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Date Magazine Description Language Country
2003.xx.xx Wan2 (Preview) ? Czech Czech Rep.
2003.12.xx Rock Stage (Preview) “Generadoras de suenos en H20”  1p article featuring Dolores Spanish Mexico
2003.11.27 Irish Daily (Preview) “Home’s where the art is for singer Dolores”  short article English Ireland
2003.10.xx Rolling Stone (Preview) Short article, Dolores with a fan Spanish Spain
2003.10.20 Irish Post Short news English Ireland
2003.09.27 Irish Post (Preview) Short news English Ireland
2003.09.17 The Irish Times “Cranberries take 2-year-break after long career”  sixth page article English Ireland
2003.08.20 SM Storia della Musica (Pr) ? Italian Italy
2003.08.08 The Irish World (Preview) “Cranberries are still together”  quarter page article English England
2003.06.09 Unknown Newspaper (Pr) “Cranberries heizen ein”  concert review from ?? German Germany
2003.03.xx DVD Music “Através do tempo”  4p article +STARS dvd review  (+front cover) Portuguese Brazil
2003.03.xx Blue Jean (Preview) “The Cranberries: BJ kitaplari”  36p supplement dedicated to the band Turkish Turkey
2003.03.17 The Alternative News (Pr) 4 page story  (+front cover) English Ireland
2003.02.xx All Music (Preview) “Doppia vita da Stars”  2p interview with Noel and Dolores Italian Italy
2003.02.16 Eres (Edición USA) “Fruto de 5 estrellas”  2p interview with Fergal Spanish Mexico
2003.01.xx Unknown TV program Short article announcing The Cranberries on French TV French France
2003.01.31 The Irish World (Preview) “Cranberries quit label”  quarter page article English England
2003.01.03 The Irish World (Preview) “Very best of a vintage year”  1p article featuring Dolores English England


Date Magazine Description Language Country
2002.xx.xx Tylko Rock (Preview) ? Polish Poland
2002.xx.xx Star Club (Preview) 1p ad for French concerts: Paris 2002.10.16 + Strasbourg 2002.11.28 French France
2002.xx.xx Okapi (Preview) “Le grand réveil des Cranberries”  quarter page article French France
2002.xx.xx Gala (Preview) “Le rock, une valeur familiale”  short news/gossip about Dolores in Paris French France
2002.12.xx Sorrisi e Canzoni TV Few lines & pictures announcing The Concerto di Natale on Italian TV Italian Italy
2002.12.xx Hot Press (Preview) Special issue dedicated to The Cranberries. 75 pages English Ireland
2002.1x.xx Blue Jean (Preview) “The Cranberries ile bir gün”  2p interview Turkish Turkey
2002.12.20 The Irish World (Preview) “Dolores leaves The cranberries”  short article English England
2002.12.19 Musica! Rock & Altro (Pr) ? Italian Italy
2002.11.xx Teenage (Preview) 2p interview with Fergal and Noel English Singapore
2002.11.xx Rolling Stone (Preview) “Etoiles et toiles”  half page article French France
2002.11.xx Raksotek Mag (Preview) “Rock muzik tarihinde sade ve guclu bir ses The Cranberries”  1p article Turkish Turkey
2002.11.xx Guitar Part (Preview) “Les Berries crânent”  half page interview with Dolores and Mike French France
2002.11.29 The Irish World (Preview) “Dolores, the Pope and a fairytale ending”  1p article English England
2002.11.24 Sunday Independent (Preview) “Berried treasure”  1p interview with Dolores English Ireland
2002.11.18 La Repubblica (Preview) “Cranberries, l’Irlanda che piace”  1p article Italian Italy
2002.11.16 ViviMilano (Preview) “Cranberries, dieci anni di rock”  1p article Italian Italy
2002.11.15 La Repubblica Milano (Preview) “Cranberries e Coldplay via ai grandi concerti”  1p article Italian Italy
2002.10.xx Women Who Rock (Preview) “It’s a family affair for T.C DO’R Burton”  2p interview with Dolores English USA
2002.10.xx Tribe Generation (Preview) “Foto ricordo”  2p interview with Dolores Italian Italy
2002.10.xx Top Music (Preview) “Diez anos en las estrellas”  2p article Spanish Spain
2002.10.xx Telepiu (Preview) “Tutti i gioielli di Dolores & C.”  3p article Italian Italy
2002.10.xx Rolling Stone “Que escuchan los Cranberries”  2p article Spanish Spain
2002.10.xx Rock Star (Preview) “Sotto una buona stella”  3p interview with Dolores Italian Italy
2002.10.xx Plano Corto 40M (Preview) “Parece que fue aye”  1p article Spanish Spain
2002.10.xx Paris Match (Preview) “Les Cranberries toujours verts”  quarter page article French France
2002.10.xx Irish Connections (Preview) ?  (+front cover) English Ireland
2002.10.xx Compact (Preview) “Cranberries fields forever”  4p article  (+front cover) French France
2002.10.31 A Aktuel (Preview) “Biz degiliz U2 politik”  2p interview Turkish Turkey
2002.10.30 Télérama (Preview) “Spectacle”  short article announcing Music Planet 2Nite on French TV French France
2002.10.19 Dominical (Preview) “Dolores sense ràbia”  4p interview Spanish Spain
2002.10.12 Sorrisi e Canzoni TV (Preview) “I frutti del sottobosco”  half page article Italian Italy
2002.09.xx Tutto Musica (Preview) “Vita da rockstar? Chi se ne frega!”  6p interview  (+front cover) Italian Italy
2002.09.xx Madison Nuggets Multi Media(Pr) STARS album review  +STARS 1p ad French France
2002.09.xx Live Mix Quarter page article about Joe O’Herlihy (FOH engineer of T.C.) English USA
2002.09.xx Latin Pulse (Preview) STARS 1p ad Spanish Mexico
2002.09.18 Télé Moustique “C’est à se demander si les gens ont un cerveau”  2p itw with Dolores French Belgium
2002.09.15 Sunday World (Preview) “A freaky kiss for Dolores”  short news/gossip about Dolores English Ireland
2002.09.14 Irish Independent’s Weekend (Pr) “Chilled Cranberry”  3p interview with Dolores  (+front page) English Ireland
2002.08.xx Tribe Generation (Preview) “Un posto al sole”  4p itw with Dolores  (+front cover) Italian Italy
2002.08.xx News Today (Preview) “Girls rock”  1p concert review: Singapore 2002.08.13 English Singapore
2002.08.16 Sing Pao Daily 3 pictures of The Cranberries receiving an award +article? Chinese Hong Kong
2002.08.14 The Straits Times (Preview) “Intense kooky”  2p concert review: Singapore 2002.08.13 English Singapore
2002.07.xx Women Who Rock “Coming attractions”  few words announcing Dolores in the next issue English USA
2002.07.xx TV Sette (Preview) “Bevi e ascolta”  quarter page article Italian Italy
2002.07.xx Tutto Musica (Preview) “Cranberries”  short news Italian Italy
2002.07.xx It’s Only Rock (Preview) Half page concert review: Bourges 2002.04.09 French France
2002.07.11 El Mundo El Dia de Baleares (Pr) “El Consell traera a T.C. para celebrar la Diada de Mallorca”  1p article Spanish Spain
2002.06.xx Rock Star (Preview) 2p article Italian Italy
2002.06.xx Por Fin! (Preview) ?  (+ front cover) Spanish Mexico
2002.06.xx JAM Viaggio Nella Musica (Pr) “Dall’ Irlanda, di tutto di più”  2p article / The Treasure Box review Italian Italy
2002.06.xx Filles d’Aujourd’hui (Preview) “Prendre le temps de vivre”  2p article French Canada
2002.06.28 Las vegas Review-Journal “Cranberries have some dedicated fans”  1p interview with Noel English USA
2002.05.xx Where Washington (Preview) “What’s on right now”  concert announcement : Vienna 2002.05.28 English USA
2002.05.xx Sky Customer Magazine (Pr) “Cranberry jam” 2p article English Ireland
2002.05.xx Premiere (Preview) 1p concerts ad: C. de México 2002.06.25 + Guadalajara 2002.06.28 Spanish Mexico
2002.05.30 Chastain Park Concert Series(Pr) Chastain Park Amphitheatre program (Atlanta, USA)  1p article English USA
2002.05.28 Center Lines Wolf Trap Wolf Trap Filene center summer 2002 program (Vienna, USA) 2p article English USA
2002.05.11 Le Journal de Montréal (Preview) “TC : bons comme des fruits mûrs”  concert review Montréal 2002.05.10 French Canada
2002.05.11 Le Devoir (Preview) “Les fruits de l’Irlande sont mûrs”  concert review: Montréal 2002.05.10 French Canada
2002.05.10 The Irish World (Preview) “Dolores chasing Hollywood role”  quarter page article English England
2002.04.xx Tutto Musica (Preview) “Nel backstage con Dolores”  1p concert review: Bologna 2002.03.10 Italian Italy
2002.04.xx Rolling Stone (Preview) 1p concert review: Madrid 2002.03.13 Spanish Spain
2002.04.xx Playboy (Preview) ? Polish Poland
2002.04.xx DVD Music (Preview) 2p article Portuguese Brazil
2002.04.xx CKM (Preview) 1p concert ad: Katowice, Spodek, 2002.04.25 Polish Poland
2002.04.20 OOR  (Preview) Half page concert review: Amsterdam 2002.03.29 Dutch Netherlands
2002.04.18 Musica! Rock & Altro (Pr) ? Italian Italy
2002.04.16 Blitz “Frio so la fora”  half page concert review Lisboa 2002.04.11 Potuguese Portugal
2002.04.05 CityMilano (Preview) “Il concerto”  quarter page article Italian Italy
2002.03.xx Tutto Musica (Preview) Half page concert review: Kobenhavn, Vega, 2002.02.17 Italian Italy
2002.03.xx The Eyes (Preview) ?  (+front cover) French France
2002.03.xx Rock Star (Preview) 1p news live  +quarter page contest  +concerts ad: Milano & Bologna Italian Italy
2002.03.xx Machina (Preview) 1p concert ad Katowice, Spodek, 2002.04.25 Polish Poland
2002.03.xx Kiosque (Preview) 1p concert ad: Bruxelles 2002.03.28  +1p article  (+front cover) French Belgium
2002.03.xx It’s Only Rock “The Cranberries”  2p story  (+front cover) French France
2002.03.05 Sorrisi e Canzoni TV (Preview) 1 picture & few lines announcing The Cranberries on Italian TV Italian Italy
2002.02.xx Tutto Musica (Preview) “Le canzoni”  1p Italian translation of the song “Time is ticking out” Italian Italy
2002.02.24 Action (Preview) Bank Austria Gasometer Halle program (Wien)  (+front cover) German Austria
2002.02.23 Le Télégramme “The Cranberries. L’alchimie retrouvée”  1p article French France
2002.02.19 La Provence (Preview) “L’Irlande paisible des Cranberries”  1p article French France
2002.01.xx Universal Music News (Preview) “Zdradzaja plany na 2002 rok”  2p article Polish Poland
2002.01.xx Tylko Rock (Preview) ? Polish Poland
2002.01.xx Shopping Music (Preview) “De alma lavada”  6p interview with Mike  (+front cover) Portuguese Brazil
2002.01.xx Mad Voice (Preview) “Irish… Spirit!”  4p interview Greek Greece
2002.01.xx Entrevue “Je ne voulais pas être célèbre…”  2p interview with Dolores French France
2002.01.xx Dynamite (Preview) ?  (+front cover) Portuguese Brazil
2002.01.02 Télérama (Preview) “Réservez vos billets”  half page article / concert announcement French France


