Underworld (1991.10.12)



  1. Them
  2. Nothing Left At All
  3. How
  4. Íosa
  5. Put Me Down
  6. Uncertain
  7. What You Were
  8. Pathetic Senses
  9. Linger
  10. Liar
  11. I Will Always
  12. Waltzing Back
  13. I Still Do
  14. Dreams


  • 45 minutes


  • ?


  • Venue

  • Pass

  • Advert


  • A Touch Of Oliver (?)


  • Audio: 0
  • Video: 1


  • ?


  • Headlining show.
  • The whole show was video recorded from the audience, the very first bootleg video of The Cranberries (and one of the rare live recordings of Them, Nothing Left At All, Íosa, Uncertain, What You Were and Pathetic Senses).
  • The video is most of the time marked as being the show at the Underworld on 14 November 1991… but there was no show at the Underworld on 14 November, the band was playing at ULU (University of London Union). Knowing that the video was definitely recorded at the Underworld and that The Cranberries played the Underworld 3 times in 1991 (this one, in August, in June) and that it can’t be the show in August (Dolores has not the same look, picture is known) the only other possible date is the one in June opening for the band Moose. However isn’t a 45 min set with 14 songs a little too long for an opening act (?) … more info definitely needed… anyone?
  • Located in Camden Town in London, the venue is a part of the World’s End pub situated in the basement of the building.
  • There is no photo of the show nor the venue from that day. The above photo of the venue was not taken during The Cranberries show.
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  • If you have photos, memorabilia images, anything of this show and would like to have them displayed here (with or without credit) please contact us.


  • Pass · originally posted on The Cranberries Shows
  • Advert 1 · unknown magazine (originally posted on The Cranberries Shows)
  • Advert 2 · NME (1991.10.12)
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