Artist: Mono Band (featuring Kate Havnevik)
Duration: -:–

LYRICS (incomplete)

I don’t worry
Still I’m sorry
If I don’t make it right

No expectations, no revelations
I’ve got nothing to hide
But I know how it goes


  • Music by Noel Hogan
  • Vocals & lyrics by Kate Havnevik


  • N/A


  • I did record a track with Kate called Flame” Noel Hogan confirmed to Zombieguide in February 2006. “It was part of the first sessions I did with Kate, I think we did three or four tracks together. I am sure I will get around to using them at some stage
  • On 26 November 2007 monoband.co.uk revealed that “two previously unreleased tracks with Mono Band featuring Kate Havnevik on vocals are being mixed by Noel in the next couple weeks and will be available for download soon after that. The title of the tracks are Flame and Angels”. Both tracks remain unreleased up to this date.
  • On 15 March 2011 Noel wrote on Twitter, “Listening to a new mix of Mono Band Flame by Session Leopard. Really liking it, will have it online soon”. This version also remains unreleased up to this date.
  • A 40-second audio clip was released by Noel Hogan for CW’s “Mono Band Week” in August 2012.

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