Date Magazine Description Language Country
2001.xx.xx Nieuwe Revu (Preview) “The Cranberries Ontnuchterd”  2p article Dutch Netherlands
2001.xx.xx Gala (Preview) “Muzyka obroni sie sama”  1p article Polish Poland
2001.xx.xx El Rockero (Preview) “Tres adolescentes una hermosa voz”  4p article  (+front cover) Spanish Agentina
2001.12.xx Vale (Preview) “La pasada”  short news Spanish Spain
2001.12.xx The Record (Preview) ? Hindi India
2001.12.xx Rolling Stone (Preview) ? German Germany
2001.12.xx Ровесник (Preview) ? Russian Russia
2001.12.xx FHM (Preview) “The Cranberries”  1p interview with Fergal and Dolores French France
2001.12.xx Compact (Preview) ? French France
2001.12.xx Adorable (Preview) “Chef de fille”  2p interview with Dolores French Canada
2001.11.xx Zillo (Preview) 2p interview with Fergal and Dolores  (+front cover) German Germany
2001.11.xx Yu Kuang Music Magazine (Pr) ? Mandarin? Taiwan
2001.11.xx Venice (Preview) “The Cranberries smell the coffe”  2p interview English ?
2001.11.xx Uscita di Sicurezza (Preview) “Un dolce risveglio”  2p interview  (+front cover) Italian Italy
2001.11.xx Tutto Musica (Preview) 2p article  +promo CD dedicated to The Cranberries Italian Italy
2001.11.xx Tribe Generation 2p interview with Dolores  +WUASTC 1p ad  (+front cover) Italian Italy
2001.11.xx Top Music (Preview) “W.U.A.S.T.C.”  3p interview with Dolores Spanish Spain
2001.11.xx Rolling Stone (Preview) “Hot interviu”  1p interview with Dolores Spanish Spain
2001.11.xx Rolling Stone (Preview) ? German Germany
2001.11.xx Rockin’on 3p interview with Dolores Japanese Japan
2001.11.xx Rock & Folk WUASTC 1p ad  +WUASTC quarter page album review French France
2001.11.xx Network 40 (Preview) ?  (+front cover) English USA
2001.11.xx Muzikexpress (Preview) ? German Germany
2001.11.xx MMM (Preview) “Analisis desde el corazon”  1p article Spanish Spain
2001.11.xx Launch Issue 54. Includes CD-ROM with exclusive live performance English USA
2001.11.xx Emol (Preview) “Fresas (no tan) salvajes”  1p interview with Dolores Spanish Spain
2001.11.xx Blue Jean (Preview) “Uyandirma servisi”  4p interview with Dolores  (+front cover) Turkish Turkey
2001.11.10 Irish Examiner’s Weekend (Pr) ?  (+front page) English Ireland
2001.11.04 Byn Dominical (Preview) “..enem les ..nçons, no les ..stres vides”  3p article Catalan Spain
2001.11.03 Aloha (Preview) ?  (+front cover) Dutch Netherlands
2001.11.02 Cioè (Preview) ? Italian Italy
2001.10.xx Tylko Rock (HQ) “Dziwny sen”  4p article  +WUASTC album review Polish Poland
2001.10.xx Tutto Musica (Preview) 3p article Italian Italy
2001.10.xx Tribe Generation (Preview) “Eora relax!”  2p article  (+front cover) Italian Italy
2001.10.xx Sain (Preview) ?  (+front cover) English Australia
2001.10.xx RTÉ Guide (Preview) “Strange fruit”  2p article English Ireland
2001.10.xx Rocker (Preview) ?  (+front cover) Italian Italy
2001.10.xx Rock Star (Preview) “Tornando a casa”  3p itw with Dolores  +WUASTC review Italian Italy
2001.10.xx Oimusic (Preview) ?  (+front cover) Korean Korea
2001.10.xx Hello! “Fresh Cranberries”  1p article English England
2001.10.xx Cross Beat 4p interview with Dolores Japanese Japan
2001.10.xx Access! Musik-Magazin (Pr) 3p article German Germany
2001.10.27 Specchio La Stampa (Preview) “Casa, bimbi & rock’n’roll”  4p article Italian Italy
2001.10.27 Billboard (Preview) Half page article English USA
2001.10.26 The A List “Tutti fruitcake”  1p interview with Dolores  (+front page) English England
2001.10.20 Telepiu (Preview) 2p article Italian Italy
2001.10.18 Musica! Rock & Altro (Pr) 2p article Italian Italy
2001.10.16 Eres (Preview) “Como preparar un buen café con T.C.”  5p itw  (+front cover) Spanish Mexico
2001.10.13 Irish independent’s Weekend (Pr) ?  (+front page) English Ireland
2001.10.10 Superclassifica “Una famiglia Irlandese”  6p interview  +BTH 1p ad  (+front cover) Italian Italy
2001.10.09 Blitz “O cheiro da manha”  2p article Portuguese Portugal
2001.10.07 The Sunday Telegraph Mag. (Pr) “Thirty love”  3p interview with Dolores English Australia
2001.10.03 ES Magazine (Preview) 2p article? English England
2001.09.xx Venice (Preview) “The Cranberries smell the coffee”  4p itw with Fergal and Dolores English USA
2001.09.xx Universal Music News (Preview) “The Cranberries 2001-2002”  2p article  (+front cover) Polish Poland
2001.09.xx Tribe Generation (Preview) “Sveglia !”  4p interview with all band members  (+front cover) Italian Italy
2001.09.xx Rock Star (Preview) 1p article Italian Italy
2001.09.30 Sunday Magazine (Preview) “Be careful what you wish for”  4p article English Australia
2001.09.07 La Presse Interview with Fergal and Dolores French Canada
2001.08.31 Monitor (Preview) “Monitor Airplay Top 40”  1p charts English USA
2001.08.24 Hits (Preview) ? English USA
2001.07.xx Tutto Musica (Preview) “Benvenuti nella nostra riserva”  3p article Italian Italy
2001.07.xx Speakup (Preview) ?  (+front cover) Italian Italy
2001.03.16 LAM The Cranberries are part of an article on Irish music English England


Date Magazine Description Language Country
2000.xx.xx Easy English (Preview) ? ? Czech Rep.
2000.11.xx Tribe Generation (Preview) Half page concert review: Roma 2000.07.19 Italian Italy
2000.08.xx The Buzz “Diva Dolores”  2p article  (+front cover) English England
2000.07.13 L’Express Le Magazine (Pr) Half page concert ad: Nice Jazz Festival 2000 French France
2000.06.xx Rock Star (Preview) “I migliori 100 concerti dell’ estate”   +1p Italian concerts ad Italian Italy
2000.05.xx Enter (Preview) Itw with Fergal and Dolores  +interactive CD-ROM  (+front cover) English Ireland
2000.04.26 Hot Press (Preview) “Up close and personal”  interview with Dolores (+front cover) English Ireland
2000.04.18 Blitz “O machado e sus muchachos”  half page article Portuguese Portugal
2000.04.04 Blitz (Preview) Quarter page concert ad: Lisboa, Pavilhão Atlântico, 2000.04.14 Portuguese Portugal
2000.02.xx Rock Star (Preview) Dolores mini-poster only /1p tear-out Italian Italy
2000.02.01 Blitz “Pavilhao atlantico cranberries em abril, sting em junho”  short news Portuguese Portugal


