Night’s End

Artist: Mono Band / Arkitekt (featuring Richard Walters)
Released on: The Black Hair EP (track #2)
Duration: 4:30


  • N/A


  • Music by Noel Hogan
  • Vocals & lyrics by Richard Walters
  • Drums by Makoto Sakamoto
  • Bass by Nathan Fisher
  • Produced by Noel Hogan & Bernard Butler
  • Mixed by Bernard Butler
  • Mix engineered by Seb Lewsley
  • Programming by Noel Hogan
  • Additional programming and fixing by Matt Vaughan
  • Warner Chappel/Copyright Control


  • N/A


  • On 24 January 2007 Noel Hogan revealed that formally-known “Track 33” was now called “Night’s End”
  • In August 2006, Zombieguide reported that Mono Band was about to release a 4-track EP for the song Black Hair,scheduled for October 2006. The actual 3-track EP was released in October 2007 under the band’s name “Arkitekt” (Noel Hogan/Richard Walters collaboration).
  • In December 2006, samples of the 3 Black Hair EP tracks (“Black Hair”, “Track 33” [“Night’s End”] and “Breathe”) were posted as previews on Mono Band’s official site and its MySpace page.
  • A different demo version with a longer drum extro was later released on the Gohan Records site (Arkitekt Demos).
  • The track is also featured on Richard Walters’ album “Pacing”

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