Benefit Concert?

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Word around the campfire is that the Cranberries will be doing a benefit show on November 22nd. According to the source, the band, along with U2, The Corrs, and other bands will be doing a show in Ireland for peace in Ireland.
If I get some more facts, I’ll put them up.

Source: The Cranberries Gazette (

Elle Article

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I know some people have wanted to see recent article about Dolores in the European Elle magazine. So here’s the scan!


New Euro Single?

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While “Animal Instinct” is on the charts in places in Europe, some radio stations are airing yet another song from “Bury the Hatchet”. That song is “Dying in the Sun”. So will this song be the next single in Europe? Decide for yourself.

Source: The Cranberries Newsgroup (

JMI Single Pushback?

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The official page says that Just My Imagination will be released on (or about) Sepetember 30th. However, a few online music shops have listed Just My Imagination for an October release. So has it been pushed back? I’ll keep you posted.

Source: The Cranberries Official Homepage (, The Cranberries Newsgroup (

More Bonus Tour CD Info

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I got some more info about the new CD included with the tour books. The cover has the red room shot with Dolores lying on the bed. I also says “The Cranberries Loud and Clear Tour 1999” on the cover. The disc has the same inscription and also says “Limited Edition”. The CD contains the following tracks:

Liar (live)
Ridiculous Thoughts (live)
Promises (live)
Waltzing Back (live)

I don’t know where the tracks were recorded or if the price of the book rose because of the CD.

Thanks to Brian Woodruff ( for the info!

Source: Exclusive

Band Celebration

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From Fergal at the official page:

“Hi , it’s me again.
We are in Minneapolis, and badly hung over I’m afraid!! We played in Chicago last night and it was a great gig so everyone was in flying form. As today is Dolores’ birthday we threw a surprise party after the show which continued onto the bus. We have about twenty or so people working with us on the tour and they are all really nice so it’s always good to have a night like that to help everyone relax after working so hard for the past few weeks.
I’m afraid I have to go back to bed now for a snooze so I’ll talk to you again in a few days.
Take care,

Looks like the band partied a little TOO much! 😀

Source: The Cranberries Official Homepage (

Happy Birthday Dolores

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Dolores turns 28 today.. Happy B-Day Dolly!

Tour Book

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Appearently, there is a new edition of the Loud and Clear Tour Book. It comes with a limited edition CD, but what it is, I’m not sure. If I had to guess, I would assume it’s the 4-track live CD that came with some limited editions of BTH, but I don’t know for sure. When I get more info., it’ll be up here!

Source: Ridiculous Thoughts mailing list, Cranberries Newsgroup (

Upcoming Appearences

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Here are some upcoming appearences on TV, etc., by the Berries:

15th Sept: Band appearance on Jay Leno show (USA), performing “Just My Imagination”
15th Sept: Dolores is being interviewed on the Craig Kilborn Show (USA). (NOTE: CBS in the US)
16th Sept: Band will be making an in-station visit to KYSR/Star Lounge. (3 acoustic tracks).
18th Sept: There will be a live webcast of the San Francisco show that night. (URL details coming soon)

Source: The Cranberries Official homepage (

News – August 31, 1999

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Sorry for the delay in updates.. Tripod has been screwy. Aaanyway..

I bring ye exclusives from afar. Hmm.. not quite sure how to say this, but.. I won the contest on the official page! (no hate mail please!)

I but suppose that wouldn’t be too newsworthy without pics.. so here they are. I’ve made thumbnails cause they’re HUGE 🙂

BTH Lithograph Autographed by Storm Thorgerson
Click here for HUGE pic
BTH Autographed by All Members


I couldn’t fit the litho into my scanner, but you probably know what the top looks like 🙂 The auto is lighly in pencil, but you should be able to see it.

It’s getting late, so I’ll have nuz up for ya tomorrow.

Source: Highly EXCLUSIVE! 🙂

More Charmed Info

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Here’s some info I found:

“i dont know how many in this group actually watch the show, so ill explain it well.
i was reading a magazine, and they had some charmed info. the show is about 3 sisters, the 3 charmed ones. they each have a different power blah blah. the middle sister, Piper, was a chef in a club/restaurant called ‘quake’ this past season.  well as the story goes this season, she ‘launches a club that will occasionally feature big-name musical acts.’ so thats where the cranberries come in.”

Thanks to Delilah165 ( for the info!

I’ll have some more stuff up for you later.

New Commercial Bootleg

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It’s about time! A new commercial bootleg has arisen from the first leg of the Loud and Clear tour. The CD’s title is “One’s Better Self”.. check out the coverart..


