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2022.06.17 – “The Cranberries y la vida después del dolor: Ha sido duro” Web Spanish
2022.06.13 RTÉ 2FM – “The Alternative Audio English
2022.06.05 RTÉ Radio 1 – “Brendan O’Connor Audio English
2022.06.04 – “I thought there would be fans who might wonder if I was trying to replacing Dolores… P + W English
2022.05.29 – “Chatting with Fergal Lawler of The Cranberries Audio English
2022.05.27 – “Episode 132 with The Cranberries’ Fergal Lawler A + V English
2022.05.20 – “How New Projects Help Keep The Cranberries Name Alive” Web English
2022.05.17 – “TC Noel Hogan joins forces with Brazilian singer Mell Peck in new group The Puro” Web English
2022.05.17 – “Limerick Cranberries star releases brand new debut single” Web English
2022.05.17 – “Cranberries guitarist unveils debut single for new project” Web English
2022.05.03 – “Music Fergal Lawler Interview” Web English
2022.04.09 BBC One – “Top Of The Pops – The Story Of 1994” Video English
2022.03.14 (dystopiatonight) – “Noel Hogan on Dystopia Tonight” Video English
2022.03.12 YouTube (O Som do k7) – “Linger – Entrevista com Noel Hogan Guitarrista do The Cranberries” Video English
2022.03.06 YouTube (Cranberries Brasil) – “Entrevista Dan Brodbeck – Produtor musical Dolores O’Riordan” Video English
2022.01.01 YouTube (Cranberries Brasil) – “Entrevista Noel Hogan – The Cranberries Brasil Fanpage” Video English


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2021.12.28 YouTube (Hot Press) – “Why Can’t We? Noel Hogan of The Cranberries in conversation with Stuart Clark Video English
2021.12.04 Virgin Media Two – “Fanning At Whelan’s – Episode 1” Video English
2021.10.02 RTÉ 2fm – “Noel Hogan on the making of The Cranberries Linger” Audio English
2021.09.11 YouTube (Reuters) – “A new book about The Cranberries band” Video English
2021.09.06 Facebook Live (@TheCranberries) – “Remembering Dolores” Video English
2021.09.06 – “A minute with: Guitarist Noel Hogan on The Cranberries new book” Web English
2021.09.05 RTÉ Radio 1 – “Sunday with Miriam” Audio English
2021.09.03 RTÉ One – “The Late Late Show” Video English
2021.08.18 Virgin Media One – “The Six O’Clock Show” Video English
2021.08.06 RTÉ Radio 1 – “The Ryan Tubridy Show” Audio English
2021.08.05 Live95 – “Limerick Today with Joe Nash” Audio English
2021.06.07 – “Noel Hogan & Stephen Street interview” Video English
2021.06.02 – “The Cranberries Linger – How a local Irish band changed the sound of…” Video English
2021.05.31 – “Producing The Cranberries with Stephen Street” Video English
2021.05.14 Hot Press – “The crying game” Print English
2021.04.28 – “NH on the mixed blessing of his first major project since TC Web English
2021.04.24 – “Stars of The Cranberries and The Commitments align for a musical force” Web English
2021.04.18 TodayFM – “All Irish with Fergal D’Arcy” Audio English
2021.04.16 – “Did you hear the one about the Cranberry and the Commitment?” Web English
2021.04.13 – “Cranberry and Commitment unite for new song” Web English
2021.04.12 – “TC Noel Hogan teams up with Bronagh Gallagher to release their brand new track…” Web English
2021.01.xx Teraz Rock – “Naiwnosc I Beztroska” Print Polish


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2020.12.xx Record Collector – “Fergal Lawler of The Cranberries” Print English
2020.12.07 – “Cranberries celebrate 2nd album with new boxed set: Q&A” Web English
2020.12.01 – “The Cranberries live on in a busy, archival way without late singer Dolores O’Riordan” Web English
2020.11.24 – “The Cranberries: No Need To Argue” Web English
2020.11.23 – “The Cranberries revisit No Need To Argue and the legacy of Zombie” Web English
