Coyotes & Helicopters

Artist: Mono Band (featuring Angie Hart)
Released on: Mono Band (track #12 – hidden track)
Duration: 3:43


Helicopters over head
Me, I lay awake in bed
What was that moment
How does it pass
How can I not see it change
One moment to the last
Sirens rise and fade on my street
Saving people I’ll never meet
How did you and I cross
I remembered how you laughed, I do
I could see a flame in you
The one that I flew right into
Coyotes howling high in the heels
Seem to sirens by my windowsill
One thing is still
Many things wanted
Some just wanna feel
Some never will
Some never will


Music by Noel Hogan
Vocals & lyrics by Angie Hart
Produced & Programmed by Noel Hogan & Matt Vaughan
Mixed by Stephane ‘Alf’ Briat
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at The Soundmasters, London, England, UK
©Kobalt Music/Copyright Control


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  • Hidden track on the “Mono Band” album.

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