Psykik Dance Hall / The Old Trout (1991.11.13)


  • Psykik Dance Hall, The Old Trout, Windsor, England
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  • The November Package Tour


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  • The Cranberries supporting the band Top on “The November Package Tour”
  • There is no photo from the show known to this day.
  • Setlist and duration information is unknown.
  • The show is marked on the official poster and adverts as “Psykik Dance Hall” which was in fact the name of the club night. The actual venue was The Old Trout pub. Most people always referred to it all as “The Trout” anyhow.
  • Jim Robertson (Facebook group: The Old Trout, Windsor – we still miss you), “All of the Psykik Dancehall shows were mine, but I cannot recollect ever having The Cranberries, though their agent at the time, Paul Adam, was a friend of mine…”
    “The venue was The Old Trout. My nights came under the banner Psykik Dance Hall 
    named after a song by The Fall who I previously had a connection with.”
  • Nick Siddall (Facebook group: The Old Trout, Windsor – we still miss you), “The psychic dancehall had finished already! I put them (note: The Cranberries) on supporting Top as their first gig (note: one of their first gigs) outside Ireland! Beresford the bouncer that hated everything and everyone thought they were the best band ever! We put them on as a headline after, but they were definitely best supporting Top!”
    “No one knew who they
    (note: The Cranberries) were.”
    “£350 for Top and £50 for Cranberries”
  • Phil Hanks (Facebook group: The Old Trout, Windsor – we still miss you), “I remember the Top show. I promoted there after Jim Robertson and after Nick Siddall. I think it was supporting their (note: Top) ‘No.1 Dominator’ single, still got the 10″ promo somewhere! By that point, The Cranberries were garnering far more interest than the headline band, which they weren’t happy about as I recall. I would say there was 100-150 people attending the show.”
  • Jonathan Reynolds (Facebook group: The Old Trout, Windsor – we still miss you), “I was there, with David Akerman and Brian Canine that night. Nick Potter was having multiple orgasms over them (note: The Cranberries). They had the biggest amount of backline , all in shiny new flightcases, I had ever seen. It wasnt busy that night at all.”
  • Poster photo #2: Nick Siddall with The Cranberries poster behind (exact same as photo #1), just taken at the venue back then.
  • Formerly known as “Thames Hotel And Concert Hall” in the 1960s, the building was renamed “The Old Trout” in 1986 until 1994 (there is no photo of the venue from that period known to this day). Then it became “Fort & Firkin” for a while and is now “Browns” brasserie and bar.


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