Angela’s Song

Artist: Dolores O’ Riordan (Featuring)
Released on: “Angela’s Christmas” OST
Length: 1:14


Rest with me
We’ll be warm and free to dream
Of all the things yet to come
For you my little one

Lay with me
Let us sing a sweet melody
Of all the things yet to come
For you my little one

Look up high and see
All the stars above you and me
They shine a light on all the things to come
For you my little one


Song written and produced by Darren Hendley
Performed by Dolores O’ Riordan




  • There’s no official lyrics for this song (yet?).
  • Lyrics on this page were transcribed by our team.
  • The song was recorded in November 2017 for the animated short film “Angela’s Christmas”.
  • The film was broadcast on Irish TV RTÉ One (HD) on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2017.
  • The main character, Angela, sings a few lines of the song in the film. Obviously this is Angela’s voice (Lucy O’Connell) singing these few lines, not Dolores’.
  • You can hear Dolores singing the song during the end credits.

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