2020.11.20 – “The Cranberries revisit their hit album No Need To Argue and the legacy of Zombie” Web English
2020.11.17 YouTube – “What Goes On S2 Ep23 – Noel Hogan (The Cranberries)” Video English
2020.11.13 – “The Cranberries” Web English
2020.11.13 – “The Cranberries on Dolores O’Riordan and No Need To Argue” Web English
2020.11.10 – “How No Need To Argue turned The Cranberries into stars” Web English
2020.11.05 – “Voice on U2 – The Cranberries’ Noel Hogan” Web English
2020.11.02 YouTube – “Bringin’ it Backwards” Video English
2020.10.31 YouTube – “Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz” Video English
2020.10.16 – “Kyle Meredith with… The Cranberries” A + V English
2020.09.19 – “We Were young and fearless: Fergal Lawler on The Cranberries’ NNTA”
Web English
2020.09.09 – “This Must Be The Gig” Audio English
2020.07.25 – Cranberries hit reimagined for Songs From An Empty Room” Web English
2020.07.22 – “Dolores O’Riordan a massive presence still in Cranberries, says Noel Hogan” W+V English
2020.07.21 – “Songs From An Empty Room: The Cranberries’ Noel Hogan on The Olympia and…” Web English
2020.07.08 Facebook (@TheCranberries) – Facebook Live Stream Video English
2020.06.13 LíR Media TV – “The Weekend Mix A Chat With…” Video English
2020.04.24 BBC Radio 5 live – “Chiles On Friday” Audio English
2020.04.18 RTÉ News – “Nine O’Clock” Video English
2020.04.18 RTÉ 2fm – “Dave Fanning” Audio English
2020.01.15 – “Entrevista con The Cranberries, recordando o Dolores O’Riordan” Web Spanish
2020.01.09 – “The Cranberries reflect on their first Grammy nod: Dolores would’ve been delighted…” Web English


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2019.12.27 – “Interview – Noel Hogan of The Cranberries” Web English
2019.12.13 – “The Cranberries react to first Grammy nod coming after Dolores O’Riordan’s death” Web English
2019.11.29 – “Fanshawe professor receives Grammy nomination” Web English
2019.11.25 Today FM – “Fergal D’Arcy” Audio English
2019.11.24 – “The Cranberries: Grammy nomination a fitting full stop” Web English
2019.11.21 RTÉ Radio 1 – “Morning Ireland” Audio English
2019.11.20 – “The Cranberries react to first Grammy nomination: Dolores would be delighted” Web English
2019.11.20 – “Cranberries says Grammy-nominated album is tribute to late singer” Web English
2019.11.10 RTÉ Radio 1 – “Songs In My Head” Audio English
2019.10.22 – “The Chat – with Dan Murphy” Audio English
2019.06.xx Total Guitar – “In The End” Print English
2019.06.xx Rolling Stone – “Despedida y homenaje” Print Spanish
2019.06.28 – “The Cranberries’ Noel Hogan: “Doing the album when we did, it was almost like…” Web English
2019.06.22 – “Stunning visuals for The Cranberries’ Wake Me When It’s Over created by…” Web English
2019.06.14 – “The Cranberries después de Dolores: ¿Evolución o separación?” Audio English
2019.06.12 – “Episode 70 – Noel Hogan In Depth on The Cranberries and Beyond” Audio English
2019.06.06 (via Spotify) – “Entrevista con Fergal Lawler” Audio English/Spanish
2019.06.06 Cranberries MEXICO Facebook – “Entrevista con Fergal Lawler” Web Spanish
2019.05.31 – “Entrevista exclusiva: El legado de Dolores O’Riordan” Web Spanish
2019.05.17 – “The Cranberries: l’album qui marque la fin du groupe” Video English
2019.05.13 – “Noel Hogan of The Cranberries opens up about Dolores O’Rirodan…” Web English
2019.05.08 – “The Cranberries: On Dolores, their fondest band memories and In The End”
Web English
2019.05.06 – “Noel Hogan, compositeur des Cranberries: Nous ne continuerons pas sans Dolores”
Web French
2019.05.05 gay ch YouTube – “5 minutes with The Cranberries” Video English
2019.05.05 – “The Cranberries on Dolores O’Riordan’s swan-song: We wanted to finish what we started” Web English
