Hawk Set For The Sun

Artist: Mono Band
Released on: Numan’s Voice (Track #2)
Duration: 4:27


Waking up on fire
Sweat upon your breast
The mice held in the claws of a hawk set for the sun
Thoughts that are made out of cracked glass of a dim blue city switch
Crawling ’round your head like a wildcat venture new regrets

Don’t wake it up (Don’t wake it up)
Sleeping it can’t bite (Don’t wake it up)
If it can’t use its fists it can’t fight

And if I knew what I had done to piss you off
I’d find a way to please
To bring you back to me
But all of your life it’s a shock
It’s odd for me to see you like this suffering so slow
Crucifying your heart too slow

Every dream we’ve had
Baby I’m amazed how the skyline reflects my darkest fears
Once it wasn’t a distance perforate my gaze
Scared can’t hide till the dusk and afraid to lose this here
And shook the blues that came to me by there


  • Music and lyrics: N/A
  • Produced by Noel Hogan


  • N/A


  • Fin Chambers on vocals.
  • Lyrics on this page were transcribed by our team.

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