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Official promotional clothes, most of the time produced in low quantities by local labels to promote the release of the new album (as well as the local concerts sometimes) and given to fans/public during different events/contests in partnership with media and/or record stores. Sometimes they were only given to a very selected group of employees or when pre-ordering the album. These clothes were never made available in stores to the general public.

Promo Clothing

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NO NEED TO ARGUE (1994-1995)

  • No Need To Argue – Island – Dark Green T-Shirt – Australia

  • No Need To Argue – Truetone Records – Dark Blue T-Shirt – Australia

  • No Need To Argue – Blue Polo Shirt – USA

  • No Need To Argue – Tan T-Shirt – USA


  • Doors And Windows – Island/Philips – Black T-Shirt – USA
    CD-ROM pre-order exclusive


  • To The Faithful Departed / Free To Decide Tour (Italy October 1996) – Island – Grey T-Shirt – Italy

  • To The Faithful Departed – Island – Black T-Shirt – USA

BURY THE HATCHET (1999-2000)

  • Bury The Hatchet – Dark Blue T-Shirt – France

  • Bury The Hatchet – White T-Shirt – (Country: ?)

  • Bury The Hatchet – Beige T-Shirt – (Country: ?)


  • Are You Listening? – Pre-order Limited Edition – White T-Shirt – USA
    Only available to US residents on doloresoriordan.ie in April 2007 as a CD+T-Shirt pre-order exclusive

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