Stabler Arena (1995.05.08)



  • No Need To Argue World Tour 95 – North America (Leg 2)


Intro tape: “Bread And Wine” (Peter Gabriel – The Last Temptation Of Christ OST)
1. Pretty
2. Twenty One
3. Sunday
4. How
5. Linger
6. Dreaming My Dreams
7. Wanted
8. Daffodil Lament
9. I Can’t Be With You
10. I.J.S. John Lennon
11. Ode To My Family
12. Yellow Skies
13. Not Sorry
14. Still Can’t…
15. Free To Decide
16. Waltzing Back
17. Ridiculous Thoughts
18. Zombie
19. War Child
20. Empty
21. Joe
22. Liar
23. Dreams
Outro tape: “Could You Be Loved” (Bob Marley & The Wailers)


  • +/- 95 minutes


  • 5,000 / 6,000


  • Venue

  • Show

  • Ticket / Pass


  • Grant Lee Buffalo



  • N/A


  • At the end of the 1st song Dolores took off her shoes and stayed barefoot on stage a long time.
  • The show started quite slowly with a choice of songs pretty soft. The audience really woke up during “Wanted”.
  • 5 new songs ( I Just Shot John Lennon, Forever Yellow Skies, Free To Decide, War Child, Joe) were played that night almost a year before they appeared on what was going to be the album “To The Faithful Departed”.
  • “I Just Shot John Lennon” was introduced as “…a song for the next album, a song called I.J.S. John Lennon”.
  • “Forever Yellow Skies” was introduced as “…another new song, a song called Yellow Skies”.
  • The version of “Still Can’t…” was pretty epic.
  • “Free To Decide” was played in a slow tempo compared to later live versions.
  • The encore started with “War Child” dedicated to the children killed in the Oklahoma City bombing. Dolores on stage solo with just an acoustic guitar.
  • As usual at the end of “Liar” Dolores did a few steps of traditional Irish dance and as usual people in the crowd very much appreciated.
  • Dolores changed her outfit 2 times during the show.


  • Ticket originally posted on The Cranberries Shows
  • Doc Fikt – local crew pass
  • Audience video bootleg – show 1 to 6

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