2019.05.01 – “Episode 158: The Cranberries” Audio English
2019.05.01 – “The Cranberries’ new album In The End helped them mourn Dolores O’Riordan” Web English
2019.04.30 – RTÉ Radio 1 – “Arena With Seán Rocks” Audio English
2019.04.30 – “The Cranberries on losing Dolores O’Riordan…” Web English
2019.04.29 – “le monde d’Elodie” Audio French
2019.04.28 – The Cranberries: Guarda l’intervista realizzata da Paola Maugeri negli studi di Virgin Radio” Video English
2019.04.28 – “The Cranberries special In the beginning and in the end” A + V English
2019.04.28 RTL2 – “Pop-Rock Story” Audio French
2019.04.28 – “In the End, the final album of TC – Interview with Fergal Lawler” Web French/English
2019.04.28 M6 – “Le 19.45” Video French
2019.04.28 – “Les Cranberries en interview: Dolores serait aussi fière que bous de cet album” Web French
2019.04.27 – RTÉ 2fm – “Dave Fanning” Audio English
2019.04.27 – “Musique: The Cranberries, point final” Audio French
2019.04.24 – “The Cranberries release final album with DOR’s voice” Web English
2019.04.24 – “The Cranberries, Still in Mourning, Return for the Last Time” Web English
2019.04.24 – “The Cranberries, Still in Mourning, Return for the Last Time” Web English
2019.04.23 Associated Press YouTube – “TC, Still in Mourning, Return for the Last Time” Video English
2019.04.23 – “How The Cranberries’ final album, after the death of DOR, was completed” Web English
2019.04.23 – “An interview with The Cranberries’ Noel Hogan” Web English
2019.04.23 – “After death of singer DOR, Cranberries’ guitarist asked What Should I Do?” Web English
2019.04.23 ” The Cranberries’ final album celebrates the new beginning Dolores O’Riordan wanted” Web English
2019.04.23 OUI FM / YouTubeMusic – “The Cranberries In The End – Avant-première part 3” Video English/French
2019.04.22 “Encore! – The Cranberries’ final goodbye” Video English
2019.04.20 – “The Cranberries without Dolores just isn’t TC – Limerick band on why they won’t…” Web English
2019.04.19 OUI FM / YouTubeMusic – “The Cranberries In The End – Avant-première part 2” Video English/French
2019.04.19 – “The Cranberries reveal fans will hear earnestness in Dolores O’Riordan’s voice that…” Web English
2019.04.18 OUI FM / YouTubeMusic – “The Cranberries In The End – Avant-première part 1” Video English/French
2019.04.18 – “The Cranberries farewell album: One more time with Dolores” Web English
2019.04.17 – “In the end, la ilusión de Dolores O’Riordan” Web Spanish
2019.04.17 – “The Cranberries members reflect on life, music without Dolores O’Riordan” W + V English
2019.04.16 q on cbc YouTube – “The Cranberries on their final album and life after Dolores O’Riordan” Video English
2019.04.16 – “The Cranberries hope their final album is their best for Dolores” Web English
2019.04.15 Jane Stevenson Twitter / Video English
2019.04.15 – “It’s Mike Jones: The Cranberries” Audio English
2019.04.15 – “Breakfast Television” Video English
2019.04.12 Q104.3’s Out Of The Box Facebook – “The Cranberries are LIVE with Jonathan Clarke” Video English
2019.04.12 – “TC open up about life with DOR ahead of Limerick rock legends’ last ever album” Web English
2019.04.11 – “Interesting Facts with Noel Hogan” Web English
2019.04.11 SiriusXM – “Volume Morning Show” Audio English
2019.04.10 abc ? English
2019.04.10 “Life After Dolores” Web English
2019.04.10 Musica e Tv 2.0 YouTube – “TC presenta l’album In The End (incontro stampa)” Video English/Italian
2019.04.09 – “Il nuovo disco dei Cranberries: Questo è un addio” Web Italian
2019.04.09 – “Cranberries a Blogo: Dopo la morte di Dolores, il nostro ultimo disco In The End…” Video English
2019.04.09 – “I Cranberries raccontano l’album postumo In The End – Videointervista” Video English
