 megabytes, so the download time for those with a dial-up internet connection may keep you waiting. Nevertheless, for fans who haven’t been able to snag tickets to one of The Cranberries’ European shows, these downloads are precious commodities indeed.

Source: Pretty Eyes

“Ode” Live Performance on Brazilian DVD

June 16, 2003  |  Comments Off on “Ode” Live Performance on Brazilian DVD  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

A new DVD released for the Brazilian market includes a live performance of “Ode to My Family,” taken from a European Cranberries performance from 1996.

Entitled “Rock Revolution”, the disc promises “the best contemporary rock ‘n’ roll concerts.” A large variety of “rock” acts are featured, everything from Ozzy Osbourne to Shania Twain, and everything in the middle. The disc is encoded in Region 0 NTSC format, making it playable on most DVD systems that support the NTSC format. The DVD is a total of 82 minutes long, with both Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1 sound available. English lyric subtitles are also encoded on the disc.

Exactly which performance (date and venue) of “Ode to My Family” is on the disc is unknown. Also unknown is if the DVD is actually fully licensed. The lack of a major company logo on the DVD might arouse bootleg suspicions, but even if so, the inclusion of Dolby Digital and subtitles suggest this is more than just a homemade release.

Tracklisting is:

01. QUEEN – Radio ga ga (2002 – BBC)
02. QUEEN – We will rock you (2002 – BBC)
03. QUEEN – We are the champions (2002 – BBC)
04. QUEEN – Bohemian Rhapsody (2002 – BBC)
05. OZZY OSBOURNE – Paranoid (1986 – Princes Trust Event)
06. ROD STEWART – Handbags and gladrags (2002 – BBC)
07. URIAH HEEP – Medley: The Wizard / Paradise / Spell / Circle of Hands (1993)
08. JOE COCKER – You and I (1998)
09. CRANBERRIES – Ode to my family (1996)
10. SHANIA TWAIN – Man I feel like a woman (1998 – Princes Trust Event)
11. SAXON – Wheels of steel (1993)
12. TINA TURNER – Better be good to me (1993 – BBC)
13. TINA TURNER & ERIC CLAPTON – Tearing us apart (1993)
14. VAN MORRISON – Orange field (1993 – BBC)
15. IAN GILLAN – Smoke on the water (1993)
16. BRYAN ADAMS – Hearts on fire (1998 – BBC)

No word yet on any release outside of Brazil, if any.

Video Clips of Cranberries’ Opening for The Stones

June 11, 2003  |  Comments Off on Video Clips of Cranberries’ Opening for The Stones  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries, a website that covers wireless mobile devices (particularly cell phone hybrids) has put the Microsoft Smartphone’s camera functions to the test. Microsoft’s Smartphone is one of several new cell phone hybrid devices which will allow you to take pictures or even record audio and video clips and send them to friends via MMS or e-mail.

So where did they take it? The Rolling Stones’ second concert in Munich, Germany on June 6th. Luckily for us, PPCW captured some footage of The Cranberries performing, and even more luckily for us, the footage quality is rather impressive — for a phone, at least. In addition to the video clips, it appears they also took a shot of The Cranberries’ performance with the still camera function.

The Cranberries, opening for the Stones on June 6th, taken with a Microsoft Smartphone

“This is the Day,” Live in Munich, 06/06/2003 AVI clip, 18 sec, 600 kb

“Zombie,” Live in Munich, 06/06/2003 AVI clip, 31 sec, 1.04 mb

Now we’re no experts on cell phones, but we just gotta say damn! To have such decent quality out of something so small (and whose primary function isn’t even recording these things), it’s rather impressive. Pretty soon, we’ll be recording whole bootlegs with a cell phone… RIAA beware!


More on Fergal & Headgear

June 9, 2003  |  Comments Off on More on Fergal & Headgear  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Zombieguide has dug up some more details concerning how and why The Cranberries’ own Fergal Lawler decided to do some guest drumming for Limerick-based band Headgear back in April.

We reported that Fergal had done the gig as a the return of a favor, although for what, we did not know at the time. We now know that Darragh Dukes was once a member of the band known as They Do It with Mirrors — which should sound very familiar to the hardcore Cranberries fan. They Do It with Mirrors was one of the first bands that The Cranberry Saw Us opened for, and now Fergal has paid back the favor, some 12 years later.

According to Hot Press, most who attended the April 23rd gig at Dublin’s The Village didn’t even know The Cranberries’ drummer was present. Fergal walked onto the stage unannounced halfway through the concert, walking to the back of the stage and hiding behind a an oversized drum kit while playing the remainder of the set.

The gig was attended by several A&R scouts, including Warners, Polydor and Sony. Hope they weren’t scouting the drummer!

Thanks to Jessica van Kessel for getting the info for us!

Source: Hot Press

Official Site Reveals a Smorgasbord of Information

June 7, 2003  |  Comments Off on Official Site Reveals a Smorgasbord of Information  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries Summer Tour in support of The Rolling Stones is, thus far, going “fantastically”! That’s what the band is saying about the shows performed so far in Belfast, London and in Munich. In a big news update posted today on The Cranberries Official Site, the band reveals that “Astral Projection” and “In It Together”, the two new songs being performed at shows throughout this tour, was co-written by Dolores and Noel. In briefly noting these two new songs, the Official site provides a link for downloading a low quality, massive file size, fan-made video of “Astral Projection” from the French site Pretty Eyes.

And here’s a new name to note: Paul Russell. He’s a producer at RTE Radio in Dublin, Ireland. According to The Cranberries Official site, Dolores is collaborating with RTE producer Paul Russell to write her biography. The Official site does say that Russell is in the process of “rummaging through the Cranberries’ archives” to find information of interest to fans of The Cranberries.

Paul Russell’s autobiography is expected to be available some time in 2004. And as Zombieguide delves further into the life of Paul Russell and his Cranberries connection, we’ll bring you more details.