Date Magazine Description Language Country
1999.xx.xx The Gioi Am Nhac (Preview) “Dolores O’Riordan Va su tro lai cua Cranberries”  2p article Vietnamese Vietnam
1999.xx.xx Petra (Preview) “Irischer frühling” German Germany
1999.xx.xx Night And Day Magazine (Pr) “Cranberry sauce”  2p article English England
1999.xx.xx Neue Woche (Preview) “Queen of kummer”  5p article German Germany
1999.xx.xx Music Express (Preview) 3p article  +BTH 1p ad Thai Thailand
1999.xx.xx Music Book Selections (Pr) ? ? Indonesia?
1999.xx.xx Generacion X (Preview) 2p interview with Fergal Spanish Argentina
1999.xx.xx Eres (Preview) ? Spanish Mexico
1999.xx.xx Eres (Preview) 2p interview Spanish Mexico
1999.xx.xx Blue Jean (Preview) Large poster only Turkish Turkey
1999.12.xx Tribumove “Cranberries”  1p interview with Dolores French France
1999.12.xx Rock Star (Preview) “100 star & dischi del secolo”  +concert review: Bologna 1999.11.07 Italian Italy
1999.12.xx Epok “Je n’aime pas celle que j’étais avant”  2p itw with D.  (+front cover) French France
1999.12.14 The Irish Times (Preview) “Dolores fails to inspire crowd”  concert review Millstreet 1999.12.11 English Ireland
1999.12.09 Le Parisien (Preview) “Revoilà les Cranberries”  quarter page article French France
1999.11.xx Tutto Musica (Preview) 1p contest with 20 biglietti gratis / concert review: Milano 1999.04.20 Italian Italy
1999.11.30 Il Mucchio Selvaggio (Preview) Concert review, The Cranberries live in ?? Italian Italy
1999.11.22 Viva! “Nie jestem Bogiem, spiewam rocka”  4p interview with Dolores Polish Poland
1999.10.xx Rock & Folk 1p ad French concerts ’99 French France
1999.09.xx Showbizz “As dores de Dolores”  4p interview with Dolores Portuguese Brazil
1999.09.xx non & POK (Preview) “AEN MnOPOYME NA ZOYME…”  3p interview Greek Greece
1999.09.xx Elle (Preview) ? English England
1999.09.20 Reflex “Do posledni”  2p article  (+cover) Czech Czech Rep.
1999.09.11 Cioè 1p article Italian Italy
1999.08.28 Televizia (Preview) ? (+front cover) Slovak Slovakia
1999.07.xx Tribe Generation 2p itw +1p article +1p concert review Milano Apr20 +Exclu. CD-ROM Italian Italy
1999.07.xx The Teen Beat Times “The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan”  2p interview with Dolores English USA
1999.07.xx Best (Preview) 6p itw with D. +French concerts 2p ad +net-works article (+front cover) French France
1999.06.xx Sam (Preview) ?  (+front cover) English USA
1999.06.xx Rock Star (Preview) 2p article Italian Italy
1999.06.xx Rock Sound (Preview) “Green Peace”  half page article Italian Italy
1999.06.xx Popcorn (Preview) “Dzwonek na lekcje”  2p article Polish Poland
1999.06.xx JAM Viaggio Nella Musica Half page concert review: Milano Palalido 1999.04.20 Italian Italy
1999.06.xx Guitar Player “Noel Hogan’s sonic songcraft”  2p interview with Noel English USA
1999.05.xx Zillo (Preview) ? Germany German
1999.05.xx XL (Preview) ?  (+front cover) Polish Poland
1999.05.xx Wom Journal “Viva Dolores”  2p interview with Dolores  (+front cover) German Germany
1999.05.xx US (Preview) ? English USA
1999.05.xx Tutto Musica (Preview) 2p article Italian Italy
1999.05.xx Tutti Frutti (Preview) “Cranberries E Cardigans”  2p article Italian Italy
1999.05.xx Trend (Preview) “Magie d’Irlanda”  quarter page article / BTH album review Italian Italy
1999.05.xx Tipo (Preview) BTH artwork and CD on the front page Spanish Spain
1999.05.xx Rock Star (Preview) Dolores 1p photobook  +half page concert review: Milano 1999.04.20 Italian Italy
1999.05.xx Rock & Tipo (Preview) 2p article Spanish Spain
1999.05.xx Primera Linea (Preview) ? Spanish Spain
1999.05.xx Oxmox (Preview) 2p article +concert review: Hamburg 1999.04.16  (+ front cover) German Germany
1999.05.xx Music Up! (Preview) “Petits fruits non confits”  7p interview with Dolores  (+front cover) French France
1999.05.xx Max (Preview) “Cranberries”  4p article Italian Italy
1999.05.xx JAM Viaggio Nella Musica “La nuova vita dei Cranberries”  3p interview with Noel, Mike & Dolores Italian Italy
1999.05.xx GeneratioNext Music by Pepsi Itw with Dolores  +concert review Madrid 1999.04.22  (+front cover) Spanish Spain
1999.05.xx Generacion X “La vida es bella”  2p article Spanish Argentina
1999.05.xx Gear (Preview) ? English England
1999.05.xx Cross Beat (Preview) 3p article Japanese Japan
1999.05.xx CKM (Preview) 2p article Polish Poland
1999.05.xx Blue Jean (Preview) “The Cranberries: … bugün!”  2p interview Turkish Turkey
1999.05.xx Best (Preview) Concert review: Paris 1999.04.14 French France
1999.05.23 Sorrisi e Canzoni TV (Preview) ? Italian Italy
1999.05.20 Musica! Rock & Altro (Pr) ? Italian Italy
1999.05.08 The Times Metro “All the juice”  3p interview with Dolores English England
1999.05.08 Cioè “Voce d’Irlanda”  1p article Italian Italy
1999.05.03 Time (Preview) ? English USA
1999.04.xx What’s Music? BTH half page album review  +Concert ad: Madrid 1999.04.22 Spanish Spain
1999.04.xx Voxpop “The Cranberries”  2p article  (+front cover) Portuguese Portugal
1999.04.xx Samsonic (Preview) ? Dutch Netherlands
1999.04.xx Rolling Stone (Preview) ? German Germany
1999.04.xx Rock Star 7p itw with F&D  +concert ad: Milano  +BTH ad  +BTH album review  (+foiled cover) Italian Italy
1999.04.xx Rock & Pop (Preview) “Varime S The Cranberries”  4p article  (+front cover) Czech Czech Rep.
1999.04.xx (Preview) “The undead”  4p interview with Dolores  +concert ad: London Apr.12 English England
1999.04.28 The Irish Times “ExpoLimerick ’99”   half page photo English Ireland
1999.04.28 Hot Press “The rise & fall & rise of T.C.”  3p itw  +BTH half page review  (+cover) English Ireland
1999.04.22 Musica! Rock & Altro (Pr) “Coi Cranberries a casa di Dolores”  1p article Italian Italy
1999.04.22 L’Express (Preview) “Le repos des guerriers”  half page article French France
1999.04.20 T.C. Bury The Hatchet (Preview) 8p promo mag given away before the concert at Alcatraz in Milano Italian Italy
1999.04.17 OOR “The Cranberries”  2p article  +BTH album review Dutch Netherlands
1999.04.15 Facts (Preview) ? German Switzerland
1999.04.13 Blitz “Apanhados do chao”  3p article  (+front page) Portuguese Portugal
1999.04.10 NME (Preview) ? English England
1999.04.08 Paris Match (Preview) “Cranberries”  half page interview with Dolores French France
1999.04.08 Blitz “Cranberries em album e em digressao”  half page news Portuguese Portugal
1999.03.xx Tribe Generation “Texas / Cranberries: Duo di picche”  2p article Italian Italy
1999.03.xx Rock Star (Preview) “Le 10 miglior band degli anni ’90”  The Cranberries #6  (+front cover) Italian Italy
1999.03.xx Ice The CD News Authority (Pr) “Tom Petty, Blur & The Cranberries plan new albums”  front page article English USA?
1999.03.xx Buzz (Preview) “The Cranberries Hache inspirée”  2p article  (+front cover) French France
1999.03.xx Blue Jean (Preview) “Gecmisi unut, gelecege bak!”  2p article  (+front cover) Turkish Turkey
1999.03.29 Music Woche (Preview) ?   (+front cover) German Germany
1999.03.27 Melody Maker “There was a lot of shit happening”  2p article  (+front page) English England
1999.03.22 Télé Poche (Preview) “The Cranberries Le retour”  1p article French France
1999.03.05 FMQB (Preview) ? English USA
1999.02.xx Brum (Preview) Short news Polish Poland


Date Magazine Description Language Country
1998.xx.xx Unknown Magazine (Preview) ? ? ?
1998.07.xx Rock Star (Preview) 2p article Italian Italy
1998.01.xx Yu Kuang Music Magazine (Pr) ? Mandarin? Taiwan


Date Magazine Description Language Country
1997.10.xx Guitar Techniques (Preview) 1p photo only  +”Zombie” guitar track(s) on the CD English England
1997.04.xx Tylko Rock “Mysle o sobie”  1p interview Polish Poland
1997.02.22 Billboard (Preview) Full-page ad English USA
1997.01.28 Irish Mirror (Preview) “I could have been Quinn the money” English Ireland


