Lucky Charms


Label: Home Records (Luxembourg)
Catalog: HR6041-9
Release: 1995
Format: 1-CD / Clear Jewel Case
Total length: 01:12:17


  1. How (03:01)
  2. Sunday (03:27)
  3. Linger (05:03)
  4. Pretty (02:34)
  5. Dreaming My Dreams (04:29)
  6. Still Can’t  Daffodil Lament (part 1) (03:11)
  7. Lovely Today  Daffodil Lament (part 2) (01:44)
  8. Head  I Can’t Be With You (03:15)
  9. Wanted (02:03)
  10. When Your Gone  When You’re Gone (05:17)
  11. Ode To My Family (05:22)
  12. Ridiculous  Ridiculous Thoughts (04:49)
  13. The Isicle Melts  The Icicle Melts (03:04)
  14. Liar  Waltzing Back (03:50)
  15. Wanted It All  Still Can’t… (03:49)
  16. Zombie (06:06)
  17. No Need to Argue (03:16)
  18. Empty (03:23)
  19. Dreams (04:34)


  • Tracks 1 to 19
    Show: 1994.11.16 – Orpheum Theatre – Minneapolis, MN, USA
    Source: Audience
    Length: 01:12:17
    Complete show if you exclude 2 seconds missing on the very 1st song and the cut between the main set and the encore (tracks 16 & 17).
    A lot of song titles on the tray (the back cover) are false or incorrectly written.
    First mistake to notice concerns track #6 and track #7 which are both the song Daffodil Lament separated in 2 parts. A typical case where the bootlegger or manufacturer doesn’t know the band very well and thinks there are 2 songs because of the blank and the rythm change in that particular song. Track #6 is called Still Can’t but has nothing to do with it (Still Can’t is played later on the show) and track #7 is called Lovely Today, the bootlegger or manufacturer not knowing the song chooses a line that might be the correct title.
    Second mistake is on track #8 called Head instead of I Can’t Be With You.
    Third mistake is on track #10 called When Your Gone instead of When You’re Gone.
    Fourth mistake is on track #12 called Ridiculous instead of Ridiculous Thoughts.
    Fifth mistake is on track #13 written The Isicle Melts instead of The Icicle Melts.
    Sixth mistake is on track #14 called Liar instead of Waltzing Back.
    Seventh and last mistake concerns track #15 called Wanted It All instead of Still Can’t… again a typical case where the bootlegger or manufacturer not knowing the song chooses a line that might be the correct title.


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