Amsterdam review in “OOR”

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Today’s issue of the Dutch publication “OOR” contains a review of March 29th’s Amsterdam gig at the Heineken Music Hall. The article was written by Jessica van Kessel, not only a studying-to-be journalist, but also a longtime fan of The Cranberries — and a regular Zombieguide contributor too!
We’ll have an English translation of the review available hopefully tomorrow.

Thanks to “The Vine” Jessica van Kessel for sending us her review.

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CranTV in Europe this weekend

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As a result of all their recent promo work in Europe, several European television and satellite channels will be airing specials about the band this weekend!

Channel AB1 will be airing Cranberries Total Record On Saturday, April 20 at 11.00 and 23.30 (all times local).

The RFM TV channel will broadcast Cranberries Portrait, a 30-minute special, on Saturday, April 20 at 12.30.

Lastly, MTV France will show clips from the band’s recent performance in Bourges, France, including an exclusive interview on MTV Crew. It will air on Monday, April 22 at 13.00 and/or 18.00.

Much thanks to Jesus Castillo for the news.

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“Spanish Rolling Stone” gig review

April 17, 2002  |  Comments Off on “Spanish Rolling Stone” gig review  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The April issue of the Spanish edition of “Rolling Stone” has published an article about March’s Movistar Activa Tour in the Iberian Peninsula, which was fronted by The Cranberries. The article includes a nice-size photo and interviews with fans, so click and check it out below.

Source: Cranberries of Prat

French “TITD” promo scan

April 16, 2002  |  Comments Off on French “TITD” promo scan  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

MCA Records has begun distributing “This Is The Day” promos to media outlets in France, with each promo including a promo sheet to convey all of the promotion which will be done for the single in France. The promotion includes 30-second promos on radio stations NRJ and M6, along with other radio and TV targets for the single and video.

Source: Cranberries of Prat

First images: Treasure Box

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The wrath of “Treasure Box” has been unleashed upon Europe and we have some of the first images taken from inside the somewhat mysterious box.

As promised, all of the liner notes and CD cases feature new art in some form or another, and in some cases, completely new images. One of the most intriguing images is one titled the “Bruce Fairbairn Songchart,” a visual record kept by the late producer of “To the Faithful Departed.” The chart confirms the long-held suspicions that “False” was originally recorded for “To the Faithful Departed,” but later scrapped. Empty blanks on the chart, a puzzling graph of rainbows, skulls, check marks, and other symbols, seems to show that the recording was either never finished or that the results were unsatisfactory. There are also old rumors that a studio version of “Yesterday’s Gone” was created in the studio during the album’s recording, but this chart shows no evidence of the title.

The full listing for the chart is:

Forever Yallow Skies
Free To Decide
Electric Blue
I’m Still Remembering
Will You Remember?
When You’re Gone
The Picture I View

Interlude (Presumably “Intermission”)

All of the books feature the full lyrics in plain type — no more deciphering Dolores’s handwriting on the “No Need to Argue” notes. Each new booklet also contains notes from the Art Director, Cally, ranging on subjects from the Uncertain EP, the famous “couch,” and the abstract “To the Faithful Departed” photo session.

The only apparent difference (thus far) between the full “Treasure Box” and the individual releases is that the individual releases will carry is a barcode, which is absent from the individual albums themselves, but is carried on the outer box.

Huge thanks to Daniel Steward for the images and info.

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Irish “TITD” release date confirmed

April 12, 2002  |  Comments Off on Irish “TITD” release date confirmed  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

MCA Records has begun distributing “This Is The Day” promos to media outlets in the band’s native Ireland, and the releases contain a sticker to announce details on the single’s Irish release. According to the information, “TITD” will release in Ireland on April 26th, a date which mirrors the possible UK release.

New commercial bootleg: “French Dreams”

April 10, 2002  |  Comments Off on New commercial bootleg: “French Dreams”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

A new commercial bootleg has been released in Europe, titled “French Dreams” on Coffeeshop Records. The CD includes the band’s performance in Lille, France on March 18, 2002. The venue, the Zenith Arena, was packed with a sold-out crowd of over 7000 fans. Here’s the full tracklisting, along with some scans of the cover and back cover.

1. Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
2. Zombie
3. Analyse
4. Loud And Clear
5. Animal Instinct
6. I Really Hope
7. Just My Imagination
8. Desperate Andy
9. Go Your Own Way
10. When You’re Gone
11. Free To Decide
12. Salvation
13. Ridiculous Thoughts
14. This Is The Day
15. Delilah
16. Ode To My Family
17. The Concept
18. Promises
19. Dreams

“TITO” on Mexican radio compilation

April 10, 2002  |  Comments Off on “TITO” on Mexican radio compilation  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

“Time Is Ticking Out” is one of several tracks included on a new Universal radio compilation in Mexico titled “Play.” Other bands on the disc include Garbage and Blink 182. Check out the tracklisting and scans below.
Thanks to Arturo García of Salsa de Arándanos for the scans.

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Exclusive: Full “Watercircle” & “Xeric Records Demo” downloads

April 9, 2002  |  Comments Off on Exclusive: Full “Watercircle” & “Xeric Records Demo” downloads  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Four months ago, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting The Cranberries drummer Fergal Lawler outside of the Baltimore Arena. After lamenting that he had nothing on the tour bus to give me, he promised to “post something off” to me… something which arrived in my mailbox last week.

In the white envelope arrived two CD-Rs filled with the kind of elusive rarities that would make any dedicated Cranberries fan soil their panties. Along with the CDs came a typed tracklist from Fergal and a handwritten note from one of the band’s representatives. The list has a few errors, but they’re sorted out below…

But of course you didn’t click here to read about all that. Zombieguide is happy to present some exclusive full downloads of some of the rarest Cranberries demo recordings from 1990 to 1991, recorded on their first indie label, Xeric. To read more about Xeric Records, the Watercircle demo, and the Uncertain EP, read up on Zombieguide’s Ultimate Bio.

These tracks are still available for download from Essentially Cranberries (Links no longer available) (They were removed from Zombieguide due to high bandwidth consumption).

“Watercircle” Demo by The Cranberry Saw Us, 1990
1. Sunday (MP3, 7.2 mb)
2. Linger (MP3, 7.4 mb)
3. Chrome Paint (MP3, 5.3 mb)
4. A Fast One (MP3, 5.1 mb)

Click here to visit the Media Vault to download these archived tracks! (Link no longer available)

Watercircle, released in early 1990, is believed to be the band’s firt demo together with Dolores. The tracks “Chrome Paint” (aka “Crown Paint”) and “A Fast One” were among the band’s earliest tracks and never reappeared on any other recording, but were staples of the band’s early live set.

Xeric Records Demos 1990-1991
1. Uncertain (MP3, 4.9 mb)
2. Reason (MP3, 2.7 mb)
3. Put Me Down (MP3, 4.0 mb)
4. Dreams (MP3, 6.4 mb)

Of all the tracks on the discs, these must be the rarest. I never even knew of the existence of an “Uncertain” demo — keep in mind all of these tracks are very different from the album versions. An interesting thing to note is that the Uncertain demo, which already has some static in it, ends with a woman’s voice saying, “Uncertain by The Cranberries…” before it cuts out, suggesting it was taken from a radio broadcast. The version of “Reason” found here is identical to that prevously found on the Dave Fanning Sessions, but this version is nearly twice as long, as the Dave Fanning Sessions version seems to have been cut prematurely. It’s possible that the version of “Dreams” here is from one of the band’s early demo tapes, but it sounds nothing like the short clip aired on MTV’s Rockumentary. Nevertheless, the early cut of “Dreams” retains every bit of the subtle etheral beauty that would make anyone fall in love with it all over again.

