Hi-Res “Tutto” scans

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As we reported to you Thursday, the newest issue of the Italian magazine “Tutto” has a brand new article/interview with The Cranberries. We now have lethally huge scans of the 3-page article, thanks to Simone “Merry” Cirri. Watch out for that third one — it’s a mammoth!

Source: Exclusive

(Hi-Res scans no longer available, check CW magazines section to find scans of this issue)

The Cranberries interview in “Tutto”

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The newest issue of the Italian magazine “Tutto” has a brand new article/interview, another offspin of the band’s recent press work. The Herald has the near-full article here exclusively. One section, a brief history of the band, has been excluded for obvious reasons (Of course you can always read Zombieguide’s Ultimate Bio). Thanks to Simone “Merry” Cirri for the translation. Scans will be coming in the near future!

We entered the Irish band’s headquarters. A place away from space and time, where Dolores, Fergal, Noel and Mike concealed themselves in order to work on the new album, scheduled for October. We spent some hours with them, finding that passion for rock music can be conciliated with a normal life.

From the gossips which have been circulating in the Internet during the last months, we could guess that The Cranberries were about to come back on the scene. An underground, slow but inexorable tam-tam, that has been stopped in the end of May by an announcement from Dolores. “Hello, I’m on a plane on my way back from London. We spent two weeks there mixing the album. It’s gonna be called ‘Wake Up And Smell The Coffee’… I’m soooo looking forward to getting back to my babies. I’m such a lucky blessed person. I’m so thankful to God for what I have. Life’s so short, it’s essential to put love and happiness first”.

Some days after, we meet her a few thousands of meters from her home, in the band’s headquarters: a totally anonymous shed placed in the splendid Irish countryside, near Limerick. It could be a rustic house turned into an industrial storehouse, or an agricultural machines warehouse. Not at all: inside these walls the band’s music is created. To confirm us that we’re in the right place, here Dolores comes, darting beside our car on a grey racing bike. Printed on her face, she’s got one of those smiles that put you in a good mood.

Once we get over the entry door, we’re looking at what we could call the dream of every rocker: a true stage built on an iron structure, with a light system, a mixing board and some huge candelabras near the amplifiers. Guitar and bass guitar’s strings here and there, half-open instrument cases and drumstick fragments scattered everywhere are unmistakable signs of a long night of rehearsals. In this place, in the middle of the most absolute silence, the band sets up its live concerts and records the cues which then will transform into new songs. “This place hasn’t got a name” says Fergal, the band’s drummer: “I like to call it Cranberries Center, because all our activities start from here”. A UNIQUE SOUND
In the meantime, while the singer grabs a cup of hot tea, the stereo plays the just finished CD’s first notes. An album made of pure Cranberries rock, which emphasizes Dolores’ voice and guitars’ biting sound. As we listen to the album for the first time, we notice in a particular way “Analyze”, which is all based on an irresistible mix of power and melody. “The album will come out in October… We haven’t chosen the first single yet, but ‘Analyze’ has good chances” says Dolores, who does nothing to hide her magic moment, made even more special by the little Molly’s birth, five months ago. “I’ve realized that when you’re 30 years old you have to put your life in order… Albums and tours are important, but you can’t lose the sense of your life. Having children makes you very sensible. When you’re responsible for other people too, you really begin looking around. For example, I’m not indifferent to the environmental disaster that’s happening in front of our eyes. It’s been for many years that a long exposure to the sun causes serious problems. But I don’t see campaigns against the ozone hole anymore”. THAT DAY IN WOODSTOCK…
As we walk along the side of the band’s private stage, we see a red poster which towers above the entrance. In the upper area there’s the logo of Woodstock ’94, the second edition of the historical festival. With the other stars, four young Irish guys who were about to be swept away by the unlimited success of “No Need To Argue”, the album with the super-hit “Zombie”, were there too. “Unforgettable! The most difficult thing wasn’t playing in front of that wild crowd, but approaching to the backstage area before the gig. There was mud everywhere: it looked like we were in the middle of a giant swamp. Luckily we hadn’t forgotten the boots.”. One moment before she comes back taking care of Molly, Dolores tells us about her fascination for the sound of two albums recorded in the Indian reserves in Canada. “In those people’s music there’s a great sense of peace, of harmony with the rest of the world”. Then, she jumps on her bike and she goes to home. On her face, the same smile she had when she arrived.