RTE Radio’s Paul Russell

Another project in which Dolores will be participating, is a studio collaboration with “Italian recording legend”, Zucchero. Word from the band’s Official site is that Dolores will be participating in a Zuccero “Duets” album, covering a song worthy of being known as a “rock classic”. Dolores will be among friends, as the project is also planning to include duets with Bono, Sting, Andrea Bocelli, and Pavarotti.

You can learn more about Zuccero’s blues-infused music by visiting his official web site at The site is available for viewing in both Italian and English languages.

In addition to the Official site’s ‘News’ update, the site has also posted new Fan Reviews of some of the shows performed this summer, while encouraging concert-goers to keep submitting input and opinions.

To read more, visit The Cranberries’ Official site.

Source: The Cranberries Official Web Site

Official Merchandise Features Work By “The Hand”

June 7, 2003  |  Comments Off on Official Merchandise Features Work By “The Hand”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

All of us here at Zombieguide are blown away by the artwork of Maurizio Di Bona, “The Hand”. We’ve featured some of his incredible caricature representations of The Cranberries in Zombieguide’s Cran Fanatics section. But the big news is that we at Zombieguide aren’t the only ones impressed with The Hand. The Cranberries have received permission from Maurizio Di Bona to use his work for the design of several new promotional merchandise items. Soon, The Cranberries’ Official Site will make available, for purchase, a collection of new items featuring the work of The Hand. These items include two new posters, a five-postcard set, and a magnet. A new T-shirt, featuring The Hand’s cartoon likeness of Dolores, is already available on the site’s ‘Shopping’ section.

Source: The Cranberries Official Web Site

More London Concert Photos

June 7, 2003  |  Comments Off on More London Concert Photos  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Olivia Shaff has sent in more photos taken from The Cranberries’ performance at London’s Astoria earlier this week. Check them out below. Thanks Olivia!

Zombieguide will have more news on The Crans’ 2003 summer Euro tour as it happens!


Double Exclusive: “In It Together” and “The Sun Does Rise” Videos

June 3, 2003  |  Comments Off on Double Exclusive: “In It Together” and “The Sun Does Rise” Videos  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

We hope you’ve got plenty of bandwidth to spare — you’re about to be hit with two Zombieguide video exclusives!

The first is the very first clip online of the brand new song “In It Together”, filmed last night at the London . Granted, it’s nothing near studio quality — 14 seconds, mono sound, horrible bass. However, it’s just the first crumb of the sixth album, so we can expect plenty more to come! The clip was filmed and submitted by Mickael Leopold — THANKS Mickael!

Below is a photo that Mickael took at the show.

“In It Together,” Live in London, 06/02/2003 14 sec, AVI clip, 3.9 mb

Our second offering is the full extremely rare and elusive music video for”The Sun Does Rise”, Dolores O’Riordan’s 1994 duet with Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart. This, too, is the clip’s first time online and we’re proud to bring it to you. Many thanks to Norbert of Zombieguide Europe for encoding it for us. Don’t forget to visit the video section.

“The Sun Does Rise” music video MPEG, 30 mb

More exclusive videos very soon!!

Source: Exclusive

More Belfast Concert Impressions

June 2, 2003  |  Comments Off on More Belfast Concert Impressions  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Nigel and Pamela Bernstein have sent in their impressions of last Thursday’s Belfast concert. Here’s what they have to write:

“ANALYZE to start – good opener. The highlights for us were STARS (great chorus), PROMISES (played with real power – Mike’s bass seemed to go up a notch for PROMISES – really effective) and NEW NEW YORK (very emotional – great live song). Of the slower songs our favourites on the night were YOU AND ME and WHEN YOU’RE GONE.

“Dolores was on top form – full of energy – she really worked hard to connect with the audience – and the crowd responded really well – dancing and singing along. Her outfits were great – black pants with the flame pattern down the side – with a number of different tops – one had “ASTRAL PROJECTIONS” on it – another had “DOLORES O’RIORDAN” – for the encores, a floaty lined dress with colour co-ordinated Doc Martens. She threw her arm-band into the crowd and her towel. The whole band seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

“The two new songs sounded good. Dolores seemed to refer to a piece of paper with the words on for the second song – I think she said something about “only learning it today.” As far as I can remember, the new songs were typical Cranberries – melodic with strong choruses.

“From our seats on the left balcony we got a great view of Noel – he plays guitar in a really unique way – on Daffodil Lament we got a good view of him using the “Ebow” thing (or whatever it is called) to get that bowed guitar sound.

“We are looking forward to seeing the Cranberries in Milan for the Stones support gig next week – we have tickets for the inner enclosure – so we’ll be somewhere near the stage – should be a good night – 60,000 people I believe – will Dolores be doing a duet with Mick Jagger?

Did you get to attend the Belfast show, or will you be attending one of the ones coming up soon? We at Zombieguide want your concert photos and impressions — especially your impressions of the new songs — MP3’s, setlists, merchandise/memorabilia scans, and pretty much anything related to the upcoming set of gigs. Send in your submissions here!

Source: Exclusive

Fergal Makes Appearance as Guest Drummer for Headgear

June 1, 2003  |  Comments Off on Fergal Makes Appearance as Guest Drummer for Headgear  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Although The Cranberries have spent the past few months writing and recording, it appears that not all of the the band members’ energies have been spent on The Cranberries. Fergal, at least, spent some time a month ago drumming for the Limerick-based band Headgear.

According to an article on Hot Press, Fergal played as special guest for Headgear’s April 23rd gig. Headgear currently consists of only one permanent member, singer, guitarist, and trumpeter extraoidinaire Daragh Dukes. Dukes currently collaborates with several other musicians for his live set, with people filling in parts for vocals, samples, clairinet and percussion. According to Hot Press, Dukes and Lawler are “old mates” and that Fergal did the gig as a favor to his old friend.

