The Old Trout (1991.06.28)


  • The Old Trout, Windsor, England

SETLIST (incomplete)

  • Put Me Down
  • Pathetic Senses
  • Linger
  • Dreams


  • ?


  • ? / 250


  • Show


  • Moose (headliner)
  • Daisy Chainsaw


  • Audio: 0
  • Video: 0



  • The Cranberries supporting the band Moose.
  • The Cranberries were at the bottom of the bill.
  • Incomplete setlist in no particular order.
  • Duration and attendance information is unknown.
  • There is no photo of the show nor the venue from that day known to this day.
  • The show is sometimes referred as “Psykik Dancehall” which was in fact the name of the club night. The actual venue was The Old Trout pub. Most people¬†always referred to it all as “The Trout” anyhow!
  • Promoter Jim Robertson remembers, “The venue was The Old Trout. My nights came under the banner Psykik Dancehall named after a song by The Fall who I previously had a connection with.”
  • A band named “Junior Irish” is sometimes marked as support act. In fact there is no mention of such band anywhere. Possibly just a nickname someone called The Cranberries, because they were young and pretty new. In the NME (8 June 1991) there’s a small article about the Moose tour and it says, Junior Irish contenders Cranberries support, which seems to prove someone made a mistake and thought that it meant that there was a band called Junior Irish.


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  • Setlist – The Cranberries Shows
  • The Old Trout – Facebook group

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