Zénith (2012.11.25)



  • Roses Tour 2012


Intro tape
1. Analyse
2. Animal Instinct
3. Just My Imagination
4. When You’re Gone
5. Linger
6. Free To Decide
7. Ordinary Day
8. How
9. Fire & Soul
10. Tomorrow
11. Wanted
12. Desperate Andy
13. I Can’t Be With You
14. Interlude (Shattered instrumental)
15. Conduct
16. Waltzing Back
17. Show Me
18. Ridiculous Thoughts
19. Salvation
20. Zombie
21. Roses
22. You And Me
23. Electric Blue
24. Dreams
Outro tape


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  • 6,200 / 6,200
  • Sold out


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  • One of the rare sold out shows of this European leg.
  • This show was planned to be recorded for a DVD. Totally true, not rumor! For whatever reason(s) this never happened and the DVD project had been completely cancelled for this leg of the tour.
  • This was the 1 year anniversary of the death of Dolores’ father. As a consequence the band played a very unusual show starting with the “Analyse setlist”, but dedicating most of the Encore to this anniversary. The band thus returned a darkened stage after “Zombie”, with a bunch of red roses on a table and a candle. Dolores explained the situation and dedicated the song “Roses” to her father. She then told the crowd how funnily her son – Taylor – had the very same eyes as her father, which led the band to start playing “You & Me”, skipping “Schizophrenic Playboys” for the first time on this tour. A beautiful moment which was emphasized by a happening organized by French fans members of the website “Pretty Dolores” led by Camille. They managed to ask the audience in the first rows to hold almost two hundreds of white roses in the air to pay homage to the band, this Roses album & tour as well as Dolores’ family.
  • 2 songs before the end of the show fans requested “Promises”. Dolores said OK and finally didn’t play it. Reason given: guitars not tuned on time. She concluded with a “sorry next time”


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