Cork Rock 91 (1991.06.01)


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  • Linger
  • Put Me Down
  • Dreams
  • Uncertain


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  • A Touch Of Oliver
  • The Chelsea Drugstore
  • Brilliant Trees
  • The Wishing Stones


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  • Unlike most of the showcases in the music industry, this one was not free (£4 admission).
  • Rumor says Dolores sang almost the entire showcase with her back to the audience.
  • The Cranberries possibly played a gig of 5 or 6 songs.
  • Setlist is incomplete and in no particular order.
  • The song “Nothing Left At All” may have been played as well.
  • Duration and attendance information is unknown.
  • There is no photo of the venue from that day, the above photos were taken in the 90s.
  • Located on South Main Street in Cork, Sir Henry’s opened in October 1977 as a restaurant at the back of the Stardust complex on the Grand Parade. It even had a spell as a rock café selling burger-based meals in an obvious emulation of the Hard Rock Café chain. It gradually evolved as a bar, nightclub and venue for bands. The name was derived from Henry O’Shea, a baker and building owner in the South Main Street area. The venue closed in June 2003 and the building demolished soon after.
  • Irish radio RTÉ 2fm recorded the (whole?) showcase and broadcast 1 song on “The Dave Fanning Show In Concert” (a special series of 4 episodes) broadcast on 3 September 1991. A second song (Dreams) surfaced for the 1st time in April 2017 during the “2fm Music Special” programme and a 3rd song (Put Me Down) was released for the first time in 2018 on the official “EEDI 25th Anniversary Edition” (which includes the other 2 songs as well).


  • Siobhan Bardsley (nee O’Mahony) – show 1, 2, 3
  • Siobhan Bardsley (nee O’Mahony) / Sunny Days (issue 9, June 1991) – show 4, 5
  • Hot Press – advert
  • The Cork Examiner (1991.05.31) – related article “It’s like stepping into a fog…”
  • Galway City Tribune (1991.08.30) – related article “City band kick off new radio series on Irish rock”

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