The Oasis Club (1990.02.23)



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  • The Cranbery Saw Us¬†with Niall Quinn on vocals.
  • Notice the word Cranbery without double ‘R’
  • This is the last ever show with Cranbery written without double ‘R’
  • That artwork of a baby on the flyer is very rare and was never used later.
  • Setlist, duration and attendance information is unknown.
  • There is no photo of the show nor the venue from that day. The above photo of the venue was taken years later!
  • The Oasis Club was a youth club basically. It happened in Limerick Youth Service center located on 5 Lower Glentworth Street and occasionally ran non-alcoholic gigs/discos on Friday evenings for kids in the 15-17 age bracket.
  • “Other” photo is a fake poster of The Cranberries supporting the band A Touch Of Oliver at The Speakeasy in Limerick, show which supposedly took place that very same day. Fake because the band was not yet named The Cranberries, simple as that, plus Niall Quinn confirmed on Twitter that The Cranbery Saw Us were definitely playing The Oasis Club that day, even providing the flyer of the real show.
  • If you have any information to add please contact us.
  • If you have photos, memorabilia images, anything of this show and would like to have them displayed here (with or without credit) please contact us.


  • Flyer ¬∑ Niall Quinn via
  • Special thanks to Niall Quinn for the exact location and other information

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