For more about Headgear or to listen to an MP3 sample of Dukes’s work, go here. (LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE). We’ll have more details from Hot Press on the event as soon as we can get them (which may be a few weeks — if you are subscribed to Hot Press Online and can get the article for us, please let us know!!).

Source: Hot Press

Dolores on Astral Projections…

May 30, 2003  |  Comments Off on Dolores on Astral Projections…  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The term “astral projection” (also known as an “out-of-body experience”) isn’t one that you typically hear every day. Astute Cranberries fans may know that it’s not the first time we’ve ever heard the term related to the band. Dolores talked about her own astral projections in Part 2 of the “The Band” interviews on the first release of the Beneath the Skin DVD. (Thanks to Insider27 for the tip!)

“There are certain times in the gig where I will just forget about what I’m doing and I forget that I’m the singer for a minute. It’s not really good because you’re like, ‘Oh God, what’s the lyrics?,’ you know? But sometimes I’ll just try an astral projection-type thing? [giggle] I’ll try to leave my body and try to look at it from the outside looking in, you know? And it’s pretty weird, sometimes it’s like, ‘Is this really happening?’ But then you flick back in — [mimicking ‘Linger’] ‘Do you have to…?’ Usually you’re singing and you’re playing, so you don’t really get too much time to take it in. But I guess that’s why it’s nice to make videos, because you get to look at it and say, ‘Wow! That was cool! Were we really there?'”

Will the new song have anything to do with this experience? Perhaps not, but it’s certainly good background information while we wait on more news coming out of the band’s current European tour. Stay tuned to Zombieguide for more…

Source: Exclusive

Official Press Release Reveals Summer Plans

May 29, 2003  |  Comments Off on Official Press Release Reveals Summer Plans  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries 2003 Tour with the Rolling Stones isn’t just a big deal; it’s big news. So through a press release issued yesterday from The Cranberries’ promoter, the band is getting the word out on their enthusiasm for the upcoming gigs.

Sounding a bit like a commercial message for the tour, Dolores commented: “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to go the distance with Rock’s finest troubadours, as they take their record-breaking world tour across Europe this year.”

According to the press release, the performances that The Cranberries will share with The Rolling Stones will primarily be comprised of the band’s best-known material. So throughout Germany and Italy, The Cranberries will be performing their hits to audiences of over sixty thousand rock ‘n roll fans. The first show of The Cranberries 2003 Tour with The Rolling Stones happens June 4th in Munich, Germany.

In addition to The Cranberries appearances with The Rolling Stones, the band will also be making a few solo stops throughout Europe, and a special show in Killarney, Ireland with fellow 1990’s “alternative music” pioneers, Counting Crows.

Perhaps most newsworthy for Cranberries fans, was the press release’s mention of the band’s off-tour plans this summer. According to the press release, The Cranberries will spend the remainder of the summer recording and working on “various” projects for release in 2004. Perhaps the next year will hold even more new material than the anticipated sixth album, slated for release in early 2004.

To read The Cranberries press release in its entirety, visit The Cranberries Official Web Site

Source: The Cranberries Official Web Site

Two New Songs at Belfast: “Astral Projection” and “In It T ogether”!

May 29, 2003  |  Comments Off on Two New Songs at Belfast: “Astral Projection” and “In It T ogether”!  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Earlier tonight, The Cranberries kicked off their nine-date 2003 European tour in Belfast, Ireland. Those lucky enough to attend got to hear the premiere of two brand-new Cranberries titles: “Astral Projection” and “In It Together.”

Patrick Hann tells us, “The concert started off on the Wake Up and Smell the Coffee intro, then the lost classic Analyse. The monster song Zombie was next which Dolores reminded us that it was about us and written for us. The usual classics followed including Linger, Salvation, Hollywood and Free to Decide. Every song on the Best Of album was performed including blow away performances of New New York and Stars. Promises literally blow me away being next to the speakers.”

After some recognizable opening tracks, The Cranberries broke into their newest material, “Two new songs were performed. The first was Astral Projection, a dreamy rock song which could be catchy. The other new song had only been finished today, it is called In It Together and is a very feel good song creating the same type of atmosphere as Stars — colourful. The show ended with a rocking performance of Dreams and Dolores saying she would see us next year (glad it won’t be another 7). Overall the band look really well, Dolores sporting the 1990s DM boots with the dress bringing back memories of the first album and the lads looking ready to seriously entertain this summer. I’m so glad they came and kicked off our summer with such a bang.”

Below are some photos that Patrick managed to snap during the concert.

Did you get to attend the Belfast show, or will you be attending one of the ones coming up soon? We at Zombieguide want your concert photos and impressions — especially your impressions of the new songs — MP3’s, setlists, merchandise/memorabilia scans, and pretty much anything related to the upcoming set of gigs. Send in your submissions here!

Huge thanks to Patrick Mann for the info and photos!

Source: Exclusive

Update: “7 Years” Song and Compilation Not Related

May 29, 2003  |  Comments Off on Update: “7 Years” Song and Compilation Not Related  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Despite the coincidence of having two Cranberries releases with the name “7 Years,” both going unreleased, our official source has confirmed to us that it is exactly that — a coincidence. Our source confirmed to us yesterday that the unreleased 1998 Japanese “greatest hits” compilation and the unreleased 2001 “Wake Up” B-side are not connected in any way, other than sharing the same title.

“7 Years” was the final incarnation chosen for a Japanese greatest hits compilation that some fans will probably know better by its tentative title, “Odd Bits and Hits: Best & Rare.” The collection, which was to feature both singles and rarities, was to be released on June 22, 1998, originally for Japan only. Our source told us, “The ‘Odd Bits’ compilation became ‘7 years’ which was supposed to be a Japan only compilation but was rejected because Polygram wanted it to be a worldwide release of Greatest Hits, so it was pulled. Neither was released yet both were announced locally.”

