Two Mile Inn (1993.04.15)



1. Like You Used To
2. Pretty
3. Sunday
4. The Icicle Melts
5. Away
6. Linger
7. Reason
8. How
9. I Don’t Need
10. Put Me Down
11. I Will Always
12. Not Sorry
13. Waltzing Back
14. Dreams
15. Wanted
16. Zombie
17. Still Cant…
18. Liar
19. False


  • 65 minutes


  • 1,200


  • N/A


  • ?


  • Audio: 1
  • Video: 0


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  • One of the first time – maybe the very first time (?) – “Zombie” was played live in concert. Dolores introduced the track simply mentioning it is “another new song, it’s called Zombie”. The song does sound very similar to that we know, however
    Dolores sang alternative lyrics in the 2nd verse of the song “another mothers broken heart has hardly spoken”. Also, the line “with their tanks, and their guns, and their bombs” happens to be “with your tanks, and your guns, and your bombs”. One may also note that Dolores didn’t exactly sing as she does on the album version and the words “in your head” and the ultimate “Zombie” are for instance sung very softly compared to what we’re used to. It’s funny to note that what will turn out to become The Cranberries biggest hit was barely applauded that night.

    Thank you Alan, everyone can now listen to the earliest live version known to this day of the masterpiece “Zombie”. (The previous earliest version of the song was the Paris radio show “The Black Sessions” recorded on 3 May 1993).

    The rest of the set also includes songs which were rarely played live after 1993 like “Away”, “I don’t Need”, “Reason” or “I will always”.
    Most of the other classic songs played on that night sound very close to the album versions we’re all familiar with (as opposed to The Parkway show where songs rather sound very fresh and almost like demos than the final versions), which is not too surprising as The Cranberries first album was just a few weeks old at the time.
    All in all, a great boot to listen to, enjoy it!!!


  • Alan Martin – audio bootleg

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