Uncertain EP, 1991
1. Uncertain (MP3, 4.5 mb)
2. Nothing Left At All (MP3, 5.6 mb)
3. Pathetic Senses (5.3 mb)
4. Them (5.5 mb)

Despite the notation on Fergal’s paper, these are all the EP versions from “Uncertain,” so nothing too terribly special.

Dave Fanning Sessions, 2FM, 1990
1. Linger (MP3, 7.4 mb) (Same as “Watercircle”)
2. Wanted (MP3, 3.2 mb)
3. Put Me Down (MP3, 4.5 mb)

One of The Cranberries’ earliest media spotlights was on 2FM’s Dave Fanning Sessions, where up-and-coming artists record in the 2FM studios for radio broadcast. The version of “Linger” here is the same recording found on “Watercircle” — probably aired on the radio mixed in with the sessions. “Wanted” is the same version that has always been associated with the Dave Fanning Sessions. The most interesting here is “Put Me Down” which is not the same version commonly associated with the session. The version that was prevously available is listed above under the Xeric demos.

The rest of the tracks (seen below) are all described correctly, although the John Peel Session took place in January 1992 (not 1991). The live tracks all seem to be taken from different gigs, all from the 1993-1994 era, all soundboard quality.

John Peel Session 1992
1. Waltzing Back (MP3, 5.1 mb)
2. I Will Always (MP3, 3.8 mb)

Live Tracks
1. I Still Do (MP3, 4.9 mb)
2. Daffodil Lament (MP3, 7.1 mb)
3. Not Sorry (MP3, 5.4 mb)
4. Waltzing Back (MP3, 5.5 mb)
5. Dreams (MP3, 6.6 mb)
6. Ridiculous Thoughts (MP3 6.7 mb)

Well, so there you have it… some of the most rare Cranberries recordings known to exist, right here for you on Zombieguide.

And Fergal, if you’re reading this, major thanks!!!
And I hope to meet you again on the upcoming US tour.

Webmasters: You may post these files on your site, but you must include a link to on the same page. The files must be unmodified and be hosted on your own server. Or, alternately, you may link directly to this page but not to the files themselves.

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First four albums to go OOP

April 9, 2002  |  Comments Off on First four albums to go OOP  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Earlier today, Universal Music sent their new release books to retailers in the US, outlining major releases for May 14th. The promotional material includes a four full-page color spread on the US release of the “Treasure Box” boxed set. Zombieguide has obtained some high-resolution scans of the promo booklet, seen below.

The booklets reveal one final purpose for Treasure Box: to replace the Island Records versions of the first four albums which will soon be out of print. The individual new re-releases will replace the older, now deleted, versions of the albums on store shelves. Although many fans mourn the fact that their favorite albums are being pulled from store shelves, it’s all for the best — being replaced with beefed-up versions with all the album tracks and B- sides on one disc.

Also below is seen some of the new artwork, particularly that of “To the Faithful Departed,” which portrays some faint handwriting in one picture beside what seems to show rings for a ring-toss game, keeping in the “carnival” theme of the boxed set.

Source: Exclusive

Tentative UK TITD release date

April 8, 2002  |  Comments Off on Tentative UK TITD release date  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Although many regions in Europe today received the two-track version of “This Is The Day,” distribution in the UK, as usual, is lagging a bit behind. However, several online retailers, such as 101 CD, have begun taking preorders for the single. The listing that appears on 101 CD is not listed as an import, and could therefore possibly refer to the UK release. The listing points to an April 29th release date, which does not coincide with any other previously announced date for the single.

UK fans remain hopeful, although recent releases have been somewhat lacking; the region never received the “Time is Ticking Out” single, which received a more “selective” release in a few regions earlier this year.

Thanks to Daniel Steward for the tip.

Source: 101 CD

Press Release: What’s in the Treasure Box?

April 8, 2002  |  Comments Off on Press Release: What’s in the Treasure Box?  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Earlier today, MCA Records released a press release for the upcoming North American release of “Treasure Box.” Most of the information is stale news, but it does in fact contain a few new tidbits, such as the fact that each new re-release contains newly-designed 12-page booklets.



