Science Agrees

Release: 09 September 2016
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Format: 12″ Vinyl, CD, Digital downloads


1.     Curvy (5:28)
2.     Chynamite (3:38)
3.     Gunfight (3:17)
4.     Steal You Away (4:39)
5.     High Fashion (4:06)
6.     Watch Out (4:33)
7.     Miles Away (4:09)
8.     The Moon (4:36)
9.     Underwater (4:16)
10.   Loosen The Noose (4:25)


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  • The album was initially a project Olé was working on that evolved into a collaboration formed with Andy Rourke, who he met gigging in Washington DC. The band official biography relates that “after a couple of years’ experimentation and laying down tracks in their home studios…” (the band was then named Jetlag NYC) …”a chance meeting between Andy and Dolores resulted in the singer asking him what he was working on. They began sharing tracks and ideas via email and dropbox, building on Andy and Olé’s original demos and, in a couple of instances, Dolores completely re-imagining some of the songs”
  • The album was created in NYC and Ontario, mixed in California and mastered in London
  • Official biography confirms it “captures the essence of three distinctive personalities, incorporating their love of electronica and new wave. An array of influences can be heard throughout the album, in particular including Angelo Badalamenti (‘The Moon’), The Cure, Depeche Mode, David Bowie – Andy and Olé connected over their love of ‘Low’ – Magazine (‘High Fashion’), New Order (‘Curvy’), Pet Shop Boys and REM, with production and sonic experimentation inspired by Brian Eno, post-punk, post-disco, RZA and modern hip hop”.
  • Asked the meaning of the band’s name in the Way Out Radio interview, Olé answered: “No one wanted to come up with a name, even Jet Lag wasn’t supposed to be a name, we wrote a couple DJ mixes under Jet Lag from 2009 when Andy and I had a DJ residency. We just called it that because of the routine with Andy’s flights. DARK was simple and made up of our initials in the band.”
  • In the same interview, Andy explained the writing process: “Olé and Dolores write the lyrics. Everybody throws in whatever ideas they have and things are always shifting and changing. There is no set writing pattern” which Olé detailed further on: “some tracks have 9 guitar layers added gradually over two years. I don’t know why we were just patching and patching. I took queues from Andy on where the verse or chorus was but Dolores knew what she wanted immediately and works very fast. She’s the polar opposite of Andy and me and compressed a lot of the ideas into songs.”
  • The album was initially to be released on May 27th, 2016 but for unknown reason the release date was postponed to August 19th, 2016 at first, and later postponed again to September 9th.
  • The album surfaced on eBay on April 26th whereas it hadn’t been released yet, it leaked in a very private sphere on this occasion.
  • The album was accidentally released to the public on August 19th at midnight on digital platforms who apparently weren’t informed of the new release date set to September 9th. On August 20th the album was taken down from all digital platforms, but the mistake inevitably triggered the leak of the album.

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