Cork Rock 91 (1991.06.01)


SETLIST (incomplete)

  • Linger
  • Put Me Down
  • Dreams
  • Uncertain


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  • A Touch Of Oliver
  • The Chelsea Drugstore
  • Brilliant Trees
  • The Wishing Stones


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  • The Cranberries played second last.
  • Dolores looked a bit nervous and uncomfortable on stage but her voice was amazing.
  • Rumor says Dolores sang almost the entire show with her back to the audience which is not true, this happened only sometimes. She also stood sideways and looked down a lot (in fact none of the band looked at the audience, just like any other shy persons would have done). And sometimes Dolores did face the crowd but didn’t look at them. Occasionally she would be singing and it was almost like she forgot where she was with her eyes closed and she would face the audience, then she would open her eyes and turn sort of sideways again or look down or look at the boys. One thing she didn’t do was move around the stage, she stayed in almost the one place the whole show.
  • The Cranberries possibly played a gig of 5 or 6 songs.
  • Setlist is incomplete and in no particular order.
  • The song “Nothing Left At All” may have been played as well.
  • Duration and attendance information is unknown.
  • Irish radio station RTÉ 2fm recorded the (whole?) show and broadcast 1 song on “The Dave Fanning Show In Concert” (a special series of 4 episodes) broadcast on 3 September 1991. A second song (Dreams) surfaced for the 1st time in April 2017 during the “2fm Music Special” programme and a 3rd song (Put Me Down) was released for the first time in 2018 on the official “EEDI 25th Anniversary Edition” (which includes the other 2 songs as well).
  • There is no photo of the venue from that day, the above photos were taken in the 90s.
  • Located on South Main Street in Cork, Sir Henrys opened in October 1977 as a restaurant at the back of the Stardust complex on the Grand Parade. It even had a spell as a rock café selling burger-based meals in an obvious emulation of the Hard Rock Café chain. It gradually evolved as a bar, nightclub and venue for bands. The name was derived from Henry O’Shea, a baker and building owner in the South Main Street area. The venue closed in June 2003 and the building demolished soon after.
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  • Show 1, 2 , 3 · Siobhan Bardsley (nee O’Mahony)
  • Show 4, 5 · Siobhan Bardsley (nee O’Mahony) / Sunny Days (issue 9, June 1991)
  • Advert · Hot Press (1991.06.13)
  • Related Article · “It’s like stepping into a fog…” · The Cork Examiner (1991.05.31)
  • Related Article · “City band kick off new radio series on Irish rock” · Galway City Tribune (1991.08.30)
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