The Cranberries, the biggest-selling Irish rock artists outside of U2, have always plowed their own path. Now, before the group has ever issued a “best of” collection in the U.S., The Cranberries are the subject of a box set that includes every released recording laid down during the sessions for their first four studio albums.


The four-CD set, Treasure Box – The Complete Sessions 1991-1999 (Island/UME), is being released May 14, 2002, just as the band kicks off its U.S. tour in support of its fifth studio album, 2001’s Wake Up And Smell The Coffee. Treasure Box contains 74 tracks–all of the selections from the first four albums plus 21 bonus b-sides, remixes, and tracks from non- Cranberries albums. In essence, Treasure Box offers expanded versions of each of the group’s albums, with individual jewel boxes including 12-page booklets. Each track has also been digitally remastered and each album features redesigned artwork.


CD 1 – Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?/The Complete Sessions 1991-1993: In 1993, the Limerick band (singer Dolores O’Riordan, brothers Noel and Mike Hogan (guitar and bass, respectively) and drummer Fergal Lawler) went Top 10 and gold with “Linger,” and Top 10 and quintuple platinum with the album. The bonuses are “Reason,” “Them,” “What You Were,” “Liar,” “Pretty” (Pret A Porter Movie Remix) and “How” (Radical Mix).


CD 2 – No Need To Argue/The Complete Sessions 1994-1995: The second album debuted at #6 in 1994 and spawned the #1 Modern Rock hit “Zombie” and #11 “Ode To My Family,” and reached seven times platinum. The bonuses are “Away,” “I Don’t Need,” the Carpenters’ cover “(They Long To Be) Close To You,” “So Cold In Ireland” and “Zombie” (Camel’s Hump Mix).


CD 3 – To The Faithful Departed/The Complete Sessions 1996-1997: Moving from former Smiths producer Stephen Street for their first two albums to Aerosmith producer Bruce Fairbairn, The Cranberries rocked harder. The 1996 album debuted at #6 and is currently double platinum. The bonuses are “Cordell,” “The Picture I View,” “Ave Maria” (from a Luciano Pavarotti benefit album), “Go Your Own Way” (from a Fleetwood Mac tribute album) and “God Be With You.”


CD 4 – Bury The Hatchet/The Complete Sessions 1998-1999: The band returned to the more mellow sound of its beginnings via a new producer, Benedict Fenner, and the 1999 album debuted Top 15 and is now gold. The bonus tracks are “Baby Blues,” “The Sweetest Thing,” “Woman Without Pride,” “Such A Shame” and “Paparazzi On Mopeds.”

Source: MCA Records

“Mad Voice” scans

April 6, 2002  |  Comments Off on “Mad Voice” scans  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries were featured in the January/February 2002 issue of the Greek magazine “Mad Voice.” The band got a four-page article in the magazine, and Zombieguide has some scans of the article below…


Source: Exclusive

Brazilian “Analyse / TITO” promo released

April 5, 2002  |  Comments Off on Brazilian “Analyse / TITO” promo released  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

MCA Records has released a new promo disc for “Time is Ticking Out” to Brazil. The disc includes new art and a different track listing from the previous promo releases.
The tracklisting is:

1. Time is Ticking Out (Album version)
2. Time is Ticking Out (Remix edit version)
3. Analyse (Acoustic version)

Hmmm…. an “Analyse” acoustic version? It sounds interesting, to say the least, noting that this is the first release by MCA to include a mix of “Analyse” with that title. It is currently unknown if it is a studio “acoustic version” or if it is a live acoustic version that has been added onto the disc. Perhaps MCA will put the new version onto an upcoming single… seems that we’ll have to wait and see.

Salamanca ticket issue resolved

March 26, 2002  |  Comments Off on Salamanca ticket issue resolved  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

After disappointed Spanish fans were turned away empty-handed from some ticket houses as El Corte Ingles for the upcoming Salamanca gig, the Cranberries Official Website has clarified the issue.

