Venues Played – Ireland – Limerick – 52dot66351 – minus8dot62819



  • The band played Savoy Top Floor at least 4 times, in 1990 under the name The Cranberry Saw Us (with Dolores O’Riordan) and in 1991 under the name The Cranberries.
  • Unlike what people would think, the Top Floor at Savoy venue does not correspond to today’s Savoy hotel located on Henry St but happens to be approximately where the appartements start above the first floor of the shop “NOEL” on Bedford Row nowadays (photos #4 and #5).
  • Photo #1 might be the actual building when the band played the venue in 1990 and 1991. It’s on the top left of the photo.
  • The Savoy was made of three floors: ground floor (the bar), middle floor (devoted to “pop disco” events), top floor (all about “indie disco”).
  • Photo #2 is the Old Savoy but the shape is fairly like what you actually had (3 floors).
  • Special thanks to Alan Martin.
  • Google Street View

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