The Russian bootlegged “Odd Bits and Hits,” which had essentially nothing to do with the aborted Japanese release, other than a stolen title

So neither “7 Years” nor “Odd Bits and Hits” made it to stores — but that still didn’t stop the underground music market from exploiting the titles. A Russian bootleg manufacturer put out a so-called “Odd Bits and Hits” not long after the cancellation of the Japanese release, no doubt hoping to score some name recognition from hardcore fans. The CD contains some easily- obtainable album tracks and B-sides, such as “So Cold in Ireland.” So beware — if you ever see a copy of “Odd Bits” for sale, this is most likely what you will be buying.

As for the song “7 Years,” it was an entirely new piece the band conceived while recording “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.” “‘Seven Years’ the song was a new composition written during the WUASTC sessions,” the band’s representative told us. (The Japanese compilation was not named after the song, as we had suspected.) Also, we’ve learned that the song was written by Dolores only, not by Dolores and Noel as we had previously reported.

Stay tuned to Zombieguide for more Cranberries news, as the 2003 European Tour kicks off today!

Source: Exclusive!

Feature: The Unheard B-Side: “7 Years”

May 27, 2003  |  Comments Off on Feature: The Unheard B-Side: “7 Years”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

While doing our usual search for news, we at Zombieguide came across anarticle from 2001 at VH1 which read, “The Cranberries recorded 18 songs at Windmill Lane, 13 of which will end up on the record. The rest, including a cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘In the Ghetto,’ will be released as B-sides.” Doing some quick math, that leaves five songs as B-sides. But suddenly it struck us: only four have been released, namely “Capetown” (US version of “Wake Up”), Elvis’s “In the Ghetto” (International version of “Wake Up”), “Many Days” (Official page Internet download and Asian Tour Edition of “Wake Up”), and “Such a Waste” (“This is the Day” single).

Obviously, this leaves one song missing. So we decided to investigate, and lo and behold, we’ve discovered the answer.

“Yes, there is an unreleased track recorded for the ‘Wake Up and Smell the Coffee’ sessions. The track is called ‘7 Years’ and is written by Dolores,” a representative for The Cranberries told Zombieguide today. “It is a country- tinged song featuring a Pedal Steel guitar.”

The unfortunate news is that we will likely not be listening to “7 Years” anytime soon. As the rep told us, “At present, there are no plans to release the song which might be used in a ‘Complete Sessions’ for the album. The track is owned by MCA/Universal Music Group.” That final statement should be the most worrysome for fans — after the band’s January announcement that they have split from Universal, the chances of seeing future Cranberries releases from Universal have been severely dampered.

The Unreleased Japanese Singles Compilation “7 Years,” from 1998

The title immediately jerked our minds back to something that we had seen recently in the December Cranberries Special Edition of the Irish mag “Hot Press.” Mixed into a collage of band photos (page 70) is something peeping up from behind — a CD-case-proportioned card which reads “The Cranberries ~7 Years~” in a Calligraphy-style font indicative of “To the Faithful Departed.” The Japanese katakana text on the lower right simply reads, “Cranberries: Seven Years.”

The image above comes from the unreleased Japan-only singles compilation “Seven Years,” (probably the same release as the fabled unreleased “Odd Bits and Hits”). Is there a connection between the song and the unreleased 1998 compilation? Many artists name their greatest hits compilation after the title of a bonus track — after all, even “Stars: The Best of…” was named after its bonus track.

The song and compilation “7 Years” are not related, see our update here.

As surprising as a 5th unreleased B-side from “Wake Up” may be, it’s certainly nothing new from The Cranberries. Many times in the past, the band has recorded tracks in the studio which, for one reason or another, never end up released to the public. Dolores told MTV News in a 1996 interview that the band usually has a few tracks that they record but never release. For example, last year’s “To the Faithful Departed: The Complete Sessions” release shows a studio chart that clearly shows that there was at least an attempt to record the song “False” during the late 1995 session. “False” is one of the band’s oldest songs, dating back to at least 1992. Furthermore, Fergal Lawler revealed via the Official Page last year that the band had tried to record the “Wake Up” track “Dying Inside” both during the “Faithful” and “Hatchet” sessions, but abandoned both attempts.

The Complete Cranberries Song List will be updated soon with the new addition.

Source: Exclusive!

World Cup Goalie Splits Over Cranberries Gig

May 25, 2003  |  Comments Off on World Cup Goalie Splits Over Cranberries Gig  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Croatian soccer team Dinamo Zagreb is losing goalkeeper Tomislav Butina over some much-publicized brawls with coach Miroslav Blazevic last year, one of which erupted over a Cranberries concert. Butina was placed as one of 23 to be put on Croatia’s national team last year.

Conflicts between the player and coach first started last year when Butina spent too much time talking to reporters before training session, causing the entire team to start the session later than was planned. Worse yet, Butina skipped a game last October to show up at The Cranberries’ Halloween concert in Zagreb. The Croatia team lost the match 3-0, with Butina’s concert-caused absence “further infuriating his coach,” according to Planet Football.

Butina, who’s been on the Zagreb team for over 11 years, will be heading to the Belgian champions Club Brugge, who reportedly offered a much higher salary than their Croatian counterparts.

Source: Planet Football

Cranberries on MTVLA Weekend Wrapup

May 20, 2003  |  Comments Off on Cranberries on MTVLA Weekend Wrapup  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

What do Cranberries fans have to say about The Cranberries’ presence on MTV Latin America over the last several days? It’s been good… but it could have been better. On one hand, Latin American fans of The Cranberries enjoyed an hour-long video homage to the band with The Cranberries edition of “Videologia.” On the other hand, Dolores was not included on MTV Latin America’s “MTV 10 Years: Top 20 Women Weekend.”