Tracks are:
1. Promises
2. Animal Instinct
3. Loud & Clear
4. Sunday
5. Daffodil Lament
6. Salvation
7. Still Can’t…
8. Saving Grace
9. I Can’t Be With You
10. Dream
11. Zombie
12. Desperate Andy
13. Dreams

The show was recorded in Hamburg, Germany, April 16th, 1999.

Sorry about the image tag, but I’m getting a guy taking whatever he pleases off my page, so all images from here on out will be tagged. Again, sorry.. I will discontinue the tags if the person stops his plagiarism.

Source: eBay (

In Other Bootlegging News…

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For those that attended the Homdel, NJ show on August 13th, get out your wallets! The show was recorded (probably by an ameteur) and is now available on a 2-CD set.

Tracks are:
1. God Be with You
2. Promises
3. Animal Instinct
4. Ode to my Family
5. Sunday
6. Linger
7. Wanted
8. Salvation
9. Go Your Own Way
10. Pretty
11. You and Me
12. Still Can’t Recognize
13. Daffadil Lament
14. Waltzing Back
15. Zombie
16. Ridiculous Thoughts
17. Dying in the Sun
18. Shattered
19. Liar
20. Just my Imagination
21. Dreams

The set is now up for auction at eBay, so if you’re interested, you’d better bid fast!

Source: eBay (

BMG Magazine

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The Berries are on the cover of the current issue of the BMG magazine.. have a peek

(sorry about the crappy scan..)

Source: eBay (

Hard Rock Live

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Dolores last night on VH-1’s Hard Rock Live

For those that missed it, the show “Hard Rock Live” was aired last night featuring the Cranberries and Live. They played:


The show rocked, but viewers also got a little bonus. During a commercial for Bury The Hatchet, a clip of the upcoming video for “Just My Imagination” was aired. The video is taped in black and white. Dolores has the short hair look with lots of highlighted freckles on her face. The band sits with their instruments and play on a blank white set while Dolores sings into an exacto blade-shaped microphone.

If you missed the show and would like a copy of it on video, drop me an email at !

Source: Exclusive

New Merchandise!!

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I am a man of my word.. so on with the new stuf!!

Listed below are pics and prices, along with descriptions of the new merchandise sold at the current Loud and Clear Tour.

Items I purchased:


Tour T-Shirt (w/ AI Cup on cover)
Price: $27 (US)
Description: Navy blue T-shirt with the Animal Instinct cover on the front. On the back, it has a small logo near the top, “Mustang’s Rhythm On the Road Tour” in pink.


Loud and Clear Tour US Handbill
Price: FREE to concertgoers
Description: A flyer listing all the tour dates in America, along with an ad for “Just My Imagination” (which strangely enough says is now available at retail stores)


Bury the Hatchet Pin/Badge
Price: $9 (US)
Description: Small black and silver pin…


Loud and Clear World Tour Program
Price: $15 (US)
Description: If you’re having a hard time deciding what to pick up with just a few bucks, I highly recommend this program. It comes with a black envelope with glossy black lettering and design on it and (didn’t scan too well..). Included is a 20-page or so program featuring discgrapy, triva (hard even for me!), and some articles.. not to mention lots of current pictures. Also inside are four postcards.. one for the album and each single (*hint hint* — see news below)


Tour Poster
Price: $10 (US)
Description: It’s a poster.. pictures speak louder than words.

Items not purchased by me:


Tour shirt from First Leg
Price: $27
Description: Looks like they had some of these left over.. they can be ordered from

Animal Instinct T-Shirt
Price: $27 (US)
Description: A forest green shirt. On the front is a circular picture of the band with “Animal Instinct” written beneath.

Women’s T-Shirt
Price: $27 (US)
Description: A shirt for the ladies. It’s white with a small pic of the Promises bear burning on the front.

BTH Golf Shirt
Price: $50 (US)
Description: An olive green golf shirt. On the front near the pocket area is the eye sewn in with “The Cranberries” and “Loud and Clear Tour” stitched above and below respectively.

BTH Mousepad
Price: $22 (US)
Description: I shoulda got this! Its a moving mouspad (like those Baseball cards from the 80’s). The eyeball bobs up and down while the man stares at it when you look at it from different directions.

Promises T-Shirt
Price: $27 (US)
Description: Smoking bear on the back.. non-smoking bear on the front. Navy T-Shirt.

Other stuff:
Earplugs — $2
Binoculars — $8-$12

Source: EXCLUSIVE!!!

And in other news…

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“Just My Imagination” Promo CD Pic

I finally got a scan of the “Just My Imagination” promo CD. Very plain.. not cover art. Take a look:


Source: eBay (

JMI Single Cover??