2019.04.09 – “Arriva In The End l’ultimo album dei Cranberries: un bellissimo tributo a Dolores O’Riordan” Video Italian
2019.04.09 – “The Cranberries e l’ultimo album con la voce di Dolores O’Riordan: In The End” Video Italian
2019.04.09 – “I Cranberries annuncia la fine della band…” W + V English
2019.04.09 -“Cranberries, esce In The End, l’ultimo album in nome di Dolores…” Web Italian
2019.04.09 -“In The End, il primo e ultimo disco dei Cranberries senza Dolores O’Riordan” Video English/Italian
2019.04.08 – “In The End l’ultimo album dei Cranberries: Un omaggio a Dolores O’Riordan” Video English
2019.04.08 – “Cranberries: La band è finita. Ecco il disco postumo con la voce di Dolores” Video English
2019.04.07 – “The Cranberries prepare to farewell Dolores O’Riordan and fans with final album” Web English
2019.04.07 – “TC über den Tod von Dolores und das Ende der Band” Web German
2019.04.05 The Daily Telegraph – “There’s no way we’ll ever try to replace Dolores” Print English
2019.03.25 Promiflash YouTube – “TC kommen nur schwer über Dolores’ Tod Hinweg”  Video German/English
2019.03.22 – “Toca pasar página y seguir hacia delante” Web Spanish
2019.03.20 – “Kyle Meredith with… The Cranberries” Audio English
2019.03.06 – “The Cranberries unveil All Over Now video from final album: premiere” Web English
2019.02.28 RegenbogenDE YouTube – “The Cranberries im interview bei Regenbogen Zwei” Video English
2019.02.26 – “Myślisz, że rzeczy idą ku dobremu, a potem dzieje się cos takiego” Web Polish
2019.02.13 – “The Cranberries: Fue un alivio saber que Dolores no murió por suicidio” Web Spanish
2019.02.10 “The Cranberries: La gente espera que el disco sea muy oscuro…” Web Spanish
2019.02.07 – “The Making of The Cranberries’ Haunted Farewell” Web English
2019.02.07 – “The unlikely success of The Cranberries” Web English
2019.02.07 – “The J Files: The Cranberries” Audio English
2019.01.26 – “Noel Hogan says Limerick memorial to honour Dolores O’Riordan is a nice idea” Web English
2019.01.22 – “The Cranberries on their final album: it’s like a little gift Dolores left behind” Web English
2019.01.15 BBC One – “The One Show” Video English
2019.01.15 – BBC Radio 2 – “Jeremy Vine” Audio English
2019.01.14 ITV1 – “News at 10” Video English
2019.01.14 – “The Cranberries dedicate their final album to Dolores O’Riordan” Video English
2019.01.10 – “Dolores O’Riordan’s mum speaks ahead of anniversary” Web English


Date Media AVPW Language
2018.11.06 – “Noel Hogan: On The Cranberries formative years and the pain of losing Dolores” Web English
2018.10.19 – “It was the perfect time and place: Noel Hogan on TC enduring debut album” Web English
2018.10.11 – “The Cranberries share rare demo, guitarist Noel Hogan talks band’s legacy” Web English
2018.10.09 – “The Canberries on their surprise hit debut and final album with Dolores O’Riordan” Web English
2018.09.25 Q – “To The Faithful Departed” Print English
2018.09.13 – “She was a roll: The Cranberries on the last days of Dolores O’Riordan” Web English
2018.04.30 – “It’s what Dolores would have wanted” Audio English
2018.04.24 – “Goodbye Dolores: The Final Episode” Audio English
2018.01.17 – “Noel Hogan talks singer’s life and legacy” Web English
2018.01.16 – “My name is Dolores O’Riordan I’m going to be a rock star; School friend remembers…” Web English
2018.01.16 – ‘Interview: No Need To Argue With Dolores O’Riordan” Web English
2018.01.16 SiriusXM – “Feedback” (with D.A.R.K.’s press agent Rey Roldan) Audio English
2018.01.15 – “London music producer reflects on long working relationship with Dolores O’Riordan” Web English
2018.01.15 – “E muito diferente ser uma mulher numa banda” Web Portuguese