On May 14th, MTV Latin America featured a full hour (double the half-hour length reported earlier) of The Cranberries, featuring ten of the band’s most popular music videos. Included in the batch, were “Stars”, “Promises”, “Animal Instinct”, “Salvation”, “Zombie”, “Dreams”, “Ridiculous Thoughts”, “Ode To My Family”, “Linger” and “Just My Imagination”. In addition to the viewing the videos, fans had the opportunity to submit their own personal comments about each. Aired comments from hosts included admiration for Dolores’s “70’s look” in the “Animal Instinct” video, the notion that Dolores looks like “a crucified Cleopatra” in the “Zombie” video, and a generalized comment denoting the band’s accomplishment with album sales throughout the years.

All in all, not bad. Fans were, however disappointed with MTV Latin America’s omission of Dolores O’Riordan during the station’s “MTV 10 Years: 20 Women of Rock Weekend”. Female artists highlighted were, among others, Jewel, Björk, and Celine Dion. Though Dolores was nominated for the special, she was not included in the final 20. The Cranberries, were however, mentioned between the countdown, and aired as an extra clip with the music video for “Zombie”.

Thanks to Cranberrygirl and Sigma of ZG Mexico for the news.

Source: N/A

Album 6 Programmer Revealed

May 19, 2003  |  Comments Off on Album 6 Programmer Revealed  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

An update on the site for The Smoothside Organisation shows that The Cranberries have been working with Music Programmer Matthew Vaughanon their new material since February. Vaughan’s past clients include Pulp, Elton John, INXS, Depeche Mode, Jamiriquai, XTC, William Orbit and Texas.

This is, as far as we know, the first time The Cranberries have hired a programmer to assist with their recording, as most basic programming tasks can be handled by the producer. In case you’re not entirely sure what the programmer does, here’s a description: “A programmer is hired for his collection of instruments, sounds and samples, and is expect to be able to produce exactly the right sound for the occasion, and maybe do a bit of playing on the side… The programmer will also have a fantastic memory for sounds, and when you need a string sound that is just so, the programmer will be able to call up a few patches and demonstrate them to you so that you can choose the best… It is quite common for a producer to regard a programmer as a kind of producer’s assistant. The producer will give the programmer an idea of what he wants, then go away for an hour or two and leave the programmer alone with the equipment to see what he can come up with.” (For a more in-depth description, click here.)

A short bio on Matthew Vaughan, a listing of past credits, can be found here. The page additionally includes an MP3 sample of his past works (XTC, Jamiriquai, Alabama 3, etc.) so that you can get a taste of both his work and maybe of what’s to come.

Source: The Smoothside Organisation

Lots of Cran on MTVLA

May 14, 2003  |  Comments Off on Lots of Cran on MTVLA  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Tonight at 6:00 PM (Mexico local time), MTV Latin America will present a new episode of the show “Videologia” with The Cranberries as this show’s artist. The program will present a half-hour of The Cranberries’ videography with additional commentary for some clips.

Additionally, MTVLA viewers have another good chance at seeing The Cranberries again later this week. On May 17th, the channel is showing its new special “MTV 10 Years: Top 20 Women Weekend”. MTVLA’s website is currently polling visitors to compile the final Top 20 Women — click here to vote! (You will need to create a screen name.) Dolores O’Riordan is one of 80 women nominated for the list — Zombieguide will let you know this weekend how she fared.

In related news, magazine Rolling Stone is polling site visitors to find out which 100 bands have the best live performance. The results will be published in an upcoming issue. The Cranberries aren’t among the options, although write-in ballots are being accepted at the bottom. You know what to do!

Source: Zombieguide Mexico, Rolling Stone

Universal Mexico Comments on Cranberries Departure

May 9, 2003  |  Comments Off on Universal Mexico Comments on Cranberries Departure  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Granted, we’re a bit late with this news story, but there’s some interesting information here which is worth being repeated.

Recently, our affiliate to the south, Zombieguide Mexico, got the opportunity to question The Cranberries’ representative from Universal Music Mexico about the band’s January announcement that they were leaving Universal Music effective immediately.

To start, the representative stressed that they had not yet been officially advised from Universal headquarters in New York that The Cranberries were no longer part of the company. However, they admitted that they had seen the band’s press release and were aware of the current situation. The representative speculated that Universal would soon issue their own official statement, although, to date, one has not been made yet.

When asked about how this will change the distribution of the band’s past CDs in Mexico, it appears little will change. The CDs on the Universal label will continue to be manufactured as normal, although in smaller quantities as public demand for each CD goes down. The rep warned that in the unlikely event that demand for the discs dips too low, the albums may be put out of print permanently.

Next, Zombieguide Mexico inquired about rumors that the band’s original album releases were to be replaced by the newer Complete Sessions releases. This is already the case in the United States, where the original CD editions “Everybody Else…,” “No Need to Argue,” and “To the Faithful Departed” are officially out of print, replaced with last year’s “Complete Sessions.” Finding sealed copies of the originals in retail stores is now nearly an impossibility in the US (which may be for the better, since the CS releases carry several bonus tracks at a comparable price to the originals).

The representative responded that Universal Mexico has not received any instructions to discontinue the original releases, and therefore both the originals and Complete Sessions are still readily available in Mexico.

The Universal rep additionally commented that for special releases like singles (most of which are already out of print) and limited editions, most supplies are already exhausted and that no more will be produced. Universal recommends that people try special ordering items, as most “special” items will no longer be available.

Source: Zombieguide Mexico

Special Edition “Empire Records” to Release on DVD

May 9, 2003  |  Comments Off on Special Edition “Empire Records” to Release on DVD  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Ever since its release in 1995, the film “Empire Records” has become a full- fledged cult favorite in its own right. And to boot, sales of the original DVD release seem to be healthy enough to spawn a special edition release of the movie.