Date Magazine Description Language Country
1996.xx.xx Woman’s Way 2p article English Ireland
1996.xx.xx Okej (Preview) ? ? Sweden
1996.12.xx VOX (Preview) “Thriller queen”  3p article English England
1996.11.xx VOX (Preview) T.C. only on the audio tape given away with the mag (The Rebels) English England
1996.11.xx Seventeen (Preview) “Dolores O’Riordan”  2p interview with Dolores English USA
1996.11.xx ΑΦΙΣΟΡΑΜΑ 4p article  (+cover) Greek Greece
1996.11.02 The Irish Times “No salvation”  short news English Ireland
1996.11.02 NME (Preview) Short news English England
1996.10.xx US “The Cranberries”  4p interview with Dolores English USA
1996.10.xx Twenty One The Cranberries Newsletter.  Issue 6.  28p English England
1996.10.xx Tutto Musica 3p interview with Dolores / concert review: Detroit 1996.08.17?/18? Italian Italy
1996.10.xx T>Club Music Magazine (Pr) ?  (+front cover) Thai Thailand
1996.10.xx Rock Star (Preview) Poster +half page Italian concerts ad +1p concert ad Roma Oct.21 Italian Italy
1996.10.26 NME (Preview) Short article English England
1996.10.22 Il Mucchio Selvaggio “The Cranberries: gente di Dublino”  2p article Italian Italy
1996.10.19 The Guardian (Preview) “Singer’s illness wrecks £6m tour” English England
1996.10.08 The Sun “Dolores’ shock over arrest at wedding bash”  Short article English England
1996.10.07 ? “Dolores in tip-top shape for brother’s big day”  half page article English England
1996.10.05 Hit Krant (Preview) “The Cranberries breken tour af”  one third page news Dutch Netherlands
1996.09.xx Rock City (Preview) “KAK CTATb 3BE3AON?”  2p article Russian Russia
1996.09.xx Impact (Preview) “Strange fruit”  2p article English Canada
1996.09.19 Rolling Stone (Preview) ? English USA
1996.09.02 Hits (Preview) ? English USA
1996.08.xx The Limerick Pride Cranzine.  Issue 8.  20p English England
1996.08.xx Polygram Music Express (Pr) 1p article Thai Taiwan
1996.08.xx On The Mark (Preview) Front page ad/article for the concert in Moline 1996.08.14 English USA
1996.08.xx Guitar Part “Common people”  5p article  +4p guitar tab “Salvation”  (+front cover) English USA
1996.08.xx Eres (Preview) “The Cranberries”  2p interview  (+front cover) Spanish Mexico
1996.08.24 Hit Krant (Preview) ? Dutch Netherlands
1996.08.22 Scene (Preview) ?  (+front cover) English USA
1996.08.20 The Irish Times “Rock star’s house has them talking”  one third page article English Ireland
1996.08.16 Cioè (Preview) 2p article Italian Italy
1996.08.03 NME (Preview) Short news English England
1996.07.xx Tylko Rock (Preview) “Wiebze ze smierc jest czyms dobrym”  1p article Polish Poland
1996.07.xx Twenty One The Cranberries Newsletter.  Issue 5.  24p English England
1996.07.xx Rock & Pop 2p article  +TTFD review  +TTFD back cover ad  (+front cover) Czech Czech Rep.
1996.07.xx Moda (Preview) ? Italian Italy
1996.07.xx Man (Preview) ? Spanish Spain
1996.07.xx Eres (Preview) Poster only Spanish Mexico
1996.07.xx Best (Preview) “Cessez le feu!”  7p article  (+front cover) French France
1996.07.17 The Irish Times (Preview) “Singer…”  short article English Ireland
1996.07.13 NME (Preview) FTD half page ad English England
1996.07.06 NME (Preview) Short news English England
1996.07.06 Hit Krant (Preview) Short news Dutch Netherlands
1996.06.xx Zillo (Preview) ? German Germany
1996.06.xx Yu Kuang Music Magazine (Pr) 8p article English Taiwan
1996.06.xx VOX TTFD 1p ad with UK concerts dates  +“Berried alive”  TTFD 2p review English England
1996.06.xx Tendence (Preview) 2p article  (+front cover) Italian Italy
1996.06.xx Spin (Preview) Album review English USA
1996.06.xx Rock & Pop (Preview) ? Spanish Chile
1996.06.xx Rock & Folk “Les Volets Clos”  4p itw with T.C. +TTFD quarter page album review French France
1996.06.xx Popcorn (Preview) “Wiat Zwariowal Cranberries”  2p article  (+front cover) Polish Poland
1996.06.xx Guitar Player “Heavy sauce”  1p interview with Noel English USA
1996.06.xx Details (Preview) “Dolores O’Riordan”  1p article English USA
1996.06.xx Concert “Zombies von der…”  quarter page article  +German concerts ’96 ad German Germany
1996.06.xx Big Beng! (Preview) ? Czech Czech Rep.
1996.06.08 Telepiu’ (Preview) 2p article Italian Italy
1996.06.08 Hit Krant (Preview) “The Cranberries zien en dan sterven…”  2p article Dutch Netherlands
1996.06.06 Paris Match (Preview) “Les Cranberries: le premier groupe de rock réac”  1p article French France
1996.06.06 L’Avenir Du Luxembourg (Pr) “Dolores (Cranberries): Merci l’Amérique” French Luxembourg
1996.05.xx Tutto Musica (Preview) 3p article Italian Italy
1996.05.xx T>Club Music Magazine (Pr) “The Cranberries in BKK”  2p article  (+front cover) Thai Thailand
1996.05.xx Spiegel Extra “Iren sind menschlich”  4p article  (+front cover) German Germany
1996.05.xx Showbizz (Preview) “Azedinha doce”  4p article Portuguese Brazil
1996.05.xx Seventeen (Preview) ? English USA
1996.05.xx Rockin’on (Preview) ? Japanese Japan
1996.05.xx Rock Star “Ragione e Sentimento”  6p article  +TTFD Half page review (+cover) Italian Italy
1996.05.xx Q (Preview) “Bono’s little sister”  8p itw with D.   +TTFD 1p review  (+front cover) English England
1996.05.xx non POK (Preview) “All you zombies”  3p article  (+front cover) Greek Greece
1996.05.xx non kOPN (Preview) ? Greek Greece
1996.05.xx Musikexpress Sounds “Iren sind menschlich”  4p article +German concerts ad (+front cover) German Germany
1996.05.xx JAM Viaggio Nella Musica (Pr) ? Italian Italy
1996.05.xx Free (Preview) “De sores van Dolores”  1p article Dutch Netherlands
1996.05.xx Crossroads (Preview) 2p article Thai Thailand
1996.05.xx Blah Blah (Preview) TTFD 1p album review French France
1996.05.xx Best (Version 2 – Preview) Concert poster: Paris, Bercy, 1996.11.12 French France
1996.05.xx Best (Version 1 – Preview) Concert poster: Paris, Bercy, 1996.11.12 French France
1996.05.xx Aktiv Muzikmagazin “The Cranberries”  1p article  (+front cover) German Germany
1996.05.26 TV Sorrisi e Canzoni (Pr) 1p article Italian Italy
1996.05.26 La Vanguardia Magazine (Pr) “The Cranberries: Sensibilidad Irlandesa”  1p article Spanish Spain
1996.05.22 Reforma “Domina Cranberries el orbe” Spanish Mexico
1996.05.20 Hits (Preview) ? (+front cover) English USA
1996.05.20 Elle (Preview) ? French France
1996.05.18 Hit Krant (Preview) ? Dutch Netherlands
1996.05.15 Hot Press 2p article  +3p story  +TTFD half page album review  (+front cover) English Ireland
1996.05.14 Blitz (Preview) TTFD one third page album review Portuguese Portugal
1996.05.13 Who (Preview) “Picks & Pans”  full page photo  +TTFD quarter page review English Australia
1996.05.13 Time ? English USA
1996.05.13 CMJ (Preview) ? English USA
1996.05.10 TV Grama (Preview) ? Spanish Chile
1996.05.10 Entertainment Weekly (Pr) “Cranberries juiced”  1p article English USA
1996.05.04 NME TTFD  1p ad English England
1996.05.02 L’Evénement du Jeudi 1p ad French concerts ’96 French France
1996.05.01 Hot Press 3p interview with Dolores  (+front cover) English Ireland
1996.04.xx Yu Kuang Music Magazine (Pr) ?  (+front cover) Mandarin? Taiwan
1996.04.xx XL (Preview) “Przez rozowe okulary”  2p article  (+front cover) Polish Poland
1996.04.xx Primera Linea “Las pesadillas de Dolores”  4p article Spanish Spain
1996.04.xx Machina (Preview) Mini news with photo Polish Poland
1996.04.28 La Revista de El Mundo (Pr) “La Irlanda tranquila de Cranberries”  4p article Spanish Spain
1996.04.27 NME “Dead and ‘berried”  TTFD 1p album review English England
1996.04.27 Melody Maker (Preview) TTFD album review English England
1996.04.27 Hit Krant (Preview) “The Cranberries komen”  quarter page article Dutch Netherlands
1996.04.26 FMQB (Preview) ?  (+front cover) English USA
1996.04.25 Muziek & Beeld (Preview) TTFD album review Dutch Netherlands
1996.04.25 Scene (Preview) TTFD album review English USA
1996.04.24 Musica! Rock & Altro “Cranberries, l’ora della verità”  2p article  (+front page) Italian Italy
1996.04.23 Blitz “To The Faithful Departed ou os Cranberries do costume”  news Potuguese Portugal
1996.04.19 Network 40 (Preview) ? English USA
1996.04.19 Hitmakers (Preview) ? English USA
1996.04.13 NME (Preview) Salvation 1p ad with UK tour dates English England
1996.04.13 Hit Krant (Preview) “Bergen geld voor Dolores O’Riordan”  short news Dutch Netherlands
1996.03.xx Rock Star (Preview) 1p article Italian Italy
1996.03.xx Les Inrockuptibles(??)(Preview) “Salvation”  1p ad French France
1996.03.29 The Album Network (Preview) TTFD 1p ad English USA
1996.03.29 FMQB (Preview) ? English USA
1996.03.12 Blitz “Correcto, muito correcto”  short news Portuguese Portugal
1996.02.xx The Limerick Pride Cranzine.  Issue 5.  20p English England
1996.02.xx Q (Preview) “Matching”  2p article English England
1996.02.03 Hit Krant (Preview) Short news Dutch Netherlands
1996.01.xx Twenty One The Cranberries Newsletter.  Issue 3.  24p English England
1996.01.xx Guitar Part (Preview) “Ode To My Family”  4p guitar tablature French France
1996.01.31 Le Journal de Mickey (Pr) “Les Cranberries: un nouveau disque pour bientôt!”  2p article French France
1996.01.20 Hit Krant (Preview) “Snel groei-ende lerse mega-act”  quarter page article Dutch Netherlands
1996.01.03 7 Extra (Preview) Double page poster only French Belgium


