Dolores Plans for the Future

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Dolores recently told British press about her plans later in life — to start a foundation for abused children.

“Warped things do happen in Ireland and what they used to do to children was terrible. It wasn’t just the Church, it was the beatings in school, too. But I was very lucky. I was never abused as a child. I have a very lovely upbringing,” Dolores told London magazine, Metro. She later goes on to say, “Why would anyone want to screw a child? When my little boy falls and hurts himself he cries and looks at you to take away the pain. And you feel awful if you can’t.”

She also told Hot-Press (on the issure of child abusers), “It’s the worst crime. I think they should be castrated. I just think that people who sexually abuse children get off too easily. They get back after a couple of weeks because, ‘Oh, he’s psychologically ill.’ Which I can understand, but then people get thrown in the can for eight years for smoking dope or something. I think the system is kind of weird that way. It hammers people wo are doing harmless things while these perverts, these paedophiles, are shown leniency.”

Source: Hot-Press Magazine, Metro magazine

JMI Radio Airplay

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Well, it seems that “Just My Imagination” is getting some decent airplay around the world.

Many people have heard it playing on stations they didn’t hear “Promises” or “Animal Instinct” played once, so maybe this single will do more success than the preceding ones.

Source: The Cranberries Newsgroup (

Hard Rock Live Date

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Recent cable guides have listed the Cranberries’s “Hard Rock Live” performance for August 21st at Midnight (probably EST). The show will be aired on the MTV-for-adults, VH-1.

I would take this information as accurate, so mark you calenders!

Source: The Ridiculous Thoughts Mailing List (

More Webcasts Announced for Loud and Clear Tour

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Check this out from the Walzing Back homepage:

“LaunchLive and IPIX images are going to make it possible to see The Cranberries live in concert via the internet while they are touring this summer. IPIX images has develloped [developed] a new technology that enables web-surfers to see imersive 360 degree videos. Their isn’t a lot of information released about this yet but I do know that you will need a Pentium 3 processor, a version 4 of Internet Explorer or Netscape, an Internet connection and a free membership from LaunchLive available here.”

You’ll need to go to for the free membership.

Well, sounds cool!

Source: Waltzing Back homepage (

New TV Performance Booked

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The Cranberries have booked a new upcoming TV peformance.

The Cranberries are scheduled to perform “Just My Imagination” on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on September 15th — the night before the LA concert.

Thanks to Hadi Izadi ( for the news tip!

JMI Promo singles Released!

July 22, 1999  |  Comments Off on JMI Promo singles Released!  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Wow! No sooner do I put the below news up, something new comes along.

Promo Singles for “Just My Imagination” have been made and released to radio stations. There is only one track.. (No “alternate mix” goodies)

As soon as I get a scan of the new promo, I’ll try to have it up right here for ya!

Source: eBay (

Non-singles do well on Foreign Charts

July 22, 1999  |  Comments Off on Non-singles do well on Foreign Charts  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Well, alot of people think that BTH is the Cranberries’s most single-ready album and here are some interesting stats to prove it:

“What’s On My Mind” is currenlty #12 on French charts
“Shattered” is *still* #6 on Japanese charts

Now, I love “What’s On My Mind” (my favorite off the new album) but ranking it on a national chart without it being a single?! That says something.

Source: The Cranberries Gazette (

April Fools Comes Late This Year

July 20, 1999  |  Comments Off on April Fools Comes Late This Year  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

You know, it seemed fishy to me from day one. The song “Alone” that has been passed around the net in MP3 and by collectors on tape, is a ruse (aka fake, forgery, lie.. you get the point). In fact, the CD called “The Great Irish Instrumental Songs” does not exist either… along with the tale about Pearce Gilmore selling the song. This was all a semi-well-done hoax put on by one member of the Yesterday’s Gone Page en espanol. The version of the song “Alone” that you may or may not have heard was actually a Stone Temple Pilots song titled “Press Play”.
This was all posted on a very long editorial on the respective page within the past two days. This does not mean that all info. from YGP is illegitimate, as the site has three webmasters. The site does have contacts with Pearce Gilmore, but the information given by the one bad apple that pulled all this on is is false.
From now on, the page will confirm any news posted on its site.

And the US Fans Rejoiced.

Wahooo! Straight from the official page.. read!

“Hi there,
Well I just got back from Italy where I spent three weeks relaxing with my wife. Dolores was in Canada for a few weeks with her husband and son; Noel and his wife went to the Caribbean and Mike and his wife were in Portugal. Everyone had a great time and the “batteries are recharged”.
Our tour manager is getting married in a few days so that should be a good day out. We have decided to release “Just My Imagination” in the U.S.A., so we will be doing the video for that at the end of this month, and then we go to Florida to rehearse for a week before we begin our U.S. Tour. That’s about it I’m afraid (I’m so boring aren’t I ?). Talk to you soon,
All the best,

So “Just My Imagination” WILL be the next singe (Ok, I was wrong) and best of all — A US release!!

Source: The Cranberries Official International Homepage (


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