“Empire Records Remix: Special Fan Edition” releases on DVD next month in the US. New features for the disc include 16 minutes of previously-unseen footage, new digital transfer, four additional scenes, three music videos, trailers, Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, audio commentary with director Allan Moyle, widescreen anamorphic format, and closed captioning. No word yet on what music videos will be included.

“Empire Records” featured The Cranberries songs “How” and “Liar.” “How” received a prominent place during one scene of the movie, although not included on the soundtrack. “Liar,” on the other hand, was put on the OST, no doubt to lure in fans who didn’t yet have the B-side on an album. (“Liar” was even made into a promo single for the movie.)

“Empire Records Remix” will release on June 3rd with an MSRP of $24.99

Source: Amazon

“Linger” on MTVLA’s Top 20 Videos of 1993-2003

May 9, 2003  |  Comments Off on “Linger” on MTVLA’s Top 20 Videos of 1993-2003  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

This year, MTV Latin America celebrates its tenth anniversary and is doing so by presenting the best in music from the past ten years. The channel has allowed viewers to vote on their favorite videos from the past decade, and The Cranberries have secured a position on the list.

The Cranberries’ 1993 video for “Linger” landed at the #10 spot on the top twenty videos. MTVLA has compiled the Top 20 into an extended TV special which has been broadcasted several times on the channel within the past few weeks.

Thanks to Sigma of Zombieguide Mexico for the tip.

Source: MTVLA

A Long-Haired Dolores On Drums

May 4, 2003  |  Comments Off on A Long-Haired Dolores On Drums  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

In a letter posted on the Cranberries Official Site on Friday, Dolores writes from The Cranberries’ Kilmallock studio about her new do (“long” and “70’s hippish”) and how playing drums is an emotional release. Mellow and upbeat, Dolores tells fans that she is excited about the band’s upcoming rehearsals on Monday, and how the band is enjoying the inspiration of spring.

Dolores also writes that she is amused and excited about the notion of touring with The Rolling Stones, in particular, the show including AC/DC.

On a personal note for the band, Dolores reveals that Noel’s daughter is enjoying better health, and that Noel is especially excited about The Cranberries’ tour and rehearsals. Fans will remember that complications with the health of Noel’s daughter had previously prevented him from touring with the band during the early phase of promotion for “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” and was an intermittent challenge for him throughout 2001.

Sounding optimistic about the season, the attitudes, and the future for the band, Dolores’s letter to fans is, as usual, an uplifting read. Oh, and this one ends with Dolores’s own wise advice: “Eat loadsa garlic!”

Source: Cranberries Official Site

“Stars” on Argentinian Summer 2003 Sampler

May 2, 2003  |  Comments Off on “Stars” on Argentinian Summer 2003 Sampler  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Universal Music has included The Cranberries’ most recent single “Stars” on a new sampler of music in Argentina for Summer 2003. The 17-track sampler has been sent to media outlets “for broadcast only” and is jam-packed with all of Universal’s biggest artists (Although note that not all of these are on the Universal label in the US). The phrase on the cover reads, “We’ll walk all summer long… so that you hear our releases.”

The full tracklisting is:

1. “Electrtical Storm (William Orbit mix)” by U2
2. “Underneath it All (Acoustic Version)” by No Doubt
3. “I Have Seen” by Zero 7
4. “Lost Cause” by Beck
5. “Misunderstood” by Bon Jovi
6. “Tight (Remixec by Randy McMann)” by Inxs
7. “Stars” by The Cranberries
8. “Lose Yourself (Album Version – Explicit)” by Eminem
9. “Starry Eyed Surprised” by Paul Oakenfold
10. “All the Things She Said” by T.a.t.u.
11. “Hey Sexy Lady” by Shaggy
12. “Help Me” by Timo Maas
13. “It’s In Our Hands (Remix)” by Björk
14. “All the Things She Said (Extension 119 Club Vocal Remix)” by T.a.t.u.
15. “Take Me Home” by Sophie Ellis-Bextor
16. “Help Me (Deep Dish Attacks Mars Remix)” by Timo Maas
17. “Through the Rain (Full Intention Club Mix)” by Mariah Carey

This very well may be one of the last Cranberries-related promotional releases from Universal that you see, after the band announced their departure from the label this past January.

Shady Promoter Prompts Cranberries to Re-Think Luxembourg Show

April 28, 2003  |  Comments Off on Shady Promoter Prompts Cranberries to Re-Think Luxembourg Show  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Say what you do; and do what you say. It sounds simple enough. And it’s what The Cranberries expect from promoters responsible for booking the band for live performances. But unfortunately, the promoters in charge of scheduling The Cranberries for the June 12th show in Luxembourg, reportedly had a little trouble in abiding by that golden rule of good business.

According to The Cranberries Official Site, after promoters failed to follow through on certain undisclosed details within the commitment between the promoters and The Cranberries’ management, Timeless Music Management, The Cranberries have decided to postpone the previously scheduled show in Luxembourg. The Cranberries offer their sincere apologies to fans who have been awaiting this show, but wish to re-assure fans that The Cranberries do plan on scheduling a live performance in the city of Luxembourg next year.

Source: Cranberries Official Site

Sony Fixes BTS DVD Incompatibility Glitch

April 28, 2003  |  Comments Off on Sony Fixes BTS DVD Incompatibility Glitch  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

In a new update via their DVD drivers CD, Sony has corrected a glitch in their initial batches of PlayStation 2 systems which prevented the viewing of the original release of “Beneath the Skin,” among other DVD titles.

Initially, the original release of “Beneath the Skin” simply wouldn’t play on the DVD-compatible videogame system, creating an error message on screen which read, “Unable to read disc.” Similar widespread loading errors, especially with older DVD players, prompted The Cranberries to discontinue the DVD only months after its release in 2001 and to replace it with “Beneath the Skin: Version 2” in October of last year. The first version contains extra band and crew interviews that Version 2 does not contain, and vice versa, Version 2 contains the “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” documentary that the original did not include.