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MMM considers “I&I” feature

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We earlier reported to you that Canadian music channel MuchMoreMusic is going to prepare a new documentary, “The Story of,” on The Cranberries. We now have new info on this and the possibility of another special from MuchMoreMusic thanks to Vance. Here’s a copy of the email he received from host Bill Welychka:

Vance, We’re currently looking into going to Ireland in August for The Story of. AND, a possible I&I in September. It’s all to soon to tell….but stay tuned!

Bill Welychka Host/Producer – MuchMusic/MuchMoreMusic

So what is “I&I” ? “Intimate and Interactive”, a small, private gig that stays true to its namesake. It is said to be “the coolest hour you could spend with a band”, so we wish them the best of luck in getting a green light on the project.

Thanks to Vance for the news.

Source: Exclusive

19 new Cranberries photos

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Mexican site Radioactivo has posted 19 brand new photos of The Cranberries. The photos were taken around Ireland on May 28th, 2001. Nice Sketchers Dolores!

Partial Source: Radioactivo

The Cranberries discuss “Wake Up” with Telehit, part 2

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As we reported earlier, a brand new interview with the band was aired last night on Telehit in Mexico. We have a detailed look at the new interview, thanks to Alfonso. If you missed Part 1, check past news.

The special aired with clips of the band’s videos, including, in order: “You and Me”, “Free to Decide”, “I Can’t Be With You”, “Ode to My Family”, “Salvation”, “When You’re Gone”, and “Promises”.

After the intro was over, we finally were able to get a glimpse of the band. Dolores, clad in a black shirt and black suit, sat comfortably and “looking beautiful” with the rest of the band. Diego, who hosted the show, asked, “How was the recording of this album?”. Dolores responded, “It was a quick recording,” adding that they finished it in Dublin in four or five weeks. Dolores then went on to discuss her babies, and then to explain that their music is emotional, not technical (see Part 1 for more on this).

Diego told the audience that he was able to hear 6 of the new tracks of “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”, and he commented that they were “heavy”, but that two of them were “softer” than the rest. “That’s our style, there are many things like anger, sadness, or happiness, those kinds of things move you to write in a particular way,” responded Dolores.

So what kinds of music do the band members enjoy? All agreed that they liked genres such as electronic much more than they do boy-/girl-bands.

“The promotional tour will begin in August and the gig tour early next year,” Diego told the audience. But will they be touring Mexico? “Yes! Of course! Definitely!” the band promptly replied. “Next year?” Diego inqired. “Yeah, next year,” said Fergal. Dolores also added, “Or maybe before, but only for TV or radio”.

So what does the band do in their free time? All four said they enjoyed the cinema, etc. Dolores said that one of her recent favorites is “Hannibal”, and that in the end, you see the story in a much different perspective.

“There’s so much conciousness in this album, about things that are really important,” said Dolores about their new work. Fergal had his own spin about it, saying, “Not everything in life is work.”

Now that “Bury the Hatchet” is over two years old, what does the band think in retrospect and how does it compare with “Wake Up”? “Bury the Hatchet was like looking into the past and starting all and starting all over again, but this album is like looking forward, like moving on,” said Dolores. Frequent readers of the Herald will recall that this statement mirrors Dolores’s interview with MTV Italy last year. At that time, she said, the new recordings were “kind of like moving on and starting a whole you thing, you know? So it’s kind of like beginning again in a way.”

The band also mentioned about touring with R.E.M., recalling the brief tour that the two did together in 1995. They said that they were still in touch with the band that that they are very down-to-earth people.

Lastly, what current artists does the band admire? It’s a varied and somewhat bizarre list, to say the least. Here were their responses: U2, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Eminem, Dido, Annie Lennox, Sinead O’Connor, and others. Thought- provoking, to say the least.

Many thanks Alfonso for the info.

Source: Exclusive

The Cranberries discuss “Wake Up” with Telehit, part 1

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As we reported to you yesterday, Mexican television station Telehit will be airing a brand new interview with the band on Sunday. We now have the first glimpse of that interview from the commercial airing on the station.

The commercial opens with shots from “Linger” and then “Dreams”. Then, the narrator begins, “She’s the third richest woman of the United Kingdom,” with a quick flash to a shot of Dolores’s eyes. “… and she’s aware of its social environment. She commands a band, one of the greatest.” Then it proceedes to a clip of “Zombie”. “They are The Cranberries, they have four albums and great songs, and they talked to us about their new album from Windmill Lane Studios where they have finished the recording of their fifth album.”

