This Is The Day



Date: March 2002 (between 4th and 8th)
Location: Paris, France
Director: Olivier Dahan
Producer: Hervé Humbert
Edit: Yves Beloniak
Production Company: U-Man Films
Format: Super 35mm, 2.40
Release: 26 April 2002 (online on / 29 April 2002 (TV)
Commercial Release: This Is The Day (European maxi single) / Stars The Best Of 1992 – 2002 (DVD)


  • Third video promoting WUASTC.
  • 4th collaboration with French director Olivier Dahan.
  • Shot in 2 days in Paris in March 2002 during the “Wake Up European Tour”.
  • Olivier Dahan about the video: “The goal was clearly to make a spectacular video with powerful images. After all it was no longer the link with the lyrics that mattered but the aesthetic side with a rather baroque aspect.”
  • Olivier Dahan, about different Dolores’ look in the video: “Something was very clear for each of our collaboration: she agreed that she needed to be transformed, even within one video. Changes in appearance motivated her a lot. On each of our collaborations, she wanted to look totally different from the previous ones. Among the first questions she would ask when implementing a new video concept was ‘OK what’s my look for this one, what costume, what makeup, what hairstyle?’ She liked to play on look ideas she hadn’t done so far.”
  • We can notice many visual similarities between this video and the one from the French artist Florent Pagny “Je Trace”, also directed by Olivier Dahan in April 2003:
  • Dolores about TITD video: “We just shot our new video called This Is The Day and it’s probably one of the best videos we’ve done so far. There are lots of images that people are afraid of. The video immerses you in a very strange atmosphere, there are many special effects. The goal was to do something new and create a surprise. It’s cool!” MCM Journal de la musique, 28 March 2002.






  • Special thanks to Olivier Dahan for EVERYTHING!

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