Coming Back To My Family (Live Storm)

Label: Live Storm (Italy)
Catalog: LSCD 51343
Release: 1995
Format: 1-CD / Standard Jewel Case
Total length: 01:08:02


  1. Ode To My Family (05:22)
  2. Sunday (03:35)
  3. Linger (05:17)
  4. Pretty (02:19)
  5. Put Me Down (03:45)
  6. Ridicolos Thoughts  Ridiculous Thoughts (04:35)
  7. I Can’t Be With You (03:24)
  8. How (03:04)
  9. Wanted (02:04)
  10. Everything I Said (03:57)
  11. Not Sorry (04:45)
  12. Dreams  (04:24)
  13. In Your Head  Zombie (05:51)
  14. Liar (03:37)
  15. Special (02:50)  (Later called “No Need To Argue”)
  16. So Cold In Ireland (05:35)
  17. Empty (03:38)


  • TRACKS 1 to 17
    Show: 1993.12.17 – Tivoli Theatre – Dublin, Ireland
    Source: Professional (Mixing Desk)
    Length: 01:08:02
    Almost complete show directly recorded from the band’s mixing desk.
    There is a cut between Not Sorry and Dreams probably due to change of side of a 90min cassette. Some people say Waltzing Back was played in between.
    There is a second cut, minor this time, between Liar and Special. This cut is just before the encore when the band walked off stage so no music is missing.
    The first song of the encore is introduced by Dolores as “…a song called Special” which later will be called No Need To Argue.


  • This 2nd version is the exact same audio as Coming Back To My family (Red Line) released in 1994.
  • This is also the exact same audio as Coming Back To My Family (Rock Adventure) released in 1996.
  • The front cover is exactly the same as the one on both labels Red Line and Rock Adventure.
  • The tracklist on the back cover is exactly the same as the other 2 versions and the 2 mistakes were not corrected: track #6 is still written Ridicolous Thoughts and track #13 is still called In Your Head. Track #15 (Special) is NOT a mistake.
  • The cd and the inside of the booklet have different artwork.
  • On the tray, the catalog number, bar code, manufacturer logo, printed year and other credits are different.
  • The edge title also changed a bit with a new background color and a new catalog number.
  • If you are a die-hard collector of The Cranberries you need this version otherwise it is totally unnecessary!


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