Flag Café (1989.11.18)


SETLIST (incomplete)

  • My Granny Drowned In A Fountain At Lourdes
  • What Is Yellow And Writes Under Water? -a Ballpoint Banana


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  • Very first concert ever!!!
  • The band played under the name The Cranbery Saw Us, their very first name.
  • Niall Quinn was on vocals, Dolores joined the band something like 6 months later.
  • The band performed as a five piece that day:  Niall Quinn on vocals, Noel Hogan on guitar, Mike Hogan on bass, Fergal Lawler on drums and a school friend of Niall Quinn on keyboard, his name is unknown (Jim?).
  • The concert was scheduled in the afternoon/early evening (5:15pm) and admission was free.
  • Exact setlist, duration and attendance information is unknown.
  • “My Granny Drowned In A Fountain At Lourdes” and “What Is Yellow…” are the only songs certified to have been on the set.
  • The band probably played most of the songs of their 1st demo cassette “Anything”
  • The artwork of the flyer is very similar to the one of the demo cassette “Anything” although not exactly the same (well… it rather is the opposite as “Anything” was made 2 months later on 7 January 1990). Same thing about the band logo, very similar although not exactly the same.
  • The artwork of “Anything” was drawn by guitarist Noel Hogan and he probably drew the flyer of this show.
  • Notice the word Cranbery without double ‘R’ both on flyer and demo tape, so the band playing that day was named “The Cranbery Saw Us”
  • There is no photos of the show nor the venue from that day. The above ones come from Google Street View in 2012, the café is closed and walled.
  • If you have any information to add please contact us. Anything!
  • “Flag Café” (1988-1991) was a little coffee shop/vegetarian restaurant that also doubled up as an exhibition venue. It was an important platform in generating a thriving local art scene, exhibiting many contemporary art exhibitions and hosting live poetry literary and music events. Located at the corner of Broad Street and Flag Lane (now Sullivans Lane) it was popular with students of the nearby art college. The café was upstairs.


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