Audio/Video recordings (2012.11.02)



Credit: Azumisan83 (YouTube)
Source: Audience
Recording equipment: Photo-camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ20 + Built-in microphone
Master format: N/A
Best circulating format: YouTube, 1080p, 16:9
Duration: 01:18:01

1. Just My Imagination
2. When You’re Gone (cuts in)
3. Losing My Mind
4. Linger (cuts in)
5. Free To Decide
6. Ordinary Day (cuts in)
7. Dreaming My Dreams (cuts in)
8. Astral Projections (cuts in)
9. Tomorrow
10. Still Can’t… (cuts in)
11. Desperate Andy (cuts in)
12. I Can’t Be With You (cuts in)
13. Interlude (cuts in)
14. Conduct (cuts in)
15. Fire & Soul
16. Not Sorry (cuts in)
17. Show Me (cuts in)
18. Ridiculous Thoughts (cuts in)
19. Salvation (cuts in)
20. Zombie (cuts in)
waiting for the encore
21. Roses (cuts in)
22. Schizophrenic Playboys (cuts in)
23. The Journey (cuts in)
24. Dreams (cuts in)


  • Incomplete show.
  • 21 songs recorded out of 23.
  • Recorded from the stalls, 2nd or 3rd row, a little on the left.
  • All the beginnings of the songs (except 2) are missing. For a few songs that’s just a matter of 3 or 4 seconds but some others are missing a lot more.
  • 3 songs are filmed with a vertical view (“Ordinary Day”, “Fire & Soul”, “The Journey”). Has taper suddenly decided to film vertically or has he/she used a mobile phone while replacing batteries on the photo-camera?
  • Uploaded on YouTube in 21 parts by user Azumisan83.

Screen shots

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