East Slope Bar, University Of Sussex (1993.02.09)



1. Pretty
2. Sunday
3. Nothing Left At All
4. I Will Always
5. Linger
6. I Still Do
7. Wanted
8. How
9. What You Were
10. Not Sorry
11. Waltzing Back
12. Dreams
13. Reason
14. Still Can’t…
15. Pathetic Senses
16. Acc.
17. Liar


  • ?


  • 50-60


  • Venue


  • None


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  • ?


  • Headline show the day before the tour supporting Belly started.
  • Before the last song of the show an unknown song was played “Acc.”
  • There is no photo from the show known to this day.
  • On Instagram in 2023 Kristan Reed who attended the show remembers, “Delores from The Cranberries, 30 years ago. They played a tiny student bar at Brighton uni. It was my first ever visit to the city, as my good pal Jimmy Innes was studying there, and we were huge fans of their first EP. I’d seen them live really early on in Norwich in ‘91, and they blew us away, so expectations were high. Needless to say, they were incredible in Brighton, with a set of songs to die for: essentially the debut album (not yet out) and the first EP. They played to maybe 50-60 people, and after the show we went and chatted to them backstage. Well, “backstage” was actually a classroom, and they were super humble and nice. Delores signed my set list and I’ve treasured it ever since. Turns out they were from the next small town from where my Irish ancestors all came from—but I had no idea about that at the time. Rest easy, Delores. You were great.”
  • Setlist was signed by Dolores, “To Kristan, Thanks for coming along. Take care. Dolores X”
  • Those are Dolores’ Doc Martens boot prints on the setlist.
  • In 2016 plans to redevelop the East Slope accommodation were approved. The bar closed in 2018 and was demolished to make room for new bedrooms as well as new Students’ Union building and social hub. East Slope Bar (1979-2018).


  • Setlist · Kristan Reed (Instagram @mrkristanreed)
  • Setlist (signature close-up) · Kristan Reed (Instagram @mrkristanreed)
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