Brighter Sky

Artist: Mono Band (featuring Soname Yangchen)
Released on: Mono Band (track #1)
Duration: 5:30


  • None (instrumental)


  • Music by Noel Hogan
  • Vocals by Soname Yangchen
  • Sitar by Mick Taylor
  • Additional keyboard by Marius DeVries
  • Produced & Programmed by Noel Hogan & Matt Vaughan
  • Additional Production & Mix by Marius DeVries
  • Mixed by Marius DeVries
  • Mix Engineer: James Lougrey
  • Programming by Alexis Smith
  • Additional Programming by Marius DeVries
  • Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at The Soundmasters, London, England, UK
  • ©Kobalt Music


  • No lyrics, no meaning!


  • Although the track was never released as a single, Irish radio RTÉ 2fm played the song on a frequent basis in early 2005, mainly on Dan Hegarty’s show.
  • I went with a different sound on Brighter Sky because I needed to do something unlike anything I had ever done before. I knew at the time I wanted to take a different direction in the writing, I had been writing this way for many years, so it was more for myself then anything else. I was doing the best I could to get away from the sound that people were used to hearing from me, this is also the reason the track was put first on the album.” – Noel Hogan, 20 December 2005
  • A lot of remixes are available:
    Brighter Sky (Dub) [5:24], Remixes (digital release), 2006, Remixed by Stuhr (Nate Greenberg and Dan Chen)
    Brighter Sky (Lovesky Mix/Remix), Remixed by Lovesky at Decemberland Studios, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A.
    [10:33], Remixes (12” LP), 2005
    [10:33], Remixes (digital release), 2006
    Brighter Sky (Ming & FS Mix/Remix), Remixed by Ming & FS
    [4:02], Mono Band EP (digital release), 2005
    [4:02], Remixes (digital release), 2006
    Brighter Sky (Ming & FS Extended Club Remix) [6:16], Remixes (digital release), 2006. Remixed by Ming & FS
    Brighter Sky (Steve Hillier Mix/Version), Remixed by Steve Hillier at Stone Beach, Brighton, U.K
    [7:38], Remixes (12” LP), 2005
    [7:38], Waves single (CD & digital), 2005
    [7:38], Remixes (digital release), 2006

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