Date Magazine Description Language Country
1995.xx.xx Unknown UK Magazine 2 (Pr) NNTA + EEIDISWCW  1p ad English ?
1995.xx.xx Unknown UK Magazine 1 (Pr) NNTA  1p ad English ?
1995.xx.xx RTÉ Guide (Preview) 1p article English Ireland
1995.xx.xx Preview (Preview) “Zombie”  1p advert Thai Thailand
1995.xx.xx Pop Extra (Preview) ? Croatian Croatia
1995.xx.xx People Weekly (Pr) ? English USA
1995.xx.xx King (Preview) ? Italian Italy
1995.xx.xx I.S. Song Hits (Preview) ? English Thailand
1995.xx.xx Freak City (Preview) ? ? ?
1995.xx.xx Big Star (Preview) 1p with one large photo only Italian Italy
1995.12.xx The Limerick Pride Cranzine.  Issue 4.  24p English England
1995.12.30 The Irish Times “Strutting their showbiz stuff / On the town”  short article English Ireland
1995.11.xx Pobechnk (Preview) Short news Russian Russia
1995.11.25 Hit Krant (Preview) Short news Dutch Netherlands
1995.11.18 Hit Krant (Preview) Doors and Windows CD-ROM review Dutch Netherlands
1995.10.xx Twenty One The Cranberries Newsletter.  Issue 2.  24p English England
1995.10.xx The Limerick Pride Cranzine.  Issue 3.  20p English England
1995.10.xx Musician “How we wrote those hit songs”  4p interview with Noel and Dolores English USA
1995.10.xx Modern Drummer “Platinum-selling playing”  8p interview with Fergal English USA
1995.09.xx VOX (Preview) “I fought Delores…”  4p itw  +concert ad Milton Keynes Jul.30  (+cover) English England
1995.09.30 Billboard (Preview) “Cranberries are the pick of Island’s international crop”  (+front page) English USA
1995.09.12 Rock & Pop (Preview) ? Czech Czech Rep.
1995.09.12 Blitz “Cranberries à janela”  DOORS AND WINDOWS 1p CD-ROM review Portuguese Portugal
1995.08.xx The Limerick Pride Cranzine.  Issue 2.  20p English England
1995.08.xx T>Club Music Magazine (Pr) “I.R.B. Irish Republic Band”  2p article Thai Thailand
1995.08.xx Star Club (Preview) “Les parents, c’est pas marrant !”  2p interview with Dolores French France
1995.08.17 Ecco! (Preview) ? Italian Italy
1995.08.15 Super Jovem (Preview) “Cranberries: Coliseu Ao Rubro!!!”  concert review Lisboa 1995.07.20 Portuguese Portugal
1995.08.12 NME Concert review: Birmingham Jul.25  +Ridiculous Thoughts half page ad English England
1995.08.10 Evening Herald “Cranberries hot tip”  half page article English Ireland
1995.07.xx L’indic “Deux pour tous Tous pour elle””  4p interview with Noel and Fergal French France
1995.07.xx Guitar Part “Sirène Irlandaise”  1p article  +7p G&B tab “Zombie”   (+front cover) French France
1995.07.29 NME “A few million Dolores more”  3p itw  +Vox mag. ad  +UK concerts ad  (+front page) English England
1995.07.28 The Independent (Preview) Concert review: Birmingham, NEC 1995.07.25 English England
1995.07.27 Hit Krant (Preview) “Knieblessure voor Dolores”  quarter page news Dutch Netherlands
1995.07.25 Katerina (Preview) “To ykpoun-EknanEn ano tnv lpaavoia!”  2p article Greek Greece
1995.07.25 Blitz “Vox, presença & energia”  half page concert review Lisboa 1995.07.20 Portuguese Portugal
1995.07.21 ABC (Preview) “The Cranberries: un viernes de Dolores”  half page article Spanish Spain
1995.07.16 Super Jovem (Preview) “Cranberries” Portuguese Portugal
1995.07.16 El Mundo Magazine (Pr) “Dolores O’Riordan La expresion de The Cranberries” Spanish Spain
1995.07.15 Irish Examiner’s Weekend (Pr) “Mother Cranberry”  1p article English Ireland
1995.07.14 El Pais de las Tentaciones “El grito de Dolores”  3p article  (+front page) Spanish Spain
1995.07.09 Sunday Times The Magazine “Strange fruit”  4p article  (+front page) English England
1995.06.xx XL Le Magazine (Preview) “C’est elle le chef”  2p article French France
1995.06.xx Twenty One The Cranberries Newsletter.  Issue 1.  8p English England
1995.06.xx The Limerick Pride Cranzine.  Issue 1.  24p English England
1995.06.xx Rockin’on (Preview) 4p interview with Dolores & Noel Japanese Japan
1995.06.xx Cross Beat (Preview) 4p interview with Dolores Japanese Japan
1995.06.15 Bravo “Cranberries zadziwili Ameryce”  2p article Polish Poland
1995.06.09 Network 40 (Preview) ? English USA
1995.06.08 TV Stelle (Preview) 2p article Italian Italy
1995.06.07 Musica! Rock & Altro “Greetings from Ireland”  4p article featuring T.C.  (+front page) Italian Italy
1995.06.05 Hits ? English USA
1995.06.03 The Irish Times (Preview) “T.C. finally make their peace with Dublin”  short article  (+front page) English Ireland
1995.06.03 NME (Preview) “I love juicy!”  half page concert review at Portsmouth Guildhall English England
1995.06.01 Bravo (Preview) “Dolores O’Riordan zeigt herz !”  1p article German Germany
1995.05.xx Star Club “Adolescente, j’étais un vrai garçon manqué !”  2p itw with D.  (+cover) French France
1995.05.xx Popcorn (Preview) Poster only Hungarian Hungary
1995.05.xx Okej (Preview) ? Swedish Sweden
1995.05.xx Le Club Dial (Preview) NNTA 1p album review  (+front cover) French France
1995.05.xx Blast! (Preview) ? English USA
1995.05.xx B Side “Stain of truth”  2p article  +1p photo English USA
1995.05.20 Hit krant (Preview) Short news Dutch Netherlands
1995.05.19 RTÉ Guide “Blondes have more fun?”  2p interview with Dolores English Ireland
1995.05.09 Blitz “Cranberries, Belly & Oasis com R.E.M.”  short news Potuguese Portugal
1995.05.08 Cioè ? Italian Italy
1995.05.07 The Toronto Star (Preview) “Appetizing Cranberries satisfy crowd at Varsity”  concert review Toronto 1995.05.06 Italian Italy
1995.05.06 The Gazette (Preview) Half page concert review: Montréal, Verdun Auditorium, 1995.05.05 English Canada
1995.05.06 OOR (Preview) “The Cranberries”  4p article  (+front cover) Dutch Netherlands
1995.05.03 7 Extra (Preview) Poster only French Belgium
1995.05.01 Democrat And Chronicle (Pr) ? English USA
1995.04.xx Suosikki “Karkasin kotoa rock-bandiin!”  3p interview Finnish Finland
1995.04.xx Rock Star “Ode to The Cranberries”  7p article  (+front cover) Italian Italy
1995.04.xx Free 1p article Italian Italy
1995.04.27 Bravo (Preview) 2p article? German Germany
1995.04.24 Newsweek (Preview) ?  (+front cover) English USA
1995.04.20 Bravo (Preview) Half page songbook “Ode To My Family” Polish Poland
1995.04.15 TV Guide (Preview) “Unplugged Cranberries”  1p article English Canada
1995.04.13 NME (Preview) 1p ad English England
1995.04.07 L.A. Times Valley Life (Preview) “Raising a Ruckus”  1p article  (+front page) English USA
1995.04.01 Hit Krant (Preview) “Ik ben geen alternatieve tuthola!”  2p article Dutch Netherlands
1995.03.xx VOX (Preview) 2p concert review London, Royal Albert Hall, 1995.01.12 English England
1995.03.xx Tutto Musica & Spettacolo “Ode ai Cranberries”  2p article  +Zombie half page lyrics Italian Italy
1995.03.xx Soundi (HQ) “Cranberries”  3p article Finnish Finland
1995.03.xx Rock Star (Preview) 1p article Italian Italy
1995.03.xx Rock De Lux (Preview) “Quarter page concert review: Barcelona 1995.02.03 Spanish Spain
1995.03.xx Musikexpress Sounds 1p concert review London, Royal Albert Hall, 1995.01.12 German Germany
1995.03.xx Metal Hammer “Oooe yoo-aiaiiia-ouoo”  1p article German Germany
1995.03.xx JAM Viaggio Nella Musica (Pr) “Cuore d’Irlanda”  7p article about Ireland featuring The Cranberries Italian Italy
1995.03.xx Interview (Preview) “The juice on The Cranberries”  4p interview English USA
1995.03.xx Impact (Preview) “More than a flash in the print”  1p article English Canada
1995.03.xx Beat (Preview) Poster only Norwegian Norway
1995.03.31 Gavin (Preview) ? English USA
1995.03.25 Télé 7 Jours (Preview) “Dolores et les garcons”  half page article French France
1995.03.23 Rolling Stone (HQ) “Strange fruit”  5p article  +Boys On The Side 1p ad  (+front cover) English USA
1995.03.23 Bravo “Wierze w milosc az po grob”  1p itw with D.  +1 poster  (+front cover) Polish Poland
1995.03.23 Bravo (Preview) “Na viteznem tazeni”  2p article (+front cover) Czech Czech Rep.
1995.03.20 Télé Poche “Les Cranberries y sont arrivés”  1p article French France
1995.03.17 Entertainment Weekly (Pr) ?  (+front cover) English USA
1995.03.15 7 Extra (Preview) “Nous aimerions être un groupe sans histoires”  1p article French Belgium
1995.03.11 NME (Preview) “ICBWY Special Gatefold CD Box”  half page ad English England
1995.03.06 Hits (Preview) ? English USA
1995.03.04 NME (Preview) Half page ad English England
1995.02.xx Visions “The Cranberries: Das evangelium des pop”  6p article  (+front cover) German Germany
1995.02.xx Top 40 Magazine (Pr) ? ? South Africa
1995.02.xx Rolling Stone (Preview) ? German Germany
1995.02.xx Rip It Up “Growing pains”  2p article  +concert ad: Auckland 1995.03.11 English N. Zealand
1995.02.xx Request (Preview) “Ethereal girl”  5p article   (+front cover) English USA
1995.02.xx Popular 1 “Militancia anti-IRA”  2p article Spanish Spain
1995.02.xx Popcorn (Preview) “The Cranberries Irlandzkie borowki majq koice”  1p article Polish Poland
1995.02.xx OZ (Preview) ? Greek Greece
1995.02.xx non kOPN (Preview) ? Greek Greece
1995.02.xx Max (Preview) 1p article Italian Italy
1995.02.27 Hits (Preview) ? English USA
1995.02.25 Hit krant (Preview) “Een band is soms net een gevangenis!”  2p article Dutch Netherlands
1995.02.23 Bravo “Dolores czaruje fanow”  1p article Polish Poland
1995.02.18 Billboard Brit Awards 1p ad  +EEIDISWCW / NNTA 1p ad “7M and counting…” English USA
1995.02.11 RTÉ Guide (Preview) “Dolores bites back”  2p article  (+front cover) English Ireland
1995.02.10 Network 40 (Preview) ? English USA
1995.02.09 Bravo (Preview) Concert review?  (+cover) German Germany
1995.02.08 La Vanguardia (Preview) “Voces de blanco satén”  concert review: Barcelona 1995.02.03 Spanish Spain
1995.02.06 Hits (Preview) Ode To My Family  1p ad English USA
1995.02.02 ABC (Preview) “The Cranberries, como el pacharán, pero irlandés”  half page article Spanish Spain
1995.02.02 Avui Rock & Classic (Pr) ? Catalan Spain
1995.01.xx Yu Kuang Music Magazine (Pr) ? English Taiwan
1995.01.xx WOM Journal (Preview) ? German Germany
1995.01.xx Making Music (Preview) NNTA album review English England
1995.01.xx Juice (Preview) 2p story English Australia
1995.01.xx hu H (Preview) ? English USA
1995.01.31 Blitz “A honestidade das uvas dos montes”  2p interview  (+front page) Portuguese Portugal
1995.01.28 NME (Preview) Short article English England
1995.01.27 ABC (Preview) “The Cranberries: folk para todos los públicos”  half page article Spanish Spain
1995.01.26 Bravo (Preview) “The Cranberries”  1p article  +half page songbook “Zombie”  (+cover) Polish Poland
1995.01.21 NME “The jigs are alright”  half page concert review London 1995.01.12 English England
1995.01.14 OOR 3p article Dutch Netherlands
1995.01.14 NME (Preview) UK concerts supporting R.E.M.  quarter page ad English England
1995.01.12 Bravo (Preview) Center poster only German Germany
1995.01.09 Kawanku (Preview) 2p article (?) ? Indonesia
1995.01.06 The Album Network (Preview) Ode To My Family 1p ad English USA
1995.01.06 Gavin (Preview) ? English USA
1995.01.05 Bravo (Preview) “Dolores verzaubert die fans”  2p article German Germany