The video then cuts to a shot of Dolores and the band, as they say hello to Mexico. The screen then cuts to Dolores, saying, “You know, the Cranberries’ music is very emotional. We don’t have a certain technique to write our songs, it just flows from us.”

Look for Part 2 when the interview airs on Sunday. Thanks to Alfonso for the news.

Source: Exclusive

Telehit to air new interview Sunday in Mexico

July 5, 2001  |  Comments Off on Telehit to air new interview Sunday in Mexico  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Telehit, a major music channel out of Mexico City, will be airing a brand new interview with The Cranberries this Sunday. Telehit is a subdivision of Es Mas, as the interview was listed on the official page last month.

The new interview was conducted by host Diego right inside Windmill Lane Studios, where the band was recording “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”. A commercial is also being shown on Telehit for the interview and shows some teaser clips of it. The band says hello to Mexico at the beginning of the clip and then short clips of other topics are shown. Dolores then says that their music is very emotional. In the next teaser, the band says that there is no specific technique to their writing, but rather the music just “flows” from themselves.

The hour-long interview will air Sunday July 8th at 5:00 PM and again at 11:00 PM (Mexican Time).

Thanks to Alfonso for the news.

Source: Exclusive

Current official fan poll results

July 4, 2001  |  Comments Off on Current official fan poll results  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Official page has quickly tabulated the results to their current poll, asking fans to choose their top 10 favorite songs to be done acoustically. The results of the poll will influence The Cranberries’ acoustic setlist when they begin their promo tour next month. After 24 hours, here were the first (but not current) results for yesterday:

1. Linger
2. Dreams
3. Zombie
4. Animal Instinct
5. Ode To My Family
6. Empty
7. Promises
8. Daffodil Lament
9. Just My Imagination
10. Ridiculous Thoughts

However, the total results for today, July 4th, are:

1. Dreams
2. Zombie
3. Linger
4. Ode To My Family
5. Animal Instinct
6. Empty
7. Daffodil Lament
8. Promises
9. Just My Imagination
10. Ridiculous Thoughts

Note that none of these results are final. However, with early returns such as these and with the “hardcore” fanbase already turning in most of their votes, it’s very unlikely that we will see any B-sides in the set — which is a shame. The official page has set up a a Top 10 page here, which will be updated frequently so the current results can be viewed.

Source: Official International Cranberries Homepage

The Cranberries ask for fan input

July 2, 2001  |  Comments Off on The Cranberries ask for fan input  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

We’ve seen bits and pieces of it over the last few months, but it has become more apparent with this latest news from the band’s official page. It seems that they are asking for fan input more than ever. Now, as the band prepares to go on a promotional tour next month, they plan to do a number of acoustic shows, playing about 10 songs at each gig.

With this, they are letting fans choose the setlist! Fans are to email cranberries @ elive.ie with the subject MY 10 FAVOURITE SONGS and then to list their 10 favorite songs in the body of the email. Keep in mind they will be done acoustically, ie no “Delilah” submissions!

In addition to this, the official site recently polled fans to ask what kind of merchandise do they want most. Here are the results from that poll:

1. Videos
2. Posters
3. Coffee Mugs
4. Hooded Sweatshirts
5. Lithographs/Prints
6. Sweatshirts
7. CD Holders
8. Mouse Pads
9. Gold/Platinum Discs
10. Keyrings

New videos would be excellent. And in a result of complete irony, Coffee Mugs turned out high at the results, coming in at #3. Keep in mind that this poll was well before the title of the new album was revealed — “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”. Now, I ask you, what could a better tie-in?

But in addition to the poll, the official page is looking for even more input: “What artwork and design motifs you would like to see?”. Fans are asked to submit written suggestions only to cransurvey @ elive.ie, no artwork submissions.

And lastly in related news, many web users have been complaining about the difficulty of loading the new Thorgerson-designed Flash official site. DigialCC has begun work on an HTML version of the official site, due online in August.

Oh, and in case you’re vaguely wondering, here is what The Herald is submitting as our Top 10. Note the overabundance of B-sides. Now you figure that everyone is going to be submitting stuff like “Linger”, so what we would like to see is the band pick up and play some rare songs again!