Date Media AVPW Language
2017.12.29 – “Author Ray Padgett and The Cranberries” Audio English
2017.11.02 – “The Story Behind The Song: The Cranberries – Zombie” Web English
2017.10.23 – 晓说 Xiaoshuo Video Chinese
2017.09.13 – “10 questions for The Cranberries’ Noel Hogan” Web English
2017.09.04 – “The Cranberries try something else” Web English
2017.07.05 – “In 24 Hours” Video English
2017.07.02 – “The Cranberries’ comeback” Video English
2017.06.01 – “2 Hours With Matt Pinfield” Audio English
2017.05.26 – “Dolores O’Riordan: Bekendheid is een gevaarlijk spelletje” Web Flemish
2017.05.26 – “Interview: The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan” Web English
2017.05.21 – BBC Radio Wales – “Alan Thompson” Audio English
2017.05.19 – “Less is more on Something Else, The Cranberries’ greatest hits resurrected” Web English
2017.05.19 – “The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show” Audio English
2017.05.09 – Q104.3 – “The Cranberries talk Something Else, their appearance on…” A + V English
2017.05.08 – “The Cranberries: how we made Linger” Web English
2017.05.07 The Sunday Business Post Magazine – “Her dark material” Print English
2017.05.06 – “Dolores O’Riordan on life with and without The Cranberries” Web English
2017.05.04 The Cranberries Facebook – “TC were LIVE from Paris taking fan questions about their upcoming…” Video English
2017.05.03 – TC lead singer Dolores O’Riordan, 45, on the band’s new album, The Voice and…” Web English
2017.05.02 – “Talking 25 years of The Cranberries with Dolores O’Riordan” Web English
2017.05.01 – BBC Radio Norfolk – “Olly Mann sits in” Audio English
2017.05.01 – BBC Radio Scotland – “The Janice Forsyth Show” Audio English
2017.04.29 – “An evening with The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan & Noel Hogan” Audio English
2017.04.29 – BBC Radio 6 – “Liz Kershaw” Audio English
2017.04.29 BBC News – “BBC Breakfast” Video English
2017.04.28 – “Max interviews Dolores & Noel of The Cranberries” Audio English
2017.04.28 – “TC talk 25th Anniversary, ’90s nostalgia and playing Linger on The Bachelorette” Web English
2017.04.28 – “Wise Words: Dolores O’Riordan on Bono, running and the power of fans’ support” Web English
2017.04.28 – Listen Dolores from The Cranberries chats to Paul McKenna Audio English
2017.04.28 – BBC Radio Ulster – “Gerry Kelly” Audio English
2017.04.27 – RTÉ 2fm – “The Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene” Audio English
2017.04.24 – “Dolores O’Riordan discusses Something Else” Web English
2017.04.24 – “Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries” Web English
2017.04.19 – “Soul Sisters Podcast” Audio English
2017.04.18 – 100.7 WHUD – “Mike & Kacey in the Morning” Audio English
2017.04.17 – RTÉ2fm – “2fm Music Special” Audio English
2017.04.14 – “Dolores O’Riordan: I got sick, had a meltdown – it was too much work that caused it” Web English
2017.04.07 – “Noel and Delores from The Cranberries Something Else” Audio English
2017.04.07 – Magic 104 – “The magic morning show!” Audio English
2017.04.05 – Super Hits 106 – “The afternoon show with Brent” Audio English
2017.04.05 – “Dolores O’Riordan & Noel Hogan from The Cranberries” Audio English
2017.04.04 SiriusXM Facebook – “Tell me everything” (snippet) Audio English
2017.04.04 SiriusXM – “Debatable” Audio English
2017.03.29 – W Radio – “Si la oferta aparece, estaremos en Colombia: Dolores O’Riordan” Audio English/Spanish
2017.03.28 – “The Cranberries all set to bask in the Hi-Res glory of acoustic and…” Web English
2017.01.13 – RTÉ 2fm – “A History Of The Studio 8 Sessions” Audio English


Date Media AVPW Language
2016.12.16 Conciertos Perú Facebook – “We talked with TC Fergal Lawler and Noel Hogan” Video English