Date Magazine Description Language Country
1994.xx.xx Uvindaci (Preview) 4p article Thai Thailand
1994.xx.xx I.S. Song Hits (Preview) “Linger”  2p guitar tablature English Thailand
1994.xx.xx Freewheelin’ Magazine (Pr) “Irish cream”  3p article  (+front cover) English USA
1994.xx.xx Hits (Preview) “Dreams”  1p ad English USA
1994.12.xx Walk Man (Preview) “Yesil isigi yakalayan grup: Cranberries”  2p article Turkish Turkey
1994.12.xx VOX (Preview) “KAGOAIKH non”  3p article Greek Greece
1994.12.xx Unknown Newspaper (Preview) “Does Dolores deserve the bile?”  half page article English ?
1994.12.xx Select (Preview) Fly poster English England
1994.12.xx Rolling Stone (Preview) ? English USA
1994.12.xx Number One Extra (Preview) “The Cranberries”  1p article  (+front cover) Turkish Turkey
1994.12.xx Mean Street (Preview) ?  (+front cover) English USA
1994.12.xx Jellyfish (Preview) ?  (+front cover) ? ?
1994.12.xx Conecte (Preview) “Su Nuevo, No Need To Argue Cranberries”  1p article Spanish Mexico
1994.12.xx BigO “No need to argue about dreams and zombies”  1p itw with Dolores English Singapore
1994.12.xx B Side (Preview) ?  (+front cover) English USA
1994.12.24 TV Week The Entertainer! (Pr) 1p poster of The Cranberries English Australia
1994.12.24 Hot Press (Preview) ” The imperfect year?” 4p  +2p quizz  +short news  +single of the year (+front cover) English Ireland
1994.12.23 JAM Entertainment News (Pr) 2p interview with Fergal  (+front cover) English USA
1994.12.21 Sete “Da raiva ao suspiro”  1p article Portuguese Portugal
1994.12.15 Bravo (Preview) “The Cranberries”  1p article German Germany
1994.12.15 Steppin’ Out (Preview) “Zommmbie! Zommmbie! Zommmbie!”  4p interview with Noel  (+front cover) English USA
1994.12.14 The Aquarian Weekly (Preview) “The Cranberries”  3p interview with Noel  (+front cover) English USA
1994.12.10 Melody Maker “Family values”  3p interview with Dolores  (+front page) English England
1994.12.10 Hit Krant (Preview) “The Cranberries zijn best te pruimen” 1p article + Zombie lyrics Dutch Netherlands
1994.12.09 The Album Network (Preview) Zombie 1p ad English USA
1994.12.03 Radio Times (Preview) ? English Wales
1994.12.02 The Album Network (Preview) Zombie 1p ad English USA
1994.12.02 Les Inrockuptibles “L’école des femmes”  5p itw with Dolores and Sonya (from Echobelly) French France
1994.11.xx Zillo (HQ) If I Were A Carpenter ad  +“No Need To Argue” article  +NNTA album review German Germany
1994.11.xx VOX “Eire and graces”  5p itw with D.  +NNTA 1p ad & 1p review  (+cover) English England
1994.11.xx Select (Preview) NNTA 1p ad English England
1994.11.xx Rockin’on (Preview) 6p interview with Dolores Japanese Japan
1994.11.xx Rock Sound (Preview) “Un mariage et quatre enterrements”  4p interview with Dolores French France
1994.11.xx Pulse! “The Cranberries”  7p article  (+front cover) English USA
1994.11.xx Musikexpress Sounds (Preview) “Leises wunder”  half page article  +1p concert ad German Germany
1994.11.xx Mojo (Preview) ? English England
1994.11.xx Faremusica (Preview) “Dalla parrocchia alle stelle”  2p itw with Fergal & Dolores Italian Italy
1994.11.xx Buscadero (Preview) 1p article Italian Italy
1994.11.26 NME OTMF ad with UK dates  +Woodstock 94 ad  +concerts ad: Cardiff & Milton Keynes English England
1994.11.19 Melody Maker (Preview) “Ode To My Family”  1p ad with UK concert dates English England
1994.11.17 Rolling Stone (Preview) ? English USA
1994.11.16 The Scene (Preview) ? (+front page) English Australia
1994.11.14 Kawanku (Preview) ? ? Indonesia
1994.11.11 Network 40 (Preview) ? English USA
1994.11.05 NME (Preview) UK concerts supporting R.E.M.  half page ad English England
1994.10.xx Yu Kuang Music Magazine (Pr) ? English Taiwan
1994.10.xx Sky Magazine (Preview) “Fruitcakes?”  3p interview with Dolores English England
1994.10.xx Sky International (Preview) “Fruitcakes?”  3p interview with Dolores English England
1994.10.xx Rockin’on (Preview) 1 full page photo only Japanese Japan
1994.10.xx Q “Limerick, England”  5p article  +UK concerts quarter page ad English England
1994.10.xx GQ (Preview) “Strange fruit”  1p article English England
1994.10.xx Print (Preview) “Stilsichere kreationen”  1p article German Germany
1994.10.29 NME “Phew, Dolores! More!”  half page concerts review London & Glasgow English England
1994.10.19 Hot Press (Preview) “One from the heart”  2p interview with Dolores  (+front cover) English Ireland
1994.10.08 NME NNTA half page album review  +UK concerts ad  +NNTA back cover ad English England
1994.10.07 The Album Network 2p itw with Noel  +NNTA album review  +NNTA ad  +Zombie ad  (+front cover) English USA
1994.10.07 Rock Airplay Monitor (Preview) NNTA  half frontpage ad English USA
1994.10.07 Gavin (Preview) ? English USA
1994.10.01 Telegraph Magazine “Star Life – The Cranberries”  1p article English England
1994.10.01 NME (Preview) NNTA quarter page ad English England
1994.09.xx Live in Italia (Preview) 2p concert review Italian Italy
1994.09.xx Letras Traduzidas “Linger”  2p lyrics translation in Portuguese Portuguese Brazil
1994.09.xx Ain’t A Magazine (Preview) ? Italian Italy
1994.09.30 Network 40 (Preview) ? English USA
1994.09.30 Entertainment Weekly Woodstock ’94 in pictures (Dolores, 1 picture)  +EEIDISWCW 1p ad English USA
1994.09.24 The Irish Times “Dolores: she’s got it”  short article English Ireland
1994.09.24 NME “May the sauce…”  2p  +Zombie ad  +concert review: London Sept.14  (+front page) English England
1994.09.16 R&R The Industry’s… (Preview) NNTA 1p ad English USA
1994.08.xx Starpics (Preview) 2p photos Thai Thailand
1994.08.20 Billboard (Preview) “Island’s Cranberries hope hits linger”  (+front page) English USA
1994.08.16 Rock & Pop (Preview) ? Czech Czech Rep.
1994.08.14 The Times Herald-Record (Pr) Special issue: Woodstock 25th anniversary. Day Two English USA
1994.08.02 The Irish Times (Preview) Concert review English Ireland
1994.07.xx Tylko Rock (Preview) “The Cranberries w poszukiwaniu poczatku”  1p article Polish Poland
1994.07.xx Rolling Stone (Preview) “The hidden power of Dreams”  4p article English USA
1994.07.30 RTÉ Guide (Preview) “Marriage and megabucks”  (+front cover) English Ireland
1994.07.19 The Irish Times (Preview) quarter page photo (Dolores & Don’s wedding) English Ireland
1994.07.09 The Irish Times (Preview) “Wedding dreams”  short news English Ireland
1994.06.xx Rockin’on (Preview) ? Japanese Japan
1994.06.18 NME 1p charts +2p itw +TSDR EP ad  +concert review : Fleadh Festival 1994.06.11 English England
1994.06.11 NME (Preview) 4p mostly very small mentions, a review of TSDR, a gig guide for Fleadh Festival English England
1994.06.01 Hot Press (Preview) ?  (+front cover) English Ireland
1994.05.xx Mojo (Preview) 3p interview with The Cranberries English England
1994.05.28 NME (Preview) ? English England
1994.05.21 NME (Preview) Concert ad : Fleadh Festival 1994.06.11 English England
1994.05.07 Melody Maker “Everybody else is doing it and so are we!”  2p interview with Dolores English England
1994.04.xx Popular 1 (Preview) ? Spanish Spain
1994.04.21 Rolling Stone (Preview) 6p interview with The Cranberries English USA
1994.03.xx Select “Everybody else is buying it, why aren’t you?”  4p article English England
1994.03.xx M8 (Preview) ? English England
1994.03.xx Deadline (HQ) “Dolores speaks!”  3p interview with Dolores English England
1994.03.18 The Irish Times “Morrissey and I”  quarter page article featuring Dolores English Ireland
1993.03.18 Gavin (Preview) ? English USA
1994.03.02 Smash Hits (Preview) Center poster only English England
1994.02.xx Details (Preview) “Ocean spray”  3p interview with Dolores English USA
1994.02.xx d’Side “Very very Cranberry”  5p interview with Fergal and Dolores English Ireland
1994.02.25 R&R The Industry’s… (Preview) Dreams 1p ad English USA
1994.02.25 Hitmakers (Preview) ? English USA
1994.02.10 Hit Krant (Preview) “The Cranberries zijn best te pruimen”  1p article Dutch Netherlands
1994.02.09 Evening Herald (Preview) “The divine Dolores” English Ireland
1994.02.05 (unknown newspaper) “Old pro Denny behind new Irish rock hit” English England
1994.02.05 NME (Preview) Linger half page ad English England
1994.02.05 Melody Maker (Preview) Linger small review English England
1994.01.29 NME  [300dpi] 1p itw with Dolores  +half page concert review London Astoria II 1994.01.14 English England
1994.01.29 Melody Maker One third page concert review: London Astoria II 1994.01.14 English England
1994.01.26 Hot Press “I did it my way”  3p interview with Dolores  (+front cover) English Ireland
1994.01.01 Limerick Leader (Preview) “Little girl whose dream came true” English Ireland


