On-Line Game

Simply titled On-Line Game, this is the videogame that was available on The Cranberries official website (cranberries.ie/game.html) in the years 1999-2000-2001 and based on the (back then) new release “Bury The Hatchet”

Main Menu

Download On-Line Game by clicking here (unzip file · 170 KB · look for “crangame.dcr”)
Very special thanks to Dan for saving the original file years ago!

The game needed the “Adobe Shockwave 7” plug-in installed to work. Unfortunately this one is no longer supported and it is very hard to launch the game nowadays. We are trying to make it work on this page but for now all our attempts failed. However if you’re able to launch an old OS (Windows or Macintosh) with an old version of “Microsoft Internet Explorer” the game should work perfectly. For the others, search for “Virtual IE Tab” on Google, there are some dedicated websites virtualizing “Internet Explorer” on recent browsers. You may also search for “Flash Player Emulator” or “Run a dcr Shockwave game”

Game Page · Header #1 (Non-Flash Site)

Game Page · Header #2 (Flash Site)

On-Line Game was not just one game, it included different games, animations and tabs. The first time you launched it, it was not so easy to understand if you were going to play a game or just watch some animations… and the rules were barely explained! Most of the time you had to try and practice to really understand what to do and what not to do. The “Move On” button was acting like a skip button.

Screenshots in the exact order

1. Lose The Greens (game)

2. Paranoid? (animation)

3. Stop The Green Eyes (game)

4. Remember We’re Watching You (animation)

5. Can You Swap? (game)

6. Psycho Bouncey (animation)

7. Keep An Eye On The Time (Clock · time displayed below 1:26)

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