For those with an older PlayStation 2 system, the newest drivers (Ver. 2.12) can currently only be obtained by purchasing the official PlayStation 2 DVD remote (MSRP $14.99), which includes a CD of updated DVD drivers which can be installed onto your memory card. If you don’t want to shell out the cash for the remote and CD, you may want to try tracking down a friend who has the remote, since the update only requires a one-time installation.

New PlayStation 2 systems should also be shipping with the new drivers pre- installed.

Certainly good news for people (like myself) who use their PlayStation 2 as their primary DVD player!

Sources: Exclusive

“Dreams” Showcased at Apple iTunes Press Conference

April 28, 2003  |  Comments Off on “Dreams” Showcased at Apple iTunes Press Conference  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

This morning in San Francisco, CA, Apple CEO Steve Jobs kicked off the company’s new online music service, the iTunes Music Store. The service, which works in conjunction with Apple’s iTunes Player allows for Mac users to download music with one click, from a selection of over 200,000 songs, each at the low price of 99 cents. The service has gained the support of all five major music companies — Universal, Warner, EMI, Sony, and BMG — as well as support from individual artists like U2, who have previously not participated in any legal online music services.

During this morning’s press conference, while demonstrating the new iTunes service, Steve Jobs picked out The Cranberries’ track “Dreams” and used it twice for a demonstration to the audience.

In the first instance, “Dreams” was displayed as Jobs demonstrated the ease of one-click purchases. Later in the demo, he used the song along with the application iPhoto. Jobs then showed how you can take music purchased from the website and add it to a slideshow presentation — again choosing “Dreams” to go along with the slideshow.

This morning’s conference attracted names like Seal and Josh Groban to attend, and has additionally received much public support from Sheryl Crow.

The news is making big technology headlines today, so you can find plenty more about the new service from places like Fortune and Reuters.

Thanks to Luc for the news!

Sources: Fortune, Reuters, AP

New Record Label: Timeless Music?

April 19, 2003  |  Comments Off on New Record Label: Timeless Music?  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

For those who have followed The Cranberries closely, the name Timeless Music should sound very familiar. It’s the name of the band’s self-owned management company, founded just prior to the release of “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” by Dolores O’Riordan and husband Don Burton. Since the release of “Wake Up,” the agency has taken on an ever-increasing role in the band’s promotion, culminating in Timless Music’s press release in January that The Cranberries were parting ways with Universal Music.

A recent stealthy update on the contact page on The Cranberries Official Website shows that The Cranberries may be planning to create a new record label under the same name, Timeless Music.

As you’ll recall, Dolores said in a phone interview with RTE’s Radio One on the day following the press release that “What we’d like to do now really is to be independent and start our own label, I mean, we’ll go off and look for distribution deals.” Days later, the band’s official site stated that other labels were interested in signing the newly-released artists.

But the new listing clearly states: “RECORD COMPANY: … Timeless Music: Future Albums.” The link goes to an empty website with the Timeless Music logo, the same that has remained at that site since before the release of “Stars.”

A second very interesting newly-added tidbit can be found on the band’s “Contact” page. The publisher for the new songs “Stars” and “New New York” are listed as “To Be Confirmed.” Upon reading this, we lunged for our “Stars” liner notes to see if we could find any more evidence of this, and sure enough…

“Administered by Copyright Control”

Additionally, a look at the Stars section on the band’s official site also refers to “Copyright Control, Ltd.” The exact importance of this is yet unknown. Could “Stars” and “New New York” be the first songs officially on a Timeless Music label?

Are The Cranberries one step closer to forming their own label, under the title of Timeless Music? Keep in mind we should remember that details on the publishing and distribution of the band’s next album are nowhere near final at this point, and are probably in fact still in the developing stages. Consider this speculation at the moment, although all of the above has come from official sources.

While we await more official word on this issue, Zombieguide will keep an eye on this matter and of course, anything even remotely to do with the band’s sixth studio album.

Big thanks to Celtic Yodels for the tip.

Source: The Cranberries Official Website

Cranberries on Jameson Irish Whiskey Sampler

April 19, 2003  |  Comments Off on Cranberries on Jameson Irish Whiskey Sampler  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries are included as part of an all-Irish selection of tracks on the “Rush Hour Jam CD”, a new promotional release put out by Jameson Irish Whiskey.

“Free to Decide” is the first track on the CD, which includes both newcomers and veterans of Irish music, ranging from Rubyhorse to Thin Lizzy. The CD was released last month by Universal Music Special Markets in order to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day. Tracks are:

1. “Free to Decide” by The Cranberries
2. “Into the Lavender” by Rubyhorse
3. “Whiskey in the Jar” by Thin Lizzy
4. “The Last Song I’ll Ever Sing” by Gavin Friday
5. “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners
6. “The Big Beat” by Blue in Heaven
7. “Big Decision” by That Petrol Emotion
8. “What’s Going On” by Taste feat. Rory Gallagher

The version of “Free to Decide” included is the original album version, as opposed to the edited version of the “Alternate Mix” found on “Stars.”

If you come across any other recent compilations featuring The Cranberries, be sure to give us a heads-up here at Zombieguide!

Source: Exclusive

Fergal Interview in “Eres”

April 18, 2003  |  Comments Off on Fergal Interview in “Eres”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The February 16th issue of the USA edtion of “Eres,” a magazine in Spanish, includes a two-page interview with Fergal Lawler, “direct from Ireland.”

The interview looks to be taken during the “Stars” tour, however since Fergal was in Ireland at the time he gave the interview, it could easily be more recent, although “Stars” and touring take up a good portion of the interview.