Date Magazine Description Language Country
1993.xx.xx Limerick Leader (Preview) “Cranberry girl’s proud parents” English Ireland
1993.12.xx Rockin’on (Preview) 1p photo only Japanese Japan
1993.12.xx B Side (Preview) 2p interview with Dolores English USA
1993.12.25 NME (Preview) Concert ad: London Astoria 2 1994.01.14 English England
1993.12.25 Hot Press (Preview) ? English Ireland
1993.12.20 Cork Examiner (Preview) “Cranberries enthral the home town audience”  Limerick 1993.12.17 review English Ireland
1993.12.18 Limerick Leader (Preview) Half page concert review: Limerick, Royal Theatre, 1993.12.17 English Ireland
1993.12.15 Cork Examiner (Preview) “Cranberries are home in time for the turkey”  (+front page) English Ireland
1993.12.10 The Irish Times (Preview) “Cranberries pass the million mark”  quarter page article English Ireland
1993.11.26 JAM Entertainement News (Pr) ? English USA
1993.11.12 The Irish Times “US gold disc for The Cranberries”  short news English Ireland
1993.11.06 Melody Maker (HQ) “Juice sorry now?”  Las Vegas concert review & interview with Fergal and Dolores English England
1993.10.25 Time (Preview) ? English USA
1993.10.18 Limerick Leader “Cranberry sauce but no turkeys”  PJ O’Riordan itw  +a message sent by Dolores English USA
1993.10.17 The Morning Call 1p interview with Fergal English USA
1993.10.16 Melody Maker (HQ) “The fruits of their labours”  concert review: Las Vegas, 1993.09.28 English England
1993.10.08 The Boston Phoenix (Pr) Concert ad: October 13, opening for Suede English USA
1993.10.02 Billboard (Preview) EEIDISWCW  one sixth frontpage ad English USA
1993.09.xx Prémonition “Cranberries”  2p interview with Noel & Dolores French France
1993.09.xx Guitar Player (Preview) “Cranberries: Bittersweet chamber pop”  interview with Noel English USA
1993.09.20 Hits (Preview) ?  (+front cover) English USA
1993.08.27 The Irish Times “The Cranberries explode”  sixth page article English Ireland
1993.08.14 Billboard (Preview) “Island: Thinking global for Eire’s The Cranberries”  (+front page) English USA
1993.08.11 Hot Press “Meanwhile on the other stage…”  Féile’93 festival review featuring T.C. English Ireland
1993.07.16 The Album Network (Preview) ? English USA
1993.06.xx Exposed (HQ) “Limerick lullabyes”  2p interview with Dolores English England
1993.05.05 Hot Press “Doing it for themselves”  interview with Fergal & Dolores English Ireland
1993.05.01 NME Tour news  +concert review London, London Astoria, 1993.04.04 English England
1993.04.xx Print (Preview) “Bereit, zich zu verlieben”  1p article German Germany
1993.04.21 The Irish Times “The Cranberries Tivoli”  short concert review Dublin, 1993.04.17 English Ireland
1993.03.13 Melody Maker “Sex’n’drugs’n’rock’n’vitriol”  1p on the road report (Glasgow, Sheffield) English England
1993.03.06 NME Tour news  +EEIDISWCW half page ad English England
1993.03.06 Melody Maker (Preview) EEIDISWCW album review English England
1993.03.06 Limerick Leader “The Cranberries ask the question”  EEIDI album review English Ireland
1993.02.27 NME EEIDISWCW album review English England
1993.02.27 Limerick Post “TC do it in Empire Music”  – (notice the incorrect date 1992 instead of 1993!!) English Ireland
1993.02.20 NME “Linger”  half page ad with UK concerts dates English England
1993.02.20 Melody Maker (Preview) Half page ad English England