Shortly after we posted our news story, the official page even removed the link to ServiCaixa, the “official” ticket vendor. However, the link has now been replaced, with a note that tickets will go on sale on April 1st. So for all of those around Salamanca: the wait is only a little longer.

Source: Cranberries Official Website

Pirates love Zombieguide

March 25, 2002  |  Comments Off on Pirates love Zombieguide  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

“Is there no honor among thieves?!” The answer to the age-old question: a resounding “no.” Those taking a gander at the new commerical bootleg titled “Wake Up Barcelona” may have found something faintly familiar…

“Oh yeah, if you noticed the front cover of that new bootleg, ‘Wake Up, Barcelona’ — Do you know if it’s available, ’cause I’d like to get it, well mainly because that awesome front cover (j/k). Geez – I wonder where they got it from? hmmmmm =)” – Adam of Zombieguide Concerts.

“Nice to see one of my own wallpapers on the cover of the new bootleg” – Norbert of Zombieguide Europe.

Below is the title page of Zombieguide Concerts and some wallpaper from Zombieguide Europe. Make your own conclusions. It’s a shame some people don’t appreciate the work that goes into this stuff but — well, it happens.

Treasure Box: individual album art

March 25, 2002  |  Comments Off on Treasure Box: individual album art  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The official Italian Cranberries page CranberriesItalia has posted the first images of the individual albums to be included with “Treasure Box” in its international release next month. Here’s what the Italian page has to say:

“4 Classic Albums + 21 Bonus Tracks = 1 TREASURE BOX … the formula of the Cranberries is never as simple and as effective… in short, the collection of the first 9 years of musical activity of the band will be available in all the stores as Limerick’s “The Cranberries: Treasure Box”. The purpose of this 4CD box-set is clear and direct: to offer the opportunity to all fans to acquire all the complete work of the Cranberries from their first four albums in a single blow, including some B-sides and rarities no longer available on the market in other formats from now and long ago!! All four CDs (manufactured individually) will also be, in addition, available for purchase separately.”

“The date of release in stores is scheduled for the day of 8 April 2002 (and the 14 of May for North America, in conjunction with the beginning of The Cranberries’ tour in that continent). The cover of the Treasure Box is visible in the news published on Tuesday, 19 March.”

Source: CranberriesItalia

“TITD” Radio, Single, Video release schedule

March 25, 2002  |  Comments Off on “TITD” Radio, Single, Video release schedule  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The official Italian Cranberries page CranberriesItalia has put up a revised release schedule for “This is the Day,” both the CD single and music video.

Firstly, the site announces that the track will make its radio debut in Italy on April 5th. On April 19th, the single for “This is the Day” will be available in stores in Italy. Lastly, the site notes that production on the “This is the Day” video is wrapping up and they estimate that it will be aired in two weeks’ time, both on MTV and Viva-Retea.

Source: CranberriesItalia

Crans to record for “Supersonic”

March 23, 2002  |  Comments Off on Crans to record for “Supersonic”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Official Italian Cranberries site CranberriesItalia has announced that The Cranberries will soon be performing a live segment for the MTV Italy show “Supersonic.” The segment will be recorded on April 4th and broadcasted the next day, April 5th at 21.00h (9:00 PM) local time. Unfortunately for Milano fans, you will have to set your VCR, as the ‘Berries will also be performing in Milan that night at the same time. The official Italian page is also hoping to get fans involved in the recording, and will be giving away tickets for the show’s audience soon to already-active members of their online community.

Source: CranberriesItalia

Salamanca gig cancelled?

March 23, 2002  |  Comments Off on Salamanca gig cancelled?  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Spanish fans looking to buy tickets for the newly-announced Salamanca, Spain, gig have gotten some disconcerting news (OK, bad pun). Those that have visited the online retailer El Corte Ingles have been told that ticket sales for the concert been suspended. ServiCaixa, to which the band’s official page links for the ticket sales, has removed the date from its upcoming tour listings.

