Audio/Video recordings (1993.05.07)



Source: Audience
Recording equipment: ?
Best circulating format: VHS (high generation), 4:3
Duration: 00:59:25

1. Like You Used To (cuts in)
2. Pretty
3. Sunday
4. I Still Do
5. Linger
6. How
7. The Icicle Melts
8. Wanted
9. Put Me Down
10. Not Sorry
11. Waltzing Back
12. Dreams
13. Reason
14. Zombie
15. Still Can’t…
16. Liar
waiting for the encore
17. False
18. New Song (I Can’t Be With You)


  • Almost complete show, only missing the beginning of the 1st song.
  • One of the earliest live versions of “Zombie” and “I Can’t Be With You” recorded on video.
  • Filmed from the front row, taper was probably authorized.
  • Taper ID is unconfirmed, rumor says it could be Andy Janes.

Screen shots

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