Walking On Sunshine (Mirage)


Label: Mirage (Australia)
Release: 1996(?)
Catalog: MIR100
Format: 1-CD / Standard Jewel Case
Total length: 01:12:19


  1. Sunday (03:14)
  2. Linger (04:33)
  3. Pretty (02:17)
  4. Wanted (02:03)
  5. Daffodil Lament (04:39)
  6. I Can’t Be With You (03:15)
  7. Zombie (05:38)
  8. This Is Not Hollywood  Not Hollywood (04:49)
  9. Dreams (04:32)
  10. 21  Twenty One (03:04)
  11. Ridiculous Thoughts (06:04)
  12. How (03:03)
  13. R.J.S. John Lennon  I.J.S John Lennon (02:43)
  14. Ode To My Family (05:29)
  15. Forever Yellow Skies (03:21)
  16. Not Sorry (06:05)
  17. Still Cant’t Recognise  Still Can’t… (03:51)
  18. Free ’em To Decide  Free To Decide (03:39)


  • TRACKS 1 to 9
    Show: 1995.07.30 – The National Bowl – Milton Keynes, England
    Source: Professional (BBC Radio 1)
    Length: 00:35:00
    The Cranberries were opening for R.E.M.
    R.E.M. played 2 shows at The National Bowl (July 29th and 30th). The Cranberries opened for them the second night only.
    This show was broadcast on BBC Radio 1.
    First track (Sunday) fades in, only missing a couple of seconds.
    There’s a possible cut between tracks 4 and 5 (Wanted, Daffodil Lament). Possibly something was removed (commercial break on the radio,  song edit, DJ talking, or something else?…)
    Track 8 is introduced on stage by Dolores as “…it’s pretty new, it’s probably about 6 weeks old and it’s called Not Hollywood”. Later in 1996 on the album TTFD the song will be called “Hollywood” but that night it was called “Not Hollywood”.
    “Not Hollywood” is written “this is not hollywood” on the back cover.
    Possibly complete show or at least complete radio broadcast except the very first 2 seconds.
  • TRACKS 10 & 11
    Show: 1995.06.02 – Point Depot – Dublin, Ireland
    Source: Professional (Radio?)
    Length: 00:09:08
    Incomplete show.
    Only 2 tracks recorded professionally.
    The source of this recording is unknown, it could be a radio broadcast, an excellent mixing desk or even the audio extracted from a TV broadcast.
    Track 10 “Twenty One” is written 21 on the back cover.
    Credits concerning these 2 tracks don’t appear on the back cover.
  • TRACKS 12 to 18
    Show: 1995.05.23 – The Guildhall Portsmouth – Portsmouth, England
    Source: Audience
    Length: 00:28:11
    Incomplete show
    There’s a fade out between tracks 12 and 13 (How, I.J.S John Lennon), no music missing.
    Track 13 “I.J.S. John Lennon” is written “r.j.s john lennon” on the back cover.
    There’s a few mistakes on the back cover: Track 16 (Not Sorry on the CD) is written as being track 15 when real track 15 (Forever Yellow Skies on the CD) is not written at all. Other mistake, track 16 is simply missing.
    There’s a cut between tracks 15 and 16 (Forever Yellow Skies, Not Sorry)
    Track 17 “Still Can’t…” is written “still can’t recognise” on the back cover.
    Track 18 “Free To Decide” is written “free ’em to decide” on the back cover.


  • This CD is a copy of the one made by Forbidden Fruit. Same name, same tracks, same shows.
  • This is not an exact clone as the booklet and tray artworks on booklet changed a little. These artworks are cheap copies scanned from the Forbidden Fruit pressing. Only the artwork on the CD is completely new and different.
  • There’s a few mistakes on the back cover (see each show above for details).
  • If you are not a die-hard collector of The Cranberries this cheap version is totally unnecessary!


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