2016.12.15 – “The Cranberries: entre la familia y la música” Video Spanish
2016.12.15 Publimetro Facebook – “ENVIVO con los integrantes de The Cranberries” Video English/Spanish
2016.11.11 RTÉ Today Facebook – “Today with Maura and Daithi” Video English
2016.09.xx Bass Guitar Magazine – “Dark Matters” Print English
2016.09.15 – “Interview – Andy Rourke of The Smiths & D.A.R.K.” Web English
2016.09.08 – “Andy Rourke talks new band D.A.R.K. says ship has sailed for Smiths reunion” Web English
2016.09.06 – “Andy Rourke talks with Dolores O’Riordan for the T.M.P.” Audio English
2016.08.xx Classic Pop – “Dancing with the D.A.R.K.” Print English
2016.07.22 – “D.A.R.K. discuss on what matters on Science Agrees” Web English
2016.06.23 – “An interview with Andy Rourke of D.A.R.K.” Web English
2016.06.17 Radio Fribourg YouTube – “The Cranberries @Radio Fribourg / Juin 2016” Video English/French
2016.06.12 – “The Cranberries al Festival Jardins de Pedralbes” Video English/Spanish
2016.06.12 – 8TV – “8 al dia – The Cranberries, a Barcelona” Video English/Spanish
2016.06.09 – “Festi’neuch Interview – 09.06.16” Audio English/French
2016.05.xx Louder Than War – “Weird Science” Print English
2016.04.18 – “An interview with Andy Rourke, The Smiths” Web English


Date Media AVPW Language
2015.11.06 – “Limerick’s 2020 cultural city bid takes centre-stage” Web English
2015.11.06 – “PICS: Limerick’s 2020 cultural city bid takes centre stage” Web English
2015.11.05 – “Limerick comes out in force for EU Capital of Culture bid” Web English
2015.07.14 – “Coffee with a sign painter, Episode 27” Audio English
2015.04.01 – “Angelo Badalamenti: The dream man” Web English
2015.02.20 – “Quando Andy Rourke (The Smiths) ascoltò gli Ovlov” Web Italian
2015.01.28 – “Entrevista con Andy Rourke con motivo de su visita a Mexico” Web Spanish
2015.01.15 – “The Cranberries founder Noel hogan goes mobile with Audient” Web English


Date Media AVPW Language
2014.12.21 – “Dolores banishes the darkness and returns to the light” Web English
2014.12.03 – “Interview Marco Mendoza, The Dead Daisies” Web English
2014.08.03 The Pigtown Fling – 2014 EPK Video English
2014.04.29 – “I’ve no regrets about The Voice but I NEED a break” Web English
2014.04.27 – “You get to the point where you want to die just to get peace” W + V English
2014.04.26 – RTÉ 2fm – “Dave Fanning” Audio English
2014.04.18 – RTÉ 2fm – “The Nicky Byrne Show” Audio English
2014.01.26 FM104 – The Juice Audio English
2014.01.22 – SPIN 103.8 – “Plan B” Audio English
2014.01.18 RTÉ Guide – “Let battle commence ! “ Print English
2014.01.14 – Today FM – “The Ray D’Arcy Show” Audio English
2014.01.14 – RTÉ 2fm – “Tubridy” Audio English
2014.01.04 TV now – “Sing it loud!” Print English
2014.01.04 RTÉ Guide – “Back in the hot seat” Print English


Date Media AVPW Language
2013.12.23 – “Limerick’s leading ligths” Web English
2013.12.22  – “Dolores O’Riordan: rock star and truth-seeker” Web English
2013.11.17  – “The Edge: Dolores decides not to linger in Ireland” Web English
2013.11.16 – “Cranberries star Dolores to linger in Canada” Web English
2013.11.10 Sunday Independent’s Life – “The child within” Print English
2013.10.28 – “Stylish Dolores reveals delight over voice role” Web English
2013.10.21 – “New Voice of Ireland judge DOR reveals she only saw show for first time ten days ago” Web English
2013.10.21 – “Marco Mendoza” Web English
2013.10.04 – RTÉ One – “The Late Late Show” Video English
2013.03.04 – Virgin Radio – “Cranberries Live@Milano” Video English


Date Media AVPW Language
2012.12.13 StiriJurnalTV – “The Cranberries concert la Romexpo” Video Romanian
2012.11.21 Le Télégramme – “A un moment, je me suis perdue” Print French
