Limerick City of Culture / NYE (2013.12.31)



Intro speech by the host of the evening
1. Zombie
2. Linger
3. The Journey


  • 20 minutes (counting speech intro)


  • 2,800 / 2,800
  • Sold out


  • Venue

  • Soundcheck

  • Preshow / Portrait

  • Show

  • Aftershow

  • Ticket / Pass


  • Poster

  • Advert


  • Rehearsals (Irish Chamber Orchestra Studio)


  • Other


  • Soak
  • Leading Armies
  • Maverick Sabre
  • The Strypes
  • The Coronas


  • 10 Recordings


  • Limerick Leader (2014.01.04)


  • Dolores performed for the “City of Culture 2014” celebrations with the Irish Chamber Orchestra, a world class orchestra based in Limerick.
  • The show was sold out with nearly 2,800 people packed into Merchant’s Quay in front of the City Hall
  • Dolores rehearsed for 2 hours with the Irish Chamber Orchestra at the ICO Studio in the early afternoon.
  • Later in the afternoon, they also did a soundcheck on stage in Merchant’s Quay where they played “Zombie” twice, “Linger” twice and “The Journey” once.
  • Dolores gave two interviews on this day, one at the ICO Studio during rehearsal and the other one in front of St. Mary’s Cathedral before performing on stage.
  • This NYE concert featured performances from Soak, the Leading Armies, Maverick Sabre, The Strypes and The Coronas.
  • Dolores played quite early in the evening, around 9:00PM, and did not spend midnight on stage with the crowd as some fans/people expected.
  • The full show was broadcast live on the RTÉ website whereas only part of it was broadcast on TV.
  • The sound of the live stream wasn’t good enough to reflect the quality of the performance. The drums and guitars were mixed so loud that one could hardly enjoy the ICO’s performance.
  • This show is one of the very first programs to be broadcast in HD (1080i) on RTÉ ONE. A few days before the channel was still broadcasting its programs in SD.
  • Dolores flew in from Toronto to Limerick on Dec 30th at morning and left her hometown on January 1st. While waiting at Shannon Airport on the New Year’s morning The Herald online version and paper version reported that Dolores met the All-Ireland winning Clare Senior Hurling team and was delighted to hold the Liam McCarthy cup. The newspaper published a picture of Dolores and team manager Davy Fitzgerald with the cup in their hands. Some airport officials said “Dolores was explaining the history of the cup to her husband Don and recounting old All-Ireland matches. She went as far back as Noel Skehan. Everyone was really impressed with her knowledge of hurling.


  • Soundcheck 1 · Schizophrenic Lu
  • Show 1, 2 ·
  • Show 3 · Cian O’Reilly
  • Show 4, 5, 6, 7 ·
  • Show 8, 9 · David Woodland
  • Aftershow 1 · Schizophrenic Lu
  • AAA wristband · Schizophrenic Lu
  • Pass Sheet · Schizophrenic Lu
  • Poster · Schizophrenic Lu
  • Other (Dolores dressing room sign) · Schizophrenic Lu
  • Other (McCarthy Cup 1) · The Herald
  • Other (McCarthy Cup 2, 3, 4) · Brian Gavin (Irish Examiner)
  • Rehearsals 1, 2, 3 ·
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