No Need To Argue – Commercial Vinyl – USA – (White)



  • Limited edition: 1,500 units
  • Only the vinyl color and the 2 stickers on outer cellophane are different. For the rest, Plain Recordings re-used the sleeve, the inner sleeve and the vinyl labels of the “180 grams” pressing and didn’t make new ones for this limited edition.
  • Correct catalog number and barcode only appear on stickers.
  • All the words on the front sticker are written in the same color as this edition: White
  • 5th record of the colored series with the words “In memory of Dolores O’Riordan” written on the front sticker.
  • This is the last record of the colored series by Plain Recordings even if its catalog number (PLA 2020) reveals that it was possibly intended to be the first!
  • Sometimes marked as released on 24 May 2018. Possibly true, more info needed!

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