10. Zombie
9. I Can’t Be With You
8. Daffodil Lament
7. False
6. The Icicle Melts
5. I’m Still Remembering
4. Paparazzi on Mopeds
3. Away
2. What’s On My Mind
1. Like You Used To

Source: Official International Cranberries Homepage

“Analyse” video shoot delayed

July 2, 2001  |  Comments Off on “Analyse” video shoot delayed  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Although scheduled to take place last Thursday, the video shoot for “Analyse” had to be delayed. The band’s webmaster explains that there were difficulties securing permits for the outdoor locations. However, the band’s management is currently trying to straighten things out so that the shoot can take place later this month.

This news brings back an interesting tidbit about the recording of the videos “Zombie” and “Ode to My Family”, both done at the same time in Ireland by Samuel Bayer. The band needed police escort while filming because snipers were said to be roaming the area.

Source: Official International Cranberries Homepage

New info on Angelica’s “Se a Gente”

June 29, 2001  |  Comments Off on New info on Angelica’s “Se a Gente”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries Herald reported to you yesterday that Brazilian singer Angelica has covered The Cranberries’ “Linger” in a new song titled “Se a Gente Se Entender” — translated as “If We Understand Ourselves”. The Herald can now confirm that the new cover is in Portuguese, not English. This aspect makes it similar to Faye Wong’s track “Dream Person”, a cover of The Cranberries’ “Dreams” in Chinese. The track was produced by Ricardo Feghali. Angelica’s new album, also titled “Se a Gente Se Entender”, which contains the track, will not be out until July 2nd.

In addition to this new information, Zombieguide has obtained a clip of the song as well as the new album’s cover, both below.

“Se a Gente Se Entender” (Real Media Streaming Clip) (Link no longer available)

Again, thanks to Zombieguide South America’s Elio for the news tip.

Partial Source: Rede Globo

Portuguese subtitled “Beneath the Skin” DVD released

June 28, 2001  |  Comments Off on Portuguese subtitled “Beneath the Skin” DVD released  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries fans in Brazil recently got what they’ve waited quite a long time to receive — “Beneath the Skin” on DVD. The delay was due to the necessity of adding Portuguese subtitles to the release in order for a proper localization. The Brazilian release is selling quite well, reportedly already shifting over 10,000 copies off of store shelves.

Thanks to Zombieguide South America’s very own Elio for the news tip.

Source: Exclusive

Brazilian singer covers “Linger”

June 28, 2001  |  Comments Off on Brazilian singer covers “Linger”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

A new song is hitting Brazilian radio stations — well, not really new. Popular Brazilian singer Angelica has covered the classic Cranberries track “Linger” and it’s reportedly doing very well on the radios. Zombieguide readers will recall that earlier this year, UK dance band Dario G covered The Cranberries’ “Dreams” as their own danced up “Dream to Me”. Angelica’s version of “Linger”, titled “Se a Gente Se Entender”, reportedly resembles the original track much more than “Dream to Me” did, with the new “Linger” cover containing the same chords.

Angelica is no stranger in the small world of Brazilian celebrities. She hosts her own kids’ TV show on “Rede Globo Television”, the most important Brazilian TV network. The Herald hopes to have more information soon, including the CD that contains it and possibly an MP3 clip.

Thanks to Zombieguide South America’s very own Elio for the news tip.

Source: Exclusive

BTS remains on international charts

June 28, 2001  |  Comments Off on BTS remains on international charts  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Wow. It’s been over six months since “Beneath the Skin” was released in North America, yet it is still selling loads of copies around the world, keeping it on “unique popularity” lists around the globe. The VHS and DVD seem to especially be doing well in Spanish-speaking countries, where The Cranberries have always had an avid fan base. Note that this is NOT a “top sellers” list but rather a popularity chart where the DVD is selling better than other compared areas. Here are the current standings for the week of June 18, 2001:

Latin America (#4)
South America (#6)
Brazil (#13)
Mexico (#10)
Venezuela (#6)

Source: Amazon

“Analyse” video shoot begins

June 28, 2001  |  Comments Off on “Analyse” video shoot begins  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

According to the recent post on the official page by Cranberries bassist Mike Hogan, recording for their new video, “Analyse” began earlier today. The band trekked to London today with director Kier McFarlane. McFarlan previously worked with artists such as Janet Jackson and Tom Petty. “Analyse” will be the first single from the upcoming album, “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”.

Source: Official International Cranberries Homepage

MMM plans “The Story of The Cranberries” feature

June 25, 2001  |  Comments Off on MMM plans “The Story of The Cranberries” feature  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

It looks like Canadian music channel MuchMoreMusic is going to prepare a new documentary on The Cranberries, thanks to the efforts of some fans.