Date Magazine Description Language Country
1992.12.xx Mofo (Preview) ? French Belgium
1992.12.xx Indiecator International (Pr) ? German Germany
1992.12.xx Indiecator (Preview) ? English England
1992.11.20 RTÉ Guide “The Cranberries”  1p article English Ireland
1992.11.14 Melody Maker Concert ad: London, Royal Albert Hall, 1992.11.20 English England
1992.11.07 Melody Maker Concert ad: London, Royal Albert Hall, 1992.11.20 English England
1992.11.05 Hot Press “Home or away”  itw with The Cranberries & They Do It With Mirrors English Ireland
1992.10.31 Melody Maker Concert ad: London, Royal Albert Hall, 1992.11.20 English England
1992.10.24 NME (Preview) Concert review English England
1992.10.24 Melody Maker TC supporting The House Of Love (short news) + Balloon with TC (short news) English England
1992.10.17 Melody Maker 3 concert ads (Worcester + Marquee + London RAH) English England
1992.10.17 Limerick Leader “Dreams do come true”  half page article  (+front page) English Ireland
1992.10.10 NME (Preview) “Dreams”  1p ad with UK & Ireland concert dates English England
1992.10.10 Melody Maker Concert review: London 1992.10.01 + concert ad: London 1992.10.15 + Dreams ad English England
1992.10.03 Melody Maker “Sauce of inspiration”  2p itw + Dreams review + concert ad: London, 1992.10.01 English England
1992.09.xx Unknown Magazine (Preview) “Dreams”  small ad with UK concert dates English England
1992.09.26 Melody Maker Concert ad: London, Marquee, 1992.10.01 English England
1992.09.19 Melody Maker Short news English England
1992.09.12 Melody Maker “Cranberries Tour”  small article English England
1992.09.05 Melody Maker “Cranberries juice up!”  small article English England
1992.06.xx Siren (HQ) “Lust for life”  2p article English England
1992.06.20 Melody Maker Concert review: Fleadh, 1992.06.07 English England
1992.06.06 Melody Maker Concert review: Rock Garden, Dublin, 1992.05.27  +  “Fleadh 1992” concert ad English England
1992.05.23 Melody Maker “Fleadh 1992” half page concert ad English England
1992.05.09 Limerick Leader “Telethon rock the centrepiece of Limerick’s People In Need show!” English Ireland
1992.04.xx Ablaze (Preview) “The Cranberries answer our panel’s questions”  1p interview with Fergal English England
1992.04.25 Melody Maker Short news English England
1992.04.11 Melody Maker “Fleadh 1992” half page concert ad English England
1992.03.28 Melody Maker “Fleadh 1992” half page concert ad English England
1992.01.xx Newcomer (HQ) Fanzine. UNCERTAIN one third page album review French France
1992.01.xx Fatea (HQ) Fanzine. “Cranberries”  1p interview with Fergal English England


Date Magazine Description Language Country
1991.xx.xx Unknown Magazine (Preview) UK tour dates supporting TOP: “The November Package Tour”  1p ad English England
1991.xx.xx Salesian 2nd. School Mag (Pr) “The Cranberry Saw Us”  2p article English Ireland
1991.12.xx Select Concert review Limerick, The Parkway, 1991.10.03 English England
1991.12.21 Limerick Leader “Two chances this weekend to catch T.C.”  Theatre Royal & Savoy Top Floor English Ireland
1991.12.14 RTÉ Guide (Preview) 1p only photo English Ireland
1991.12.12 Hot Press (Preview) Small concert ad: Dec 9, 1991 English Ireland
1991.11.xx Lime Lizard “Feetfirst”  2p article English England
1991.11.16 NME 1p interview with Dolores  +“The November Package Tour” half page ad English England
1991.11.16 Melody Maker (HQ) Concert review: Reading University 1991.11.09  +UK tour ad (with Top) English England
1991.11.14 Hot Press “Sweet dreams are made of this”  1p interview English Ireland
1991.11.09 NME (Preview) “Uncertain”  one third page ad English England
1991.11.02 NME (Preview) UK tour dates supporting TOP: “The November Package Tour”  1p ad English England
1991.10.xx Sky Magazine  “Fruit cocktail” English England
1991.10.26 Melody Maker (HQ) “Eire to the crown”  2p article  (+front page) English England
1991.10.19 Melody Maker Concert review: University College, Cork, 1991.10.07 English England
1991.10.18 RTÉ Guide “Cranberries”  2p article/interview with Dolores English Ireland
1991.10.16 Limerick Leader “Cranberries ready to go”  short article English Ireland
1991.09.xx Limerick Tribune City Limits short article English Ireland
1991.09.14 NME (HQ) Concert review London, The Underworld, 1991.08.29 English England
1991.09.07 Melody Maker (HQ) Half page concert review: London, The Underworld, 1991.08.29 English England
1991.07.20 Melody Maker (Preview) “The Cranberries”  1p article English England
1991.07.15 Cork Examiner “Limerick rocks near pop heaven”  concert review: Limerick, 1991.07.14 English Ireland
1991.07.13 Melody Maker (HQ) “Berry good”  half page concert review: Windsor, Old Trout, 1991.06.29 English England
1991.07.13 Limerick Leader “Cranberries reach the verge of fame”  +  “All in readiness for the Lark!” English Ireland
1991.06.xx Sunny Days Cork zine. Interview with Fergal and Dolores English Ireland
1991.06.29 NME (Preview) Interview English England
1991.06.17 Hot Press Cork Rock ’91 review English Ireland
1991.06.01 The Southern Star “Cork to rock at the weekend”  The Cranberries small mention English Ireland
1991.05.27 Evening Herald “Best of Irish for Cork rock event”  small mention English Ireland
1991.05.04 NME (Preview) Concert review English England
1991.04.16 Irish Press “The next big thing”  The Cranberrys small mention English Ireland
1991.04.02 Irish Press “Cranberry snapped up”  short news English Ireland
1991.03.xx Night Times Fanning Homes In On Limerick  small article English Ireland
1991.03.09 Limerick Leader “2FM session time!”  small mention English Ireland
1991.03.05 Irish Press “More Casbah than Ceili”  small mention English Ireland


Date Magazine Description Language Country
1990.12.xx Limerick Christmas Gazette “Babes in the Wood”  The Cranberry Saw Us & They Do It With Mirrors band photo English Ireland
1990.12.xx Hatch 33 “A review of Limerick music in 1990”   1p article featuring NLAA cassette English Ireland
1990.12.29 Limerick Leader “Launch time for the Cranberrys”  +concert ad Savoy Top Floor Dec.27 English Ireland
1990.12.22 Limerick Tribune “On the sauce for Christmas”  1p interview with Noel Hogan English Ireland
1990.12.22 Limerick Leader “The Cranberrys launch Nothing Left At All”  +concert ad Savoy Top Floor Dec.27 English Ireland
1990.12.01 Limerick Leader “Toucandance: ready to be discovered!”  T.C.S.U. small mention English Ireland
1990.11.xx Hatch 33 Back cover concert advert Limerick, The Speakeasy, 1990.11.10 English Ireland
1990.11.24 Limerick Tribune “Prick up your ears”  concert review Limerick, Savoy Top Floor, 1990.11.17 English Ireland
1990.11.17 Limerick Leader “A Touch Of Oliver in Ennis!” concert review  +concert ad Savoy Top Floor Nov.17 English Ireland
1990.11.10 Limerick Tribune “Oliver’s Army are on their way” 1p article  +concert ad The Speakeasy 1990.11.10 English Ireland
1990.11.10 Limerick Leader “An all local Saturday at the Speakeasy”  +concert ad The Speakeasy 1990.11.10 English Ireland
1990.11.03 Limerick Leader Concert advert Limerick, The Speakeasy, 1990.11.10 English Ireland
1990.10.27 Limerick Leader “This weekend at the Top Floor”  promo article Savoy Top Floor, 1990.10.26 English Ireland
1990.10.20 Limerick Leader “Some facts ‘n’ stuff on… T.C.S.U.”   Water Circle demo cassette review English Ireland
1990.08.04 Limerick Tribune “And Vinylly… The week’s hot new records”   Water Circle demo cassette review English Ireland
1990.07.21 Limerick Tribune “Making it with the best”  itw with Pearse Gilmore featuring a small mention of T.C. English Ireland
1990.03.xx Night Times Quarter page concert advert Limerick, Cruises Hotel, 1990.03.18 English Ireland
1990.02.10 Limerick Leader T.C.S.U. supporting The Subterraneans (photo of T. S. only, lower right corner) English Ireland
1990.01.27 Limerick Tribune “Demonstration blues”  Anything demo cassette review English Ireland


Date Magazine Description Language Country
1989.04.24 Limerick Leader ‘Fead an lolair’ receiving special award, An Gradam – Slógadh ’89 English Ireland
1989.02.11 Limerick Leader “Limerick stars in Slógadh successes”  article + photo English Ireland


Date Magazine Description Language Country
1987.05.06 Limerick Leader “Laurel girls to the fore” English Ireland


Date Magazine Description Language Country
1981.06.24 Limerick Leader “Girls from Model School received prizes in Irish in Feile Luimni”  photo only (Dolores: 3rd row back, 2nd from right) English Ireland


Date Magazine Description Language Country
1980.04.12 Limerick Leader “Winning smiles from Feile”  +  “Talk of the town” (photo) English Ireland
1980.02.09 Limerick Leader “O’Riordan’s lastest”  +  “Blaze wrecks the O’Riordan’s house” English Ireland
1980.02.04 Limerick Leader “Fire makes Limerick family homeless” English Ireland

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