Audio/Video recordings (2000.07.23)



Credit: wonderboy ( / A Very Nice Day (bootleg CD-R)
Source: Mixing Desk
Recording equipment: ?
Master format: ?
Best circulating format: FLAC 8 (“A Very Nice Day” bootleg cdr > EAC > WAV > TLH > FLAC 8)
Duration: 00:57:38

1. Promises (cuts in)
2. Loud And Clear
3. Ode To My Family
4. Wanted
5. Salvation
6. Desperate Andy
7. Go Your Own Way
8. Daffodil Lament
9. When You’re Gone
10. I Can’t Be With You
11. Free To Decide
12. Waltzing Back
13. Zombie
14. Ridiculous Thoughts
15. You And Me
16. Just My Imagination
17. Animal Instinct
18. Dreams


  • Almost complete show.
  • 15 songs recorded out of 15 (concert interrupted by a storm).
  • Raw sound straight off the mixing desk.
  • The show was completely edited with major cuts at both the beginning and the end of every song and almost all the speeches in between were skipped. However, besides a few seconds of the very first song no music is missing.
  • Shared on the internet by wonderboy on


Credit: KeepHoldMusic/G.P. Gatti (YouTube)
Source: Internet
Master format: ?
Best circulating format: YouTube, 480p, 4:3
Duration: 01:00:12 (The Cranberries: 3 minutes only)


  • Live footage of the first 2 songs recorded from the front row of the stalls among the authorized medias.
  • The film is one-hour long but The Cranberries part is only 3-min long and possibly recorded with a non-professional camera (handycam).
  • The rest of the film features other bands and will not be detailed here.
  • There are several bugs due to bad digital transfer.
  • This video probably never was broadcast anywhere on professional medias (?) and was only uploaded years later on YouTube by user G.P. Gatti for KeepHoldMusic.

Screen shots

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