Run Wild

Artist: Mono Band (featuring Alexandra Hamnede)
Released on: Mono Band (Track #4)
Duration: 4:33


By force of habit we say yes
Do like the others more or less
Do it again and again while time’s runnin´ away
We all know, ‘cause they told us so
Always try to be good, always try to be good
We’ve been taught what is wrong and right
to the bone we know how to fight
Acting so faultlessly that no one can complain
We all know, cause they told us so
Always try to be good, always try to be good
What if we say no

Run wild, run wild

Exert yourself, there is no doubt
You’re in the game there’s no way out
Don’t never ever complain
Just do as you’ve been told
Yeah you know, ‘cause they told you so
Always try to be good, always try to be good
What if we say no

Run wild, run wild

What if we push the boundary
What if we play with fire
What if we stop to worry
What if we start to ask
What if we hope for more
What if we say no, what if we say no
Always try to be good, always try to be great
Always try to be great
Always try to be great, great, great


  • Music by Noel Hogan
  • Vocals & lyrics by Alexandra Hamnede
  • Drums by Fergal Lawler
  • Produced & Programmed by Noel Hogan & Matt Vaughan
  • Vocals & drums produced by Stephen Street
  • Mixed by Stephen Street.
  • Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at The Soundmasters, London, England, UK


  • N/A


  • The song was first released in December 2004 on TuneTribe as a preview track of the “Mono Band” album.
  • The track was “Record of the Day” on 11 March 2005 on
  • Run Wild was one of the very early tracks I had. I guess it’s the most rocky of what’s on [the album]. I had it for maybe about a year before I found the right singer for the track. I tried a few different versions with different people, but the finished version that we have here is the one I was happiest with.” – Noel Hogan, “Passport Approved” (Indie 103.1), 30 April 2005
  • Noel Hogan’s side project has now had more good reviews than The Cranberries have ever gotten. This one features singer Alexandra Hemende, a driving guitar riff and an eerie, wailing theremin sound.” – Irish Times, 30 September 2005
  • One would believe it’s Neil Hogan’s sworn duty to capture the aural affections of late 20s couples who own semi-detached houses and wear beige clothes. Run Wild which features Shania Twain soundalike Alexandra Hemende on vox, is a purpose-written single with a silky, soaring chorus which tries so hard to be nice that its effect is the opposite. It’s terrible. Not the best example of his ingenuity.” – Hot Press, 20 September 2005
  • Alexandra Hamnede performed a live version of this song at Dolan’s Upstairs on 13 March 2005.
  • The song was also performed by Jenny McMahon at Dolan’s Warehouse on 24 September 2005.

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