Audio/Video recordings (2012.11.11)



Source: Audience (eddy451988)
Recording equipment: Possibly photo-camera (?)
Best circulating format: YouTube (@eddy451988), 720p, 16:9
Duration: 01:00:34

1. Just My Imagination (cuts in)
2. When You’re Gone (cuts in)
3. Free To Decide (cuts in + cuts out)
4. Linger (cuts in)
5. Losing My Mind (cuts in)
6. Ordinary Day (cuts in)
7. Dreaming My Dreams
8. Astral Projections (cuts in)
9. Tomorrow
10. Wanted
11. Desperate Andy

12. I Can’t Be With You (cuts in)
13. Interlude (cuts in)
14. Conduct (cuts in)
15. Fire & Soul (cuts out)
16. Not Sorry (cuts in + cuts out)
17. Show Me
18. Ridiculous Thoughts (cuts in + cuts out)
19. Salvation (cuts in)
20. Zombie (cuts in)
waiting for the encore
21. No Need To Argue
22. Schizophrenic Playboys (cuts in)
23. Electric Blue (cuts in)
24. Dreams (cuts in)


  • Incomplete show.
  • 19 songs recorded out of 24.
  • Filmed from the first 10 rows of the stalls, right side.
  • The beginnings of all songs are missing except for “Fire & Soul” and “No Need To Argue”.
  • Besides the facts there are great close-up and filmed from the front rows, this is an average global quality. Not to mention the sound quality which is way too “bassy” and not clear at all!
  • Uploaded on YouTube in 19 parts.

Screen Shots

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