Jetland Centre (1991.04.18)


SETLIST (incomplete?)

  • Uncertain
  • Dreams
  • Put Me Down
  • Reason
  • Pathetic Senses
  • Nothing Left At All


  • +/- 40 minutes


  • 1,400
  • Sold out


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  • Medicine Shack (headliners)


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  • The Cranberry Saw Us with Dolores O’Riordan on vocals supporting the band Medicine Shack as part of the Limerick Students Union’s “Rag Week”
  • On the advert, before The Cranberries and Medicine Shack names were added/revealed to the bill, only “showcases from two new bands” was mentioned almost as a second part of the main event: the students’ ball (the “Rag Ball” featuring disc jockey The Jam M.C.’s). The Cranberries were added at a later stage and when this happened the gig sold out fast; hence there was no other advert made.
  • One of the few shows where the band was sometimes announced under the new name The Cranberrys or The Cranberry’s (not yet The Cranberries) and sometimes still under The Cranberry Saw Us.
  • One of the most important shows in The Cranberries’ History as some 32 record company reps flew over especially to see the act and sign them. After a lot of offers, they signed a contract with Island Records.
  • There is no photo from the show known to this day.
  • Setlist, in no particular order, might be incomplete.
  • This was the only time the band played this venue.
  • “Jetland Centre” has now been turned into a shopping center. The venue was located where “Dunnes Stores” stands nowadays.
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  • If you have photos, memorabilia images, anything of this show and would like to have them displayed here (with or without credit) please contact us.


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  • Special thanks to Ber Angley
  • Special thanks to Alan Martin

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