L’Axone (2012.12.09)



  • Roses Tour 2012


Intro tape
1. Analyse
2. Animal Instinct
3. How
4. Just My Imagination
5. Ode To My Family
6. Linger
7. Free To Decide
8. Sunday
9. Fire & Soul
10. Tomorrow
11. Desperate Andy
12. I Can’t Be With You
13. Interlude (Shattered instrumental)
14. Conduct
15. Waltzing Back
16. Show Me
17. Ridiculous Thoughts
18. Salvation
19. Zombie
20. No Need To Argue
21. You And Me  Schizophrenic Playboys
22. Promises
22. Dreams
Outro tape


  • +/- 95 minutes


  • 4,000 / 6,400


  • Venue


  • Preshow

  • Ticket / Pass

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  • The Aerial



  • ?


  • Very last show of the “Roses Tour”
  • A little mess on the intro of “Analyse” which was a little longer than usual.
  • Dolores kept on spitting on stage during the show and apologized several times explaining she had a bad cold and that her voice was thus not at its best. Even though it looked like nothing really serious, she complained a couple of times about headaches and took antibiotics.
  • The headache might be the reason of the last minute setlist change, indeed one may notice on the setlist picture that the band had planned on playing a 23 song gig with “You And Me” & “Promises” in the encore, whereas those two songs were replaced by “Schizophrenic Playboys”.
  • The Cranberries surprised their fans playing “Ode To My Family” for the one and sole time on the whole tour, whereas Dolores seemed not too keen on playing it because of the recent death of her father a year ago. A rare version of this song where she let the crowd sing all the lines linked to her father.
  • Dolores offered two pairs of shoes to some familiar front row fans -an Uruguayan one who attended the whole tour and a French one- which she had bought for them, probably in the previous days. Those “Converse” even appeared to be signed!


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