2012.11.20 – “The Cranberries’ Noel Hogan’s Production Renaissance” Web English
2012.11.09 – “Noel Hogan of The Cranberries on his Fender Jaguar” Video English
2012.10.05 – “Interview: The Cranberries” Web English
2012.09.07 – “The Lookout” Audio English
2012.07.27 SPIN South West – “Smart Arts” Audio English
2012.06.xx Hot Press – “Hogan’s run” Print English
2012.06.18 – “The Cranberries” Web French
2012.06.01 – “The Cranberries (18/01/12)” Web French
2012.05.13 – “The Cranberries coming up Roses” Web English
2012.05.10 – “Cranberries starting fresh” Web English
2012.05.08 – “Comeback kids: Why bands such as The Cranberries are touring again” Web English
2012.05.07 Q104.3 – “Out Of The Box” Video English
2012.05.05 – “The Lingering Dreams of youth” Web English
2012.05.04 – “Pass The Bowl” Web English
2012.05.04 The Morning Call – “Reunited Cranberries regain raw power” Web English
2012.05.01 – “The Cranberries offer a picture-in-picture commentary for Tomorrow” Video English
2012.04.29 KISS KISS Radio – “Entrevista The Cranberries para a KISS KISS Radio, Italia 2012” Video English
2012.04.11 CBC Radio 2 – The Incident with Mark Wigmore Video English
2012.04.11 – “It’s coming up Roses for The Cranberries” Web English
2012.04.10 – “The Cranberries back with new album” Web English
2012.04.09  – “Cranberries all set for Big Dome concert” Web English
2012.04.02 – “Rocker Mummy” Web English
2012.03.xx NewsTalkZB – “The Cranberries in studio” Audio English
2012.03.xx Guitarist Magazine – “The Cranberries: Retour en grâce” Print French
2012.03.30 – “The Cranberries: Learning from the past” Web English
2012.03.26 – “We knew we were going to reunite at some point: The Cranberries” Web English
2012.03.26 – “The Cranberries bassist recalls first Manila visit, looks forward to April concert” Web English
2012.03.25 – “Life is sweeter the second time around” Web English
2012.03.22 – “Interview The Cranberries” Web French
2012.03.18 TVA – Star Académie Video English
2012.03.16 – “Cranberries: con Roses la reunion è completa” Web Italian
2012.03.14 – “The Cranberries: Living in Canada. the reunion. staying young” Video English
2012.03.14 – “Q&A with Cranberries’ Noel Hogan” Web English
2012.03.13 – Voor de Show Video English
2012.03.12 – “The Cranberries rock on” Video English
2012.03.12 – “Coming up Roses; The Cranberries return” Web English
2012.03.12 france – “Des Cranberries tout Roses” Video French
2012.03.10 – “Cranberries’ Dolores does it all again” Web English
2012.03.09 – TVNZ One – “Breakfast” Video English
2012.03.09 – “Le retour épineux des Cranberries” Video English
2012.03.08 – “Bloom back on the rose for The Cranberries” Web English
2012.03.06 – Radio Capital – “Whatever” Audio English
2012.03.04 Absolute Radio Audio English
2012.03.03 – “The Cranberries: fin du silence créatif” Web French
2012.03.01 – “Dolores O’Riordan: Coming up Roses” Web English
2012.02.xx – “I Cranberries raccontano a Rockol Roses” Video English
2012.02.29 YouTube (linearock) – “The Cranberries – interview @ Linea Rock” Video English
2012.02.29 – Rai Uno – “TG1 Note” Video Italian
2012.02.29 – “The Cranberries are back… with Roses!” Video English
2012.02.28 – “AUX in the studio with The Cranberries” Video English
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2012.02.20 R101 Audio N/A
2012.02.19 Sunday Independent’s Life – “In The Name Of My Father” Print English
2012.02.17 – “Fergal portera une combinaison rose moulante sur la prochaine tournée”
Web French
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Date Media AVPW Language
2011.xx.xx – “An Interview with Producer Stephen Street” Web English
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