Fergal gives some brief commentary on the band’s current and future projects. “We want to work in a way that’s different to what we’ve done before. What normally happens is that we arrive at the studio with the finished songs, record them, and start to add the lyrics. Now what we’re doing in the studio is to compose it there and see how things develop.” More interestingly, when asked about producers, Fergal reveals that the band is very open to working with new producers in the future, despite their penchant for Stephen Street. “I believe that, for everyone, Stephen Street [has influenced us the most]. To work with the others has been an interesting experience, [and] in the future we will continue doing it with different producers.

Another interesting thing said in the interivew was that “Before we had kids, there was nothing to worry about, while when you have them, they bring responsibility with them, you worry about them.” We only recently learned that Fergal’s youngest son, Nathan has been suffering with glaucoma in both eyes, which is certainly reason enough for him to be worrying. Thankfully, Nathan is reportedly well on the way to a full recovery.

Below is the fully translated interview. High-resolution scans can be found at the bottom of the page and will be added to the Magazines Gallery along with the rest of the recent print articles.

The Cranberries

Five-Star Fruit

Everyone remembers Salvation, Zombie, Linger, and Dreams, successful songs that have made The Cranberries today considered one of the most important groups from Ireland. Now they close an important chapter in their history with Stars, a compilation disc. Fergal Lawler (drummer) tells us about it.

By Alain Sefchovich

The past… is past

It’s already been 10 years since your first disc was released. What are the best experiences that you’ve had?
There’s been plenty. We’ve been through good and bad moments in those ten years, but definitely, we have been through a lot more good times than disasters.

Is it difficult to belong to a band with two brothers?
No, it’s been very easy, because they have an uncommon relationship as brothers. Above all they’re friends, they get along well, not like Oasis.

Why do you believe that a lot of groups that have a style similar to yours and started about the same time have separated, and you continue?
When we started, our goal was always not to change into something trendy. It was always “imagine recording five or six discs” or “to be together as a group for more than ten years.” It’s really like a marriage, you’re working with other people and you’re very close to them, and at times it can be very difficult, so for that we give each other a lot of space. Everything seems to have worked out well.

After the success that you’ve had, is it hard to keep your feet on the ground?
Not really, we continue living in Limerick, which is the city where we grew up. Every time we return, we separate ourselves completely and start to be treated like normal people, you don’t have admirerers following us, or anything like that.

I noticed on your official site that you’re the one that gets the most involved with the fans.
It’s something that I just started to do with my free time in 1997. I was surprised with the internet and the official pages of some groups, so we decided to make our own and start to write a diary or something like that, which interested me more than anybody, and its something that I continue doing.

On the compilation you included Daffodil Lament, which was voted by the fans as their favorite non-single. What’s yours?
There’s a song on the second disc called Disappointment, that’s one of my favorites. I don’t know why but it has something that I really like.

Why were the singles Hollywood and You and Me only released in certain countries?
In some places, the discs that included those songs, To the Faithful Departed and Bury the Hatchet, had a longer lifetime, so the record company asked us for more singles and we told them yes, so those were the ones that we chose.

Of the producers that you’ve worked with, which has influenced you the most?
I believe that, for everyone, Stephen Street. To work with the others has been an interesting experience, but in the future we will continue doing it with different producers.

Has there been jealousy that all the attention is given to Dolores?
No, never, and that’s how it’s been since we formed. It doesn’t matter what band you mention, it’s always the singer who receives the biggest amount of attention, and this is fine for us, we still enjoy playing.

All in the Family

How has the relationship among you changed since everyone has started their own family?
It’s a brilliant thing, that we’re already entering another period in our lives. Since we have kids, we relate to each other in a totally distinct form.

How has this situation affected the way you write songs?
When you become a parent, you become more more optimistic in how [you look] at life. Before we had kids, there was nothing to worry about, while when you have them, they bring responsibility with them, you worry about them.

Is it hard to be a parent and spend time on tour?
At first it was very difficult. Now we’re on tour for two to three weeks, and we return home for a week, after which we go back on tour another two or three weeks. We’ve done it that way to be with our family just when you start to feel lonely and tired, so we go home.

When you go home, what’s the most important thing for you: to rest or to spend time with your family?
Both, you just have to separate yourself and not think about the tour [or] the group, and make yourself a parent, a different person. You go out, do your shopping, take a walk, forget about the group.

Unknown Future

Why have you decided to work differently on the new material?
We want to work in a way that’s different to what we’ve done before. What normally happens is that we arrive at the studio with the finished songs, record them, and start to add the lyrics. Now what we’re doing in the studio is to compose it there and see how things develop.

Source: Exclusive

Planet Rock Profile to Air in the US in May

April 16, 2003  |  Comments Off on Planet Rock Profile to Air in the US in May  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries’ Planet Rock Profile special, originally recorded in 1995, will finally be aired for the first time in the United States next month on “premium” channel Showtime Next.

The interview was conducted by legendary Irish DJ Dave Fanning, whose name should sound familiar to diehard Cranberries fans. In 1992, The Cranberries recorded a set of demo tracks for the Dave Fanning Radio Show, which resulted in the only known studio recordings of “False” and “Like You Used To,” along with demo versions of “Put Me Down” and “The Icicle Melts,” among others. Dave Fanning is often given the extraordinary credit of bringing budding “garage bands” like The Cranberries and U2 to the limelight in their home country of Ireland, long before the groups gained international stardom.

The Cranberries’ episode was recorded in 1995 by EMI Productions for the Euro channel ARC. However, the US-based Showtime network recently picked up the rights on the series and is running a different episode every week. Here are the showtimes for the ‘Berries half-hour episode:

The band discusses topics like their early days with singer Niall Quinn, male chauvinism in the music industry, tacky tabloids, and that horrendous “Zombie” dance remix by A.D.A.M. For those that won’t get to see the interivew, or for those that just want a sneak peek, check out the screen grabs below from the interview.

Showtime Next is part of the Showtime Unlimited extra-cost premium cable package, although “Next” is not available in all areas. Contact your cable or satellite provider to see if the channel is available.

Source: Rock on TV


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