Other Places Of Interest – Ireland – Limerick – 52dot67496 – minus8dot6485


  • This giant (10ft high 15ft wide) “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?” hand painted sign was created by sign painters Tom Collins (Limerick) and Sean Starr (Texas) as part of ‘Love Letters From Limerick’, a sign painting event hosted in Limerick city in 2014.
  • The sign could initially be seen on the exterior of “Brown Thomas” retail in William Street (photo #5), but it found a permanent home at the main entrance to ‘The Street’ in Limerick Institute of Technology Moylish Campus in June 2017 (photos #1 and #2).
  • Google Street View #1 (Limerick Institute of Technology)
  • Google Street View #2 (initial location, William Street)

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