Now here’s where the speculation comes in. I think that the following image will be the cover for “Just My Imagination”:


Now why do I think this, you ask? As you can probably see, this is a pic from the postcards included with the program. NOW, each one of those postcards has coverart on them. On the back of each postcard, it says what the name of the CD it is that that art if from (Ex: Postcard with burning bear says “The Cranberries : Promises” on the back). On the last postcard with this image, it says “The Cranberries : Just My Imagination”. Judge for yourself.

Source: Exclusive!

News – August 20, 1999

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Ok, sorry for not saying anything.. I went on a trip for a week, but then went on special assignment for you people! I went to the show in Manassas, VA yesterday (just got home). Anyway, I’m quite busy at the moment, but when I get some time (probably not til tomorrow!) I’ll have lots of news for you stright from the show including scans of:

-Animal Instinct T-Shirt
-Tour Handbill
-Tour Program

and lots more! (Not to mention price tags for all the stuff!)

News from the Horse’s Mouth

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From the official page:

“August 9th 1999

Hi there, how’s it going?
We are back in the USA again. We kicked off our new leg of the “Loud and Clear” tour in Tampa, Florida two days ago. It was great to play again after our eight week break, and we weren’t too rusty (I think!!?).

We have changed our set list quite a bit since the last tour. Dolores asked us if we would be up for trying “God Be With You Ireland”, the song she wrote for a movie (The Devil’s Own). It sounds very powerful so I think it will be a permanent resident in the set for a while.

We did a video for “Just My Imagination” in Dublin just before we came over here it will be released (only in America) in a couple of weeks. I’ll see if I can put it up here for you.

O.K.,. that’s about it , I’ll talk to you soon,
All the best,


Hmmm… Just My Imagination will be a US-only release? Sounds like it to me! Cool!

I wonder what the video’s concept or director is? They may have stuck to Olivier Dahan again.

That’s the news for now.

Source: The Cranberries Official International Homepage (

New Tour Setlist

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Ok, Ok, I got the setlist from the Flordia show.. Check it out!!

God Be With You
Animal Instinct
Ode To My Family
Go Your Own Way
You And Me
Daffodil Lament
I Can’t Be With You
Waltzing Back
Ridiculous Thoughts

Dying In The Sun
Just My Imagination

ALRIGHT!! They’ll be doing “Go Your Own Way”, “God Be With You”, “Dying In the Sun”, and “Just My Imagination” this tour — all of which were not previously done live. Wow. Glad I got something to look forward to..

New BTH Ad

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Hey, check out this new Bury the Hatchet ad I dug up..


As you can see, it shows the infamous BTH “Red Room” shot, while down at the bottom, the ad boasts all the new awards that the album has received… interesting. Anyway, this is what’s known as a “Trade Ad” and is passed around to those in the music industry and is not available to the public.

Source: eBay (


August 6, 1999  |  Comments Off on HOT NEWS!!  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Don’t let this stuff burn a hole in your monitor!

The Cranberries Guest Star on “Charmed”

The Cranberries will appear on November 4th as guests on the TV show “Charmed”. “Charmed” is a TV show aired on the WB network worldwide and also airs on CTV in Candada.

Source: Wall of Sound (

Dolores to Spot on Calvin Klein 2000 Campaign

August 6, 1999  |  Comments Off on Dolores to Spot on Calvin Klein 2000 Campaign  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer for the Cranberries will appear in the 2000 Campaign ads for the ultra-hot clothing designer, Calvin Klein. (WOW! Can’t wait to see the results of that photo shoot!!)

Also, here are some excerpts from that press release:

“You’re working and you’re working, and every day it’s just so busy,” she [Dolores] explains. “I guess that’s how you get to be such a successful person, but then you lose touch with so many other things. I think you get to a point whereupon you kind of realize having a balance in life, having friends and having family, is

Source: Wall of Sound (

New Quote

August 6, 1999  |  Comments Off on New Quote  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

This new quote was featured in a Yahoo! new article:

“When you have kids, it’s almost like a natural step in life that you come to an awareness that ‘I’m not going to burn myself out anymore.’ … You get a little bit more focus on the really important things in life, you know?”

— singer DOLORES O’RIORDAN of the Irish rock group THE CRANBERRIES, on her newfound experience as a mother.

Source: Yahoo! (

New Soundtrack

August 6, 1999  |  Comments Off on New Soundtrack  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Berries will be featured on an upcoming movie, “Another City, Not My Own”. The movie itself is based on a book by Dominick Dunne and and it is directed by Robert Altman. The soundtrack will be released this year sometime, but the exact date or song is unkown.

Source: The Cranberries Gazette (, Amazon (

Thanks to Vance ( for submissions for today’s news!

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