The Old Trout (1991.06.28)


SETLIST (incomplete)

  • Put Me Down
  • Pathetic Senses
  • Linger
  • Dreams


  • ?


  • ? / 250


  • Venue

  • Show


  • Moose (headliner)
  • Daisy Chainsaw


  • Audio: 0
  • Video: 0



  • The Cranberries supporting the band Moose.
  • The Cranberries were at the bottom of the bill.
  • Incomplete setlist in no particular order.
  • Duration and attendance information is unknown.
  • There is no photo of the show nor the venue from that day known to this day.
  • The show is sometimes referred as “Psykik Dancehall” which was in fact the name of the club night. The actual venue was The Old Trout pub. Most people always referred to it all as “The Trout” anyhow!
  • Promoter Jim Robertson remembers, “The venue was The Old Trout. My nights came under the banner Psykik Dancehall named after a song by The Fall who I previously had a connection with.”
  • A band named “Junior Irish” is sometimes marked as support act. In fact there is no mention of such band anywhere. Possibly just a nickname someone called The Cranberries, because they were young and pretty new. In the NME (8 June 1991) there’s a small article about the Moose tour and it says, Junior Irish contenders Cranberries support, which seems to prove someone made a mistake and thought that it meant that there was a band called Junior Irish.
  • Formerly known as “Thames Hotel And Concert Hall” in the 1960s, the building was renamed “The Old Trout” in 1986 until 1994 (there is no photo of the venue from that period known to this day). Then it became “Fort & Firkin” for a while and is now “Browns” brasserie and bar.
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  • Show 1 · Pete Grant / Melody Maker
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