Reason for the suspension or even possible cancellation is currently not known, but Zombieguide will keep you up to date!

New bootleg: “Wake Up Barcelona”

March 23, 2002  |  Comments Off on New bootleg: “Wake Up Barcelona”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Spanish fans browsing the stores such as “Revolver” in Barcelona can now find a brand new commercial bootleg titled “Wake Up Barcelona”. The new 2- disc set was audience-recorded on March 15th at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Spain.

The art for the discs are nice, but as with almost any audience-recorded bootleg, the sound has several flaws. The overall quality is described as “not brilliant, but good.” However, the biggest disappointment is that “This is the Day” has been cut, as Dolores sings immediately when the track begins. Of course, the most obvious reason for this due to the recorder running out of tape. Nevertheless, it’s a forgivable mistake.
Now onto the tracks and scans:

Disc 1:
1. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
2. Zombie
3. Analyse
4. Time is Ticking Out
5. Animal Instinct
6. You and Me
7. Ode to My Family
8. Just My Imagination
9. Loud and Clear
10. Desperate Andy
11. Pretty
12. When You’re Gone
13. I Can’t Be With You
14. Waltzing Back
15. Free to Decide

Disc 2:
16. Ridiculous Thoughts
17. Promises
18. Linger
19. I Really Hope
20. This is the Day
21. Dreams

Bonus Tracks:
22. Dreaming My Dreams (MTV Unplugged 1995)
23. Ode to My Family (MTV Unplugged 1995)
24. Linger (MTV Unplugged 1995)
25. Empty (MTV Unplugged 1995)
26. Zombie (MTV Unplugged 1995)
27. How (Europe 1994)
28. Sunday (Europe 1994)
29. I Can’t Be With You (Europe 1994)

Source: The Cranberries of Prat

Miami tickets on sale online-only

March 23, 2002  |  Comments Off on Miami tickets on sale online-only  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Earlier this morning at 11:00 AM EST The Cranberries Official Website began exclusive online-only sales of the tickets for the Pompano Beach gig in Miami, FL. Although tickets will soon be made available to the public, those visiting the band’s official site will be getting the first choice of tickets. If you haven’t gotten them yet, visit the official page and click the link in the “World Tour 2002” section.

In a notice sent out to the site’s mailing list this morning, it was also stated that sales for the Chicago gig will also go on sale very shortly, so stick close to your screen!

Source: Cranberries Official Website

Mexican tour venue revealed

March 21, 2002  |  Comments Off on Mexican tour venue revealed  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

At a meeting of the Salsa de Arándanos Club this weekend, the official Mexican Cranberries fanclub, members were given more information pertaining to the band’s upcoming summer tour. Most of the new information was leaked from an interview with Fergal taken by local station Orbita 105.7. Members were told that the Cranberries will once again be playing at the National Auditorium in Mexico City on June 26th. The Guadalajara date was also confirmed, but no venue was given.

The club’s president could also confirm to Zombieguide Mexico’s webmaster Sigma, with a visit to their offices, that Fergal did in fact tell Orbita that the band plans to have Benedict Fenner produce their new material this summer. However, the station refused to give any more details regarding the interview, citing that listeners will be able to hear the full interview early next month.

Thanks to Zombieguide Mexico’s webmaster Sigma for all the info.

Source: Exclusive

“This Is The Day” art released

March 21, 2002  |  Comments Off on “This Is The Day” art released  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

MCA Records has released marketing and promotional materials to retailers in France for the upcoming single, “This Is The Day.” Below is a scan of the gatefold sleeve of the promo folder, which also lists the band’s upcoming tour dates for France. Expect the final single’s cover to be similar, if not identical, to the image below.

More “This is the Day” video images

March 19, 2002  |  Comments Off on More “This is the Day” video images  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Official Italian Cranberries site CranberriesItalia has posted yet another image of the making of the “This is the Day” video, recorded in France earlier this month. Feast your eyes below…

Source: CranberriesItalia

The Cranberries Press