The Stables Club (1990.10.30)



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  • The Hitchers (headliners)


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  • The Cranberry Saw Us with Dolores O’Riordan on vocals supporting the band The Hitchers (the other band of Niall Quinn, former member of TCSU).
  • The Cranberry Saw Us were not yet announced in the ULSU Ents Preview ’90 (students magazine), only The Hitchers were with the mention etc…
  • There is no photo from the show known to this day.
  • Setlist, duration and attendance information is unknown.
  • Concert was free. The club had free gigs on Tuesday nights in the 90s and The Hitchers and TCSU performed there as part of those events.
  • The Stables Club is part of the Limerick University and you had to be a student to get in.
  • Noel Hogan remembers, “At our first UL gigs we were very inexperienced. We’d rather look at Fergal’s drumkit than face the audience. The Stables gigs were different, too, in the sense that we were performing in front of an audience who were unfamiliar with our songs. One thing I do remember about The Stables was that the stage was very high. It meant that, when you were playing, you were looking at the top of everyone’s heads.” (Dreams 50 Years of Creativity, Culture and Community at the University of Limerick · Book · 2023)
  • If you have any information to add please contact us.
  • If you have photos, memorabilia images, anything of this show and would like to have them displayed here (with or without credit) please contact us.


  • Venue · SU Handbook ’91
  • Gig Guide · ULSU Ents Preview ’90
  • Special thanks to Ber Angley

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