Audio/Video recordings (1994.11.12)



Source: Audience
Recording equipment: ?
Best circulating format: VHS (Generation 2), NTSC, 4:3
Duration: 01:11:55

Intro (cuts in)
1. How (cuts out, cuts in)
2. Sunday
3. Linger
4. Pretty
5. Dreaming My Dreams
6. Daffodil Lament
7. I Can’t Be With You
8. Wanted
9. When You’re Gone
10. Ode To My Family
11. Ridiculous Thoughts
12. The Icicle Melts
13. Waltzing Back (cuts in)
14. Still Cant…
15. Zombie
waiting for the encore (cut)
16. No Need To Argue
17. Empty
18. Dreams
Outro (cuts out)


  • Almost complete show.
  • there is a 40-second cut during “How”, 1st verse & 1st chorus are missing.
  • There is a short cut after “The Icicle Melts” possibly for battery or tape change (?) The following song “Waltzing back” cuts in, only a few seconds of the beginning of the song is missing.
  • Filmed from the middle of the balcony, dead center.
  • There are a few heads and fence obstructions sometimes.
  • Taper ID is unknown, the Generation 2 VHS was only shared in trading circles and sharing communities over the years.

Screen shots

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