“The Story of….” series is well-received series for MMM that covers the lifespan of the band from inception to present.

After one fan, Vance, emailed MMM, he received an email back from host Bill Welychka himself saying that it is a “great idea” and that the network will run it to coincide with the new release in October. Currently, the documentary is only in very early production until more promotional information is available for the release.

Thanks to Vance for the news. See ? You people CAN make a difference, so beginning around August, start emailing your favorite radio stations and TV channels to show new material!

Source: Exclusive

New details from “Late Late Show” interview

June 25, 2001  |  Comments Off on New details from “Late Late Show” interview  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

In addition to the description of the RTÉ interview of Dolores, The Herald has more information about the new album and Dolores’s viewpoint on motherhood.

The interview began as Dolores walked out onto the stage and hugged host Pat Kenny. Her mood was entirely cheerful and comfortable, laughing and joking frequently. One of the first topics was the new album (which was still untitled at the time). Dolores declared that when you are the most depressive and stressed, you can write the best rock songs. However, she says that she is currently writing happy songs because of her positive mood.

She also began talking about the joys of motherhood. When mentioning Taylor, she looked straight at the camera and blew kisses at it for him. Dolores even told the host that she would like to have more children, but she’s not sure if husband Don would approve. But, as with the last tour, Taylor and Molly won’t be anywhere near the gigs. She amusingly comments that she doesn’t want her kids to think of their mother as “an animal”.

Dolores also discussed musical influences. Other than the previously mentioned John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, Jim Reeves, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, Dolores credited Aerosmith as another of her influences. Also, when speaking about her great admiration for Elvis, she poetically stated, “He sang like an angel.” As you will recall, the band portrayed their great fondness for The King by recording a cover version of “In the Ghetto” as a B-side to “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”.

Thanks to Litsa Derekenary (aka Dolores 159) for the new info.

Source: Exclusive

Director for “Analyse” chosen

June 25, 2001  |  Comments Off on Director for “Analyse” chosen  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Mike, who’s gained a reputation as the shyest member of The Cranberries, has done his first update to Cranberries.ie. As you can read, filming for “Analyse” will begin on Thursday with director Kier McFarlane. He also confirms the previous report that he and his wife are expecting a baby! The message was posted in Fergal’s section (who usually contributes the most), so here goes:

Hello there!

This is Mike here in Ferg’s corner! (I think this is my first ever contribution to the website!) I just got a home computer, and I am still checking it out and trying to teach myself what this email and website stuff is all about! I must say, it’s a handy way of getting information fast and when you want it! (when you can find it, that is!)

So, I am going to test the email and send this to the Webmaster to put up on our site. Here’s some news:

We are going to London this week to shoot the video for “Analyse” (which you know will be the first single from “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee”). The Director will be Kier McFarlane, who has worked with artists like Tom Petty and Janet Jackson. In 1993, the video for Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” won the MTV Video Music Award for “Best Male Video”. Shooting starts on Thursday the 28th of June.

Well, that’s it really! Everyone is in great form, and really looking forward to the release of the new album and also getting back on the road touring and gigging! I can’t wait!

Oh, by the way, you may or not have heard that I am going to be a dad soon!
We are expecting in October!

Good luck!

Source: Official International Homepage

MTV plans to air Vicar Street gig

June 25, 2001  |  Comments Off on MTV plans to air Vicar Street gig  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Following up last week’s news story about Dreamchaser’s filming of the November Vicar Street gig, The Cranberries Herald did some investigation by contacting Dreamchaser and the band’s publicists.

One PR representative told Zombieguide, “The show was indeed filmed for MTV and they showed some snippets from the gig on Daily Edition that week.” But because that seems like a waste of filming an entire gig, we asked if MTV has plans to re-air the show — which gained us a surprising yes. “It is intended that MTV show it at some point but we have no date for when this might be.” Lastly, we inquired if the filming might be used in a video release. “At this point there are no plans to release it as a video. If this should change we will post it on the Cranberries website. Thanks for your interest and we hope you enjoy their new album due out in October.”

So there you have it. It’s out there, and it’s in MTV Europe’s hands — and indeed will be shown sometime in the (hopefully near) future.

Source: Exclusive

“Greatest Hits” promo screen captures

June 20, 2001  |  Comments Off on “Greatest Hits” promo screen captures  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Herald has finally received its copy of the Turkish promo “Greatest Hits” CD (as we’ve previously reported with scans). As we’ve known, the promo features an Audio Mix, playable on a normal CD player, along with several CD-ROM features.

The tracks we’ve listed previously are full-length videos that can be found in the video section. – (No longer available)
Meanwhile, the Audio Mix is a collage of snippets of the same tracks found on video. Below are four screen captures from the CD- ROM portion.

Source: Exclusive

First “Dreams” video surfaces

June 20, 2001  |  Comments Off on First “Dreams” video surfaces  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

It’s been nine years since the original video for “Dreams” was filmed and even to this day, The Cranberries’ most dedicated fans have not seen it. Most fans are familiar with the second or more probably the third version of the video, recorded in 1993 and 1994 respectably.

However, that’s all about to change with the click of your mouse. After literally years of searching, Zombieguide has finally found the full incarnation of the very first video, and it’s now online exclusively for our visitors. Zombieguide is all about exclusive content, and this is just another step in our goal.

The video got its brightest spotlight when Irish TV station RTE broadcasted their mulit-part special “From a Whiser to a Scream” last year. The short clip reached an even larger audience when the documentary was released on VHS and DVD in the US in March of this year. In case you missed our impressions of the DVD and the first “Dreams” video, check past news.

Webmasters: Please do not take these images without giving credit! You may use it on your webpage, but you must link to Zombieguide.com (www.zombieguide.com) directly near the video. This is standard for all news or content from any page and is common journalistic courtesy. I’ve not had to tag pictures, etc, lately, so please keep it this way!

Source: Exclusive

Cranberries Nix Fan Emporium

June 19, 2001  |  Comments Off on Cranberries Nix Fan Emporium  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries have announced by snail mail that they have parted ways with Fan Emporium, the PR company that had held the “Official Fan Club”. While the club went well at its induction, mailings and news began to slack sometime in 1998. Shortly thereafter, there was little to be heard from the company and many fans were left feeling ripped off.

And now fans who waded the tide finally have something to show for it. Members recently began receiving a final mailing from the list. The package included an autographed promo photo of the band plus an official apology for its shortcomings. A representative for the band then commented that their official site would become the new center for fans, and thus far has done an exceptional job, with personal updates from band members and interaction with fans.

Source: The Cranberries E-mail Newsletter

Mike expecting first child?

June 19, 2001  |  Comments Off on Mike expecting first child?  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

According to The Cranberries E-mail Newsletter, Cranberries bassist Mike Hogan and his wife are expecting their first child, due later this year. If true, Mike will be the last band member to have children — which makes sense, after all, he’s the youngest member and was the last to get married (July 6th, 1998). This will be the sixth “Cranbaby”, following Dolores’s son and daughter, Noel’s two daughters, and Fergal’s son.

Source: The Cranberries E-mail Newsletter

“Live in Vicar Street” recorded by Dreamchaser?

June 17, 2001  |  Comments Off on “Live in Vicar Street” recorded by Dreamchaser?  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

As soon as you think it’s over, we unearth another scrap of news regarding last November’s concert at Dublin’s Vicar Street. The concert is still the band’s most recent one, and was performed in the middle of recording their fifth album, “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”.

Dreamchaser, who produces many of The Cranberries’ video works, including “Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Beneath the Skin” has listed another entry in their list of “Previous Productions”. Yes, the Vicar Street gig is now on their resume according to a list maintained by Filmmakers Ireland. But this time, instead of listed as “commissioned by management”, the segment was recorded for MTV. Here’s the full listing, although it doesn’t contain any real new details:

“The Cranberries Live in Vicar Street ” Nov 2000 Half- hour Live music concert for MTV

Of course this wouldn’t be any new revelation if we had reports of it being broadcasted. However, we haven’t heard of any stations showing the short concert, even though it was a Preshow for the MTV Europe Awards. So that leaves one question — could this be aired at a later date in promotion for the new album? After all, the setlist did contain two brand new songs. And don’t forget to check out our photos of the concert if you haven’t already! (Link no longer available)

Source: Filmmakers Ireland

First “Wake Up” Andy Earl band photo

June 12, 2001  |  Comments Off on First “Wake Up” Andy Earl band photo  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

“The Cranberries Exclusive”, a section of the official site dedicated to fans on the mailing list, has updated with the first pro shot of the band that we’ve seen in awhile. The new photo was taken by Andy Earl on May 30th in The Burren, County Clare, in the west of Ireland. As time goes on, we’ll be seeing more and more of Earl’s photos, so stay tuned!

Source: The Cranberries Exclusive

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